Nadler On Impeachment Resolution: ‘Investigation Will Go Well Beyond’ Mueller Report | MSNBC


  1. Collusion delusion…..Nadler and the Dems are lost……they can’t seem to get out of Alice in Wonderland. Trump 2020…..I have my ballot already to go……bunch of boot licking Dems

  2. So since Nancy Pelosi still doesn't want to call it an official impeachment inquiry. Has anything changed? Particularly in the eyes of judges making decisions like if Don McGahn is going to be forced to testify before congress?

  3. If this was so important to the American people. Why did the house take the last 2 months off for a vacation.? More cost-efficient to the American people if the house take another say 3 or 4 months off

  4. Breaking News ! ! Obama’s wife “Big Mike” Michelle has been Medically Diagnosed with an Enlarged Prostate.
    Our prayers are with him/her as he/she undergoes treatment.

  5. Chairman Nadler announces the Official Impeachment Hearings to start next week in D C. Debates in a short while. Live in Houston, Texas at Texas Southern Univ. auditorium & on the ABC network nationally. A 3 hour tour…gilligan

  6. Some say America now possesses a majority proportion of
    college educated that screw the citizen for selfie service over-priced twitter
    tweet electronic communications. A Federal Reserve Banking services for the
    taxpayer bailout bonus, and tax deduction carry overs for decades. Then, to
    make things work better cut the American Social Security. That is an oppressive
    formula lacking imagination, it is the American extinction. The formula is
    increase Social Security, likely to sustain an economic golden age unparalleled
    in history. Even the rich would get richer…Seems Trump can screw around with taxes
    giving tax deals for the rich yet will not let anyone see his taxes. Trump is
    hiding something in very illegal tax issues. Its taxes, taxes, taxes; I want to
    see his taxes, and how Trump went bust in bankruptcy six different times.

  7. It is about time!! Slowing rolling this since the proof of criminal activity hit the table in April….what took so long?!!?

  8. Russia,Racism,lies, fake news, you tried them all and failed! Your all dellusitional! Go ahead, this way we will smoke out the rats, that is the democraps party!

  9. Look at these schmucks. They think theyre doing something. Trump has reshaped America while these losers just sit watch and cry! Thanks for being Trumps opponents, you inept losers! #MAGA2020

  10. This speech sounds like a car that has its tires stuck in the sand on the beach …… the tires are spinning … but you are going nowhere and the tide is COMING! dammit DEMS !!!

  11. Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, needs to step up the pace. The turd in the Oval Office is robbing this country blind and lining his and his family’s pockets. Impeach & Imprison NOW.

  12. MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell kicked off his show Wednesday night by apologizing for running an unverified report that directly tied President Trump's finances to Russia, which he retracted.

    "Last night on this show, I discussed information that wasn't ready for reporting," O'Donnell said. "I repeated statements a single source told me about the president's finances and loan documents with Deutsche Bank saying 'if true'– as I discussed the information– was simply not good enough. I did not go through the rigorous verification and standards process here at MSNBC before repeating what I heard from my source. Had it gone through that process, I would not have been permitted to report it. I should not have said it on-air or post it on Twitter. I was wrong to do so."

    ooops! ))

  13. Move quickly Congress you have more than enough information to hold him judicially accountable the soul of America is terribly weary. Her front line of democracy has been weakened and all hands must be on deck to secure the safety and well-being of our great country. The earth and all creation mourns. I believe the protection of the world as a whole is at stake. Trump is just that much of a dark relentless catastrophic danger to the universe in the spirit and physical realm. 😪

  14. Starting a process to initiate an investigation in order to explore the possibility of an inquiry to then see if they should study the importance of considering an impeachment recommendation.

  15. The traitors show up for comments( Nadler is a fool and playing Games- He could have Trump Indicted in a Heartbeat-but he appears to love the spotlight to much-Yes-stupids on the Left and the Right-He can be indicted ASAP! He cant and wont be impeached.Everybody is up for election on the very same day Trump the True-Proven Traitor

  16. Proven-admitted traitor.Looking for Putins help again.I will just throw you #’s-240 D- 0-R-He is impeached, can be done tommorow but it is and it means nothing, except this 0 Rs( Senate-the only real part-1) McConnel can and will say”No, not in my Senate”-Yes, he can-He will or worse, 5 Dems side with the Reps. 100(67 needed-2/3-1st Wake up “zombie” call.Minority-Us

  17. If people dont look into these lies the DEMONRATS AND THE SQUAD SPEW over and over, i guess they'll just be brainwashed. Sad but true. But they might want to ask themselves, why are they trying with all there media might to CENSOR CHRISTIANS AND CONSERVATIVES? CUZ they want us under there power. Thank Jesus for Trump, atleast for now.

  18. We will allow him to send up sp many of his Satellites,that in many places you wont be able to see the Stars.Billionaires smart at being crooks( yes, its legal theft.- Interest must have limits-Prediction-When 100 million Americans are without drinkable water- in 20 years-long before oil is gone-the Interest will have to be stopped 100%

  19. Bernie, Controls Women Womb!
    Bernie, will tell woman, that their body can only produce one child or even no children. Depending on the UN's numbers that come out, at that time of allotment. This will depend on, how many babies are born in other Country's first.
    With this information, Bernie will determine, for each woman their correct number. Woman will still have their right to choose, either do as they are told, or get arrested, and have your baby aborted, and your tubes will be tied, for violating the New Population Bill. Your choice. See how good life will be under Liberal rule, nothing to worry about. Just trust the Government, you will be safe. Look on the bright side, you will still have Mediocre Health Care, shared with all. Makes me feel warm all over.
    Woman, should be jumping for joy? Grab your bullhorns, You go Bernie, you know what's best for us.
    The UN, Bernie, and the Government, knows what is good for you and your body. Trust them.
    What would the Media say, if this came from President Trump?
    That's my Opinion. Whats yours?

  20. "We are doing an inquiry into whether or not to recommend a recommendation to start an investigation into whether to recommend an impeachment."

  21. Will go to fight Russia, while all of you bone spurs cowards children will dodge, you are who you follow, thieves, and Cowards above all Traitors.Still aligned with Russia( even if you cant read amd you must repress the truth about Trump, you cant Repress what Putin did( yes, it was only for you, and, yes, I might act the same way if the roles flipped but

  22. It would be 100% wrong and I am am Instant Karma type, I feel guilty and I will lose my wallet, break an important item…You know it was an act of War, that has to be put in its place( beneath our feet- not yours anymore- Oh and you can be a loyal American and still commit treason.Mr. Putin has a problem with the Sanctions

  23. Abuse of power and harassment of a president by the DEMOCRAT CONGRESS!!😡🐍😡. Sure not the party of our beloved JFK!!! It has been replaced by extreme left radical intolerant rebellious socialists!!😡

  24. On his gas exports to Europe, the New Banks Trump saved, Blocked. Their economy is barely surviving and He is a crack head like Trump. Decides he must spend all out on military( the Mega-Soviets could not do it.He is 10 years behind us.But, when his people get hit hard will he lock down and shift into pride mode and do something.Of course

  25. It wont be WW3, but we will end up in a stand off, somewhere in the world, like the DMZ, the Necessary Wall! Like I-Republicans knew and know this will happen, if they were in our shoes, they would have acted long ago, a blah, blah, blah

  26. It appears that this Democrat investing process may take a couple more years of fact finding, and a couple more to determine what the facts are and what to do with them.

  27. Great to see,America is waking up.I came on msnbc to heckle and I dont need to.Wow,Nadler and Democrats getting slammed by there own.🇺🇸God Bless America🇺🇸

  28. You low IQ left just can let it go. Nothing is going to happen the Trump, NOTHING.
    We want to thank you for helping us get Trump reelected. Ha, Ha.

  29. No offense Nadler, but if you can get through a cue card without fumbling your words then how can you keep up with trump the dump?

  30. The impeachment inquiry is not about VOTING whether #45 is guilty of crimes. It is about putting into indictments the high crimes and misdemeanors #45, his family, his administration have perpetrated in 2.5 years, and before. What do you call diverting Pentagon funds to fund his stupid wall to contractors who daily devise ways to purloin government funds? [Personally, I think that with the exchange of government bureau funding, DT was able to divert millions of dollars, possibly billions, to his crafted defense costs.] Why has #45 not divested his holdings? Why are MAC flights diverting to his golf courses around the world when military bases offer cheaper refueling? Why is #45 offering Doral for the next G-7? Hint: Doral golf course is floundering and the extra income would stabilize it. Why has this fool exchanged LOVE letters with Kim Jong-un, who continues to try to bomb American and other territories with his ridiculous efforts? Why was the Taliban invited to Camp David pre-9/11? And then swiftly booted? These are the actions of a madman committing horrors and atrocities. No one agrees with inviting the Taliban to U.S. soil, including recently fired John Bolton, who made an apropos statement regarding the Kim Jong-un meetings, as to implementing a Gaddafi-style approach. #45 golfed with the Libyan dictator, a major backer of terrorism, another human rights violator whom trump idolized and with whom he wanted to do business. Best to stop listening to Fox and do some reading, Folks.

  31. These people are all fools! Look at them. They are lost! Following Nadler will result in that! Are these people seriously wanting to be here? Doesn’t look like it?

  32. Your hard earned money is taxed by people like this, so they can waste it chasing losing arguments because they have no original ideas!

  33. Forgot impeachment, just wait for the real tricks the Dems have up their sleeves. If you thought the MagaBomber was cute, you ain't seen nothing yet!

  34. I think that the debate was a tactical move to make sure they had the right tools to later go ahead in the investigations of Trump .
    The only people who spoke were the Republicans who ranted a lot . The Democrats were quiet which was frustrating to watch but they got the motions passed and now we just have to wait and see if Nadler is true to his word next week.

  35. Impeach crooked Nadler! Reality check:
    6.3 million jobs has been created since Trump become president!
    Economy is doing great! During Trump's presidency America is booming!
    According "Washington Examiner" from Sept. 10th., median income hit record high in 2018 while poverty declined! The official poverty rate also reached its lower level sins 2001!
    Stock market is ALL TIME HIGH! Export is UP too!
    China, Europe, France, Japan, Italy & UK economy is struggling! Germany is already in recession!!!
    US Economy is lowing away global competitors!
    Unemployment is ALL TIME LOW – latinos, African – American and Asian!

  36. I'm thinking they're desperate to get the impeachment underway, even without grounds, because it protects them from prosecution by Barr for their crimes.

  37. "We're doing an investigation to decide whether to recommend articles of impeachment to the house, at which point Nancy Pelosi will twist herself into knots shooting it down and protecting Trump like she always does."

  38. Stop wasting my money. He was already found innocent of obstruction of justice and collusion. So now what are you going to do totally fabricate something? Nadler you need to walk away from this. Stop wasting our time and our money.

  39. It's the job of the Judiciary Committee to investigate corruption and abuse of power in government. We've all been following the news and live events , Trump's twitter feed, and the Mueller investigation results…….what more do you need for Articles of Impeachment? Jimmy Kimmel could draw it up in an hour and end up with the same thing your committee is going to spend weeks and millions of dollars doing.

  40. tax fraud
    conspiracy to tamper in elections
    obstruction of justice
    misappropriation of taxpayer funds
    emoluments violations by the minute
    conspiracy to defraud americans
    witness tampering
    campaign finance fraud
    manipulating the stock market
    12,000+ lies to the american people with 20 more every day

    how this russian puppet lasted even one month in office is beyond me. forget impeachment, just lock him up in gitmo now and throw away the key.

  41. Pretty pathetic. We are nearly at another election & these dimwits are still flogging a dead horse. The similar events of the past couple of years must never be forgotten. Let them continue and when this also fail there must be large scale arrests and criminal charges their lives must be destroyed.

  42. Fish……or the American electorate will cut your dithering, waffling, donor corrupted bait.
    This is like a quadrillion watt spotlight directly on the Democratic Party highlighting PATHETIC.

  43. Impeachment on what basis ? Collusion? There is no collusion? Racism based on Castro, talib and omar? Seriously ? This is nothing but a smear campaign against President Trump just in time for election . Some democrats are so heavily politicized that they seem malicious and evil . They give politicians a bad name . They dont serve the people they serve their own interests.

  44. With Nadler competing with AOC, Omar and Tlaib, and now Bernie and Fauxhontas, to be the face of the Democrat Party, the show promises to get very good. The downside is that they are hurting the social fabric of the nation by further poisoning their constituents and dividing the country, and that's not good.

  45. LMFAO! Nutless Nadler! Omfg! If Mueller couldn't do it, how is this "funny little guy" going to do it, maybe he will have SpongeBob and Big Bird testify and a Circus Clown( Democrat of course) perform for Congess! Gotta SEE this one folks! Break out the 🍿 popcorn!

  46. Impeachment of that corruptive, self-serving, deceptive, arrogant and power-abusing Trump is the only key to make America great again.

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