My Gay Best Friend Got Me Pregnant (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Weir v. Wilson.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day every one. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Weir, you claim that after,
one night of passion with the defendant,
you ended up pregnant. But he’s now denying
of your three year old son Ayont’a. You opened your case to prove he is the father,
because you are tired,
of raising your son alone. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Wilson, you say the plaintiff is running,
out of potential fathers and is trying to pin,
her baby on you. You say, you used a condom
and there is no way you are Ayont’a’s father. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So Ms. Weir, you’re raising
your son alone. Yes ma’am, I am. And you want your son,
to have a father and his life.Yes, Your Honor, I do.Take me back,
to the nature
of this relationship. How did you two meet? I met him probably like, eight years ago,
just passing through the city. I was going to hair school
at the time. I would see him, on my way
to hair school. We would hang out,
with each other
you know. Potluck you know. He cooks
something, and I cook something bring it over to his house or
he’d come over to my house,
you know. Long talks. You know.
This is my gay best friend.
You know. Oh yeah, gay best friend. Yeah. Okay. Okay, so wait,
you all were friends? Yes, Your Honor. And at that time Mr. Wilson,
you were dating men? Yes ma’am. And so you all would come
over hang out potlucks. Yes, Your Honor. All right, so you didn’t meet in a romantic way,
where you immediately,
started off dating. You were really good friends.
All right, all right. Yes, Your Honor. And so, continue. We would just hang out.
Go to the movies. You know, party together.
Stuff like that. So, Mr. Wilson
this was a great
friendship, for you. Yes, Your Honor. How did you hit it off?
I mean, what did you all have
in common that made you
such great friends? We would hang out with each,
we had good conversations. We all, we liked mutual things. And plus I met her in passing
because she did hair, you know. My gay best friend loved
getting his hair done and doing all those type
of stuff… What I’m saying,
we just pretty much crossed
and passed whatever together. And you were dating
other people at this time? Yes ma’am. You were really good friends. Yes, Your Honor. All right. So now, take me to… The night
were things shifted. Obviously, if you are here
in Paternity Court your friendship turned… Yeah. So Ms. Weir, fill me in. Umm… I had called him over,
you know, I was bored.
I was home alone, you know. Was like doing a come over you
know getting some drinks and chill, watch Netflix
or something. When you do your neck
like that, that means
you up for something. Okay. That’s what you said. Okay, go ahead, be honest.
That’s why we’re here. So, he came on over, you know,
we got to drinking. Watching little movies
or whatever and I angle out.
I made a move. And, he didn’t push me away. So there was my reassurance.
Okay. Maybe he wants this too. So wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, wait, wait. You all just went from the
potluck to the “potluck.” Yes. Look, let me understand now. When did you
started liking him? I liked him from day one. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. I did. I’m confident about my feeling. You know, he, he might think
he’s gay or whatever. You know, that’s why I’m
thinking to myself he’s a cute
guy, but he ain’t met me. So… JUDGE LAKE: Okay. (BOTH CHUCKLES) So yeah, I mean
I made that move. So when I made that move
he didn’t push me away. You know. So you had been planning
on this, all the time. But you were waiting for
the time, to make your move. Yes ma’am. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So you, you really had eyes
on your gay best friend. This is the guy
you really wanted? Yes ma’am. And you get to this night
you said, come on over
let’s do Netflix and chill. And he shows up. Yes. Now Mr. Wilson. When she said, “Hey you wanna
come over and watch Netflix
and chill out.” Were you thinking she had
any ulterior motive were you thinking
this is another fun thing
another potluck? Yes your honour
I just thought
we just going to be chilling. Like we always do,
watch T. V., drink,
just do what we normally do. She come and seduce me
you know, we started drinking, I got intoxicated,
one thing led to another. She seduced you how? Basically, after she got
me drunk, she started
feeling up on me and stuffs. So… And, and
you know, it went from oral
and from there… Okay, I asked the question… (GIGGLES) I asked the question. So Ms. Weir you had
your plan all mapped out? Yes ma’am. You’ve no shame
in your game, huh? No ma’am. Okay, so… You had decided
this was going to be my man? I mean no, no.
I didn’t want him to be my man. Oh. He can still be the father. I’m not the father Your Honor. She was on dates
with multiple guys and I’m not the father, Your Honor
I’m not gonna take that lie. I’m just not, Your Honor
I’m sorry. Did you use protection
that night? Yes, Your Honor. I used the condom. Mr. Wilson… When… Mr. Wilson did not… I’m not going to… He did not… I used a condom… Your Honor,
he did not use a condom. I know what I put on me,
Your Honor. She’s tested multiple people,
trying to pin them,
I love her and all. This is my godson, but
this is not my child,
Your Honor, this is… Your Honor,
I don’t play the pin-up game.
I don’t do that, it’s not me. The only reason why we are here
now because… I’ve already been there. He’s the only person
left. It’s got to be him. Wait, I want
to understand this. Did you or did you not
have protected sex
with Ms. Weir? I had protected sex,
Your Honor. And you said Ms. Weir… He did not. You all did not use protection. No, we did not, Your Honor. Ms. Weir, Mr. Wilson says
you were dating other guys. Were you dating
other men at that time? Yes ma’am I was. Were you sexually active
with the other men? Yes, ma’am I was. Were you using protection
with those men? Some, I was. Some. How many other men? Three, four. Lot of them, Your Honor.
she don’t even know. How many?
Say it loud and proud, you said
you’re a confident woman. Three. Three other men. Beside Mr. Wilson. I’m the one got tested. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So let’s start with
guy number one. What was the nature
of your relationship
with that guy? I had met him through
a mutual friend. My friend had her own place
and I would go over to her
her house. Chill with her
and her boyfriend. He was one of her
boyfriend’s friends. And me and him,
you know, we became close, whatever, we got pretty close. Yeah, I messed around with him
we kind of drifted off. But
then when I got my own place, we got back to messing around
with each other. And so why is he eliminated from being a potential father for Ayont’a? I had him tested and it came back
that he wasn’t the father. Oh. You’ve previously taking
paternity tests. DNA tests? Yes, ma’am. All right, so let me
to man number two. Okay. What was your relationship
with him? I had met him
inside of a restaurant. He was actually the manager. I came often there complaining
because I had asked for them
to have my food fresh. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) The manager he came from the
back, you know. Right after that, he was like,
you know, “Can I get your
number?” Yes you can and eat all
my food fresh. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) I need… Your Honor, I need… I’ve complained about my food
and nobody asked for my phone
number, Jerome. So he said, let me get
you number and
make sure your food is fresh. Why is he eliminated
from being a potential father? Because I got a DNA test for
him also. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. He was not the father. Say loud and proud
you said you’re
a confident woman. So Mr. Wilson, we now had
accounts of two different men
she was dating at that time. Yes, Your Honor. And they both not been
the father, after DNA testing. Both of them. What do you think? I mean, you said
you can’t be the father but… Yes, Your Honor. She had the DNA tests
with the two other men. And they’ve been determined
not be the child’s
biological father. I’m not the father, Your Honor. Like I said, I’m not the father
I don’t know, what to tell her you know, I love my godson and
all, but I’m not the father,
Your Honor. Mr. Wilson, Mr. Wilson. Please don’t sit here and lie,
please sir. I’m not going back and forth
with you Ms. Weir. I know, I’m not the father
Your Honor. Okay. All right, Ms. Weir,
you said
there was a third guy. Yes, Your Honor. A third man. What the nature
of your relationship
with this man? Okay, I had met him… Way back, probably like
nine years ago and I had met him by being
in this apartment complex and I had met him around the
way, just walking around
the pool. You know, he’s like
you know, “Hey can I get
your number?” Yes you can. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So I gave him my number
and like you know… Me and him
we actually started dating. Afterward, my child was born. He looked just like him. I messed him around for a
sufficient time. So like, he looked
just like him. So you felt like
Ayont’a looks
just like this third guy. Did you have him tested too? Yes ma’am, I did. JUDGE LAKE: You did. Here, you go, Your Honor. Jerome, please help me,
with her evidence. So the probability
of the paternity…Zero percent.(AUDIENCE MURMURING)So that’s three men tested.Yes, Your Honor.And three men determined
not to be Ayont’a’s… Yes, Your Honor. Biological father. And you say Mr. Wilson is the only other man the only other possibility. Yes, Your Honor. My baby. Oh. He’s adorable. You said the only
other possibility? Yes, Your Honor. But Mr. Wilson,
you say, you are not
the biological father. No, Your Honor. So you don’t believe you’re
the only other possibility? No, Your Honor,
she’d been with multiple men. Multiple men, Your Honor,
as she stated. I’m not the father, I love my
godson dearly, Your Honor. But he’s not my son. He’s not. Let me just take a pause,
for this cause Ms. Weir. Because you’ve now… Given me stories of three men
that you’ve tested. This is gonna be the fourth. And, you’re sleeping with all
of these men unprotected. Do you feel like Mr. Wilson,
you… Know for certain that there
were more men besides
the three? Yes, Your Honor, because like I
said, we’ve been friends for a
long time. Four. There was only four. It’s been more than that,
Your Honor. She’s been telling me. Multiple times over the
years and… Mr. Wilson. Please don’t sit
here and try to make it seem
like something that it’s not. Because this is not true. Ms. Weir. Your Honor, that is not true. It’s not true. Okay, Your Honor. It’s not. It’s true. Even when she’s pregnant
the entire time? You were never thinking
in your mind, this could
be my biological child? No Your Honor,
I mean, look at the pictures
we look nothing alike. I mean, the ears, the nose.The structure of my face,
my head.
He looks nothing like me.You know, I’m dark skin,
Ayont’a is light skin.
He looks just like me. No. I mean, let’s not go
into the skin color. He looks a lot
like his mother. But, but… He would look like me
if he was my child. I’m sorry. Do you think
she wants you to be the father because you’re so close?
And she always
had a crush on you. What do think
her motive is, for saying
you are the child’s father? To use you? Oh. Yes, Your Honor. I think, she’s trying
to use me. There, Your Honor. Wait, use you, why? Because she sees
I’m moved away from Tennessee
and done better for myself. I’m gone almost two years
and now she’s trying
to pin a child on me. No, no.
I’ve asked him to move back. That’s all I asked. I’m not moving back here,
Your Honor. To Tennessee, all I asked. I’m not moving back here. Wait, why are you asking him
to move back to Tennessee? Because I know he’s the father
I just need him to help me. If it’s a place to stay
that he needs
he can come stay with us. He can still do what he do.
I wouldn’t care. But my child very much does
he needs his father
in his life. And there’s his father.
He needs his father
in his life. All right. So looks like
the stakes are high. I mean, your friendship
obviously, is a part of it,
but most importantly Ayont’a, needs to know
who his biological father is. It’s important, that makes
you emotional, when
you think about it. Yes, ma’am. This going on four years. Four years,
I’ve done this
all by myself. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING)Is he doing okay?
He’s three years old.
Look at him.
Yeah he’s doing great.
He’s my baby. He doesn’t ask
where his daddy is? No he doesn’t ask
about his daddy. He asks about me.
I’m all he knows. So he never even asks
about his daddy. No. He asks about me. Well that let’s me know,
the stakes are in fact
very high. When a child doesn’t even ask
about his daddy. All right, I believe
I heard enough. It’s time for the results.
Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics. And they read, as follows. In the case ofWeir v. Wilson.When it comes to three year old Ayont’a Weir. It has been determined
by this court… Mr. Wilson. Yes, Your Honor. You… Are not the father. Thank you, Your Honor. You know, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be the bad guy.
I love her. And I love my godson. But I’m glad
we got this out of the way
and stuff now. I’m not his father. Ms. Weir. I have to ask you. We now know that there has to be at least another man
out there. You’ve had four men tested. (MS. WEIR SOBBING) Do you have any idea who Ayont’a’s
biological father is? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. You do? Yes. And why didn’t you
mention this person
in your testimony? (SOBBING) Because he’s deceased. He’s deceased. We have ways
to still identify and confirm the DNA.
We do this all the time. Because, look Ms. Weir. This is about Ayont’a having the opportunity
to know who his father is. Even if he’s not going
to be able to share a life with him
on this Earth. He can at least,
know the family of the man, who’s
his biological father.
Thank you Mr. Wilson. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (SOBBING) And Mr. Wilson. Thank you for that.
You can stand with her
over there, if you like. And thank you for that
and as a friend I hope you’ll help her in her search. Of course, Your Honor. All right. I’m going to send you now
to Dr. Jeff, okay? Okay. Take care of that beautiful
little boy. I will. The court is adjourned.


  1. Wow with all the STDs out here she is sleeping with men unprotected ?! Maybe I'm the only one terrified of STDS ? Poor baby

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  4. The truth always comes out.
    Lady was promiscuous…
    But all the wondering, pain n suffering is it really worth it?
    Sad for the mother and the little child…

  5. The truth always comes out.
    Lady was promiscuous…
    But all the wondering, pain n suffering is it really worth it?
    Sad for the mother and the little child…
    Every child should know both their parents…

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