MS604 Test Bench for diagnostics of single- anddouble-circuit pumps

MS604 Test Bench for diagnostics of power steering pumps The switch provides current supply to the bench, the display is activated, the bench is ready for operation The tested pump is securely fixed on the stand with three-jaw chuck and mounting system A set of reducing fittings for connection of most common power steering pumps is accompanied to the bench Pump drive is controlled through LC display Rotation direction and drive rotation of 500, 1000 or 1500 rpm is set with the possibility to change 50 rpm pitch rotation, moving the adjustment knob The bench is used for testing of two-circuit pumps . Diagnostics is carried out by an operator, flow and pressure indicators, generated by the pump on each circuit, are displayed on the instrument panel. Testing of power steering pumps under load is as well available The drive stops on opening the cartridge protection In case of emergency, EMERGENCY STOP button stops the drive, emergency stop message appears on the display STOP button stops the drive on the display

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