MPTS tribunal chair Andrew Lewis offers advice to people attending a hearing

I think my advice to anybody, particularly
a doctor, appearing in front of the of the tribunal for the first time is try and see if you can
go and watch at least some of a tribunal before, and familiarise yourself with what it all
looks like. I think if you don’t do that it all looks a bit daunting and I think if you do you realise that it’s much less frightening than you think. The room is arranged in a
rather surprising way, with a sort of horseshoe of tables, but at the end are simply three
people: the tribunal who sit there with their papers, listening to what everybody has to say. The important thing is that you become sufficiently familiar with it that you can speak directly to the three people on the tribunal and get your case across and that you become familiar enough with it that you’re not distracted by the unfamiliarity. Because if that happens, you don’t listen, you don’t hear what’s being said and in the end you won’t do yourself justice.

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