Mother Fulfilling Son’s Death Bed Promise (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Gaytz v. Rembold.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Gaytz, you claim
that the day before
your son’s tragic death,he told you what you have
always believed.
He was not the biological
father of the defendant’s
three year old daughter
Alexis and 16 month old son,
You’ve petitioned the court
for a DNA test to defend
his honor. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Miss Rembold, you state
the plaintiff’s son,
Nicholas Gaytz, is your children’s father and say today’s results
will prove your case and clear your name.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Miss Gaytz, why are you so
positive your son
is not the dad? I am here to represent my son
Nicholas as… Cause he can’t be here. I remember him telling me,
point blank the day before he passed away
that he was not the father. Of Nicholas. But yet, he told me differently right before
he died. He had told me that he didn’t
care regardless. That he felt in his heart
that he was the father of… No, he didn’t. My child. And so, you say
that is not true. You say… Well, I don’t know what
he told her. But I know what I know and
what I’ve been told. And that’s what he told me. Tell the court…I have to believe him.
He’s my son.
JUDGE LAKE:You and your son
were very close.
GAYTZ:Very close.
Yes, ma’am.
And so you feel like, when he
told you that information he really wanted to clear
the air and let you know
what he really felt deep down. I could tell he was being
very honest. I could see the sadness
in his face when he
told me that. Also, Mr. Gaytz and I were
also fighting at the time.
We had a rough relationship. So, Mr. Gaytz was gonna say
what he had to, to his mom. What would he say to you?That he felt that this child
was his.
And even if the child
was not his,
Mr. Gaytz would still
have stepped up
and he would’ve been a father.
Of course, he would.
He was a great father. He was a good father. He raised her daughter.
She was pregnant when
they met. So, of course he would
step up. And so, you’re saying,
Miss Rembold, that he never doubted to you
at all? Or was there doubt? Yes, there was some doubt.
Mr. Gaytz with Alexis.If we would argue,
he would say, go find
your daughter’s father.
With Nicholas…I had found out I was pregnant
He told me he would not be
able to live with knowing I was pregnant
with another man’s baby. And then right before
Mr. Gaytz has passed away, Mr. Gaytz had told me
that he felt in his heart that Nicholas was
his child. Not what he told me. The complete opposite. The day before he passed away. Tell me exactly what he said. What happened, ma’am? He said… That baby is not mine. And that’s all he said. And he was just
very distressed. JUDGE LAKE:And he meant
GAYTZ:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:What about Alexis?When Alexis was born,
Your Honor, she was very
dark complected. And he had every doubt
possible that she was not his. Due to the circumstances
of them breaking up, getting
back together. And involving other people in these matters.
Being with other people. Miss. Rembold,
were you all committed? Exclusive? What was the nature
of this relationship? REMBOLO:When I first met
Mr. Gaytz, he was in
a relationship.
I was engaged to get married
to somebody else.
The day we met… We just started off as friends and that same night
Mr. Gaytz came back
to my house and he moved in, immediately. But, I didn’t expect me and
Nick to move as fast
as we did. And it did. And Miss Gaytz, what was your
first memory of Miss Rembold? The first thing I thought of,
“What is my son doing
with her?” She’s just crazy.
She’s outgoing and everything. I’m just outspoken.
I’m very blunt and I get
to the point. She, uh… And she had a
good job and he really
respected her.He fell in love with her
and he was very much
in love with her.
And the kids.JUDGE LAKE:He was?GAYTZ:Yes.I kinda felt like a mom figure
to him. I was older
than Nicholas but… The older woman.
Cougar. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, how soon after you
and Mr. Gaytz started your relationshipwere you pregnant
with Alexis?
Um, it was Alexisthat there was doubts.
Mine and Mr. Gaytz’s
relationship was very rocky. Mr. Gaytz would love the attention from
other women and… He thought he was slick
and would always
get caught cheating. Cheating? You guys always
cheated on each other. And so, Your Honor… Oh, really? Yes. So, the cheating
went both ways. As soon as they would
break up, bam! He would be a chick magnet. She’d go find whatever guy,
you know, just to get back
at each other. So. before Alexis was born did you all have this phase
of breaking up and cheating? Yeah. I know with Alexis, he was just not too sure
that she was his.Cause she was dark complected.Darker eyes.He has blonde hair, blue eyes.That’s cause my ex’s Hispanic.So, of course. Okay. So, had you slept with that ex during this breakup? Have you? I sure did, Your Honor. Did you? Yes. You did? Yes, she did. If you did sleep with the ex
during the breakup why is it that you don’t agree
with the fact that there
could be doubt? I mean, I don’t blame her
for having doubt.When Alexis was…
When we first found out I was
pregnant with Alexis, again,
me and Mr. Gaytz were
cheatin’ on each other.And I had told him
I was pregnant and at first
he was like, “Is it mine?”
And I told him…
I said yes, it was.
When Alexis was born, Nick kinda had a look
on him, I was like… At the hospital,
I’m like, “What?”
And he’s like… Oh, him and his grandfatherthought Alexis was dark.And I said,
“So, what do you think?
“You think that she is my ex?” And…but you know, Nick… Probably could have
some doubts, you know. Knowing other men
were involved, though… I was cheating. Why wouldn’t he
have a doubt? So, Miss Rembold, you say,
based upon a timeline, you felt that Alexis
was his child. Yes, Your Honor. How close to that timeline
did you sleep with your ex? It was around the same time. But Your Honor… It was protected. But the protection did break. Are you serious? I didn’t even know that. Miss Rembold,
you do understand that if
the condom breaks you’ve basically exposed
yourself. I had also, Your Honor.
I had ran into
the other gentleman that could’ve possibly
been Alexis’s father. I showed the other gentleman
the picture. He says, “No.” Why would he say yes?
That’s 18 years
of child support for him. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Just sayin’. That is the moment
that alleviated all question
in your mind? The other guy said no? No, I’ve had doubts. You know, when Mrs. Gaytz
has made comments like “I just don’t see Nicholas.”I would then at my daughter.GAYTZ:Do you see her?REMBOLD:I do.You do? I don’t. Without a doubt. She looks
just like her father. She’s got his… No, she doesn’t. Same blondeness. But on what… In one breath
you say
you’ve had doubts before. Even yourself. Yes. So, that, then substantiates Mr. Gaytz’s doubt and the doubt he probably did in fact express to his
mother before his passing. Right. But can you say for certain that you truly believe,
if you’ve had doubt? In my heart, I’m 100% sure. Is there some doubt? Yes.
And that’s why I’m here today.I want this to be
her grandchild and I want us
to be able to get closer.
I’ve lost everything. He used to take care
of the kids and I worked. (SNIFFLES) I’ve had to move
since the passing. (VOICE TREMBLING)
I lost everything.
So, today’s results truly mean everything to you because
having that clarity will hopefully encourage
Miss Gaytz to help
with the children.I want her to feel that same
bond with Alexis, especially.
And I want to.I want him, especially,
to carry his dad’s last name.
JUDGE LAKE:And you’d like
to get his name.
I want his name changed
to his father’s
and I need that. What was the nature
of the relationship at the time you got pregnant
with Nicholas? We had a lot of trust issues. Lot of problems up and down
in our relationship. I did start just hanging out with
another gentleman. And was staying the night
pretty much in my home
a lot. To the point where
I would even have Mr. Gaytz and the other man that I was having sexual
intercourse with both staying in the same
house together. Really? My son loved her so much. That he would watch the kids knowing she’d be going out
with this man. That’s how much he loved her
and loved those kids and
it killed him. So, you moved this guy
into the house with you and Mr. Gaytz. Yes, Your Honor. And for reason…
What reason did you have? Because I couldn’t
at that time. I wasn’t gonna
make a decision. And I was hurt by everything
Nick had put me through. And the stayed? And they both stayed. Okay, and which one were you
intimate with during
this time? Both of ’em, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Both men? Both men. Not at the same time, right? Same day, Your Honor. Same day? Yes. Your Honor. Now you have a childand you named him
after Nicholas.
But he may not be his.At the time, Your Honor, when
I found I was pregnant
with Nicholas I had two names picked out.I told myself
when I would deliver
that I would know in my heartwhen I looked at him,
who the father would be.
And so, when Nicholas was born
you looked at the baby
and you said… “This is Nicholas’.” “That’s Nicholas’.”Nicholas has blonde hair,
bright blue eyes.
And he came out looking just
like his father.
They both had hazel. Come on. Nicholas… He looks just like his father. GAYTZ:Nicholas Jr. has
hazel eyes
like his sister,
That’s me.That’s me. I have
hazel colored eyes.
But his traits are very
strong, Your Honor. His dad was blonde hair,
blue eyed. Nick was
blonde hair, blue eyed. My mother, blonde hair,
blue eyes. And so Miss Gaytz… My grandfather, blonde hair,
blue eyes, …you submitted a graphic
to the court that helps
outline… There you go, right there. JUDGE LAKE:What you’re
basically trying to get at
is that
GAYTZ: They’re all
blonde. JUDGE LAKE: They all
are blonde.And you say these childrenpossess very different
physical attributes. Well, yes.
We have Alexis, here.She’s dark complected, she has
hazel eyes.
Dark hair. REMBOLD: And I have hazel
eyes and dark hair. What if they are not Nicholas’s biological
children? Or even one? I would be devastated. I would be devastated. I’d probably faint
on this floor. I probably would. You feel like this is
your only chance at your children having
a father, even though
he’s passed on,they would have a father
that wanted them
and loved them.
Yes, Your Honor. I understand. Jerome, I think we’re ready
for the results. We have two sets of results. The first set is for Alexis. JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. Because there wasn’t a blood
card available to test
the DNA of the deceased,
Nicholas Gaytz. We performed a DNA test
with his surviving parent Robin Gaytz. The results are as follows. In the case of
Gaytz v. Rembold,
when it comes to three year old Alexis Gaytz, it has been determined
by this court, the percentage of relatedness
between Ms. Robin Gaytz and Alexis Gaytz, is… 98.6% (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE) Wow, that makes me so happy. JUDGE LAKE: It does. That’s great. Yes ma’am. That’s wonderful. I have the second result. And… This result is for,
baby Nicholas. And right before your son passed away,he expressed doubt.GAYTZ:Yes, ma’am.Again, we performed a DNA test
with his surviving parent
Robin Gaytz. With that being said,
the results determine if there is
a viable relationship
between the child, Nicholas Rembold
and Robin Gaytz. The results are as follows. I have never received a report with a result
like this. Is that good or bad,
Your Honor? For clarification, I want to find out. I’d like to get Dr. Baird on
from DNA Diagnostics. I wanna talk to him.
He is the chief science
officer of the laboratory, I’ve never
seen a result read like this. Hello, Dr. Baird,
are you there? (ON PHONE)I’m here, Judge.
Glad to help.
Thank you so much for jumping
on the line and taking
this call. We’re hearing the case of
Gaytz v. Rembold.
And I have never received
results like this. I’d like to
read them to you. In the case of
Gaytz v. Rembold,
when it comes to 16 month old,
Nicholas Rembold, it has been determined
by this court the percentage of relatedness between Miss Robin Gaytz
and Nicholas Rembold is… 64.6%. What does that mean
exactly, sir? Yeah, what does that mean? DR. BAIRD: (ON PHONE)
Well, this is basically
an inconclusive result.
So, as a result we did some
additional testing.
We then comparedAlexis and Nicholasto see whether they were full
or half siblings.
And the results of that
siblingship test
showed with a 99.99995%likelihoodthat Alexis and Nicholas
do indeed share the same
biological father.Thank you, so much.
I really appreciate it. Well? Whoo-wee. I was holding my breath
when he was talking. Because you all don’t know
I don’t know
the results either. But I’ve sat
in this courtroom and watched you both talk so beautifully about Nicholas and his beautiful
spirit and I have to say, Miss Gaytz, spending this time
with you, I know where he
gets it from. Thank you. You really do have
such a lovely spirit. And I agree with Miss Rembold, the children need you. I am there.
I love those babies. And Miss Rembold, I’m hoping
this result sets you off on a better path. I hope so too, Your Honor. I wish you all the very, very
best of luck. BOTH: Thank you. Court is adjourned.


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