Mother Brought To Paternity Court By Two Daughters (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Osborne and Brooks
v. Osborne and Patton
. Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Osborne,
you have brought
your mother to court because you claim
she lied to you
about the identity of your biological father. You are here to prove
Billy Jack Fitzmorris
is your dad. You and your aunt
petitioned the court
for a paternity test to finally
prove the truth.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Ms. Osborne, you admit your daughter believed
that Mr. Fitzmorris
was her dad, but now stand in court
to prove that another man
is her biological father. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So Ms. Osborne,
how did we get
to this point that you have to bring
your mother to court? Well, I’ve always
grew up thinking that Billy was my father,
and that I resembled him. And I even moved in
with my dad’s side
of the family. And then, all of a sudden,
when I was about 12, I got told otherwise. What happened
when you were 12? SAVANNA: We were just
sitting, watching TV, and all of a sudden,
she looks at me and
she says, “You know, there’s a
possibility that another
man could be your father.” JUDGE LAKE:
And what was your reaction? SAVANNA: At the moment,
I didn’t know what to do. I kinda just left the room.
And went and called my aunt. And your aunt,
Ms. Brooks? SAVANNA: Yes. Ms. Brooks, do you
remember that call? Yes, I do. JUDGE LAKE: What happened? Um, Savanna was very upset
because she thought that Billy, my brother,
was not her father,
and I assured her that I believe 100 percent
that Billy is her father. You’ve never had a doubt? I’ve never had a doubt. So until you were
12 years old, Ms. Osborne, you were told
this was your father? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You even
live with his family? Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Osborne,
when your daughter was 12, you told her that
someone else could be
her biological father? Yes, I told her
that another guy
could be her father, but I never told her that
Billy Jack was her father. How did she even
think he was? Because, um, his family
put it in her head
that he was her father. And I just kind of
went with it. STACY: That’s… Wait a minute,
so for 12 years, who were you saying was
her biological father? I didn’t say
who was her father. But she’s living
with his family. Um, yes, and at the time,
his family took her in. I was young, and I knew
that they would have
a good life for her. And they stepped up
and asked to take her. And I knew that they could
provide a better life
for her at that time. Because I was young
and naive, and stupid. So I let them
take and raise her, I’ve been in her life, and I’ve done things
for her, and I’m here today just
to put things at rest. So she’ll know
who her biological
father really is. And I believe
it’s the other guy. Tell me about
the relationship
with the other guy. Why do you think
it’s his? DONNA: Um, because
I was back and forth
between the two, and, uh, I was
with the other guy a lot more than
I was with Billy Jack. During the window of
conception you were
sleeping with both men? DONNA: Yes.
Yes, Your Honor. But I just feel in my
heart that the other guy
is her father. So both can potentially
be her biological father. You understand that, right,
Ms. Osborne? Savanna? Yes. And I see
you can’t even look at
your mother right now. You’re not even
turning your head. Because I just want
to know the truth of
who my father is, I shouldn’t have had to wait
until I was 12 years old
to figure this out. I should have known that
there was not a possibility before I grew attached
to my father, and grew a bond
with my whole family. JUDGE LAKE: Your mom
kind of dropped a bomb
on you at 12 years old. Wow! I mean,
when you hear that, and you had to live with
this now for eight years, you’re 20 now? Eight years now. This must hurt you
very much. Yes, it does. ‘Cause this is your mother and
you’re relying on your mother
to tell you the truth. Yes, I would always
expect her to. So, Savanna, when you
hear your mother speak, and she says that she just
allowed them to believe
what they wanted to believe, because she wanted
to make sure
you were safe. I know it’s hard for you,
but look at your mother, and just tell her
what that feels like. It really
feels horrible to not know
who my real father is. And after growing
all these years to believe somebody else
was my father, and it couldn’t be. I am sorry,
Savanna. You was young. When you was 12, I figured that you was
old enough to be able
to handle it. When you was young,
you wouldn’t have been
able to handle it as well,
at nine or ten, as you would
at 12 and 13. So I waited
to help you, because I didn’t know
if you would…
How you would react. Being so young
and me telling you that, if it would
confuse you more. But tell her, Savanna, at
12, how that made you feel. I was confused.
I was 12 years old. I was raised around
my dad’s family for
12 years. And then,
all of a sudden, they could be
just some strangers
that I’m living with? DONNA: They would never
be strangers, Savanna. Of course, they won’t. They’ll always be
my family now. But what if
they never were? I am sorry.
I truly am. But I’m here today to try
to make it right for you. So you will know 100 percent
if he’s your father or if
the other guy’s your father. I was young.
And I was stupid. And I just wanted
the best for you. And so, yes, I swallowed my pride
and I did let them
take you in, because I knew that
they could provide
a better life for you than what I could
at that age. I wasn’t ready. I’m sorry that
I’ve put you
through hurt, because I’ve never
wanted to hurt you. Ever. (SOFTLY)
I’m sorry. Because eight years later,
I still have to wonder. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But… At the end of the day, it must hurt that you
had to drag your mother
to court today. Yes, it really does.
But I need to know
the truth. I was brought up on a lie.
I have to know. Ms. Brooks,
I see this… You have tears in your eyes
as you stand next to… Um… …the young woman
you believe is your niece. Yes, Savanna is my niece
and I love her dearly. And we were always told
from day one from Donna
that Savanna was our… (STAMMERS) I call her
our baby, but our niece. The way
we met Donna was under
difficult circumstances, um, my brother,
he had a wild life. He liked fast cars,
fast women, fast money. You know, anything to do
with that kind of behavior,
that’s what he liked. So, when he brought
Donna home,
we were a little shocked. Because at the time,
she was working as
a stripper. And we didn’t know,
you know, what to believe. But we believed
my brother and Donna, both, when they said that Billy
was her biological father. That she was pregnant
with Savanna and
that was our family. JUDGE LAKE:But you don’t
remember telling them any
of this, Ms. Osborne?
No, Your Honor. Billy Jack
is the one that took it
upon himself to assume that Savanna was his
when I told him
I was pregnant. I had told both men
that I was pregnant, and they took upon
theirself to believe if
they was the father to not. That’s not true.
That’s not true. DONNA: It is true. She told me as well
that Savanna was
my brother’s daughter. Those words never
came out of my mouth. Yes, they did. If you didn’t think
he was the father of her,
why did we raise her? Why did our family
step in and raise her? Because at that
point of time, you know that
I was unstable. And you guys were
a great family. And I knew that
you would love and
take care of Savanna the way she needed
to be taken care of. And I couldn’t provide
that for her at
that point in time. I was young and stupid. And, you know,
I regret a lot of things
that I did in life, but, you know,
I grown since then. And I’m trying to be there
for my kids, now even, because I want her to know
if, in fact, your brother
is her father, or if the other guy
is her father. Have you ever gotten
to know this other man? That your mom says
could potentially be
your biological father? I have met him. I do not have a connection
with him whatsoever. He is the father of
my sister and my brothers. But I wouldn’t want that
to be my father. I want Billy to be my father
because that’s who I’ve always
known to be my father. And it’s gonna really hurt
if it’s otherwise. So, your sister, you say was fathered
by the other man. That’s what I was told, but I also believe that
my dad is her dad, because we share way
too many similarities. You know what? She’s here.
So I’d like to hear from her. Ron, can you please
escort her in? Yes, ma’am. We’re gonna go up to
the witness stand right
next to the Judge. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Patton,
thank you for joining us. There’s actually been
testimony that contradicts what I believe
you were told. Who do you believe
is your father? I believe that the other guy
is my father. Because… I mean, I’ve never
met Billy Jack. I’ve never even seen him. I’ve just heard stories
of his crimes
and crazy lifestyle. I have a connection,
a relationship with
my father. Or “the other guy.” You do? And his family.
Yeah. Who do you believe
Savanna’s biological
father is? I’m not sure.
(CHUCKLES) I grew up believing that
Billy Jack was her dad,
the same as her. So growing up
you just felt like, “I have a sister, but we have
two different fathers.” JASMINE: Yeah. STACY: I also believe Billy
could be her father. Oh, really? STACY: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Why? Because at the time that
Donna conceived Ms. Patton, uh, she was also with
my brother, back and forth, between my brother
and the other man. And I see similarities
between Mrs. Patton and, this is
his other daughter here,
Marissa, and Savanna. Ms. Osborne, your daughter,
Ms. Patton’s testified that she believed
this other guy was
her father her whole life. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Do you believe
there’s potential that Billy Jack could be
her biological father
as well? Um, I mean, I was back
and forth between the two
at that stage in my life, um, but I don’t believe
that Billy’s her father. I believe that
the other guy is. JUDGE LAKE: Why? Why? The same reason I believe
that he is Savanna’s father. Um, because they look
a lot like the other guy. But you admit that you
were intimate with Billy… DONNA: Both. …during the window of
her conception as well. DONNA: Yes.
Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
This is very interesting. I mean, because as
this young girl, you were just in a place in
your life where you weren’t
making great decisions. No, I wasn’t,
Your Honor. And you have
these beautiful girls, and you have
to find families for
them pretty much. (STAMMERS) Yes. Then I was
in a very bad relationship
at that point in time, and when she was born
and I… And I knew
she’d be better off
with my family. And I’ve been there
in their lives, um… All their lives,
I’ve never walked
out on ’em or abandoned ’em,
but my family did, in fact, raise them with me,
and I’m thankful every day for my family
and Mrs. Brooks’ family. For doing such a great job
with my children. What I couldn’t provide
for them then. So you never told Jasmine, that Billy Jack could
potentially be her father?
Ever? Never mentioned it? DONNA: No. But why is it at 12,
then you felt like you
should tell Savanna? Because Savanna believed
more that Billy Jack was
her father. Than… Than Jasmine. He is her father. And, uh, I just didn’t
want her to end up
finding out he wasn’t. And be mad at me
for not at least giving her
the opportunity to know, who her real
biological father is. What do want to get
out of today’s results, besides just, of course,
finding out the truth? I don’t want her to
have to lie to me anymore. And I want to have
a better bond with
my mom. But until I know the truth,
I don’t think that’s gonna
happen. And I also would like
to say this is dividing
our family, so we need to
know the truth. And, you know,
Jasmine could also be
my brother’s child. JUDGE LAKE:Well, it seems
like the stakes are very high.
We’ve got a mother-daughter
relationship on the line, in addition to
a father-daughter, and the family
that raised her. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
I’ve the results for you.
I think it’s time. This one…
We have two results. The results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics. The first is for Jasmine. Jasmine, are you ready? As ready as I can get.
(CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Because the DNA of
Mr. Billy Jack Fitzmorris
was unavailable to test for biological
relatedness, an avuncular test with
the closest biological
relative, his sister, Anastasia Stacy Brooks,
was performed. With that being said, the results determine
if there is a viable
relationship between Jasmine Patton
and Anastasia Stacy Brooks. In the case of
v. Osborne/Patton,
when it comes to
19-year-old Jasmine Patton… JUDGE LAKE: It has been
determined by this court, Ms. Brooks and Jasmine
are not related. (SIGHS DEEPLY) (SIGHS) Ms. Osborne,
you look relieved. Yes, um, I’m relieved
because… (GULPS) Jasmine’s had a relationship
with the other guy, and his family and I didn’t
want that to change. And, uh, I’m really kind of
hoping Savanna is Billy’s, because it scares me that maybe
the relationship between
them would change if she’s not.
You’re hoping he is, but
you don’t believe he is. Right. Are you ready,
Savanna? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. Just as in the case with
your sister, Jasmine, the results determine
if there is a viable
relationship between Savanna Osborne
and Anastasia Stacy Brooks. When it comes to 20-year-old
Savanna Osborne, it has been determined
by this court, Ms. Brooks and Savanna
knew you was mine. DONNA: (SOBBING) Oh, God! I love you, Savanna.
(SOBBING) So much. And I’m so happy… (WHISPERS) Give
your mom a hug. …that it came out
the way you wanted it. And I love you,
Jasmine. (SNIFFLES) I love you too, Mom. SAVANNA: I love you too. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. (SNIFFS) You know, Ms. Brooks,
I commend your family. For taking
this beautiful girl
in at a time when her mother admittedly
just could not provide a safe,
healthy environment for her. She did the right thing. And, Savanna, I know those
are issues that you still
have to process. No mother wants to admit that
she had to give her children
to other family members, because she could not
give them a safe home. So I would just say
to you, maybe take a minute to
work on that relationship
with your mother. Yes, Your Honor. We have counseling
resources for you all. Please take advantage
of them. Good luck to you.
Court is adjourned. WOMEN: Thank you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


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