Moms Gone Strong – Incline Barbell Bench Press

The incline barbell bench press is an
upper-body strength exercise that can be performed when trying to conceive and
all the way through pregnancy, and then once you’re cleared for more intense
exercise after pregnancy. So what Jessie is going to do is she’s going to sit on
the bench, she’s going to lie onto her side and kind of roll on to her back and
one option that this is really good for is if you find that trying to do the
incline dumbbell bench press is too awkward because you’re trying to roll on
your side and manipulate two dumbbells while you roll over onto your back, the
barbell might be a better option for you. So Jessie’s at an incline, you can play around with the incline position that feels most comfortable to you. Her feet are flat on
the floor and she’s rooted into the ground, her shoulder blades are lightly
retracted and pulled back for good stability of her shoulder, and she’s
going to put her hands a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. She’s
going to unwrap the barbell and she’s going to row it straight down, her elbows
bent around 45 degrees, bring it to about nipple line and drive the weight back up. She’s maintaining a nice, solid posture. I could
just barely slide my hands under her lower back if I tried right now. She’s
maintaining a nice lumbar curve, good, and she’s driving the weight up, squeezing at
the top, rowing it down so it’s nice and controlled. Good, Jessie. And then she
rolls back to her side and sits up so we’re preventing any of that extra
stress on the core. That’s the incline barbell bench press.

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