Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus – George Jones & Tammy Wynette Part 2 Preview | Cinemax

NARRATOR:George Jones
and Tammy Wynette.
Somebody firebombed the house.
Tennessee fire marshal decided
to have a polygraph test for everybody that had
been there.And they tested Tammyand said she might have had
something to do with this.
They tested her daughters,and each time
they would test one,
they’d say, “She did it.
We got it.”
And they tested
her mother, Mildred.
“Mildred must have
something to do with this.”
And her grandmother
who could hardly walk.
“She was involved.”After that, I became
very skeptical of any polygraph test.


  1. Cinemax could you please give us another full episode of Tales From The Tour Bus here on YouTube please? I loved the Johnny Paycheck episode and I know I will love the others too..

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