Middle School Sweethearts Now Encounter Marriage Infidelity Nightmare (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers… This is the case
of Bullock versus Tate. You all have
been together for a while. You are recently married. And at the point
where you should be
trying to get this marriage off
to a great start, Ms. Bullock,
you’ve got some concerns
that your husband is cheating. Yes, sir, I do. And if you find out
that he’s cheating, you want
this marriage annulled? Yes, sir, I do.
I’m through with it. So, tell us
why you are here. I’m here to figure out
what it is, what it ain’t,
and what it’s gonna be. I rather find out now, I rather find out now,
you know, versus 10 years from now
I still got this same stuff
on my mind. So you have doubts
this early in your marriage about whether
you even gonna make it. Basically,
and that’s not good at all. So, is it when you look at him,
you’re like, “Yeah.” Or is it,
you just look at him,
you’re like, “I don’t know what you doing,
but you doing something.”
What is it? Sometimes I give him
the look like, kinda wanna do something
to you a little bit. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That’s the one where I said
go, “Yeah.” But, the other look
is… What else? I’m… I’m the type of person,
growing up, I’ve,
you know, learned, if a person
will cross you once,
they will cross you again. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, and you feel like
this is happening, this happened,
and you don’t want it
to happen again. Yes, Your Honor.
I do not want it
to happen again. All right, Mr. Tate. Mr. Tate? You’ve heard what
your wife has to say,
what she’s accusing you of. What are you here
to show today? I’m here to tell her
that I’m not cheating. I’m here to make
everything right, and everything you say
I’m doing is not true. I’ve been annoying you
since the eighth grade and I just want to
make sure we just… We just stick together
until death do us part. Your wife is looking at you
with this look, like, what was that again? Like, “Yeah.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) She’s giving you that look
I can’t do it, but, that’s…
Do it again. Stop it! One more time. One more time? “Yeah.” Okay, she’s giving
you that look. TATE: I don’t know
why she feel like that. I wouldn’t cheat.
We just got married. And I love her. Sound good, don’t it? JUDGE DANA:
It does sound good. And wait a minute, at some
point it sounds good enough for
you to hook up with him. Tell me about how y’all met. Well, we met in middle school. He was new,
so all the little girls
were like, “Oh, he fine.
He got dreads.”
You know. JUDGE KEITH:
You were one of
those little girls. Yeah, but I looked at him
like I’m gonna get him. JUDGE KEITH: Uh-huh. (LAUGHTER) What was it about him
that made you say,
“I’m gonna get him”? The dreads. But it was something else. Did you know that girls were
scoping you out, Mr. Tate? Yeah, I knew that.
I knew that. Ah! You got it,
you got it, you know? How d’you know that? I’m just going by
what he said. Uh-huh. (LAUGHS) So, okay, how’d you know?
You saw him checking you out? Seeing her,
I knew I wanted her. She was cute and everything. JUDGE DANA: She got
the cute thing workin’. Yeah, she was cute
and everything, so. Okay, what was it that made you
stay in the game and want to
marry her as an adult man? I’ve been knowing her
for so long,
since I was 13. And we’ve been sticking around.
There’s something
about her that I love. Y’all been together
about seven years, right? Seven or eight? About six. Okay. That’s about how long
we’ve been together. Yeah, before we got married. Yeah. So, you all had figured out,
this is the point,
this is the one. JUDGE KEITH: But now
you think he’s cheating. Yes, Your Honor, I do. What are the warning signs
that you saw? He had said one remark about
someone I was dealing with
when we were split for a while. There was nine months
that we were split up, and when we got back together,
I told him
who I was dealing with, what happened, you know, but he never told me
who he was dealing with. So I said, “You know what?
You ain’t gonna
tell me who she is, “I got something for you.”
I went to his Facebook, and I unblocked
every female on there
’cause I know she on here. I don’t know who, but if I unblock everybody,
I know I got her,
you know what I’m saying. When she sees she’s unblocked, she gonna shoot a message,
you know what I’m saying. Okay, so, Mr. Tate,
were you dealing with
somebody during this break? Yeah, I was.
Like, not no “I wanted to be
with you for a long time” type, but just communicating. So is there a reason
why you haven’t told your wife who this person is,
or what was going on? There’s a reason.
I don’t want stuff to backfire.
Like, we together. He don’t want
her to get beat up. What’s that? Is that a real thing,
you might beat her up? Most definitely. JUDGE DANA: All right,
there it is. That’s why
you haven’t told her
who she is. TATE: No,
that’s not the reason. The reason is ’cause I don’t
want to inbox or call her,
’cause we married now. So, what’s in the past
is the past. But people are childish,
and I know they’ll inbox her
and be like… But the world still should know
about our marriage. Like, everybody
on that blocked list. Ain’t no point
of blocking them. If they gonna see,
let them see. JUDGE KEITH:
That’s a nice thing
though, right? If everybody’s blocked,
that means he blocked them,
don’t contact me, I don’t… And you unblocked them
and invite them back
into your relationship. No, no, no. That’s where
temptation come in. You should be
mentally strong enough not to dibble and dab
back into that. You shouldn’t have to
block someone in order to keep
from messing with them. You know what I mean? Okay, so, Cutler,
what you’re saying, “Hey, he’s doing
the right thing “by keeping these women
out of their lives.” Right.
By blocking them. But what she’s saying is,
one, they need to know
what his life is about. And his life is me,
that’s one. Then, two, if they do show up,
he should have
the intestinal fortitude to go, “No.” And then the third thing is,
and this may, you know, and this has been on
the bench for a while, right? Okay. If he blocks and unblocks,
and blocks and unblocks,
you can’t keep up. Exactly. So if he’s
unblocked completely, then you see
who’s instant messaging,
who’s inboxing him. But if he’s on and off,
on and off, on and off,
you can’t keep up. Hit the nail
right on the head. That’s why I do what I do. If he’s blocking
and keeping people out, (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Okay, Mr. Tate,
let me make sure
I understand, you blocked these women
because you don’t
want them involved. You put it
all to the side. Right, I don’t
want them no more. This the woman I want
for the rest of my life. I know
they will leave messages. And that’s why
you shut them out, right? TATE: Right. And you did
a good thing, right? Right. Okay, that’s why
I do what I do. (ALL LAUGHING) But why you think
he’s cheating now? Because that was in the past,
but you think something else
is going on now. Yes, I do. Okay, why? JUDGE DANA:
Oh, we got exhibits. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) This is what I found
in his armrest. This is what I found
in his armrest. And we don’t even use these,
and everyone knows three condoms
in a small pack. Okay, how did you
find them in the car?
Tell me the story. Tell me what happened. We were at a family event.
I open the armrest. Boom!
Here goes some condoms. And I’m like, what the…is this? Okay, do you not use condoms? BULLOCK: No, we do not. So, you’re like,
“Why you got these?” Exactly. Not only why you got this, but where’s the one
that’s missing? Ah… That’s the mystery.
That’s the mystery. Okay, what happened when
she confronted you with this? (STAMMERS) I… (LAUGHS) See, it’s funny.
Why is it funny? Hold up, hold up,
hold up, hold up, hold up. At the time I had
just got out the car,
I hopped back in the car, boom, they in my face,
she’s waving it in my face. Wait, show me
what she did with them. All right, I closed the door.
Boom, hit me in the lip… (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: She smacked you
with the condoms? Kept smacking me with it. That is too funny! Kept smacking me with
the condoms, like,
“Where’d these come from?” So, I had to explain
where they came from. All right,
we wanna hear that. What was that explanation? At the time,
I was helping a friend. Garbage. Chill out, chill out. I was helping a friend.
He had just got
kicked out the house, and threw all the stuff
in my back seat. He had a box of them,
they fell over in my car
and stuff. He was like,
“You want some?
I was like, “Yeah.” If I wanted to hide them,
they would be in
a better place than my armrest. Not stowed in my armrest. Like where? Why’d you take the condoms
if you don’t use them? Yeah, if you all don’t
use them
in your marriage. What you need them for? What you need them for?
Why’d you say,
“Yeah, let me have those”? Man, I don’t know.
I was just helping him. Just rushing him
out the car,
they fell over my car. I wasn’t cheating
at the time. I just said, yeah,
and threw them in the armrest. He had intentions
on using them.
That’s how I feel if, you know,
accept some condoms. Like, you not
in no sex ed class and people
giving out condoms. Right? And another thing is,
he was lying about where
he’s going and where he is. Here, can I show you? Sure. JUDGE DANA:
You brought exhibits,
you got to go to the screen. There’s an app
called Phone Finder that we had
on both of our phones. He didn’t know that
I knew his login and
password on the information. So we had got into
an argument and he had left. This was where
he’s supposed to be. JUDGE KEITH:
He told you he was going
to a family member’s house. I called him,
I see where he is, but I’m like, okay,
he’s four minutes away. But let me call and see
if he’s gonna lie first. I’m like, “Okay, where you at?”
He like, “I’m at, uh, “you know,
my family member house. “You know… ” (STUTTERS)
I’m like, “Okay.”
I played it smooth. I hang up. I put on some Timbs, some
shorts. I ain’t had no shirt
on. I put on a jacket. And I’m going to the location. On my way over
to the location, he actually is passing me
through traffic. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) But instead of me…
I’m gonna walk back over here. JUDGE DANA: All right,
so hold on
just a minute. Hit me in the lip… (ALL LAUGHING) He is supposed to be
18 minutes away
at the family member’s house. BULLOCK: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: But he’s actually
four minutes away. BULLOCK: Yes, Your Honor. You have gotten dressed, shirt,
and you goin’ over there
to find out who and what. They said
it’s four minutes away,
I felt like I got there in two. Okay, let me ask you this.
Did you actually
go over to this house? Yes, ma’am, I did. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
what happened there? It defeats the purpose
of having a GPS tracker if you ain’t gonna go
to the location. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Uh… You know… I’m not sure about that,
but okay. I think that might be
in their slogan. It defeats the purpose
if you don’t go
to the location. I don’t know about all that.
So, what happened
when you get there? So, I had
a family member with me. The family member whose house
that he’s supposed to be in. So he goes and knocks,
they crack in the door, they don’t wanna really
give too much information. I said, he asked them,
“Who was Issac over here for?” And somebody said,
you know,
“Oh, my sister” or whatever. So we pulls off. I speeds,
and I meet him, like, “So you wanna
ride back over with me “where you just left from,
or do you wanna
stay here?” He tells me, (MIMICS TATE)
“What you talking about,
What you talking about?” I’m like, “Dude,
you know exactly
what I’m talking about.” You know what I’m saying?
He gets the stutter
when he be lying. Okay, hold up, Miss Bullock. Did you see her in traffic? Yeah, I seen her in traffic. Were you hoping
she didn’t see you? I knew she seen me
’cause I went over there
for some gas money. I just asked a friend
for some gas money. So, this is a female friend? A female friend. Did you go for a ride
to get some gas money, or did you use your gas
to go over there
and get a ride? He used the gas
to go over there
and get a ride. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE DANA: Mr. Cutler! That’s the question
everybody wants to know
the answer to. I wanna know
the answer to it. You wanna know
the answer to it. I know,
but the way you said it.
(LAUGHS) That’s what
we want to know. I went to get
some gas money. Okay, but did you have
any kind of sexual contact
with this woman? No, sir.
No, sir, at all. JUDGE KEITH: None? None. No kissing? No hugging? No kissing. I feel like if
that’s the case… JUDGE KEITH:
No sexual contact at all? No, sir. Why she don’t want to
come out and say it? Well, you said you
were suited up for war. And I’m sure you didn’t go,
you weren’t standing
out there like, I’m sure you were like…
(SPEAKS INCOHERENTLY) JUDGE KEITH: I get it. All right, so I think we have
enough evidence, Mr. Cutler. What we have here,
she tracked his location, he said he was going
to a family member’s house, but he was
at this other woman’s house, getting money, no less. JUDGE KEITH: Mmm-hmm. And then, the real one,
the one that we all
have some questions about, are the condoms
in the car, that she slapped him
with those condoms. JUDGE KEITH: Even though
they don’t use condoms. JUDGE DANA: Even though
they don’t use condoms. So why would he need them?
And Miss Bullock is saying, that this new marriage will be annulled if she finds out
he has, in fact, been cheating. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE DANA: You out? I’m out. So all this love
and sweetheart,
and all that, done? Out the window. This court has done a full
and complete investigation. Because we have evidence that
Mr. Tate changed his passwords in his online activity, at this time,
the court will call
digital forensic consultant, Patrick Siewert,
to determine… Is he cheating? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Ron, would you please escort
Mr. Siewert into the courtroom. The court ordered Mr. Tate
to submit his phone for forensic
digital examination. SIEWERT: Yes. Mr. Siewert, what were
you able to uncover
from Mr. Tate’s phone? So, we were able
to recover 7,720 photosand 1,294 messages.JUDGE DANA:Wow,
that’s a lot of pictures.
SIEWERT:It is.JUDGE DANA: Did you find
anything provocative
in Mr. Tate’s phone? Yes, I did. I was able to recover
two sexy photos of a woman. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
so, we’re looking
at a picture of a woman, and she has her t-shirt up
and holding her t-shirt
in her teeth. Very sexily, I presume. With a black bra. With a black bra,
and her bosom out. And then, it’s another picture
of the same woman it appears, where she’s taken
the t-shirt off. And you can see her
in a bra, and her belly button
is pierced. So, Mr. Tate,
who is this woman? Uh, I’m not sure.
I got to see the face. Ron, would you please
hand Mr. Tate
those pictures so he can identify the person in them? These are… that was back
when we broke up
and got back together. Everything was in the past. That was one of the females
that was deleted and blocked. All right, you have not had
contact with this woman
since you married? No, I haven’t. JUDGE DANA: All right. JUDGE KEITH: Miss Bullock,
what’s going through
your mind at this point? I’m…off. Kinda shaking on the inside, I’m just trying to
say a peaceful prayer. Well, to further
investigate this matter, this court ordered
a polygraph examination
of Mr. Tate. And at this time,
we’d like to call our licensed
polygraph examiner, and private investigator,
Kendall Shull. Ron, please escort Mr. Shull. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) RON: Kendall Shull. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Shull, how are you? Great, Your Honor,
thank you. How are you? Doing good. Good to see you. Good to see you. You conducted
a polygraph examination
of Mr. Tate, correct? I did. You asked Mr. Tate,
“Did you have
sexual intercourse “with the woman you claim
gave you gas money “on the day your wife
saw you leaving her house?” What was his response
to that question? He said “No.” What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being… The lie detector determined
that he was being… Truthful, Your Honor. (APPLAUSE) That’s one. I see a little smile,
but you already told me
that’s just one question. That’s just one. All right. You asked Mr. Tate,
“Since being married, “have you had
sexual intercourse
with any other person “other than your wife?” What was his response? He said “No,” Your Honor. What did
the lie detector determine? On this question, it was determined
that he was being… truthful. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) JUDGE DANA: Okay. I would like to apologize. (CHUCKLES) Even though…
even though I had
several reasons to suspect, obviously, I was wrong. And hopefully, we won’t
have to do this again. No, I don’t want to
see y’all no more in here. Let me be real clear. You know what, Mr. Cutler, I think it would be good for us
to talk to this young couple
as newlyweds in chambers. JUDGE KEITH: I mean,
we been together for
a long time, 36 years and so… (APPLAUSE) We want to share
some words
of wisdom with you. to make sure
that you all can continue
to get to the 36-year mark, and the 50-year mark,
and beyond that. We’ll see you in chambers. Court is adjourned. (APPLAUSE)


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