Messy Love Triangle Between Two Best Friends (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Nadeau v. Santilli and Zarra.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day,
everyone. ALL: Good day. Miss Nadeau, you confess
you are caught in the middle of two life-long
best friends because you slept
with them both and now have no idea which is two-year-old
Kameron’s biological father. Now, Mr. Santilli, you admit
it’s taken you two years to mend your broken heart since Miss Nadeau revealed
to you on Christmas Eve she’d slept with
your best friend. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) Furthermore, you say
she then dropped the bomb that he may
instead be your son’s biological father. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) That news, you say, has
devastated you beyond words. SANTILLI:
Yes, Your Honor. The best friend and
second potential father, Mr. Zarra will be
joining us momentarily. Mr. Santilli, now what will you do
if today’s test results reveal Kameron is
your biological child? I’m gonna break down. It’s been over
a year and a half. I had to convince
my four-year-old how he doesn’t have
a younger brother no more. I had to convince myself
that he wasn’t my son. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, my goodness. So, Miss Nadeau,
what happened? His grandfather was
sick and passing away. And he decided in
a text message… He was gonna tell me that
I was too good for him, we needed to break up. That I needed
to focus on me. He was just gonna
bring me down and… I was mourning in
my own way, Your Honor. As much as
I tried to stop him, he left anyways. So I continued to go
and see his grandfather while he’s in the nursing home
getting sicker and starting to pass away. The day he
passed away was the day his
best friend told me that, really, he had broken up
with me for the girl upstairs. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) Mmm. And so this is
the best friend you ended up
sleeping with? Yes. So how did
that happen? The day that he passed away,
I was holding his hand. And Tom was standing… Mr. Zarra was
standing behind me. And we both
just took it hard. It’s not easy to watch
anybody pass away, never mind somebody
you were so close to. So we went out afterwards
and we had some drinks. And during this time, when you were going
through all of this and mourning
your grandfather, you feel like Miss Nadeau
was intimate with your best friend? I had no idea
at the time. JUDGE LAKE: But you… That’s
what you believe happened? Yes. No. Absolutely not. JUDGE LAKE:
But at some point… And who did you come
to the wake and funeral with? I came with him.
I sure did. JUDGE LAKE: You ended up
with his… Oh, you came to the funeral
with his best friend? SANTILLI: Yes. NADEAU: Yes, I did. JUDGE LAKE: After you had
slept with him? Yep. (AUDIENCE GASPS) So that is
during this time? The first time me and
Mr. Zarra slept together was the day
he passed away. The day his grandfather
passed away. You don’t really know
who the father is. No, I can’t say. AUDIENCE: Oh. JUDGE LAKE: You know, I always thought there was a code.
That, you know, if you have
a best friend, they don’t sleep with
your girl or any… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) …girl you dated. Look, unless it’s been years
or you get prior approval. NADEAU: We are
two consenting adults who were both
single at the time. JUDGE LAKE:
Well, you’re definitely
two contenting adults. No, when I… But I’m saying, is there… Is there any part
of you that said, “Hmm, he just lost “a person that meant
everything to him.” No, no, because he… “I’m his ex. “Maybe sleeping
with his best friend “wouldn’t be the best idea.” No, absolutely not. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Because if I mattered
so much to him and it was
so important, he wouldn’t have left
for the girl upstairs. All right. So, Jerome,
I think it’s time to
talk to Mr. Zarra. Please escort him
in the courtroom. JEROME: Sir, go ahead
and take a seat for me. The outside seat. Go on right up here. Watch your step. JUDGE LAKE:
Hello, sir. ZARRA: Hi. Hi, Mr. Zarra,
thank you for
joining us today. I have to ask you. How do you
end up sleeping with your
best friend’s girl… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) First off,
first off… …when his grandfather
passed away? He told me to do it. He told me specifically
in his house, “Yo, I don’t care
about this girl. “I have another girlfriend.” He just sat there
and lied and said… Oh, so he to… SANTILLI: Them words
never left my lips. Yes, they did. I was
standing right there. You said, “They’re adults.
Let them sleep together…” As my brother, you
should’ve known better. As my brother, you
should’ve known better. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) After everything
I did for you. You were
my brother, kid. You should’ve known better
regardless, regardless. Either way. SANTILLI: Regardless. It don’t matter. So hold on… SANTILLI: 16 years
I’ve known you. 16 years. So… I broke up with the
other girl when she called me and said that
she was pregnant. I didn’t break up with
her, like, “Oh, my…” Not right away. Because at first,
there were rumors
going around that you were
sleeping with him. So, of course,
at first, I said
the kid wasn’t mine. Like anybody would. JUDGE LAKE:
So hold on, Mr. Santilli,
let me ask you this. When you found out
Miss Nadeau was pregnant… At first, I did not
believe the child was mine. No, I denied it to
the fullest, yes. At first. Did you know she had already
slept with Mr. Zarra? ZARRA: Hold on.
He asked me at his house. He said, “Yo, bro, “Kayla just told me
that you had sex with her.” And I denied it, and
Kayla came out right
on the porch and said, “Yeah, we did.
He’s lying to you.” And the only reason
why I denied it to him was because his
grandfather was sick. That was… So he sits here
and says he had no idea. So, hold on.
How did you say this after my grandfather was sick if youse didn’t sleep together
until my grandfather died? JUDGE LAKE:
But… Oh. That’s what I was
just about to say. SANTILLI: How does that
even make sense? Either way, even if I did
do it before he died, like, it happened. So at what point did
you come to believe
this child is mine? After a few weeks
of both of them… NADEAU:
After months, months. Months of them promising
that the kid was mine. NADEAU: I was about
five or six months pregnant. And he texted me
and said that he wanted something
to do with the baby. And that he wanted to try
to be together for him. So during the birth
of the child, which one was with you? SANTILLI:
I was there. Here’s a picture of me
in the hospital the day he was born. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Jerome, let me
see that picture. I cut the
umbilical cord, I signed the
birth certificate. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE:
This looks like
a beautiful, happy day. SANTILLI: It was. And all during this time, in this photo
at this time, do you know they
slept together at all? Yes, he does.
Yes, he does. SANTILLI: No, I did not. Yes, you did. You promised me
he was my son. NADEAU:
Because I thought so. JUDGE LAKE:
So… So you believed
the child was yours. Did you sign
the birth certificate? SANTILLI:
Yes, I did. When he was first born, everybody said
he looked just like Dino. But I wasn’t too sure. I just kind of
kept my mouth shut because I thought, you know,
maybe it’s my guilt. I thought it was
just me who thought
he looked like Tom. The more people that
came out the woodwork, the more people
would tell me, “You know, he doesn’t really
look like Dino anymore. “He doesn’t really
look like Dino anymore.” And the older he got,
the more and more
he looked like Tom. If you want to
look at this one. Yes, I would like
to see that, please. NADEAU:
The older he got… His own friends said
that he sat there one day with the baby in front of him
like this, looking at him, trying to see if he
looked like him or not. He knows he has doubts. And so this picture you
submitted to the court is a picture of Kameron and Mr. Zarra
as a baby. NADEAU:
And they look identical. Not only do they look alike,
they act alike. Mr. Zarra, when you
see this picture,
do you believe? Yeah, a little bit. Kameron looks
like you? A lot. Yeah. So, Mr. Santilli,
you developed a bond with this child. NADEAU:
For six months. Naturally, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: You signed
the birth certificate? Six months, two weeks,
it doesn’t matter. I brought him into the world
and I was there. Yes, I developed
a bond with him. JUDGE LAKE: And you signed
the birth certificate? Yes, I did. I cut
the umbilical cord. How did you finally break the news
to Mr. Santilli… He’s gonna tell you that
I told him on Christmas Eve, and that’s not the truth. That’s not the truth? It’s not the truth. Okay. We had this discussion
weeks before Christmas Eve. ZARRA: Now hold on.
That is the truth. SANTILLI: She didn’t just
say he’s not yours, she said it ruthlessly. She said,
“How do you feel, “you’re holding your best
friend’s kid, you loser?” AUDIENCE: Whoa! JUDGE LAKE: What? SANTILLI: Which is
why I snapped, which was what led to my
incarceration. And she… NADEAU: That is not
what I said. That’s exactly what she said.
I was right there. Thank you.
Thank you. She tried to air
the dude out. The kid’s emotions
was already hurt as it was. SANTILLI:
When you’re in jail, you find out stuff
better in jail than you do
on the street. Two days later, I find out
he moved in to your house. NADEAU: The bottom fact is
you left for another girl, so I’m a single adult
and I can do what I want. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, so
two days after you went to… The very next morning.
I’m sorry, the very
next morning. So the next morning after you went to jail
from this incident… He took up his role
as the child’s father. This is the first picture
of Tom and Kameron together. When I came out
and said that, you know, “The baby’s Tom’s.
That’s what I believe now.” And he showed up, it was
a day after Christmas Day. And he said,
“You know, if he’s my son, “I wanna do what I have
to do to take care of him.” Whoa. That’s a beautiful…
Beautiful little boy. NADEAU: (VOICE BREAKING)
What am I supposed to do? He thinks that’s his dad. (SNIFFLES) AUDIENCE: Oh. He spent sunup to
sundown with him for the last year
and a half of his life. When he sees
pictures of him, he calls him Daddy. When he sees pictures
of him, he says Dino. (INDISTINCT TALKING) These are the exact types of consequences that paternity issues cause. This is it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) So, Miss Nadeau, right now,
who are you with? Neither one of them. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Is Kameron
your only child? NADEAU: No. They have another
baby together, too. We have
a daughter together. Which we? NADEAU: Me and Mr. Zarra
and I have another son. (AUDIENCE GASPS) JUDGE LAKE:
And you’re not together? ZARRA:
No. What is going on
with you? What… What happened that would lead you
to be in this position? NADEAU: I don’t know. It’s a disaster. I truly believe
Kameron’s Tom’s. And the only reason
I even want to do this is because I just
need everybody to move on and let the past
be the past. Dino shouldn’t be
responsible for a child that’s not his. And Mr. Zarra needs to know
that that’s his kid and to give it 110%. And hopefully,
all the fighting will stop because behind court doors,
this is vicious. JUDGE LAKE: No,
it’s vicious in here. It’s worse outside. It’s way
worse outside. And if it’s worse outside, that’s…that’s no place
for a child to be in
the middle of this. NADEAU: It’s back and forth
between everybody. They’re friends one day, the next day,
they hate each other. One day, he wants
to be with me, the next day, I’m stupid. One day, he wants to be
with me, the next day,
he hates my guts. Oh, my goodness.
So, Mr. Zarra… She says… Miss Nadeau just says she truly thinks
you’re Kameron’s father. Do you think you are? ZARRA: At first I didn’t
but now, yeah, for many reasons.
But like… JUDGE LAKE:
What are your reasons?
Why do you think so? Number one, at first,
everybody was saying it to me, including his family members, her family members,
people I didn’t even know, making me feel like if
I didn’t step up to the plate and do things for him
or be a father figure to him, regardless if
he’s mine or not, for his sake, for all kind
of crazy reasons that I was like… Like, I was
a bad person for it. So, naturally, that’s
what I started doing… Trying to take care of him,
trying to give her money for this and that, whatever,
which really wasn’t much but I tried and then… NADEAU: They love
each other now. And then, like, now,
I don’t know. Everything’s all messed up. That’s my daughter
right there… NADEAU: And they
look identical. And when I put Kameron
next to my mom, even my friend a couple
of days ago said that. JUDGE LAKE:
So this is Kameron… NADEAU:
And a picture of Kameron… JUDGE LAKE: …and? Ari, Ariella,
my daughter. Ariella. NADEAU:
They’re identical. And both of them look like
Mr. Zarra’s mom. My mom says the same thing,
that’s my twin. NADEAU:
They act alike. It’s really so much me ’cause
I look more like my dad. It’s my mom that they
both look exactly like. And so, really, it was
the pressure from other people and from your family made you
to step up to the plate because you didn’t feel
in your heart at first Kameron was your child. ZARRA: I, I…
Not that. It was just the fact that
me and him were friends. Even if this kid’s
in jail or not, or whatever the case,
you should help her out. Mainly for the fact being that
that’s your best friend, so even if it’s not
your kid and it’s his, you should still do that. Ooh! ZARRA: And when I mean
everybody, I mean everybody is telling me to do that,
everybody I know. There was people
I don’t even know that knew me and knew
the whole situation that’s explaining to me
the same thing. I don’t even know
who they are. JUDGE LAKE:
I… I… Trust me, it’s coming together now
and I’m understanding. I needed to get a hold
of this mess. It is… This is a lot, you guys. And Mr. Santilli,
I’m looking at your face, and I… Honestly, I feel for you. I just wanna know so
I can move on with my life. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I either wanna be there
or I wanna accept it. I’ve… I’ve come
to realize that it’s a strong
possibility he’s not, but reality still
hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s not a fact.
It’s still up in the air, so until I hear either way,
I’m gonna be upset, whether Tommy’s the father
or I’m the father. It took me almost
a year and a half to stop crying
over that baby, and now if he
comes out mine, I’m gonna have to deal with
all that backwards again. If he’s not mine, then
I can take it as it is, but it’s still
gonna bother me because now, finally,
reality sinks in. It’s been a year and a half,
but there’s no evidence. There’s no proof,
there’s no facts.
It’s still there. You said you don’t
believe he’s yours. …he could still
be the father. No, I don’t because it’s
been a year and a half of me telling myself
he’s not. I ask you all the time
if you think he resembles… Yes, because it took me
a year and a half. If you would’ve asked me this
nine months…nine months ago, I would’ve said,
“Yeah, he’s still mine.” (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I had to explain
to my four-year-old why he don’t have
a little brother no more while he’s crying, “Daddy, how come I can’t see
my little brother no more?” This was when
I came home, he would ask how come
he can’t see Kameron no more? And I have to explain to him
that I wasn’t Kameron’s daddy. We found out who
Kameron’s real daddy was, and it was Uncle Tommy. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. AUDIENCE: Oh. (SIGHING) All right. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. In the case of
Nadeau v. Santilli/Zarra,
when it comes
to two-year-old Kameron Santilli and whether
his biological father is Mr. Santilli
or Mr. Zarra, it has been determined
by this court that Kameron’s
biological father is… …Mr. Santilli. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (AUDIENCE CHEERS) Miss Nadeau, you okay? Stand up, sweetie.
Talk to me. (NADEAU SOBBING) Mr. Santilli, tears of joy, relief? You don’t know? Jerome, maybe help her
into the seat if she’s not feeling well. Are you okay, sweetie? You wanna sit down? Wanna sit down or
are you okay standing? What are you feeling? Why are you…
What’s wrong? Are you upset, relieved? I didn’t think
he was his. JUDGE LAKE: You didn’t
think he was his? I really didn’t believe that. Mr. Zarra, you know,
I’m sure you’re experiencing some bit of loss
of your own. You had pretty much a whole
community pressuring you to step up to the plate
for the child. Miss Nadeau, you have children by two best friends. You all have got
to figure this out. You gotta step up
to the plate, swing, and score
for your children. Court is adjourned.


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