Mens Physique VS Powerlifter – BENCH Madness #1

He can´t beat me. FIGHT! My name is David Kovalčík, I am 20 and
I am a powerlifter. The battle will be quite tough ´cause
Petr is a strong guy. But he can´t beat me. My training is more extreme and with
a heavier weights and reps. So I will take it. I´m Petr Poc from Mladá Boleslav. I am 24 and I am a physique. The battle will be hard. I checked my opponent
– he seems to be very strong. But I will leave here everything today.
So..let´s see. I will win beacuse I have a great endurance. And powerlifters work with lower amounts
of reps. Petr, I hope you worked hard for this.
Because I am 110% ready. Not like you… David, the battle is mine today.
I will fight for it. You can´t beat me. Today we have the first ever Bench Madness. The first bench press fight. The very first battle will be quite tough. It will be 120kg AMRAP for 5 minutes. Today with 2 warriors. Not 6 guys like in our
previous Squat Madness. By the way… Here is a mark of Aleš Lamka
who won the Squat Madness.. So let´s see who will be the next on our trophy. So we can expect max effort and tough fight. 120kgs on a barbell. It is a max weight for
bunch of people. And guys will perform 5 minutes with it. Massacre… Hey guys. Welcome to the very first
Bench madness. Today with 2 different sportsmen. Here is Petr Poc from Mladá Boleslav.
Mens physique. And there is David – powerlifter. Barbell weight is 120kgs Time limit is 5 minutes. Who will perform more reps – wins. Are you ready guys? 5…4…3…2…1…FIGHT! Come on! 20…21… We´re not even in a half..
And guys are almost done… many? 23…23… We´re in a half… How many reps? David…breathe…relax… Petr ready for a next set… Take your lead! 1,5 minutes and it is over! FUCK!!!! Breathe…Now or never! Fuck! One minute left… 30 seconds left… 5…4…3…2…1…TIME! Here we have a winner…Petr So..the bullshit like physique guys are
weak shit…Not in this case… Today we had another fight that prove
they are not. Great job! Congratulations to David – man of honor. That was the first Bench madness! Subscribe for more battles coming! Squat, deadlift, bench press…Strength wars… Watch us! Subscribe, like… So the battle is over… It was very hard. But I fought and took it… I´m glad my name will be there. And here is a message for people who
flames hate on physique guys… Come on and challenge me! I´m here…
Not going anywhere… So…come on!

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