Me and My Mother-In-Law Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Would you ever forgive me if
I cheated on your son Jimmy? – I would hurt you. (both laugh) – You all heard it. (classical music) – I am Deashia. – And I’m Eileen, the mother-in-law. – I did. (laughs) Why did you agreed to come? – I didn’t even know what I was coming to. (Deashia laughs) You just- I trusted. (both laugh) I think we should. – Aww, shit. – Let me pour it for you. I have never seen her have a drink, so this is why I wanted to start with it. – Aww, shit. Oh God. – Sláinte, baby. It’s delicious. – That is really good. – Lovely. – Lets see, if your son and I broke up, your son Jimmy and I broke up, would you still want any
relationship with me? – Yes! How would I see my children? (both laugh) – That’s the only reason why? – No that’s not the only reason. No, of course I would. We’re family now. – Even if this were to go away, I still. – Even that one away
you still got that one. That one’s from me,
that one’s from him, so. – This was my initiation into the family. – Claddagh ring, yeah. – Yeah. – All the women in the family have it. – My daughters have it. – How long did you and my son know each other before you slept together? – Oh, shit. Um, it was two weeks… – Ahh! (both laugh) – What does that kind of say about me, that’s, that’s fine. – That was fine. – Is it okay for your son Jimmy and I to have sex in your house? – Uh, already been there and done that. – Did you hear us? – Once, yes. (both laugh) – We came in and you, uh, yeah, havin’ at it, so. – That is so embarrassing! (both laugh) – There weren’t any like, loud screams like, oh God, no. Just the bed kind of rocking. – Oh God. (both laugh) – Are you guys gonna put me in a home or let me move in with you? – I think… – You might have to drink on that one. (both laugh) – Um, I would rather
have you live with us. I think it’s because you’re such a treat. – Aww, you’re so sweet! – Like, I don’t think I can stand seeing you in a home, because I could… – Drooling and all that. – Drooling and just in a daze. I don’t think I could
come visit you like that. – Well good, thanks. Dodged a bullet. – Would you ever forgive me if I cheated on your son Jimmy? What would you do? – I would hurt you. (both laugh) No I’m kidding. – Would I end up in a ditch somewhere? – No, that would be terrible, yeah, that would be hard, cause that would break his heart. He loves you so much,
it’s like pathetic love. (both laugh) – Yes, oh, that would not be good. I can’t say, the New Yorker
might come out of me a little. – So you wouldn’t forgive
me and you’d kill me? – I might, I might. (both laugh) – You all heard it. – Is my son the best
lover you’ve ever had? (controlling laughter) (laughs loudly) (claps) – Yeah, I’m just gonna drink to that. – Yeah, no. Yeah, no. – Sorry, Jim. – Ooh. – Ooh, how can he improve? – Ooh, see, there’s a list with that. – Ooh! – Next question. How could I treat your son Jimmy better? That’s a good question. – I think you treat him really well, in fact we worry that you
maybe treat him too good. You serve him his dinner, I mean, like, you know. It’s like oh my God, she’s so freaking nice to him. I am so lucky as a mother, cause, really he’s grown with you. It’s delightful and I’m so
happy you’re in our life. – Aww. – Really wonderful. (kiss sound) Love you, baby. How often do you and Jimmy have sex? – Oh… – And are you keeping him satisfied? – Ugh… – No, you gotta answer this shit. How often you having sex? Not very much? That’s not okay. I have sex probably way more. (coughs and spits) (both laugh) (burps) – What the fuck? (both laugh) – It’s very important to keep it active, otherwise, you know,
they get prostate cancer. My husband’s never gonna
get prostate cancer, I’m just telling you. – Oh my God. (both laugh) – Oh my God. – It’s very important. – That was so fun. – That was really fun. – Go to to purchase this lovely game that is so fun. – You learn things. – Even if you just, yeah you do. – You learn things. – You learn things. – Even if you decide to
answer the questions, go ahead and take a fucking shot anyway. – Then they’ll say, ♪ Let’s talk about sex baby ♪ ♪ Let’s talk about you and me ♪ (both laugh) – Making fun, making fun, yes.

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