Matt Gaetz Is Donald Trump’s Court Jester

Recently in a political cartoon, I believe
by Andy Marlette, he depicted Republican representative Matt Gates as a court jester who goes out
and performs for Donald Trump to make Donald Trump happy. And I’ve been thinking about
that cartoon a lot over the past few weeks because it is 100% accurate, you know, and
yeah, I go after Matt Gates a lot. I live in his district. He is unfortunately my congressmen.
And the reason it bothers me so much about what Matt Gates has done over the last couple
years since Donald Trump became president is not just because it’s very transparent,
but also because I miss constituent and we have a district down here that gets savaged
by hurricanes every couple of years, right? We’re a tourist place. We’re still dealing
with the impacts of the BP oil spill. To put it bluntly, this district still needs help
and Matt Gates hasn’t given us to given it to us. And the reason is because he has spent
his entire time in office going out there being the court jester for Donald Trump. Just
think back the last couple of weeks, what Matt Gates has done. First and foremost, when
he tried to storm the impeachment hearings with his gaggle of Republican morons back
in October, broke the law by filming with cell phones in a a a secure area where cell
phone video is not even allowed. But he did it to make Donald Trump happy. And then when
the house judiciary committee finally got in on the impeachment thing, Gates made a
complete fool of himself repeatedly yelling out when it wasn’t even his turn to speak.
Navitar had to gavel him quiet, but Gates did it because it made Trump happy. In fact,
Trump actually came out later that day, tweeted out how proud he was of Matt Gates and the
other Republicans for causing such a scene. And even before that, during the entire Mueller
investigation, Matt Gates was on TV every couple of hours out there telling us why this
is such a witch hunt, why Hillary Clinton should be the one investigated. She should
be the one going to prison. Obama should go to jail for illegally wiretapping Trump, which
didn’t actually happen. Gates is out there pushing Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories,
pushing all of this misinformation for the sole purpose of making Donald Trump smile.
So yes, by every single measure, including his neglect of his district down here in Florida,
Matt Gates is nothing more than Donald Trump’s court jester.


  1. Matt Gaetz is A grade moron who will doing anything to please his master. Even if it means making a complete Jackass of himself, he is a serious Low IQ individual with no brain cells, assuming he had any to begin with.

  2. Matt looks like some type of grafted THING! Sometimes how u look is how u r inside and as a person, he looks STRANGE. I am not surprised of his behavior, Jim Jordan and Phil Collins the same. Pathetic germs!🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. You mentioned the BP oil spill- it looks like gaetz crawled out of an oil slick like the greasy looking swamp thing he is, with tarballs for testicles. I hope someone spikes his cocaine with fetanyl and that eric and don jr come over to party, too.

  4. What happened to the Republican Party and now we only have democratic party and Trump is party Republican party from before it’s not exist anymore

  5. Gaetz isn't the first to use the media to elevate himself and his career. Richard Nixon took full advantage of the spotlight of the HUAC committee hearings of the 50's when he was a member of that unjust Kangaroo Court that ruined people's lives and careers just because they wouldn't give testimony and give up the names of their innocent friends and co-workers in an anti-communist witch hunt. The Republican majority loves little weasels like Gaetz to take the spotlight and act the fool so they can stay relatively clean., while the S**T gets stirred nicely.

  6. Here in West Florida we hate him . His Office will not help anybody here with immigration issues and other Federal Government problems . Matt who ? Oh that Drunk Congressman .

  7. I loathe Matt gaetz. And there’s no way he’s got time to help his district. Supporting donald trump is a full time job. But surely if he’s not being a proper rep then he will not be re-elected? And if he is, then the voters know exactly what they’re getting.

  8. And there we have people wonder why Trump doesn't have any pets. Well, he has plenty of human pets around him willing to perform any tricks to make him happy.

  9. Gaetz has no issues with breaking the law. His daddy will just make the charges go away. Have another drink Gaetz and hide in your rose-colored bottle.

  10. The court jester is ALSO supposed to be able to speak uncomfortable truths to the king, to make him see past the flattery.
    I don't think Matt Gaetz is doing that.

  11. I think gaetz should just go flush his toilet 15 times. No not really that would be a waist of fresh water and gaetz isn't worth it because gaetz has a negative value! Hohoho

  12. His correct name is Matt PizzaGaetz, so named for reading whackjob internet conspiracy theories then breaking in, shooting from the lip, looking for "evidence" that doesn't even exist.

  13. Matt Gaetz is a vile human being, he is worse than a court jesters, he is trump’s bitch boy. And let’s not forget he his a two face MF hypocrite.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡this whole administration and Republican Party are just sick🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  14. This ass has been promised something. He is working under the Republican flag towards Speaker of the House or???? President????

  15. trump has league of court jesters, chief of which is Lindsay Graham [neck and neck with Rudy]. Gaetz wound up with egg all over his face when his "little" fit backfired in his smug face!! The Constitution and "we, the people" WILL prevail–BIG time! ;o)

  16. he's that far up Donald ducks backside that for safety he needs to tie a piece of 3 x 2 to his ankles so he doesn't disappear completely

  17. Matt gaetz is a racist piece of shit who is the grand wizard of the kkk in Florida. The government and FBI knows this but refuse to do anything to Matt gaetz. Another white privilege American government.

  18. If you want Matt Gaetz out of office contribute to the campaign of his competitor ex-naval flight officer Phil Ehr. You don't have to be from Florida to donate and even a dollar helps.

  19. We cant just be against Trump.
    The Democrats have to be for something realistic. If its Warren or Sanders we lose. Biden and Amy would be a winning ticket.
    Get real Democrats.
    He wont get impeached. I wanna see Trump lose in November. Its bread and Butter issues of regular Americans.

  20. The purpose of a court jester was twofold; first, obviously humour. Second, he could raise subjects with his patron that others could not or would not address, and criticisms that would demand harsh punishment if anyone else voiced them could be passed off as a joke in the moment, and then handled quietly if there was any merit to them. It was an important position demanding great tact and political awareness. Matt Gaetz wouldn’t have lasted a week.

  21. too bad he is taking the deep state to task, wasn't a fan of him now I am, so many salty people in the comment are but hurt while im here getting tired of winning. lol……. ya'll suck so bad you guys tried to impeach him instead of beating him at the ballot box kinda sad really either way wish u guys the best luck in 2020.

  22. Has anyone ever told Matt Gaetz his face is shaped like a pan? I think he deserves to know before he makes any more public appearances.

  23. i am sorry but a court jester served as the conscience of the king and his court. any one who believes that Gaetz is a court jester really needs to rethink that idea. a fool, yes, stupid, yes amusing to Drumpf yes but a real jester no and he is totally incapable of being one.

  24. It's been 2 Months Matt Gaetz & Rest of Republicans Acting like Giant Idiots for one Purpose make Donald Trump Happy,it's Actually Sad Trump has Stolen their Dignity,he Corrupted intire Party,Still there's Evidence Appearing from one of Witness from OMB Duffey all this comes Together what Remains of this week

  25. When you sell your to the Devil or Donald (there isn't much difference) you can't be rehabilitated. You have the mark on you forever. Your district needs to be exorcised.

  26. The best time he made an ass out of himself was bringing up Hunter Bidens past drug problem, when he himself was arrested numerous times for drunk driving and got off because of Daddy! He makes me sick!

  27. What makes any country work are the rules. Republicans don’t care about the rules they just want to rule. They want a dictator

  28. Gaetz is a picture perfect buffoon. This child is angry at something. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with any of the people he accuses. We all realize that. He does not. Sad.

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