Matt Barnes on Life off the Court

please welcome Matt Barnes all right if you put your feet on those
we want to give you some shoe cam now look right in the air so you can model
that maybe folks I’m tattooing that you make sure my ankles aren’t ashy no all
right okay Matt Barnes so you retired last
year from the NBA yeah why’d you retire I played 15 years was fortunate to win a
championship last year with the Warriors and yeah I just want to spend more time
with my kids yeah is everything a k– are you god no
I’m good I luckily I’m good yeah I didn’t have any major injuries
throughout my career and you know I’m healthy
thanks for you thank you so your twins are adorable thank you how old are they
now they’re nine my guys what type of relationship do you have with them the
best the best were uh you know obviously father first but but best friends you
know what I mean they just bring so much energy and life to me and you know I
live for them now I’m getting a chance to coach them and football in basketball
they spend more time so it’s been a blast
yeah nice so as we all know Matt had a very public and rocky relationship with
his ex-wife Gloria it played out on TV they did we covered it here during hot
topics and everything so how’s your relationship with her now
um we’re co-parents you know I guess at this point that’s that’s all you can ask
um you know I think both of our goals are to provide the best upbringing in
childhood for kids we can and see what happens from there
yeah you’ve got really nice in your life you’re gonna have a lot of makeup on you
know you’ve got really good skin appreciate that thank you um but what
had happened was well no I was minding my own business
and then all of a sudden I find out that there was this very public fight that
happened with Matt’s ex teammate Derek Fisher over Gloria at the house and
somehow the kids were involved no the kids were not involved but they were
there they were asleep yeah okay it’s how it happened
Oh Lauria I mean basically what it was was you know I divorced her figure and
she’s gonna move on that’s what happens when you divorce someone and ultimate
goal is to be happy I found out they hook up through my kids and I was why
were you mad you’ve done in fact we’re former teammates though you know I kind
of think there’s an unspoken you know you guys you go to war with each other I
mean if it’s a girlfriend or something like that it’s fair game but you kind of
think a wife and kids would be off-limits to a teammate but what it is
what it is from the master was coaching the Knicks at that time he was yeah he
was out here but like and I got a chance to explain yeah my whole thing was you
day my ex whatever it’s not cool if you would have told me I would have you know
we could have had a little different but the fact that you’re living in the house
I pay for around my kids and not telling me and the phone call happened from one
of my kids one of the kids in the house saying that you know mr. Derek is here
but we’re not feeling so comfortable so Matt did you smoke before you left no not
that day I should have probably get in your car you go to Gloria’s house that
you’re paying for your kids are there and Derek is walking around in the towel
no they used I mean they’re no he’s lucky it wasn’t just them but she
actually had a group of friends over they were having a game night or a
dinner or something um kids were up the upstairs asleep by the time I got there
and it just happened it was like I said it’s it I think it kind of it’s like an
unspoken man rule teammate rule that you don’t mess with someone’s wife by
instinct I said I would like I said my whole focus really was that you’re
staying in my house being around my kids and you don’t tell me that that was my
major problem and he understood once we discussed it and spoke about it so now
he ended up going on and marrying Gloria so they’re at one happy how now how long
did they be married oh I think they’re engaged yeah they
just announced their engagement um you know I wish them the best at the end of
the day my main concern is my kids happiness my kids will be like him um
and I know outside of the move he pulled he was a cool teammate and we got along
just fine so you know as long as my kids are happy and comfortable I’m good are
you high now um I smoked this morning I’m not sure if I’m still high okay so congratulations on this new
documentary I appreciate but you know there there is life after sports and you
know you’ve talked a bit about that with my producers and stuff which is you know
a lot of times these people these sports players they retire and they have no
money in two seconds or there’s no life afterwards yeah I’m lucky I’d
transitioned into stuff I started I was fortunate to play 15 years I mean mostly
being in LA and I knew that life after basketball was gonna be exciting you
know unfortunately through that basketball wives show I learned the
backside of television and realized that I wanted to produce and direct so even
like I said my transition was smooth we just did that bleach report for 20 piece
and it’s trying to raise the stigma or erase the stigma that marijuana’s is a
horrible gateway problem for 20 did you play when you were high come on come on
Stone Age no I did I mean I just um you know I had a rough upbringing in my dad
was a drug dealer and we bounced around moved around but at 14 at 14 I you know
I experimented with weed and just kind of found that it always relaxed and I
lived a very stressful life and I realized that it relaxed me it allowed
me to sleep it would block out the fighting and the arguing I was
constantly around and it kind of just put me in my own world so I was able to
manage that throughout mine pretty much my life do you prefer a joint a blunt or
a bong a joint a joint old school um how would you clean your urine um I would
just eat clean I would eat healthy um you know yeah for the athletes you know
we were running so much we’re sweating so much
I’m eating clean and drinking water in it the weed would run through me that’s
amazing because for regular mere mortals it stays in your system for 30 days you
know how hard you have to work have any steam rooms yeah a lot of steam room huh
I don’t want you to I don’t want you to dime people out but did you most of your
teammates smoked um I mean I can’t speak on anyone but myself I know I I like I
smoked you know I found a way to manage it you know it’s definitely a
responsibility we’re being paid millions of dollars to go out there and perform
every night but like I mentioned in my clip you know my mom died I had to play
I got divorced I had to play I beat my teammate up I had to play you
know there’s a lot like I have a lot of stuff I have to play through and you
know what the world talking about it costly and thinking they know the whole
story so as you just need tunnel vision well
weed as opposed to the opioids that I’m sure that they pumped to you guys when
you hurt your ankles in the NBA just think about that I never heard of you
being a pill head no it’s an epidemic you know what I mean it’s not only
athletes it’s society as a whole yeah I mean and I think that’s what’s
kind of holding that marijuana stigma is that you know the big Pihl company is
realizing that once we understand marijuana and the benefits from
marijuana that the opioid use is going to go down a lot first time ever
professional athletes are on TV smoking weed telling their stories I mean for
the basketball it was Kenyon Martin Cuttino Mobley Al Harrington and I know
I’m missing somebody you myself but it was really just giving you our
experiences like I said we live a we’re taking care of a village we play 82
games it’s an eight month season we could be in New York one night and be in
Boston the next night and playing Atlanta the following night we travel
schedule crazy it’s just in every city I used to just put mine in my pocket
okay see see how it gets done so nice to meet you Thank You Beecher retort calm


  1. I never knew to much about him I just saw him on basketball wives and I donโ€™t watch basketball ๐Ÿ€ so this interview allowed me to find out more about him ๐Ÿค” I like him and heโ€™s very attractive

  2. Why is he sitting there gossiping with Wendy. Get over it Matt, Gloria has- hence engaged to be married.

  3. Wendy want drama with that whole relationship thing. He giving allll grown man! I love it ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  4. Well heโ€™s fine! With his calm, cool and collected self- oh and canโ€™t forget the teeth ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Damn heโ€™s fine as hell and I side with him on it!!! Sheโ€™s kinda dirty for that!! But people always try to hit below the belt after a divorce ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. Mere Mortals?!!๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜‚TH Wendy Williams? N.E ways… maybe ganja is a good remedy for depression๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคท

  7. I guess they are together now.๐Ÿ˜ I think thats good..thing wow…they just dont get the its so crazy! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  8. Handsome and smart man. God has blessed him. I pray he finds love again.๐Ÿ˜โคGod bless him…๐Ÿ˜

  9. Thank God he have custody of his twin boys. She thought of that pay check every month, now he can get two pay checks every month. More men needs to stand up and fight for their children/child. Be the best dad You can be. God first and all other second. God bless you and your family.

  10. I want to be his friend. Lmao. This is so weird but he seems such a chill guy to hang out with. Smoking joints here and there taking shots. I used to hate this dude when he was with the magic. lol

  11. I like how in reality heโ€™s one of the chilliest dudes but on the court heโ€™s one of the most hated feared opponents, dude is known for starting fights

  12. Matt Barnes would get labeled a โ€œdirty player.โ€ I disagree. He played crafty, smart, and would get into peoplesโ€™ heads. That, and he was a great teammate.

  13. Who is matt barnes..all i know he is guy kobe schooled and mindfucked him in was funny seeing how weak minded this guy is and how fast kobe identified jumped on that fact

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