MARKIPLIER IS A KING!! | Sort the Court


  1. Mark: go back to were ever the hell you came from
    Me: um mark that's were he is from
    Mark: what is?
    Me: hell is were he is from

  2. Markeplier truth or dare
    If truth do u have a wife dont tell a lie😠😠
    Pick a dare😏
    If dare say no to all in sort court😈
    Dare say yes to all sort court😈

  3. When your citizens complain that their taxes are high, just remind them, the devil and evil chest proposed alternative options.

  4. mark:*But then the people have beer!THEY CAN GET DRUNK YES! *

    Sees the money go down

    Mark:*LET THEM have-oh shet*

    Me in the backround

    And this is the moment where mark realizes

    He fucked up


  5. I wonder if there should be a mod all about Grandma. When Winston comes in, he looks like grandma and says "Hey, it's grandma day! Got a present for grandma?" Everybody will be grandma and have grandma related lines.

    1 like = 1 vote for this to happen.

  6. 27:49 wait he had 14~ gold… but know he has 414 gold… how did he get 500 hundred gold randomly????

  7. Mark: says has too many people(has 500 people) and lets chester eat them for prophet

    Me: declines letting chester eat people for money(has a kingdom of 5500)

    XD that logic tho

  8. Mark– Like slavery? Let's not go down that path. Mark 2 seconds later– Sell them for ransom? I do like gold! Me– Dude…. that's human trafficking…

  9. This almost feels like "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" materialized. He starts out so nice, then the Trees, letting Chester eat townsfolk, the thief stealing from the people, etc. Oh my gosh

  10. Mark: Life lesson for everyone out there, don’t judge a book by its cover. (Loses 100 gold)
    Me: Life lesson for Mark, don’t trust anyone who doesn’t give a valid reason for wanting gold.

  11. @Markiplier you could've said "yes" in 30:30 but you refused to have a gold generating machine, especially since the debt would only be very brief. No wonder your mental age is 7 lol

  12. Mark: “Now here’s a life lesson don’t judge a book by its cover”

    Gets mad at how much money he gave to Yettu after saying how it’s good to do that

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