Man Tries To Have Sex With Bench & Gets Stuck

yes %uh means you aziz sorry decided that i he’s lonely and he would like to is that really got to find something someone
says what he does he is he is a park bench heights is still park bench with holes in
it i keep his seat to hope the park bench and
you get this penis that i see this video and see him but the thing i’m most curious about is how
they levels because i mean i sure hope that god does polls were as you know there’s a part this is an american
company and handles that a lot of us between i was on where to find out %um %um let’s watch the senseless active central over getting of yet well on that clinton the how and the that the important
thing but it’s of that out that is that well you i didn’t know in out and just let thank you that’s this all having or about him to that
problem a couple handle up hospital of the it fifty eight large little that if clinton
is elected those debating long i gentleman them in here in that context of
our time or up i had don’t get capital cannot have
waited even don’t pay well see the fact that if you’re in evidence that
is this of those holds this law but of that is that they’re not so small and so i actually have some yet so i think that’s listed there when they said
and then they wind up having to cut off the whole wasn’t oh well the advances thank god otherwise they’re going to do with the all oh well do it so it’s so funny that scientists
estimate that you could see that size of the holes i don’t do it at the time of the kids here now you know scenic beauty is this is that
the man you that that with him now did ask for a small man for the students those those are very small
yes it’s like a big enough to figure to go through your big tote i think he’s going to lose that yes very small i don’t know another anything yet out you know it’s real interesting because use a park bench to god for himself that way
i mean that i think there has to be better options the senate will have a better place
to be well it is a whole the two of them you see that most of the public
aspect of that these two all of this standoff might use some of the defense is getting a
that is a park bench the the park did the they didn’t ask for this you don’t even know the that part think this straight and was the figure at all


  1. THAT is fucking hysterical!!!! Cenk and I spoke at the same time "Dude, those holes are SMALL!" PMSL… what a dolt! That's why god invented pocket pussys, moron!

  2. That Bench is traumatized for life. Poor little bench must have brought it upon it self, it lured him in with its shinny metal curves or edges and its seductive numerous holes, it's a tease but it didn't deserve that. LOL!

  3. Seriously, you don't know where that park bench has been! Er, I mean. It's been right there. Never mind. Bang away, Xing!

  4. Worse – they've covered it before. Check the archives. This happened around the time of the olympics – that's August 2008.

  5. Ya know this guy would be busted as a sex offender in the US, like he was some pedophile when he's an innocent bench-a-phile.

  6. There was a story several months ago about a US man who was arrested for doing the same thing to his picnic table in the hole where the umbrella goes in. Yeah it was strange and funny; but the story also bugged me because he was arrested for public indecency and endangering minors or something because his neighbor looked over the fence and called the police and there happened to be a school in his neighborhood.

  7. Ahh I haven't laughed liket his in a Loooong time!! XD God…it was great.

    Now maybe it's because I'm still a virgin and don't get how men's penises work but, uh, would even the tip of the penis fit thought that small hole? O_O I mean wouldn't that rip some skin when you thrust…ouch.

    I think he should have just bought a hook or a pocket vagina.

  8. I think this is an old story. Are some that bored that they'd screw a park bench? I hope that bench pushes charges. Hahaha!!

  9. lol i know spanish when i hear it…i speak it. and i dont speak chinese. how is it that i understood what they said? lol

  10. *A Chinese news story in Spanish, about a Giant DICK who got his Little DICK stuck in a little public Hole!…ROTFLMAO!*

  11. oh man I feel bad for that guy. And to give him some credit, a lot of guys can't think straight when they're very horny.

  12. Im chinese, and THAT man is underdeveloped. But at least he is stuck. If he is able to free himself excited that is just sad

  13. i can agree with the guy, once i get aroused its really hard for me to get it out since my dick is so big ( ;

  14. Don't get "Stuck" with your own animal mind. Evolve past it's BS.

    Google….Truth C0ntest..& Open up The Present Entry

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