Man Secretly Paternity Tested His 3 Kids (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello, Jerome. This is the case of
Hamilton v. Lombardi.
Thank you. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Hamilton, you have
petitioned the court for
a lie detector test on Ms. Lombardi as well as DNA testing regarding her baby daughter. Yes, Your Honor. You say it
is your belief that
the defendant was unfaithful to you around the
time of conception. Yes, Your Honor. You’re asking the court
to administer these tests
to help you prove it, once and for all. Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Lombardi, you argue that
Mr. Hamilton is simply blinded by jealousy and paranoia. Yes, Your Honor. So much so, you say he previously went
behind your back and had your other three
children tested… Yes, Your Honor. …for paternity without
your knowledge. Yes, Your Honor. Today you’re asking the
court to rule against DNA testing for your daughter because you say it’s
not necessary. That’s right, Your Honor. Yes. So, Mr. Hamilton,
are your fears that Ms. Lombardi’s
cheating simply jealousy? No, Your Honor. It’s actually
history and reality. Like you just stated,
I had to get our other three tested
behind her back after she admitted to cheating
with the first one. So the other two, you know, it was like, wow,
there go the question
right there. And with the baby in
question right now… We should not have to be
here, Your Honor. We should
not have to be here. Your Honor. I have four kids
with this man. Four kids. Three and a possible. We should not have to
be here for this one. And where the doubt stems
here with this fourth one is where I can give you, like, a case scenario, I call it. I’m getting off work,
flying in from Seattle. This is tearing our
family apart. I’m driving… Look at her!
Look at my baby. And she’s darker
than every last kid we got. She looks just like you,
and you know it. With a bald head,
and she was a preemie. This is tearing my family
apart, Your Honor. Your Honor, um… This is tearing
my family apart. I fly in from Seattle. I’m driving home,
I see one of my… And this is around the time
of conception here. I see one of my buddies
coming out of my apartment! (AUDIENCE GASPING) Out your apartment? HAMILTON: 2:00 in
the morning, Your Honor.
2:00 in the morning! I asked him, I said,
“What are you doing
in my house, man?” LOMBARDI: Not true.
Not true. He tells me,
he was bringing some
DVDs back that, I let him borrow
the week before. At 2:00 a.m.? At 2:00 in the morning,
Your Honor. Ms. Lombardi? LOMBARDI: Not true,
Your Honor. HAMILTON: Then, Your Honor,
I go upstairs… Not true. I go upstairs,
she in panties and a
T-shirt, no bra, awake. (AUDIENCE GASPING) I changed after he left. Not true. That’s not true,
Your Honor. HAMILTON: That’s the truth. So, Ms. Lombardi,
why was the friend
there that late? That early? I don’t talk to him
like he does. That was his…
I’m not lying. Man, come on, dude. But why was he there returning DVDs,
at that time of night? I guess because he
felt like he wanted
to drop them off. HAMILTON: Then why
were you naked? I was not naked. LOMBARDI: You know
I was fully dressed. In a bra and panties? Come on! JUDGE LAKE: So wait a minute. So you were still fully
dressed at 2:00 a.m. and you had, at that time… Yes, because when he is not
home, Your Honor, yes, I sleep fully
clothed unless he’s
in the bed with me. Yes. HAMILTON: Your Honor,
I travel for a living. I come in at 2:00
in the morning,
I promise you, this man was walking
out my door. He is the cheater, Your Honor. He is just trying to
put the blame on me. Nobody… He is the one
who’s been cheating. Ain’t nobody perfect. But you know what, man,
it’s been a while. See? Do you see, Your Honor? He’s the cheater, so he’s
putting the blame on me. I’ve been with her 12 years. A lot can happen in 12 years.
Like she said, three and a possible… Four. …when it come to kids. You know what I mean? Four kids, Your Honor. That’s my hand.
I got three and a possible. You know what I mean? No. He’s got four children, Your Honor. Four. So, Ms. Lombardi, you say he’s done his dirt. Yes, Your Honor. Have you ever cheated on… LOMBARDI: Yes. HAMILTON: I’ll admit
I’ve got some dirt, but that was a long time ago. JUDGE LAKE: You just
admitted that in court. I got that.
Have you cheated on him? When we first got together,
yes, Your Honor. Oh, man. Come on, dude! He won’t even sleep
in the same bed as me. Your Honor,
this is what I tell you. He won’t sleep in the
same bed. We don’t
hardly communicate. Nothing. Wait. You still live in
the same house but you
won’t sleep in the same bed? HAMILTON: Absolutely not. Because of this DNA issue. I sleep on the couch. Mr. Hamilton. Yes, ma’am. You’re here to prove that a paternity
test is necessary. Yes, Your Honor. I don’t think it is. And also to prove
she’s a liar. You are the liar! JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hamilton, I need you to give
me more specifics stories about why
you’re so doubtful. Okay, Your Honor.
I can give you
one right now. I get home one day, I’m trying to be romantic
with her, I go upstairs because
it’s a special day for us, I go in the closet,
I get out the edible lotion. That I bought, that never
was opened. It’s half empty,
but I didn’t taste it. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Your Honor, that is a lie. So, wait. Who ate
the edible lotion? It wasn’t me. It had to have
been him, with his
little cheating episodes. Hey. She lies 24/7.
If she told me the
grass was green, I’d get outside and look. All right, so take me to the point
when Janae was born. He was at the hospital,
Your Honor. He was at
the hospital, signed the birth certificate.
I have the proof right here, but he didn’t sign
any of the other
three children’s birth certificates. Yeah, because you’re a liar. Signed Janae’s
but yet he’s denying her. Like a fool, Your Honor.
And you know what… Jerome, could you please
hand this to Ms… Oh, okay. You’re running
court now, too? LOMBARDI: No. Okay, Jerome, yes,
hand that to me. Please, I want you to
our other three children’s. This is what, Ms. Lombardi? That is Janae’s
birth certificate. HAMILTON: I signed it. But he’s denying her. HAMILTON: Yeah, exactly.
Compared to my other children, her daddy look African. When you look at that
baby right there… LOMBARDI: Does that baby… LOMBARDI: Look at the
eyebrows and look at
his eyebrows! Look at the mouth,
and the nose… Oh, my God, eyebrows? LOMBARDI: Look at him!
Do you see that it’s his baby? Everybody has eyebrows! LOMBARDI: Look at her,
and look at him! You said this baby’s father
looks African? Honestly, I’m not racist. She’s white, yes, but compared to my other
children, my other children… LOMBARDI: So she’s a little
dark. So what? So what, Your Honor.
There’s no way this is my baby.
She’s too dark! So now, Ms. Lombardi,
how does he treat Janae differently from
the other children? HAMILTON: I don’t! He will not take care of her. He will
not help me with her. And you’re lying!
There’s another lie. I asked him to watch her. I… I asked him to watch her
for 10 minutes so I could go
and finish dinner. He wouldn’t even help
with her if she was crying.
He won’t do anything. HAMILTON: I was getting
ready for work! No, he will not
do anything for her. Our oldest daughter… I would do anything
for her, girl! …shies away from
Janae because he shies away from Janae. That is a lie right
there, y’all. JUDGE LAKE: So it’s
affecting the children? It’s affecting, yes. It is affecting our
other children, yes, it is. So, Mr. Hamilton, look.
You’re in court.
I need you to be honest. I’m honest, Your Honor. Okay. I need you to be honest. Really. HAMILTON: Yes, ma’am. Are you treating that little
girl differently than the
other children? Honestly, I don’t treat
her differently, but I
feel a little different. Yes, he does, he won’t
do anything for her. There have been times where she would ask me to,
you know, stop and get… He will not do anything. Okay, you all let each
other finish a sentence. There would be times where
she would ask me to stop on the way home from work
and get Janae, you know, a bag of diapers.
And even though I would make a statement like,
“Tell her daddy to do it!” And that hurts, Your Honor. I would still do it.
I’d still do it. He won’t do anything. That’s a lie! JUDGE LAKE:
So, Mr. Hamilton… But I do it, though. He is her father. As much as you are here and you
are full of energy in terms of your
story, this is hurting you, ’cause I can see
the tears in your eyes. It really does.
It’s going to hurt me
worse if I found out she is mine, to be honest
with you. You know what I mean?
Because… I love my kids, Your Honor.
I love my kids. I love them to death.
I’d do anything
for my children. I’m a great father. So why won’t you
take care of her? I do, Marie. And you know it.
And you’re lying. And anytime, like I said,
if this is my baby… I’m not lying. …it’s going to kill me
inside because I denied it. You know what I mean?
I mean, it’s just, it’s tough.
It’s a tough situation. And nobody would
understand, man. I mean I love
that little baby.
I really do. I love her. But I don’t think
she’s my daughter. I really don’t. LOMBARDI: She’s his. And I would hate
to be wrong. But I wouldn’t be the first. You know what I mean?
Everybody’s got to be
wrong sometime. It’s just too many
differences, though. All of my kids got the
same, like, just genetic features.
She has none! JUDGE LAKE: This is
really haunting you. Yes, it does,
every single day. Now, not only is your
gut telling you… I’ve been with this woman
for 12 years. It’s torn us apart,
Your Honor. Not only is your
gut saying it’s not yours, so now any difference it’s just,
it’s just haunting you. Yes, it does. Very much so. And the fact that
Ms. Lombardi does not want to take the test,
won’t voluntarily just say, let’s have the test,
that’s bothering you, too. HAMILTON: Yes, it does. You know what that
tells me? I’m right. You’re not. You’re wrong. JUDGE LAKE: All right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: Well,
I’ll tell you what. You’ve both taken lie
detector tests. Your Honor… Your Honor,
before… Before you read the results,
I would like to say
something to Mr. Hamilton. May I? JUDGE LAKE: Well, this would
be the time. Yes. LOMBARDI: You were right. About what? I cheated with your friend. Well, that ain’t nothin’ new.
Oh, word! (AUDIENCE GASPING) You really did that, man? Yes, twice. The night I came
home that time… Yes. I really did. Yes, I cheated,
Your Honor. Man, and it’s
his baby, right here. It is a possibility. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Oh! Told you, told you. Told you, man. Oh. You in fact were cheating with that man. Yes, I was. Twice. You cheated with him twice. And he could potentially
be the father of Janae. Of Janae. Yes. LOMBARDI: Well, his friend
looks like him. The friend looks…
INDISTINCTLY) JUDGE LAKE: Hold on, hold on. You’re here because you’re
petitioning the court to order DNA testing for Janae. HAMILTON: I’m begging you.
Yes, ma’am. And in light of the testimony, I believe there is good cause to order that you all
submit to DNA testing. Thank you. Thank you. Immediately. HAMILTON: Thank you,
thank you, thank you. I’m going to send you
for the testing. You all both better show up. You’re going to
return to court for the results
of the DNA test and also the results of
your lie detector test. Excuse me? Your Honor… LOMBARDI: Now what? You are the cheater.
Watch, you’re gonna
see she’s yours. Unless, of course,
there’s something you
need to say before I adjourn this court. I’m cool. Do you see this? So you two, it’s
time to take the test. LOMBARDI: Okay. Thank you. HAMILTON: Okay. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) We’re back in session
in the matter ofHamilton v. Lombardi.You two have gone and you’ve submitted to the DNA testing.
Am I correct? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. And we’re trying to
determine the paternity of Janae, five-month-old. LOMBARDI: Yes, Your Honor.
Look at my baby. JUDGE LAKE: All right. LOMBARDI: I just want
the results. So we can put this
behind us, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I understand,
and I have those results. We have not only the
results of the paternity
testing, but also of Mr. Hamilton’s lie
detector test. Yes, Your Honor. Jerome, you have
the envelopes. There you go. Thank you. Mr. Hamilton, you were
tested by a polygraph and forensic
service provider who is a member of the
Georgia Polygraph Association. Yes, Your Honor. You were asked the
following question. Have you had sexual
contact with anyone else other than
the woman you disclosed to Ms. Lombardi from July 2002 to August 2014? (WHISTLES) JUDGE LAKE: You admitted to the polygraph examiner that you did indeed have sexual contact
with someone other… Really? …than the woman you
disclosed to Ms. Lombardi. How many? How many? Because I know
it’s more than one. JUDGE LAKE: And the
lie detector determined that was the truth. Ha. Okay. So how many? You slept with my ace, man. No, I didn’t. How many? You know what I’m saying? I don’t know. You have other children.
Exactly. Since 2002? Since 2002… So it don’t matter.
It don’t matter. JUDGE LAKE: So how many
times have you cheated,
Mr. Hamilton? 2002 to 2014 is a long time. Maybe 18. (AUDIENCE GASPING) LOMBARDI: He’s lying. Do you see
what I deal with?
But I still stay with him. Even though all this stuff
that I go through with him. And him denying our children. And this is what I get. So hold on. Let’s just break this
down quickly. When was the last
time you cheated? Maybe, uh… JUDGE LAKE: Truthfully. Truthfully, honestly.
I’m trying to uh… No sense in lying now. I’m in court, I’m in court,
Your Honor, I know. 2012? He’s lying. Don’t even believe him.
He’s lying. I don’t even believe that. Your Honor, I don’t either. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I want the results. I’m serious. That’s just
how far back I could think. Round two years ago. LOMBARDI: He’s lying. When you all talk about the
fact that you have three,
maybe four children together. LOMBARDI: We have four
children. And both of you can’t trust
the other one as far
as you can throw them. Oh, I trust her. No, you don’t! You what? Did you just stand
up in this courtroom and lie and say
you trusted her? No, Your Honor,
I do trust her. He does not trust me, no.
That’s why… She slept with my ace. I mean, I mean that’s
one of my buddies. That’s why we go through
what we go through. Am I crazy or, Jerome, the last time court
was in session, in this case, every other word out of your mouth was, “She’s lying, Your Honor.” “That’s cause she’s a liar,
Your Honor.” (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JEROME: You’re right, Judge. Look. Both of you have lied
and come clean. What we don’t know and I have the
results right here. What really matters. Is what really matters.
Exactly. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) LOMBARDI: It is. Are you, or are you not,
Janae’s biological father. Are you ready for the results? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics. And they read as follows. In the case of
Hamilton v. Lombardi,
pertaining to whether Mr.
William Hamilton is the biological father of five-month-old Janae, it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Hamilton… Yes, ma’am. You… …are her father. LOMBARDI: Oh, my God.
I knew it. I told you.
I told you! I knew it. I knew it. I told you. I told you. Oh, man. Are you kidding me, man? I told you. I got you and I’m sorry.
I apologize. I deeply apologize.
I’m making up the hurt, too. I’m sorry. I knew it, I knew it. JUDGE LAKE: But all of
this is a result, you know, of your actions. LOMBARDI: Yes. Yes. You’ve got to decide
whether you’re going to be in a relationship or
out of the relationship. You’re right. You’re right,
Your Honor. I want to move on and
get married. I want to, more than anything.
Maybe he’ll step up. Well, let me tell
you something. Marriage requires a
foundation of love and trust. We can provide resources
that can help you. You just need to figure out
how do you communicate
in a relationship? How do you get
on the right track? You know sometimes it’s
easier said than done. Yes. HAMILTON: It is. I can sit up here all day
and tell you to talk and
get this thing together. But the truth is,
you’ve got to do the work. You’ve got to stick
it out, all right? Yes, Your Honor. I wish you the very
best of luck. Take care of those beautiful,
beautiful children. Thank you, Your Honor. You all get this
thing together. HAMILTON: Yes, Your Honor. All right? Court is adjourned. BOTH: Thank you. (CROWD CLAPPING) After the results
were read today,
I felt relieved knowing she was my daughter,
but as far as the
lie detector, hey, I can’t call
the kettle black, man. Judge Lake gave
some good advice. Great advice that I’m going
to listen to and we’re
going to work on. Absolutely. Communication
is the key. Yes, it is. No more cheating. You too! I know.


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