Man Says “1000% Sure” He’s Not the Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Robinson-Palmer v. Rollins.
Thank you so much, Jerome. Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. Robinson,
you and your mother have opened your case
today in hopes of giving
you closure. You say you’ve always known
the defendant was your father, and his denial has crushed you. Once you prove
that he is your dad you hope he will finally
accept you, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Rollins,
you testify that you’re 1,000 percent certain you did not father
Ms. Robinson. Yes, ma’am. You say her mother was busy with multiple
men back in the day, and the DNA will prove you are not the dad,
is that correct? Correct. So, Ms. Robinson, explain, how has the feeling
of denial affected you? Your Honor, it affected me
real bad, like, I feel like that he wasn’t responsible to even say
I am his daughter or not. And so for 24 years, you’ve had
to deal with this? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Palmer, all her life
you have been telling her, that Mr. Rollins is her
biological father. PALMER:Yes, ma’am.You’ve never told herany other man was her
biological father?
No.And you’ve never gotten
any level of recognition or acknowledgment
from him. No, I haven’t. JUDGE LAKE: So Mr. Rollins,
you do not believe you are Ms. Robinson’s
biological father? No, ma’am. You say you are
1,000 percent sure… One thousand and one. (AUDIENCE GROANS) JUDGE LAKE: So Ms. Robinson,
as you grew up, were you told his name? Yes, I knew him
as “Dooby.” JUDGE LAKE: But you
knew his name? Mm-hmm. Did you ever have
an occasion to visit Mr. Rollins, Ms. Robinson,
or did you run into him? Um, when I was nine, I was on the school bus, my mama and him
was on the porch, so when I had
got off the school bus, I went upstairs,
seen them talking. Went and put my book bag down,
ran back… Talked to my mama, and I asked her,
“Who was that man?” She was like,
“That’s your father.” So I was like,
“Are you sure? “That’s my father?”
And she was like, “Yeah,
that’s your father.” So, Your Honor, I ran down the stairs, he was in the apartment
next to ours putting
in furniture. I was like, “Well, “Is Dooby here?”
And they was like, he came out, he was like
“What does this mean?” So I asked him, I was like,
“Well, are you my father?” He were like,
“No, I am not your father.” I was like,
“Well, my mom telling me
you are my father.” He was like, “Well, no,
I am not your father.” So after that encounter how were you feeling? I was feeling like he… He didn’t own up
to nothing, like, if you laid down
with my mom, you should have just owned up
and been like, “Oh, I might could
have been your dad.” Instead of saying,
“Oh, no, I’m not your father.” That’s not right. Mr. Rollins, I do
need to ask you… ROLLINS: Yes, ma’am. Do you remember this encounter
with a nine-year-old little girl? Yes, ma’am, I do remember… Tell me what you remember. She was just
kind of observing me. And I was looking at her
and I say to myself, and I also said to Ms. Palmer that we had
no resemblance, why would
you keep… So she has to resemble you
for her to be your child? Ain’t nobody resemble
all their parents, right? ROLLINS: She had to have
the same blood, ma’am.
We are finna see the data. PALMER: Okay, we will. JUDGE LAKE: Do you
remember a nine-year-old
child saying to you, “Are you my daddy?”
Do you remember that? I remember a child
observing me, but not coming to me
and saying that,
“You are my father.” You see, this
is what I am talking about. He is not a man to
own up to nothing, like, if you’re my father, just say you are,
if you ain’t, you ain’t. And like, come on now,
he ain’t got to do
all of this… Switching your stories
and stuff, that’s not right. I never switched
the story. Okay. Are you a DNA tester?
You don’t… JUDGE LAKE: Hold on,
Mr. Rollins. What you’re
not gonna do… What you’re not gonna do… I am not gonna
prosecute her. No, you’re not going
to prosecute her, ’cause you don’t
have no law degree. You’re not a prosecutor. Feels like you’re
prosecuting me, though. JUDGE LAKE: What you are…
Hold on, hold on, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. (ROLLINS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) This is the issue here. Ms. Robinson is in court because she is trying
to find her father. That’s why I’m here. And you are in court because you admittedly
slept with her mother. BOTH: Yes. Right! Twenty-plus years ago. And she is 20-plus years old. PALMER: Uh-huh. So therefore
you are a possibility. ROLLINS: Okay. Ms. Robinson has to replay, and begin to put the pieces
of this puzzle together. In her mind, when she came up to you
and said.”You’re my father,” and you said, “No, I am not,” in her mind, “That was my
father rejecting me,” because it was all her
mother ever told her. Right? So… Hold on! I’m listening. I am listening to you testify, but in that testimony,
what I am not gonna allow
you to do is further traumatize
this young woman, who for 24 years has been looking
for her father, believing it was you. ROLLINS:But let me
ask you this question,
Your Honor.
JUDGE LAKE:Please do.ROLLINS:After the truth
and everything,
will the tables turn on her? The mother, that’s
what I am talking about. JUDGE LAKE: No, no, listen. You know what,
I am looking like the deadbeat
and the bad guy… JUDGE LAKE: No, no, no, no! You’re just… You’re taking
on a level of guilt that nobody is really
putting on you. They’re telling
their side of the story and you’re telling yours. This had nothing
to do with guilt. You can’t… No, you said, “persecution.”
With persecution, there’s guilt.
Don’t bring up… (INDISTINCT ARGUING) Hold on, honey.
This is my business. If you talk about persecution, then you’re talking about
somebody’s making you
feel guilty. What I am telling you,
is you are not guilty. But what you are
is a possibility. So, now, listen, Mr. Rollins, I am not gonna do
a verbal dance with you because I am going to win
that contest every time. So what I’m gonna do… (ROLLINS ARGUING INDISTINCTLY) That’s what I am saying,
we are not… We are not gonna do that. What we are gonna do is, we are gonna get down
to the facts so that we can
get this young woman
some answers, and you too. So now moving on, Mr. Rollins, that encounter where
you saw Ms. Robinson, what was your reaction
once you saw her? ROLLINS: Honestly, I looked at her
and I already knew, if she really took time out to pursue the other
people that was involved
with this… PALMER: There weren’t no
other people involved. Mr. Rollins, who
were the other people
involved? I am not a name-dropper. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t
have to drop the name. But I have associates. PALMER: Mmm-hmm? What kind
of associates are these? I wanna know. JUDGE LAKE: I wanna understand
these associates. Who are you talking about?
What do you know? ROLLINS: The thing is,
I can’t prove it right now, but the only thing I can
do is verbally tell you… JUDGE LAKE: Verbally state it. …that she was, had multiple partners,
she was multitasking. No, I was not. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You were probably
the multitasker,
I know I wasn’t. You are saying
in a polite way, she was having sex
with more than one man during that time… Exactly, Your Honor. …and you know that for a fact because these men
were associates of yours? Yes, ma’am. PALMER: Your Honor,
I only had one boyfriend, and me and him had broke up when I had a two-night stand
with Mr. Rollins over there, and that’s the only one. And when it came to his test,
he was not the father, so I know, he is the father. I am 100 percent on that. Okay, so you’ve already had the other man tested… Yes, Your Honor. …and he was not the father? Yes, Your Honor. And that’s why you know
Mr. Rollins is… Yes, Your Honor. …in your own estimation. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So, Ms. Robinson, when was the next time
you saw Mr. Rollins? When I had added him
as my friend on Facebook and he accepted me. He… I texted him,
I was like, “Hey, do
you know who I am?” He was like, “Yeah,
years ago you mentioned
to be my daughter.” So he was like,
“Do you wanna call me?” I was like, “Yeah.”
He gave me his number, I called him, I told him,
I said, “Well, my baby’s
birthday is tomorrow…” JUDGE LAKE: Tell me
when this is happening. It was October the 6th, 2015. So you were about 22
around then? ROBINSON: Yes. Okay. And so you said… I asked him, did he want
to come to by baby’s
first birthday. He was like, “Yeah.”
So he came, he brought a home DNA test. We didn’t know how to use it. He brought a home DNA test
to your baby’s first birthday? ROBINSON: Yes. That was because
I was asked to bring it. JUDGE LAKE: Who asked
you to bring it? You had said to Mr. Rollins,
“And bring a DNA test”? ROBINSON: Yes. ‘Cause you wanted the answer. Yes, Your Honor. So did you bring
the test, Mr. Rollins? We both came
to the conclusion that, that test, we had
to send it off
to get the results, so we gave up on that issue. Okay, so that day you did not
follow through with the test even though he brought it? BOTH: No. Because you realized
that it wasn’t just about doing the swab that day,
that you then
had to mail it off, pay fees… All right. ROLLINS: Right. So at the first birthday, do you enjoy yourself,
Mr. Rollins? Are you there
like a grandfather? What is the dynamic
like at this party? Basically the same thing
it is now. It’s like, you know, you point me out truly,
and eventually, they’re gonna
understand that they… I am not that… Mmm. But I am not,
you know, I am sorry. I mean, if I am, I am gonna hold up
to my responsibility. That’s good to know. PALMER: Oh, Your Honor, when he came there, they was
in the kitchen, talking, and he gonna… Said,
“Let me see your feet. “Your feet do not
look like mine.” (ROLLINS LAUGHING) And he says, “Your mama
been sleeping “with a lot of men.” And my daughter said,
“No, you don’t talk
to my mama like that. “About my mama like that.” So you told her,
“Let me see your feet”? PALMER: Yeah. Why, Mr. Rollins? Well, I am not
a genetic specialist. But I do know she has, uh… A congenital digital
deformity. Uh, what? ROLLINS: Congenital
digital deformity. He don’t know. In her foot. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, okay. And from studying her feet… ROLLINS: And the other parties
I was speaking upon… …you discovered that. ROLLINS: Yes. Oh, yes. And therefore, you came
to the medical conclusion… I know it’s hereditary,
you know. I did a lot of research on it. (PALMER LAUGHING) We got it. But now, she has a lot
of features that
the other parties have. That’s what he thinks. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. So you’re saying
that there are… You felt like there
was a physical characteristic that was similar
to one of the other people you know Ms. Palmer
had sex with. Yes. How do you know she even was intimate with that guy? PALMER: That’s what
I want to know. I observed it. JUDGE LAKE: Whoa! Excuse me? Yes, I observed it. Tell me what happened. Look, I’d know her walk
from anywhere. And it was dark. She wiggling down the street, entered the backyard
of my partner, into one of my partner’s
house she went, so… I waited 40 minutes. Ain’t no way
I believe that. When I come back, I thought
it was two dogs back there,
fighting or something. That was them rolling around
in Bermuda grass. (CHUCKLING) (AUDIENCE WHOOPS) Oh baby, you gotta
be messed up. I don’t think that was me, it probably been
somebody you was with. ROLLINS: (CHUCKLES)
No, ma’am. No, ma’am. So you thought
that was Ms. Palmer? ROLLINS: I knew it… Did you ever follow up
with your partner, your associate, and say,
“Were we you with
Ms. Palmer as well?” Every night, he… They had done their
little thing, he would always come back
and high-five me, telling me how much, you know, he enjoyed the sex
with her, so… (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Yes. I sure want to know
when that was, because I don’t…
It wasn’t me. Okay. Your Honor, I look
just like his mother. You never met my mother,
how do you… I got the evidence,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, please,
I’d like to see that. Jerome, will you please
hand me Ms. Robinson’s
evidence? ROLLINS: So y’all been
on YouTube… JUDGE LAKE: So on the left, this is a shot of you,
Ms. Robinson…And on the right is a shot
of Mr. Rollins’ mother.
Beautiful woman. Oh man, I never
noticed that. JUDGE LAKE:
Beautiful picture. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) PALMER: Okay, baby. So Mr. Rollins, are you saying you
see a resemblance now? I mean, yeah,
with the makeup
and everything on, I notice that now. JUDGE LAKE:
You see it. You do? ROLLINS: Yeah. Yeah, that’s crazy. PALMER: Mmm-hmm. Yes, I do. I…
Honestly I do, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I appreciate
your honesty. PALMER: Mm-hmm. Thank you. So, Ms. Robinson,
how does that make you feel, to hear Mr. Rollins say, “Actually, as you put
those pictures side by side, “I do see my mother”? At least he’s owning
up to something,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And I know
the stakes are very high
for you. I know this matters to you,
I can see it in your eyes, you’ve held back tears
during this entire hearing, and have done your best
to keep your composure while you’ve had to hear some
very difficult testimony. Take a moment, Ms. Robinson, and just look at Mr. Rollins, and just talk to him
about how you feel. I feel like, that… I never had a father
in my life. And my mama,
she was always there for me. ROLLINS: I understand. Like, I don’t know how
a man is supposed
to treat me. ROLLINS: I understand. ROBINSON: Like, I wish you
was in my life. So do I. So I can know how a man
is supposed to treat a woman. So do I. But I didn’t
have any kind of clue that, no solid proof that I was
your biological father, so… And she never pursued me,
and I weren’t finna pursue her about it,
so what was I to do? Be a man
and get a DNA test. Okay, we’re doing it now.
We’re doing it today. JUDGE LAKE: We doing it today. ROLLINS:
We’re doing it… Yeah. I don’t want to make you
wait any longer. Because I know how
important this is to you. ROLLINS: Man… Jerome. I am ready for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Robinson-Palmer v. Rollins,
when it comes to 24-year-old L’Angela Robinson, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Rollins, you… Are not the father. PALMER: Well… You are not the father. ROLLINS: Baby, I’m sorry. It was my mistake, but I know I didn’t
sleep with nobody else. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
we know that that’s a lie. When I read the result
and he was not the father, you weren’t even surprised,
in my mind. So that says to me that
you knew all the while that there was at least
one other possibility. Did you know the whole time that there was at least
one other possibility, no matter how small? I don’t really… I recall,
but I don’t remember. JUDGE LAKE: “Recall”
and “remember” are synonyms. It’s been so long, I mean… It wasn’t no boyfriend
and girlfriend thing, it was just probably
a hit thing. “A hit thing”? Well, a hit thing can
lead to pregnancy, which can lead
to your beautiful baby girl. Yes, ma’am. I know you’ve loved her,
I know you’ve raised her, and I know you would
do anything for her, but sometimes doing
anything for your child means putting
yourself on the line. Yes. It means being honest
about the dirt you’ve done. PALMER: Yeah, I do. Right? Yes, ma’am. Ms. Robinson,
are you all right? Yes, Your Honor. PALMER: I am sorry. And Mr. Rollins, I apologize. And I accept your apology. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Rollins? Ma’am. Before we go,
we may need your help. All right? I am always open to…
And I’ve told her that
from the start. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And she knows it. This courtroom, Ms. Robinson,
is here for you. This is why it exists. And I want you to keep
that same tenacity that you had
at nine years old, when you said, “I am about
to go ask some questions.” I want you to keep that, so that you can get
the answers that leads
you to the next possibility, because I know you
need that answer. Right? Yes, Your Honor. All right. I have counseling
and resources for you. I want you to talk to Dr. Jeff,
and I want you to all
to begin to figure out how to move forward. I wish you the very
best of luck. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


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    A man has a very small window of opportunity to prove he is not the childโ€™s biological father which is about two years after the child is born. However, a woman has very manipulative ways to ensure that will happen for her benefit. If a man later finds out he is not the biological father of a child beyond those two years, then there is a family court system that says that doesnโ€™t matter and then the man who the mother falsely claimed as the childโ€™s father will be on the hook to pay child support for a child which is NOT his. The reason for that is the family court, in their infinite wisdom, has decided it is in the โ€œbest interest โ€œ of the child. But wait a minute.
    Wouldnโ€™t you think what is truly factual in the โ€œbest interestโ€ of the child is to know who is in fact their biological father is?!?
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    Yes, there is a system in place under judicial law that condones this irresponsible behavior of women in this matter.

    It should be mandatory by law that a paternity test be conducted at all births before the alleged father signs a binding document acknowledging paternity as the child biological father.

    Whats the difference between a woman killing a man and a woman committing paternity fraud? The answer is NOTHING!
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    To Maury Povich, you have set more black men free than Abraham Lincoln. However, when their entrapment plan is exposed, please stop coddling them as well. Let them all continue to run off stage in embarrassment and drop their THOT juice….I meant tears in the same spot on the couch as everyone else with the same outcome. Please and Thank you!

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