Man Heard From Wife’s Extramarital Partners Of Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. -Hello, Your Honor.
-Hello. This is the case of
Hammond v. Hammond.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. [audience] Good day. Mrs. Hammond, you claim that
after ten years of marriage, and repeated attempts
to get pregnant, a month ago
you finally gave birth to your miracle baby Isaac. -You need today’s result…
-[audience] Aw. …to prove
to the defendant, your husband, that this is his baby.
Is this correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Hammond, you claim your wife is
a habitual liar and cheater. You say you know
you are not the father, and you have proof
that she was with another man during the time of conception. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. So, Mrs. Hammond, explain the current status
of your marriage. Currently, we’re separated.
We’re on and off, um… you know, after 11 years
of being together, all we wanted was
to have a baby, and we finally got that,
and it’s… sadly brought us further apart
than bring us together. [audience] Aw. [Judge Lake]
All because of paternity doubt? -Yes, ma’am.
-Mr. Hammond, you stand here with doubt today? [Mr. Hammond] Yes, ma’am. Um… She’s, um… she’s had
multiple partners, and, um, she lies to my face constantly.
So, um… how am I supposed to believe someone who’s
telling me it’s night and it’s daytime,
you know what I mean? [Judge Lake] So you say
she lies to you all the time? All the time. All the time. She had me in a snow suit
in the middle of summer. So, I want to understand this. I mean, you’ve
been together 11 years, so the marriage has
come to this? I can only be the fool… so many times to where
I’m putting my dukes up because I’m tired of being
that fool, you know? So, how do you know
she cheated? I’ve had numerous people
that have, um, told me they’ve been with my wife,
you know what I mean? [audience exclaiming] What did they tell you?
What happened? I’ve seen a video
of my wife giving oral… [audience exclaiming] -…to another man.
-That is such a lie. There is no video,
Your Honor. There is no video. But was there a man,
and was there oral sex? In all honesty, um,
there has been
cheating on both sides. My husband cheated on me first. I took it the wrong way. About a year after
that happened, I did end up– I’ve cheated on him.
I have been with other people. It was known on both sides.
It wasn’t something that I hid. -And it’s sad.
-But… [sighs] Listen, I understand.
This was a messy marriage. There was cheating
on both sides. I understand all of that. But if you’re working
and working for all these years
to have this baby, why is there so much at stake and so much on the line? Why is there
such paternity doubt? Because, um, I had–
We had went–
We had left California and went back to Texas
to be with his family. Um, we went out there.
I had to go back to California -to handle some things.
-More than once. And when I had got back,
I had found out that his family had encouraged
him being with somebody else. He was with somebody else
while I was gone. -Um, at that point–
-[Mr. Hammond] I wasn’t
with somebody else. At that point,
we truly had been trying to work on our marriage, and it was…
it was devastating to me. So, what did you do? Um, to be honest,
I did end up leaving Texas. I went back to California. [audience murmuring] So, soon after she left… to go to California, she tells you you’re pregnant. -Right?
-Correct. [Judge Lake]
Take me back to that day. She, um, she tells me
she’s pregnant. And, um… at first I was ecstatic, you know, but then, um… she’s, um, texting this man
that she loves, right, and, um,
saying a whole bunch of things that would lead me
to believe that she’s… more than friends. All right. You have
some evidence -you’d like to show me,
Mr. Hammond?
-[Mr. Hammond] Yes, ma’am. -Yes, ma’am.
-Jerome, will you please… [Jerome] Sure. -Thank you, sir.
-…give me that evidence? -Thank you.
-[Jerome] You’re welcome. This evidence… is what exactly? It’s, um, conversations with my wife and another man… [stuttering] that should
not be spoken. -And, um–
-Oh. Oh! [Mr. Hammond] She’s in
the same place as this man is, you know what I mean? And, um– -And you posted these
to your social media?
-Correct. -[audience exclaiming]
-[Judge Lake] You said… “How does your wife
of 11 yearstext people she’s cheated
on her husband with
messages like this
after he loved her enough
-to stay with her
and forgive her.”

-[Mr. Hammond]Right.[Judge Lake] And the messages
read as follows. The other man writes, “So good to finally see you.You look hella good, babe.
Made my day fosho.”
-[audience exclaiming]
-With four kisses. He writes,
“I miss you already.” And then you write,
Mrs. Hammond,“Just made it back to Sac.And I miss you already, too.”-[audience exclaiming]
-[Judge Lake] And then
the other man says, “Thank you for texting me.
Can’t wait to see you again.” -Kiss. Heart. Kiss.
-[Mr. Hammond] Right. [Judge Lake] This doesn’t
sound too good, Mrs. Hammond. I’m… I’m sure it doesn’t.
I mean, I know what I have
and what I haven’t done. You saw this man? Um, yes, I did. I met him
at our local county park, um, said hello to him.
It was a friend that
we had both worked with, and it was
nothing more than that. It was somebody that was
probably trying to get at me, but nothing I was going to
involve myself with. [Judge Lake]
Now, hold on, Mrs. Hammond. Listen. Don’t waste my time. This is not an exchange between a co-workerand you just met at the park
for a minute.
It ain’t that many kissy faces
in the world
that you got to type
after you meet a co-worker
at the park. -Mmm-hmm.
-[Judge Lake] This is
more than that. Now, whether you slept with
this person, I don’t know. But you wouldn’t be
inPaternity Courthad you not
slept with somebody. -[Mrs. Hammond]
Yes, Your Honor.
-[audience applauding] That’s just the truth. So, Mr. Hammond, you believe
that this person could be -Isaac’s biological father.
-[Mr. Hammond] Correct. Yes, ma’am.
And numerous others. I mean, there’s… she’s moved so single,
I don’t understand how she claims to be
a married woman. So, can you take me
to the point when Isaac is born? Were you at the birth? -[Mr. Hammond] I was.
-Did you participate? I signed
the birth certificate and…I’m the last to…the last Hammond.
So, if I don’t have a son,
then my family’s name is
done. So, um… -[Mrs. Hammond] I…
-So, maybe I rushed to a…to want to be the father.
You know what I mean?
[Mrs. Hammond]I had
let him know my water broke.
Um, he showed up
to where I was living. He, um, I said,
“Okay. Are you going to bring me to the hospital?”
He said, “No. Drive yourself.” -He left…
-[audience murmuring] [Mrs. Hammond]
He left me at my house. He left, went to the casino
with another woman. Mind you, after my water broke, I had to drive myself
to the hospital. He didn’t show back up
to the hospital until 20 minutes
before I gave birth. And he was there.
He cut the umbilical cord. He, um, stayed for about…
maybe 45 minutes,and he left again. I didn’t
see him until the next day.
Mr. Hammond,
you were at the casino
with another woman while your wife was
giving birth? I was at the casino gambling. I wasn’t with another woman. -Like…
-[audience laughing] But why were you
at the casino gambling if your wife’s giving birth… -[Mr. Hammond] That’s
a good question.
-…to the baby you prayed for? Right. I can’t have
an answer for that one, ’cause I don’t know. What kind of craziness is this? -[audience laughing]
-Right? Now, that’s one
we’ve never heard, Jerome. [Jerome] Haven’t
heard that one. “My water broke.” “Great, I’ll be at the casino.” -Right? Jackpot.
-[audience laughing] You know, it’s sad
because I wanted nothing– We wanted nothing
but to have a child. -[Mr. Hammond] For years.
-[Mrs. Hammond] I would
have thought that…our son would have
brought us closer together,
and would’ve… fixed
what we had lost
in the last couple of years
by the horrible things that have been done
between the both of us. And it just is
devastating that… our son, you know, might have made myself happier, and I don’t know
what it did for him, but it definitely tore us apart
even more, you know? This is sad. You know, I mean,
if there is this much cheating, back and forth, there’s no way a relationship
or a marriage
can withstand this. Can you tell this court how many times have you cheated
in this relationship? Four. [Judge Lake] Four? Mrs. Hammond, how many times
have you cheated? I’ve been
with three other people. She’s… I know at least six -that she’s been with.
-[audience exclaiming] First of all,
there’s no reason to… -fake the–
-He believes
that’s how many people. I believe you’ve been
with more than six. -I believe you’ve been with 13.
-But then again, he– -Sixteen.
-[audience exclaims] Why are you saying
these numbers? Because she would
tell me anything. I mean, I’ve been the brunt
of the joke many times. You know what I mean?
So, it’s hard to… for her to say this is your child. I mean, the baby could have
came back Ethiopian, and she’s gonna tell me
how beautiful my baby is, -and I’m just–
-[Mrs. Hammond]
That’s not true. It’s ridiculous.
You know what I mean? So, you’re saying
she’ll just tell you anything? Yeah. She… I’ve numerously been paddled by the teacher because of believing my wife. And for her to act
like she admits things to me, I have
to literally have footage of her doing these things for her to acknowledge
they exist. I just acknowledged I cheated. I mean, I’ve been
very honest with him. He just wants
to believe there’s more. He wants to constantly– Maybe he wants
to keep the problems. -I don’t know.
-No, ma’am. Well, you’ve brought
a witness to court. [Mrs. Hammond] Yes, Your Honor. And I’d like to hear from him.
Please stand, sir. Step over to the podium. State your name for the record. My name is Jonathan Hail. [Judge Lake]
And what is your relationship to Mrs. Hammond? I am her twin brother. -You are?
-Yeah. [Judge Lake]
All right. So, Mr. Hail, what do you know
about this paternity situation? Well, I remember… their relationship
from its inception to now, I’ve been more or less
a part of it, you know? Just being her brother through
this whole entire adventure, -as you might say.
-Adventure it is! -[Hail] Yeah.
-[audience laughing] To say the least,
to say the least. But we don’t know
where we going. [Hail] Right. Right.
As far as paternity goes, they wanted it– Isaac, because they thought he’d
bring them closer together. And I think that’s what
everyone was
kind of hoping for, especially William over here. And as soon as Isaac was born, as much as William wanted
to be a father, I think,he was still uncertain
about paternity,
so he was kind of hesitant
to get too involved
-with Isaac perhaps.
-[Judge Lake]Mmm-hmm.And as a result of that
I’ve had to step in a lot, and kind of pick up the slack,
and just try to look out for my nephew
as much as possible, and to help out
as far as feeding him, or changing diapers
and whatever it takes. So, you’ve had to step up and basically be the dad
instead of being the uncle. Yeah. Just try to participate
any way that I canto make sure
Isaac gets what he needs.
[audience applauding] So, you’ve heard
your sister’s testimony. -[Hail] Yes, ma’am.
-She admitted she cheated three times.
They’ve admitted the relationship has
been messy. Do you believe
there is any chance that maybe Mr. Hammond is not
Isaac’s biological father? It would be foolish
to think that… there is no chance
that it couldn’t be his. I mean, there’s always a chance
if someone cheated that it could
be someone else’s. -Just on a logical level–
-Has your sister said anything to you related
to the paternity question? She has not, Your Honor. She has–
If she does know something, she’s kept it
solely to herself. Mrs. Hammond, did you ever tell
any of the other guys… -[Mrs. Hammond] No.
No, Your Honor.
-…about your pregnancy? No, Your Honor.
There was nobody else to tell. That’s my husband,
and that’s his child. I don’t believe that, Kimberly. Facts. You were
in California multiple times. Yeah, I understand that. See, this is the problem when you let
relationships get this messy because you might be
telling the truth… -Yeah.
-[Judge Lake]
But Lord only knows what happened. It’s just been such a mess. Or as Mr. Hail said,
“Such an adventure.” [Mr. Hammond] Right. But it’s obvious
right now we lost. -[Mrs. Hammond]
Yes, Your Honor.
-[Judge Lake] Thank you, Mr. Hail, for your testimony.
You may be seated. So, what are
we hoping for today? I want him to know the truth. I want him to be
a part of his son’s life. I want him to be the fatherhe promised me
that he would be.
I want him to be
a husband again.
I would like to have
my marriage back. I want to fix it.
I want to be a family because that’s what
we’ve wanted for so long. [Judge Lake] You want
this marriage, and you want -this family?
-Yes, Your Honor. Very badly. How about you, Mr. Hammond? I would become
a different father if I knew this was my child. I mean, I’m not going
to raise the next man’s baby. You know what I mean? And, so you’re hoping
that Isaac is… -your biological child?
-[Mr. Hammond] I pray. -[Judge Lake] You pray he is?
-Yes, ma’am. So, you want
this baby to be yours? Yes, ma’am. More than anything
in this world. [audience]Aw.-We finally agree on something.
-[Mr. Hammond] Yes, ma’am. So, would you like to try
to work on the marriage? I would never…
I made my vows. For better and worse,
sickness and in health. So I would never want
a divorce from her. But if we’re not
functional together, then we should be apart. [Judge Lake] All right. Well, I think I’ve heard
sufficient testimony. And I’m ready
for the results. Jerome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Hammond v. Hammond…
When it comes
to one-month-old Isaac Hammond, it has been determined
by this Court… Mr. Hammond, you… are the father. Kimberly, forgive me. -God answers prayers.
-[Mr. Hammond] Yes, ma’am. [audience] Aw. [audience applauding] Got to step it up. I get that.
It’s time to be a man. Yes, ma’am. -Full speed.
-[Mr. Hammond]
I give you my word. I know you’ve been on… the slow speed because you didn’t know
if it was your child. You’ve been crawling. Now, we can stand and we can -walk in this truth.
-Step it up. -Right?
-[Mr. Hammond] Yes, ma’am.
Yes, ma’am. ‘Cause this baby needs
to know what… what being a man is all about. He’s going to learn it
from his daddy. -[Mr. Hammond] That’s right.
-Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] And if his daddy
is some-timing, -guess what he’s going to be?
-Same thing. -Some-timing.
-That’s right. And the last thing
we need in this world, I’m speaking for all the women, is another some-timing man. [audience laughing
and applauding] -Let the church say amen.
-[all] Amen. Honey! Let’s press reset and let’s begin
to do the right thing for this beautiful
innocent baby so he can
grow up healthy and happy. -All right?
-Yes, Your Honor. [Judge Lake] We have counseling
and resources for you both. I hope you take
advantage of it. -[Mr. Hammond] Thank you.
-Best of luck to you. -[Mrs. Hammond]
Thank you very much.
-Court is adjourned.


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