Man Felt Compelled To “Proceed To The Buns” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. -Hello, Your Honor.
-Hello. This is the case of
McDuffie v. Edwards.
Thank you, Jerome. -Good day, everyone.
-[audience] Good day. Ms. McDuffie,
you are here today to prove that
your ex-boyfriend,
Mr. Edwards, is the father of your
two-year-old daughter
Samiya. You say you are tired
of the defendant denying
your child and evading
his responsibility. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. -Mr. Edwards.
-Yes, Your Honor. You have real reason
to doubt you are the father
of Ms. McDuffie’s daughter, and claim
after several attempts at trying to obtain a DNA test, you know today’s results
will clear you
of any responsibility. -Is that correct?
-Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. McDuffie,
why are today’s results
so important to you? Explain. Your Honor, these results
are important because I know Mr. Sammie
is the father. He’s a pop-in
and pop-out dad. One minute he’s claiming her,
the next minute he’s… Now, she’s not his daughter. And at this point,
I just want my daughter
to be taken care of, and get the same
love and support that I had growing up
as a child as well. And I just feel like
it’s unfair for us
to have to be here today when I’ve allowed him
opportunity, I’ve never denied him
from his child, and I’m still
getting a backlash as if
this is not his daughter. All right. So, Mr. Edwards,
do you agree with that? Uh… -Yes, ma’am.
-[Judge Lake] Oh! -Yeah. [stammering]
-You’re gonna make
my job easy today. -[McDuffie] Thank you.
-I’ll be honest, you know… -Finally.
-…about how I feel about
the situation, you know. She said I’m a pop-in
and pop-out dad or whatever just simply because…
She’s a gorgeous
little girl, you know. I don’t want to get
too attached to her or get my family
too attached to her because I just don’t know
if she’s mine or not. But you come
see her all the time. Like, you’re
constantly there. You pop in, you pop out. One minute you’re calling her.
“Can I see my baby? Can I do this
with my daughter?” -And now, you’re not.
-[Edwards stammering] Like, I don’t get it.
Make up your mind. -Either you’re there
or you’re not.
-Mr. Edwards, can you take me to, um, the day you met
Ms. McDuffie. How did you all meet? I, uh…
I saw her behind… She was a waitress
behind a bar. You know what I’m saying?
I really ain’t, you know,
pay too much attention to her till she, really,
you know, walk across. From across the bar,
you know, I saw them buns, and I had to proceed,
you know. -So…
-He had to proceed. -[Edwards] Yeah.
-[laughter] So, I proceeded
to the buns, you know, and, uh… I got her number, you know. And at first, you know,
we were texting
for about a week, and, uh… She kind of curved me
a little bit ’cause I think
she had some work. I did.
I curved you all the way.
I curved you. She had something
going on with someone else,
but she, um… She curved me a little bit
up until the time, you know, about a month-and-a-half
prior to meeting me and her. Uh, you know,
how when you just
in your phone, bored, and you just see her. You see you ain’t
talked to her in a while. “Let me just give this
another chance.” You know what I’m saying?
So I called. I called her again.
You know what I’m saying? So, she, obviously,
was, um, out of the situation
with him, I guess, so, um… And that’s what it is.
You know, we… I called her,
I came and picked her up, and, you know,
we got the, uh… We got some good food,
some good drinky-drink,
you know. I guess you know
I proceeded to those buns. -You know, back to the buns.
-Yeah, you might have proceeded to a bun
in the oven, too. [Edwards] Right.
Right, right, right. If we gonna get
these results. So, you had sex
the first night? Yes, three times. [Judge Lake] Did you
use protection? Oh, no. I’m not
gonna lie to you. Hot dog, no bun.
I ain’t gonna lie to you. What in the world? What is all this sex
with just no protection? Alcohol was involved
in that situation, too. With you, not with me,
’cause I don’t drink. Well, you were
drinking that night. So, then what?
Do you all decide
you’re gonna date? Do you ever go on a date?
Be in a relationship? -Does this sexual
relationship continue?
-[Edwards] I mean… Uh, two weeks, uh… Like, a week prior to,
you know, us having sex
in the car, like the second date, um… It was, uh…
She called me and said -she was pregnant.
-A week? Two weeks? -[Edwards]It was a week.
-No, it was not.
It was, like, a week.
You know, she, um…I really didn’t believe her, so I came to the house,
you know what I’m saying, with more pregnancy tests
and stuff like that, so… She took those. You gave me
a pregnancy test? Yeah, I came to the house
and gave you
the pregnancy test. Sammie, I found out
I was pregnant through
the doctor’s office. I took 48 pregnancy tests. -Forty-eight?
-It didn’t come up
in my urine, that’s how… That is not how
I found out I was pregnant. -All right.
-You know that. I found out how I was pregnant
through a blood test. -That’s what you told me.
You was…
-[scoffs] First, you were pregnant. -You said 48.
-[McDuffie] Don’t go there ’cause you already know.
Don’t go there. You said 48. So, Mr. Edwards,
once you found out
she was pregnant, how did you feel? I’m not gonna lie to you,
a part of me was excited, even though we really
didn’t know each other, because, you know,
I love kids. And a part of me
was, like… Like, “Man, this child
may not be mine,” you know. Um… Especially, you know, I… I moved her in,
you know what I’m saying. -And, uh…
-Me and my baby. [Edwards]And what
made me feel like…
The side that made me
feel like the child,
it wasn’t mine,
because her ex-and his whole family
hit me up on social media.
-[McDuffie] That’s a lie. -That’s a lie.
-[Judge Lake] What? -That’s a lie.
-Her ex and his whole family? That’s a lie?
Seriously? -Seriously. Sammie, I’ve always
been open with you.
-[Judge Lake] Hold on. Ms. McDuffie, hold on. -I want to understand
what just happened here.
-[McDuffie] Okay. So, you say her ex
and his whole family? -Her ex and his whole family…
-[Judge Lake] What happened? …hit me up
on social media. I’m talking about
harassing the hell
out of me. Talking about
“This is not your child. You’re stupid.
Why are you taking care
of this child?” Why you got her…
Not child. -But why you got her–
-How pregnant was
Ms. McDuffie at the time? Six or seven months,
you know what I’m saying,
around that time. He’s lying. What in the world? So, wait, when she’s
six or seven months pregnant… -[Edwards] Yes.
-…you start getting all of these messages
from her ex -and his whole family…
-[Edwards] Yes. …saying “Why are you
taking care of this child? -You are not the dad.”
-Right. -They’re lying.
-“Why are you taking
care of her while she’s…” [Judge Lake] Right.
Taking care of her
because she’s pregnant. Right. And… So, did you confront her
and say “Why is your ex
and his whole family…” -Of course I did.
And what she said…
-He’s lying, Your Honor. Hold on, hold on, hold on. What she said was,
“Oh, um… He can’t have kids
’cause we went
to the sperm doctor and they said
his sperm is
this and that.” But she just recently said
she keep in contact
with this guy, and now he has a daughter. -So I’m like…
-[Judge Lake] Oh. -Come on, man.
-[Judge Lake] Oh! Oh, so when you
confronted her
about the ex and the family reaching out,
she said to you, “When I was with him,
we went to the sperm bank. He can’t even
have any kids.” So then, that
made you feel like, -“Oh, okay, maybe
this baby is mine.”
-Right. Only to find out later -this same man has a child.
-[Edwards] Right. What Mr. Edwards
is not telling you is the guy called my phone.
He did not want to let me go. He was upset at the fact
that he felt like I left him for Sammie
or I stopped… And granted, to be
honest with you, I did. But we weren’t dating. It’s just I didn’t want to
go further with our friendship because I knew
he was catching feelings. But I’ve always
been open with Sammie
about everything. About the guy.
He knew about the guy
before we started. [Judge Lake]
But, wait, if you weren’t
sleeping with him, how do you know anything
about the sperm count? And why are you getting
that information? Like I said, we were friends. We weren’t
in a committed relationship. We were friends.
We were, like, just
messing around. -I didn’t wanna be
in a relationship.
-Oh, so you were having -sex with him?
-Yeah, we were, but not when I met
Mr. Edwards. I wasn’t… I had stopped
dealing with him altogether, two months before
I even met Mr. Edwards. But that’s not
what you just testified to. I said we weren’t
in a relationship. We weren’t
boyfriend and girlfriend. He was just like
friends with benefits. I never wanted
a relationship with him. It was never a relationship
in the beginning, and I openly expressed that
to Sammie at the time. Yeah, that’s not
what you said,
Ms. McDuffie. That really isn’t.
That’s not what
you testified to. But as you gettin’ going,
you’re sort of… -Bringing out that lie.
You could just look at–
-Ain’t that no lie. -It’s not a lie.
-You can just look at
her facial expressions, -she is like…
-It’s not a lie. -I know she’s lying.
-It’s not a lie. -How is it a lie?
-I’m just saying. Sammie, so I wasn’t…
So, I wasn’t open with you -about everything
when I met you?
-You were. Exactly. I was open. I’ve never lied
to him, Judge. I’ve never lied to him,
Your Honor. I’ve never…
I’ve always been open. That’s how I am.
I’m very upfront and open. I don’t play
with people’s feelings because when you get
feelings involved, and then kids get involved, it’s not about us no more,
it’s about her. -That’s all I care about.
It’s about her.
-[Edwards] Man… -I have always been open.
-Listen, you may have been open with Mr. Edwards, but I will say,
in this courtroom,
in this hearing, your testimony
started out one way, and then,
the next thing you know
it ended up being that you did have
a sexual relationship
with this guy. He knew I had
a sexual relationship. I didn’t deny that from him. Did you know that,
Mr. Edwards? -I don’t know why
she’s lying so much.
-Aw, here you go with this… I mean, she… I don’t play like that.
I’m openly honest
about that. -[Judge Lake]
All right. All right.
-[Edwards] From what I knew, -this man have dates of–
-All right, all right,
all right. -What kind of dates?
-This man have dates of the last time
they had sex. -What dates he
give you then?
-I don’t remember. -Of course you
don’t remember…
-It’s so long ago, -I don’t remember the dates.
-…’cause you’re telling
a lie. This man,
he added up the dates. And he was like,
“Bro, we had sex this specific time,
so I’m letting you know
this is my child.” -Me and her dates–
-So, he told you
a specific date? -Yes. Yes, ma’am.
-[McDuffie] No,
he didn’t call him, he called me,
he answered the phone, which I had already
told Mr. Edwards that this man is gonna say
whatever he needs to say to get in between us
because one, he doesn’t
want us together, and two,
there’s already some ammo because I already stopped
dealing with him. -And then–
-So, Ms. McDuffie,
let me be clear. -Stop talking
for a minute.
-Yes, ma’am. [laughter] Okay. Take me to the birth. When Samiya was born,
who was there with you? Sammie was
right there with me,
holding one leg, and the nurse on the other leg,
and he played Erykah Badu when I pushed her out,
so he was right there. -He was right there.
-Yeah, ’cause I’m…
[stuttering] I’m more spiritual–
I see you have the beads on. I mean,
it look like African beads,
you know what I’m saying. I’m very spiritual. Um, so I wanted my… Half of me felt like, “Oh, she was mine,” so I still wanted to really,
like, at least be there. Just like you was there
afterwards, too. And you signed
the birth certificate
in the hospital. -I signed the birth
certificate? I didn’t.
-Mr. Edwards, -did you sign
the birth certificate?
-No. [McDuffie] Yes, you did.
Why is the birth certificate… Why is her name
not your name?
Tell the truth. Her name is Samiya McDuffie.
What is you talking about? -Who is she
named after, though?
-You. No, she’s named after
you and me. What is your name?
Sammie, right? My name is what?
Exactly. [stammering] [Judge Lake] Oh, no. No. I don’t have to argue
with you all because I have
the birth certificate, -and I want to look at it.
-[audience] Oh. -That’s your last name.
-It sure is. So, this is Samiya… -[McDuffie] Kymren.
-…Kymren… -[McDuffie]Yes, ma’am.
-Lord, y’all can make up
some names.
[audience]Yeah.[Judge Lake]Samiya
Kymren McDuffie.
Mother’s name
Shabrita Jaleesa McDuffie.
-[McDuffie] Yes, ma’am.
-[Edwards] McDuffie. But there’s
no father’s name. At the hospital that we had,
in the original birth, he signed the papers
for the birth certificate. How they do it,
you have three
to five days after the baby is born,
once we leave the hospital, to come back
and have it signed
by a notary republic. He felt like
I should have driven to get him
an hour-and-a-half away. He felt like I had to be… An hour-and-a-half away. -He didn’t have no gas.
-Have anybody
ever heard this… Have anybody ever
heard this before? So, when I called you
and told you -you had to come down and sign
the birth certificate…
-Come on. …what did you tell me?
“I ain’t got no gas.” So, stop lying. I’m gonna just let you put
yourself in the big, old lie. I ain’t gotta put myself
in a big, old lie or nothing -’cause I’m up here tellin’…
-[Edwards] All right. So, Mr. Edwards,
is it your testimony that you wanted
or didn’t want
your name listed -as father
on this birth certificate.
-I didn’t want my name at the moment because
I didn’t know for sure
she was mine, even though I was there,
and I played my part
as a man. So, that’s the half of me that,
uh, felt like she was mine. The other half was not
signing this birth certificate. You feel me?
‘Cause I didn’t know. -[Judge Lake]
So, you didn’t do it.
-Yeah, so I did… You know, I took a prior… Later on, down the line,
I took two DNA tests. He swabbed my child twice
by the way, Your Honor. He’s already taken two
DNA tests on my daughter, -which I let him
come to my home.
-And what were the results? Oh, ask him. Every time I ask him,
“Oh, I didn’t get enough
cheek cells. There’s something wrong
with the results.” -Like, “What?”
That’s what the… -That’s what the people–
-He swabbed her twice
at my house. I even allowed him
to come to my home. That’s what the people
called me and said. Mr. Edwards,
what were the results
you received? Um, they came back
inconclusive. [Judge Lake]
Inconclusive. Okay. [Edwards]They said I didn’t
have enough cheek cells.
I don’t know why.
The second time, I was like,
“Okay, I’m finna definitely get enough cheek cells
this damn time.” Well, you feel me? But… So, when the test
came back inconclusive,
your doubt went even further. Yeah, I’m like,
“What’s going on?”
You feel me? I don’t even know why
he’s sitting up here capping ’cause he knows
this is his baby. [Edwards] That man said
that is his baby. -I don’t know.
-[Judge Lake]
All right, listen. I will say this,
Ms. McDuffie, and I think as a woman
you have to acknowledge
that this is true. Even if this ex of yours
decided to sabotage your relationship
with Mr. Edwards by saying to him,
“I’m the father,” once that happened… -[McDuffie] Oh, I knew
it was out of the window.
-Exactly. [McDuffie] I knew
it was out of the window. That’s why I allowed him
the DNA tests, Your Honor. -That’s exactly right.
-I’ve never denied him. He asked for a DNA test
while we were pregnant,
sitting in a car. That’s all
I want you to know, -that at that point…
-[McDuffie] I agree.
Yes, ma’am. -…it was a wrap.
-[McDuffie] I agree. Oh, yeah, I knew
it was over with. -[Judge Lake] Okay.
-I knew it. So, that’s why it’s important
that we’re here now. -Yes, ma’am.
-Because there really is only one way
to get to the truth, and that’s to
get the results. -Jerome, I’m ready.
-[applause] [McDuffie] Look at
that beautiful baby.
Like, come on. -[Edwards] Oh, yeah,
she’s definitely beautiful.
-These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
McDuffie v. Edwards…
It’s not about us no more,
it’s about her. When it comes
to two-year-old
Samiya McDuffie, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Edwards, you… are the father. You knew that, though.
I’m not even going there
with you. -I honestly didn’t know.
-You knew that. [scoffs] [Edwards] I honestly
didn’t know. -You are the father.
-[Edwards] Definitely. I’m at Chuck E. Cheese,
out the ham, right after this. Feel me?
Chuck E. Cheese out the ham. You know. -[Judge Lake]
That’s good, though.
-Yeah. -But not just
once in a while.
-[Edwards] Oh, no. You know, listen. Samiya needs you
to be a dedicated dad, -not a pop-up pops.
-[Edwards] No. -Right?
-No, not… You know, that little
popping up kind. Pop up here,
we go to Chuck E. Cheese, don’t see him
for four months. No, that’s not
being a dad. -That’s exactly what it is.
-[Edwards] No. Pop up here,
and go get
some ice cream, -now, we don’t see him
for another few months.
-[Edwards] Oh, no. [Judge Lake] We’re not
being a pop-up pops, right? I need for her to do,
you know… [stammers] I get her on weekends.
Every weekend while she got– Well, that’s for you all
to work out what– Look, you gotta let Samiya
get to know you first. -Exactly.
-True. -She’s just getting to know me.
-This is all about
the best interest -of the child.
-Right. All right? Please go and talk
to Dr. Jeff. I believe you all
are both capable of doing a very good job
at co-parenting this beautiful little girl, -and she is so worth it.
-Yes, she is. I wish you the very best.
Court is adjourned.

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