Man Dresses As Pirate At Party, Wife Thinks He Hooked Another Woman (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case
ofWilliams v. Jackson.You all are married.
You’ve been together
for eight years. You have three children
together. You’re expecting
another child. Is that correct? BOTH:
Yes, Your Honor. All right. So at the point
where you should be preparing
to rock the cradle, allegations of infidelity
are rocking this
relationship. TIERRA WILLIAMS:
Yes, Your Honor… Ms. Williams, tell us
why you’re here today. I’m here today because, one,
I dreamt about this day
right now, that I’m standing here
talking to you all. Because I’m having
serious marital issues
with my husband. He’s lying…
Every time he’s… I’m not cheating, Your Honor. Oh, hush. You’re out with your friends,
don’t know where you at. I cannot find you, you don’t
answer no phones. No texts,
no nothing but quit it. Your kids even be
looking for you. You dreamed
about being here. Yes, ma’am, I did. Tell me about this dream
’cause, like, I wanna hear. I mean, this dream…
He took the lie detector test
and he failed, and he went to glory. (LAUGHS) JUDGE DANA: He went to glory? I’m trying to go there though. Oh. Ooh! WILLIAMS: He went to glory. I’m not sure, I wanna ask
how he got to glory. I don’t think
we need to know
how glory occurred, but that’s what happened. He went to glory. Why are you here, Mr. Jackson?
I’m presuming it’s not
to go to glory. Not to go to glory.
To prove her that
I’m not cheating, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Okay.
So that’s why you’re here? Yes. Every time I come home
she’s checking my drawers
and everything, Your Honor. All of that. Like, I can’t even
really walk out the door
without her checking me. My phone, she got my phone… I don’t really have my phone
like that no more
’cause she basically has it. But what he is not
telling you guys is that for once, I cannot enjoy
my life because I’m trapped
every day in the home. I don’t have any friends
’cause he ran them all off, always accusing me
and my friends
every time we go somewhere, because my friends are single
and I’m not.”Oh, you messin’
with this person…” I’m not even allowed to look
at a Chris Brown video. I’m not allowed to go
to a Chris Brown concert and I’m a huge fan
of Chris Brown. That’s not true, Your Honor. Yes, that is.
I can’t even get on YouTube. So the way you treat me
is the way I’mma
treat you. If I gotta be miserable
you gotta be miserable. What I’m hearing, love,
is this house is a mess. It is. And it does not sound like
a place you wanna be landing. (LAUGHS) JUDGE KEITH: And they’re
about to bring another baby into this. So we’ve got
to get this figured out. JACKSON: Yes. WILLIAMS:
That’s what I’m here for. Yes, that’s what I’m here for
today because we have
too many children, and a dog, and a baby on the way
to be dealing with
this foolishness. And I’m tired and some…
It gots to stop somewhere. I want happiness
and peace in my home. It’s gonna happen. JUDGE DANA: I understand.
I understand, love. So this is tearing you up.
I can… I can see that. (CRYING) JUDGE DANA: Well,
you see her just weeping. Yeah, I’m kinda hurt
’cause I love her.
I love her. I love you too, but I’m tired. And I know
I’m not cheating. So I’m here
to prove to her
that I’m not cheating. ‘Cause I really do
love my wife. Ms. Williams,
what do those
tears represent? I’m pained, hurt.
You hang with your friends
that cheat on their wives. You know I don’t condone that.
I don’t allow that. I don’t like that misery
and toxic, foolishness
around you. I’m here to protect you
like you’re here
to protect me. They’re no good
for you, honey. Every guy’s not the same. They’re no good. That’s true, though. It’s just messing up
our marriage. Every dude is not the same.
That’s what
I’m trying to tell right now. Every dude is not the same. Just because they’re doing it
that don’t mean I’m doing it. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, but here’s the thing. Yes. And my daddy says this. JACKSON: Hmm-mm. You could jump, if there’s
a puddle of mud right there… Yes. …you could jump
back and forth,
back and forth, but at some point
you’re going to mess up
and end up in that mud. So if you stay away from
that puddle, you ain’t never
gonna get into that mud. True. Yes. So she’s worried
you amped it up there. And then it increases
the likelihood
you’re gonna misstep. So she wants you
to find some new friends. Yes. Right now, I have no friends
behind this right now, so… JUDGE DANA:
All right, let’s, let’s
find out what’s going on here. What is ripping you
all apart now? Well, I rolled up on him
while I was pregnant and seen him chilling on the
porch with a female. So me being me,
I’mma let you
know, Your Honor, I ain’t lyin’,
where I’m from, baby,
I rolled up on him. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) She did. Yeah. I rolled up on him. I say,
“Excuse me. Who is you
and what you got going on?” “Oh, I’m so-and-so
and blah, blah, blah. “And we slept together,
he paid my bills,
he bought me shoes.” “Hold on. Wait a minute,
wait a minute. Stop.
You did what?” And we got too many children
that are still in diapers. JACKSON: Only reason
the girl said that was
’cause she felt attacked. The way she came,
that’s the only reason
why she said that. JUDGE DANA:
No. Ain’t nobody go pop off
to a man’s woman. And the most important part,
why did this woman say
you were sleeping with her? Oh, ’cause she was mad
at the time. JUDGE DANA: Mad at who? My wife. I guess
the way she came
with that allegation… WILLIAMS:
That don’t matter.
I am who I am, sweetheart. You supposed to respect
and bow down. Tell me what
you mean. I’m in love with my wife. What do you mean? I don’t care…
No family member
come up in here, they got to bow down
’cause I am your wife. In the Bible, God say
your wife comes first. Don’t play with me.
I get spiritual up in here now. True that. True that. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Baby I lay hands like a pastor,
so come on now.
Don’t play with me. Mr. Jackson,
I’m just trying
to imagine this scenario. You’re sitting there
with this other woman and an angry woman
with blue hair… Big, pregnant. …just, just rolls up… Angry, pregnant woman
with blue hair rolls up and this person
all of a sudden says, “Oh, yeah, I’m sleeping
with him. He’s paying
my bills.” I mean, that was
fear making her say that.
That wasn’t hate. And I gotta tell you,
if she was scared of her,
what you don’t say to her is I’m sleeping with your man
and he’s paying my bills. She might have tried
to get her mad
or something. She was already mad.
That’s why this girl didn’t pop
that up, unless it was true. JACKSON: It’s not true. So you’re saying you did not
have any kind of relationship
with this person beyond the friendship? No, it’s a family friend. Yes. People sleep
with family friends. Thank you.
They’re not relation. JUDGE DANA: So let me ask you,
have you caught him
with any other women? Yes, ma’am,
at this costume party. JUDGE DANA: Oh. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So, as y’all could see… I bought our pirate costumes…
Oh, my God, you see
my pregnant belly… (LAUGHS) And, um, you know,
I took him… We’re there… I do have an exhibit,
Your Honors. Is it possible that
I can show it to you all? JUDGE DANA: Go ahead. WILLIAMS: Show… Oh, Lord. Yeah. Yes,
call on the Lord ’cause you’re gonna
need him. Hallelujah. So you’re dressed
as pirates at a costume party. WILLIAMS: Yes, ma’am. All right. What are we looking at? This is the party
right here on the first floor. This is my
friend’s home. I don’t care about nobody else.
I’m welcome to walk to third
to the bottom. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Yeah. You know what I mean? So with that being said,
we were starting off
right here. Okay. Lee went to walk around
or whatever,
you know, mingling. And I went to the bar,
don’t get me wrong. I went to get me a little
Sprite on the rocks. And me being pregnant,
I had to tinkle. Oh. And as I go upstairs
who do I find? A mangy mutt and a captain
with no hook. Mr. Jackson. Oh, Lord. (LAUGHS) Why is your hook
in the bathroom? He’s what? Captain with no hook.
He went in there with a hook.
Now he’s out without a hook. Where’s the hook at, Captain? JUDGE DANA: Oh. JUDGE KEITH:
She says she found
a mangy mutt… A mangy mutt
and a captain with no hook. We got a Jack Russell Terrier
that he don’t even
play with at home. And she’s going on
two years old. Hello. What you doing at a party
playing with a Poodle? JUDGE DANA: Uh-oh. WILLIAMS: Play with me. And I presume the Poodle, uh,
was in a costume. JACKSON: Yes. She was, yes. JUDGE DANA: She was there
with the Poodle costume. That why she’s
a mangy mutt, honey. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JACKSON: All right. I was coming out
of the bathroom, really. You know what I’m saying,
I was really coming out
of bathroom. And… WILLIAMS: Please… (LAUGHS) Standing there
with somebody else. Ms. Williams,
I wanna make sure
I understand this. You go upstairs,
and you see him
and a woman in the bathroom. She’s dressed as a poodle,
that’s why you calling her
the mangy mutt. But you see him
without his hook… WILLIAMS: Right. …and her coming out
of bathroom. Yes. And they saw me… The dog ran downstairs,
left her fur over everything.
She had to be having mange
or something. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) JUDGE KEITH: All right. So when you saw him
and a woman, she all of a sudden
just ran downstairs. Yeah. Downstairs,
so evidently something
had to happen. JUDGE DANA: Because he didn’t
have the hook. Where’s the hook, baby? I left it in the bathroom. I was rushing out
and we bumped into each other. As soon as
she came upstairs,
that’s what she seen. JUDGE DANA:
Where was your hook? I left it on the sink
in the restroom. You didn’t lose that hook
trying to pet that dog… JACKSON: No! (LAUGHS) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) No, no, no. No, I don’t even… He thought it was
PetSmart, Your Honor. No, I was using the restroom. He thought it was PetSmart,
Your Honor. Yes, he did. And I was so drunk
that I left it in there.
I rushed out. And I bumped into her
and she seen those popping
like that and… She went off. She went crazy. Sound like he was in
the bathroom, you know, with a dog doing
the pirate stuff. JACKSON: Oh. (LAUGHS) Oh! So y’all think I did it
with the hook? (LAUGHS) WILLIAMS: Oh, “hi-hi.” You better keep that “hi-hi.”
’cause you’re gonna take that “hi-hi” to glory. “Hi-hi.” No, I love my wife too much.
No, no, no, no. All right, so, Ms. Williams,
you ain’t believing
none of this. You believe Captain Hook was
hooking up in the bathroom with the woman
in the Poodle costume. Is that right? Do you make Kool-Aid with salt? JUDGE DANA: No, I don’t. WILLIAMS: Okay, then. So there’s your story,
there’s his story, and there’s the woman
who was standin’ outside
the bathroom’s story. She is here.
Ron, will you please
escort her in. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Please come on, bailiff. I wanna see what she look like
outside of the Poodle. RON: Here. WILLIAMS: That must be
Girl, you tried it. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY) You’re gonna be
right along with him.
Taken to the King too. (SNICKERING) JUDGE KEITH:
Good day, ma’am. How are you? I’m good. How’re you doing? I’m doing all right.
Thank you. Would you state your name,
please, for the court record? I am Oshja Price. JUDGE KEITH:
And Ms. Price,
so that we’re clear, you are the woman who was
wearing the poodle costume at the costume party.
Is that correct? It wasn’t a poodle,
I was Dalmatian. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. Oh, that’s why
you don’t have
your fur on today, honey, ’cause you probably
have fleas. Thank you. So here’s my question. What happened
to Captain Hook’s hook? Oh, I don’t know about
what he got going on
or what happened with his hook. But I went to the bathroom,
I saw him… I don’t know what he was
upstairs by hisself for.
But I saw him… I was like, “Oh, what’s up?
This is my partner, my friend,”
and we was talking. And she came… And when I saw… I know
about her because, you know,
everybody know about her. He talks about
how miserable
he is with this woman. So I mean, I saw him,
I was like, “Oh, what’s up,”
you know. Then she came… Can’t be too miserable
I’m popping out
all these babies for you. OSHJA PRICE:
Look, I don’t know,
what that’s about, but… I, I saw her coming.
I saw her coming… That’s why I’m married
and you’re not. With respect… And she’s pregnant. And she
look crazy, so I was like,
“Oh, let me go ahead down…” (BOTH ARGUING INDISTINCTLY) I ain’t got time. You lucky I didn’t touch you
when you hugged him. I don’t play them games.
You, as like as you say,
you know about me. You know who I am
and you know what I’m about. Why in the world
would you come up here
and touch my husband when I’m standing
right here, sweetheart? PRICE: That is my friend. I don’t give a damn if that was
Moses giving you loaf of bread. That’s my friend. You don’t touch
what’s mine. Period. You don’t say what I can touch. You got your
own insecurities… Oh, baby, I don’t have
no insecurity, baby. I’m pregnant
with baby number nine. JUDGE DANA:
All right. All right. (GAVEL BANGING) JUDGE KEITH: Okay. (BOTH ARGUING INDISTINCTLY) Ladies, here’s the thing. Let’s just say that she did
get with your husband. That girl didn’t stand up
to anybody and say she was
gonna be faithful to you. He did. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So you don’t beat her up
or beat up… Oh, no… You get with him. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m not saying
beat him up… WILLIAMS:
No, he was going to glory and she was going
to get beat up…
Both of them got the feeling. No, no, no. No, no. No, no. Queens don’t do that. JACKSON: Thank you. Okay. JUDGE DANA: Trust me. Well, since we gonna
have it like that
we’re just gonna go ahead, gonna get this divorce
done and over with. I’m done. JACKSON: Why? Well… Why is that?
Because you keep
disrespecting me and all I do is give you
everything you want and need
and you say you’re miserable. I’m miserable.
I can’t even go
to a Chris Brown concert, that I invite you to.
I can’t do none of that, but you can hug a female
in my face and think it’s cool? I should say
I’m miserable.
I do everything. I’m the real-life Cinderella
and I’m tired. Mmm. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That’s why I act the way
I act, Your Honor. Because I put my heart and soul
into this marriage… JUDGE DANA: I understand. …and you can’t keep
constantly disrespecting me. Have me look like
I’m the crazy one when you’re out here
doing what you’re doing. Ms. Williams,
we understand
how you feel. But you came here
to get some answers, right? Yes, sir. I’m here to prove her. We wanna give you
those answers. WILLIAMS: Yes, sir. All right. I think
we’ve heard enough
testimony right now and let’s kind of sum up
what we have. You believe that
Mr. Jackson is cheating. WILLIAMS: Yes. And you have said
if he is, you out. Yes, ma’am. And, Mr. Jackson, you deny
that you’ve cheated, right? JACKSON: Yes, sir. Y’all were just friends. Yes, sir. There’s been nobody else. Yes, sir. And that’s what you’re here
to show her today. Yes, sir. This court has done a full
and complete investigation. At this time the court would
like to call forensic
voice analyst, Guy Wolf, to the courtroom
to determine “Is he cheating?” JUDGE DANA: All right. Ron, please escort Guy Wolfe
to the courtroom. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) RON: Guy Wolfe… Please step right over… GUY WOLFE: Yes, sir. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Wolf, how are you today? I’m wonderful.
Thank you, Your Honor. You are a forensic
voice analyst, correct? That is correct. And what does
forensic voice
analysis entail? It measures the frequencies
in a person’s voice. You have AM and FM
frequencies, and when
you’re being deceptive one of these frequencies
goes away. And it shows up a certain way
on our computer. Right. Let’s take a look
at the first question
you asked him. Did you have
physical sexual contact
with Oshja Price at the costume party
you attended last month? No. What did your forensic voice
analysis determine? The voice analysis determined
that he was being truthful,
Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I apologize, Oshja baby. I’m a woman. Real women do that,
you understand? I accept it. I accept it. I apologize, baby. That’s a beautiful term. That’s how queens act. Let’s look
at the next question. Since you got married
to Tierra in 2015, have you had
sexual intercourse
with any other woman? No. What did the forensic voice
analysis determine? The forensic voice analysis
determined that he was being
truthful, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now can I get
my last name, Ms. Jackson? All right, Ms. Williams,
soon to be, apparently,
Ms. Jackson. (LAUGHS) (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) You gettin’ ready
to make that move,
to make it Ms. Jackson? It shoulda been there
a long time ago. All right, there it is.
There it is. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m so glad you got here. I hope we made
your dreams come true. You did, y’all did.
I actually look up to y’all. So I just wanted to hear it. JACKSON: Yes, yes, yes. Maybe the Lord
sent me here to hear and see
my idol couple, my couple that I look up to… I don’t look up to Jay-Z
and Beyonce. I look up to the Cutlers. JACKSON: We do. And you all
are realistic to me. Thank you. You all show me
what I need to do. Either, whether it’s… On a bad day or on a good day
I try my hardest
to take y’all advice. JUDGE DANA:
Well, we are here for you, we hope we’ve helped you. And as we say
in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself
out of an opportunity to have a happy,
healthy relationship. Court is adjourned. (WILLIAMS LAUGHING) Come on up here. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Give a little love… You and that baby,
come on up here. (WILLIAMS CRYING) Come on. Oh, it’s okay. Oh, my God. It’s okay. This whole thing happened
in my dream. Oh, well, this is better
than the dream. Oh, my goodness.
Thank you. Good luck to you.


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