Man Denies Child Because He Is Too Tan (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. This is the case of
Bradley v. Tessiner.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Bradley,
you say for 19 years you’ve wondered,
“Who is my father?” Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you’re hoping
today’s DNA test solves your intricate
family mystery. Mr. Tessiner, you claim
you are 100% sure you are not
Mr. Bradley’s father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You say
another man is
on his birth certificate, and paid child support. Furthermore, you say
the dates of conception
do not add up. Yes, Your Honor.
That’s right. In addition to your
paternity case, Mr. Bradley, you’re also asking the court to award you $50
in clerical fees. You state you plan to change
your last name to Tessiner if indeed today’s result prove the defendant is your
biological father. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) Mr. Bradley, first,
please explain to the court how has your life been,
not knowing the identity
of your father? It was really tough
going to my football games, not having my father there,
at my football games. I joined Boy Scouts so, I had to go with
a friend and his father, and kind of felt
like a third wheel
when I’d watch them interact with each other, and it was kind of tough
not having a father myself to go camping with,
and to take
to the derby at Boy Scouts, and kind of just had to go
with other friends and their fathers
to do things. And so all your life
you felt this absence? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: This void. Yeah, this void, and a longing
to have a father for myself
to spend time with. You thought another man
was your father? Correct. I was
sitting in the car, and my mom and my aunt
were arguing, and my aunt looks at my mom
and tells her, “Why don’t you tell him
who his father is?” And I looked at my mom, like,
“What’s going on?” And my aunt says,
“Well, your father’s
James Tessiner”. So then I started
pushing my mom into
letting me go see him. And I met him when I was
13, and didn’t get to see him
again until I was 18. Until you were
18 years old? BRADLEY: Correct. Mr. Tessiner, please
explain to the court why you’re so sure you’re
not Mr. Bradley’s father? We only dated for
about a month. I remember pulling over
on the side of the road
one time to make out. I cannot even remember
having sex with her. And I never knew
that she was pregnant. Or, that a baby was born. Never? TESSINER: Never. You were never contacted? I was never contacted.
No, ma’am. And so, when did you
first come to know you
potentially had a son? His aunt brought him
to my house, and said he was my baby
but I didn’t believe her, because I had heard
nothing from the mom, knew nothing
about her being pregnant. So I just thought…
I just thought she was
messing with me. So, Ms. Bradley, you of course remember
having a relationship
with Mr. Tessiner? Yes. And he says he knew
nothing about you being
pregnant or anything. What happened during
the time when you found out
you were pregnant? I had, you know, thought
I had told Mr. Tessiner that I was pregnant. I’m not sure on that. JUDGE LAKE: So,
what he’s saying may be true? Right. You may not have
even told him. Right, and when
I had my son, I didn’t put anybody down
on the birth certificate
as the dad. I wasn’t, you know, sure. I thought it was my boyfriend
I was dating at that time. I hadn’t seen
Mr. Tessiner
in a long time. So I didn’t put anybody down,
and the nurses say, “Well, you’re gonna
have to put somebody down
as his dad.” And I say,
“Well, I think it’s…” BRADLEY: Excuse me.
Excuse me. My ex-boyfriend. Excuse me. Nah, there ain’t
no nurse can tell you to put nobody
on the birth certificate. It should have been
left blank. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) It should have been
left blank. The birth certificate was… Can’t nobody
make you put no name
on no birth certificate. No, there shouldn’t have been
nobody put on that
birth certificate. Until there was
a paternity test done. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And that makes you angry, that you’ve lived through
this type of confusion? She is lying. Yeah, ’cause she
lets that man to go to jail
for child support. She’s lying. And the name
was printed on. She put the other
man’s name on… The man’s name was printed. JUDGE LAKE:
All right, gentleman,
just one at a time. I want to understand you
but one at a time. Go ahead. The name on the
birth certificate was printed,
it was not signed. He did not sign that
birth certificate. So there is another man
on the birth certificate. He was paying child support. Went to jail. JUDGE LAKE: Went to jail for failure to pay
the child support. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And your frustration is,
you believe, all the while… She knew who my dad was. Did anybody bring
this birth certificate
with the name printed? MAN: Yeah. BRADLEY: And I’ve
watched the gentleman
in question sign papers. He knows how to
sign his name. So this is another
man other than you? How can another man
be signing the birth
certificate by a court order? If you look in the
right-hand corner, it says,
“By court order”. Unless DNA was done then. So, Ms. Bradley,
let me ask you. Why did this other man sign
the birth certificate? The court ordered someone
on the birth certificate, and at that time
I told the courts that I felt like my boyfriend
then, was his father. Without ever having
a paternity test? I think the other man
had a paternity test
that was totally legal. JUDGE LAKE: Did you believe,
when you provided that name,
he was the biological father? Or you knew? At that time, yes. Because Mr. Bradley
was dark skinned
when he was born. And then his facial
features started to change. And he looked more and more
like Mr. Tessiner. So literally as your son
is growing, and getting older, you’re watching
features change, and you’re watching this
young man begin to look
like another man? ANITA: Yes, ma’am. All the while,
the other man is paying child support, and even going to jail
for failure to pay it. Yes. TESSINER: I think he looks
like the other man, and I heard
that the other man took a DNA test
before he started
paying child support. Have Littlun and the police
break your legs up. Look here,
see how white I am? Look how white I am. Pull your pants up,
Littlun… Mr. Bradley. So you’re saying
it’s his skin tone. TESSINER: His skin color. BRADLEY: I work… He’s darker than me. So you’re saying
the other man took
a paternity test. TESSINER:
That’s what I heard. He was confirmed
to be the father. That’s what I heard. And that’s why he was
responsible for child support. That’s what I heard. Why did she go after
that man for child support
in 1984? And he’s a roofer,
and roofers only work
part of the time. I’m in the military
in 1984. If I’m the dad,
why didn’t she go
after me then? I paid child support
on my other kids. So you’re saying this whole
thing has been masterminded? I think she just changes it to
whoever is doing better, that’s who she
tells him his daddy is. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) That’s what I believe. And this makes you angry
because potentially you
missed out on… If he is my son,
I missed out on lot, didn’t I? And if he ain’t,
look at what he’s been
put through over. Exactly. Thank you. All because of lies. ‘Cause every time
she talks, she’s lying. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
so, Mr. Bradley, tell me about your
relationship with
the other man. I talked to that other man,
and I asked him myself
point blank, I said, “Was there
a DNA test done?” He said, “No”. And when I was 18,
I made her go
pick him up and I told him in the car that I was not his son, that I have met
James and told him how much we looked alike,
how much we act alike. JUDGE LAKE: Did the other man
ever have doubts that you were his
biological child? BRADLEY: Yes, he did. His sister told him,
“If he’s your son”, she said, “then I’ve got
oceanfront property
in Texas.” She said, “When you all
started dating, Anita was
already pregnant with me”. So she told you
point blank. Point blank. She said,
“I told you so”. Because I seen her
later on at my
great grandmother’s funeral, or the one I thought
was my great grandmother. JUDGE LAKE: So you meet
Mr. Tessiner, and you feel like you look
at his face, and you see
your face? Exactly. JUDGE LAKE:
Well, Mr. Tessiner, you say you do not
see any resemblance. TESSINER: I don’t think he
looks that much like me.
He is darker than me. A lot darker.
He has got straight hair. Before I went to military,
my hair was long. It was almost like a afro.
Out here like this. His hair’s straight
as a stick. The other guy is half
Cherokee Indian. His mom… So you feel like
this other person… I believe DNA
was done already. So you just convinced that
a DNA test was done even though
the man says it wasn’t? I ain’t heard the man
say it wasn’t. Did you hear the man say? How am gonna believe him? ‘Cause he’s just
like his momma, they both lie. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Really?
How do you know this? I been around him a good bit,
I helped him get a house. Why did you help him
get a house if you didn’t
believe he was your son? Well, I mean,
he’s coming around,
calling me daddy. He needed a house,
he had kids. And I was working
for a lady that flips houses. So I talked to her,
into letting him
have a house until he gets his income tax
without putting
a down payment down. What’d he do?
He let it go.
Quit his job. Lost his house.
It never worked much. It should’ve been left blank. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Like I said, we only slept
together once, if we slept… And I remember pulling over
on the side of the road
to make out, but I honestly do not
remember having sex. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) I had sex with her sister
before I did her. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And I remember that. I remember that. And if I could remember that,
why can’t I remember her? Oh, Ms. Bradley… Do you remember
having sex with him? I remember
having sex with him. JUDGE LAKE:
Did you use protection? No. TESSINER: She was pregnant. (EXHALES LOUDLY) (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So Mr. Bradley,
everybody’s talking, telling their side
of the story, what they think happened,
why they think it happened
this way, and yet I don’t feel like
either one of these two people
are processing what you went through
as a child. Because neither one
really give a damn. I’ve tried to be there,
I’ve tried to be. If I didn’t give a damn… Not even thinking he’s mine
I helped him get a house. I went and fixed
his girlfriend’s cars,
his cars. I’ve done a lot for him. Even with doubt
that he is mine. He’s right. I mean, she
has lied to me a lot,
growing up… He did help me get the house. I just want the results. That way he knows the truth, and that way I can move on
with my life. Do you have doubt? No, I don’t have no doubt. So, Mr. Tessiner,
you say you 100% certain he is not your
biological child? Yes, Your Honor. If I knew he was mine,
I’d be there on my word,
but… She never even told me
she was pregnant.
I mean, why not? You admit
you didn’t tell him? I admit to that, yes. I thought that my boyfriend
that I was dating at the time
was his dad, because of the dark skin. No, you was
pregnant with me
when you got with him. And the reason I didn’t
tell Mr. Tessiner,
I didn’t bother him, is because he had gotten
into some trouble
and he left town. I didn’t look for him. That’s a lie
because the trouble… He was born
in ’81, right? That trouble didn’t happen
till April ’82. I was then under
the assumption that
my boyfriend at that time was my son’s father. But as he grew older,
his features started changing. And I could see
more of Mr. Tessiner. JUDGE LAKE: But when you
got pregnant you had
slept with more than one man during the window of
conception, you admit to that? You knew that? Yeah. Yes. So how could you know
which man was his biological father? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I didn’t. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: So, the truth is
is you didn’t know. No, I didn’t know. BRADLEY: Precisely.
So why did somebody get put on my
birth certificate? That’s my question.
Why was anybody put
on my birth certificate? I don’t care what DSS said. I don’t care if
it’s the Pope. You shouldn’t have put
nobody on my damn
birth certificate. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) TESSINER: I asked
Ms. Bradley to split
the price of DNA. He was standing
right beside of me
when I asked her, ’cause I got the phone
from him and asked her. “If y’all want DNA done,
y’all get it done.” (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now, what I want
to understand is, at a certain time
you began to feel like your son started looking
like Mr. Tessiner? ANITA: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And you say
you began to see his
features change? ANITA: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: At that point,
did you approach the other man that was paying
child support and say, “I think we need to do
some DNA testing, “or I think we
need to go to the court, “’cause you are responsible
for this child support,
and I don’t think it’s right?” I went and talked with him, and I went to court, and I had his
child support stopped. I asked the judge what I
needed to do to have
the child support stopped. The judge told us
to walk out of
the courtroom that day, and go down to
Clayton County and have the
child support stopped, which we did. And I told him,
“You are not Li’s
biological father”. Then, why would
somebody else… ANITA: And if
I ever owe you anything
for his child support, I’d be glad
to pay that back. Why would somebody else
be paying if he’s mine? I mean, Mr. Tessiner, you have
to understand the reason
why he was paying. He had to pay
by the court, or he’d go to jail,
which he did do
at some point. BRADLEY: And that’s
what made me mad
about the whole thing was, me seeing him in jail. You can’t give a man
his freedom back. You can’t give him
that time lost back. Or the times that he spent
paying all that money
buying me school clothes. When he should’ve been
living his own life. I mean, it’s not fair to him.
It’s not fair to me. I didn’t get to know
my great grandmother. I didn’t get to know
my great grandpa. I didn’t get to know
none of these people. I would have been there
if I knew the truth. I paid child support
to my other two kids
until they was 18. I’m raising two of
my grandkids right now. So, Mr. Bradley, you say that if it’s determined that
Mr. Tessiner is your
biological father, you would like to
have his name. Yeah, me and his sister
have a close relationship. I support that. I mean, me and him
have had a relationship. It’s just, he has that doubt,
and I don’t judge him
for having that doubt. Because he’s been told
so many stories. TESSINER: With all
the lies we’ve been told. I’ve been told
so many stories. And it’s all because of people
worrying about how
am I gonna look. The truth’s the truth.
Put it point blank
on the table. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Well, I think it’s time
we all learned the truth. TESSINER: Yes, Your Honor.
I do too. Jerome? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Bradley, you claim Mr. Tessiner is your
biological father. BRADLEY: Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Tessiner, you disagree. You do not think
you’re the biological father. I’ve got doubts. I’ve been
told so many things so… You’ve accused everybody
of lying but the DNA never lies. TESSINER: That’s right,
that’s what I told him. So here are the results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Bradley v. Tessiner
pertaining to whether
Mr. James Tessiner is the biological father
of Littlun Bradley. It has been determined that… Mr. Tessiner, you… In the case of
Bradley v. Tessiner
pertaining to whether
Mr. James Tessiner is the biological father of
Littlun Bradley. It has been determined that, Mr. Tessiner, you are his father. Now we know. And I know you said you feel
like you missed out on a lot. I know I did. But at least everything’s
on the square now. JUDGE LAKE: How do you
feel, Mr. Bradley? I already knew. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) JUDGE LAKE: You knew it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) MAN: Whoo! JUDGE LAKE: So… You have requested clerical fees
in the amount of $50, should Mr. Tessiner
be determined to be
your biological father. Now I will say this.
You’re 32 years old. Statute of Limitation
has long since run out. But, Dad, your son would like
to have your name. That’s cool. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) I technically cannot
award him that amount, but I was wondering, if you as his father
would help him. We can get it done. I’m happy for you. And you know your dad now. And you all
enjoy one another and make up
for that lost time. I wish you all
the best of luck.
Court is adjourned. BRADLEY: Thank you,
Your Honor. I’m glad that it’s done
and over with.
And he knows now. We needed some healing. He needed to know his dad,
he’d missed out on a lot. I’m sorry.
Surely, I should’ve told you. But it’s better late
than never. At least I know now but it’s been probably
12 years since I seen her, and it won’t hurt
my feelings if it’s
another 12 before I see her.


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