Man Could Go To Jail If He Is The Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Adams v. Williams.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Miss Adams, you say
you’re here today regarding a matter
of extreme urgency. Yes. Now, your son,
Mr. Adams is joining us via satellite from
Flint, Michigan because he’s been prohibited
by law enforcement from leaving
your home state. You claim he’s on the verge
of being arrested for back
child support and you’re both with us today
to prove he’s not the father of the defendant’s
three-year-old son in an effort to keep
him out of jail. Yes, Your Honor. Now, Miss Williams, you say Mr. Adams
is indeed your baby’s biological
father and you argue his legal issues
are his own fault because he never stepped
up for his son. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Adams is joining us
from WBSF 46 CW
in Flint, Michigan and we’ll hear
from you in a
moment, sir. So, Miss Adams,
please tell
the court why things have
gotten to this dire point for both
you and your son. Your Honor, my son
is now facing jail because of
this situation. This very moment,
you’re concerned that
he could be arrested for failure to pay
child support… MISS ADAMS: Yes. …for a child
that both of you
have doubts is even his child. True, Your Honor. Mr. Adams…Yes, Your Honor,
I can hear you.
All right, so,
enlighten me
on this situation. You were in
a relationship
with Miss Williams.Uh, no, I really
wouldn’t call it
a relationship.
You know, I met her
at a house party.
She tried to have
sex with me on
the first date,
so that was the judge
of character
right there.
weren’t in a
committed relationship? MR. ADAMS:
No, Your Honor.
So, Miss Williams,
when you met Mr. Adams, did you intend
this to be a
committed relationship? I mean, no. We was…
We was young
at that time we hooked up on and off
and you know,
it just wasn’t… So, it was just
an on and off thing. It was just
an on and off thing. So, if it wasn’t committed
during that time, were you also sleeping
with other men as well? Yes, ma’am, I was. JUDGE LAKE: Without
using protection? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right, so,
the doubts that Mr. Adams and his mother have,
they are valid doubts. It’s a possibility.
I never, you know, said,
“Oh, you are the father” or “You’re gonna take
care of this baby” or
nothing like that. And yet, he’s sitting now
in Flint, Michigannervous that he could
be arrested at any point
for child supportfor a child everybody agrees
may or may not be his. I asked him twice
to get the DNA test. Mmm-hmm. He said, “I’m hungover.”
He was giving me
excuses basically. So I took it upon myself
to get help with the DNA test. It wasn’t for
no money at all. I said I’ll pay for
DNA test myself. You ain’t gonna come
out of pocket. That part is not
my fault. But that… So take me back.
I need to understand these details. WILLIAMS: Mmm-hmm. You tell him
you’re pregnant. Yes. What happens? Me and my ex were still
trying to make things work and we were still
messing around. You know, me and my
ex both felt like, “Oh, you’re…
You’re the father”
or whatever. So we just went through
that whole year
I was pregnant. I didn’t mention him
about the baby until I found out
it wasn’t my ex. So, when you
got pregnant, you
didn’t even include Mr. Adams
in this equation. No, I didn’t. You thought it
was your ex’s. Yes, yes, I did. And your ex said,
“Well, it’s mine too” and you all went
through this
whole process but then,
you had a test. Yes. It was not your
ex’s, so
immediately then, you said it
was Mr. Adams’. Yes. I located him
and I told him,
“It’s a possibility “that you may be
the father of John.” Okay. But you said,
“I don’t want
child support.“I don’t want
any of this,”
but it got to the point
where you needed
help and so you
went to the state. Yes. And then, during
that time, you had
to name who the potential
father could be… Yes. …and you gave the
state his name. Yes, I did. AUDIENCE: Oh! And then, he was
ordered to go
to court. Yes, he was. Mr. Adams,
did you go to court?Uh, no, Your Honor,only due to the fact
that I was incarcerated,
so, I didn’t receive
any court subpoenas,
anything, Your Honor.
I was incarcerated.
So, you didn’t
show up that day and you were deemed
the father by default. Miss Adams? Yes. Tell me how you
heard about all this. Uh, my daughter was
kind of close to her.
They work together and I overheard
a conversation
on the phone. I guess they were supposed
to meet or whatever and she must have met up
with some guys… WILLIAMS: That’s a lie. But the other conversation
came about, in my very own living room while I was
in the kitchen. And she and my daughter
was talking and the question
came up again… Was my son the father
of the child?And she said, “No.”WILLIAMS:That’s a lie.MISS ADAMS:Actually…JUDGE LAKE:So, you heard
her saying “no.”
MISS ADAMS:Yes, she said
“no” in my living room
and she’s over there
talking about it’s a lie and she was in my very
own living room when she said it.
She and my daughter… I would’ve never
came to your son. Possibility is
a possibility. I never said “no”
and I never said
he was the father. You said “no.”
Another situation… We was in
a department store, and I seen her,
she was with a guy, she was around
nine months pregnant, and I asked her
to, um, sit down and talk to me for a minute. She said, “I’m positive
that that’s not your
son’s child.” That’s a lie. JUDGE LAKE: Did you tell
her that, Miss Williams? No, that’s a lie.
She never seen me when I was pregnant. Yes, I did. So, you don’t remember
this happening? Matter of fact,
I’ll take that back. I wasn’t nine months
pregnant, I was still
in the middle of the pregnancy and that’s when I told you
of when I was with my ex and I thought it was
my ex at the time ’cause I was still
messing with my ex. That’s what the agreement
was between me and my ex
at the time. So, you said it’s not his. Yes. But you understand
why this could then, make her doubtful. Yes, I do. And she letting
everybody babysit while she go to
the strip club ain’t doing her
no good. Again. ‘Cause I babysitted
the child and she didn’t come
get him for two days. WILLIAMS: First off… JUDGE LAKE: Listen. Really? MISS ADAMS: Really. First off, when I was dancing,
the only person that ever watched my kid
when I was dancing
was my mom most of the time. You’re lying ’cause you said your
mother didn’t like you… A lot of the time. A lot… …and wouldn’t watch
the child. I was staying with
my mom at that time. My mom would watch
my son while I go to work. So, now what are you
doing for yourself? Right now I work
in Memorial Hermann
in Houston, Texas. JUDGE LAKE: So you have
a job. Yes, I have a job. And you’re trying
to better yourself. WILLIAMS: Trying to
better myself, yes. And get your life
together for your child. Yes, I am. That’s what I wanna hear. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)And, Mr. Adams,
was it your understanding
that you may be the father
or that you were the father?Well, Your Honor,
after she had
her ex-boyfriend tested,she basically was trying
to come at me
like I was the father.That’s a lie. I said “a possibility.”She said it was
a strong possibility.
JUDGE LAKE: You didn’t
believe that?No, Your Honor.Why?Because, first off,
she had already told me
that the baby wasn’t mine.Then she named the baby
after her ex-boyfriend.
Right, but, Mr. Adams,
you hear her testimony. She said she told you
it wasn’t yours because even though
it was a possibility, she and her boyfriend
had decided they were gonna work it out between
the two of them but then she had the
boyfriend tested and the baby wasn’t his. So, do you understand
why she didn’t come to you or you feel like there’s
other people in the picture
as well?Well, actually, Your Honor,
I do feel like there was
other people as well.What evidence do you
have to suggest that?My mother told me
that she talked
to Miss Williams
and that Miss Williams
stated that she had
some other guys
tested as well.
I had tested. It
wasn’t no other guys. It was just one. So, Mr. Adams,
Miss Williams is claiming that she asked you to take
a DNA test.Yes, that’s correct,
Your Honor, she did.
Why didn’t you take it? His excuse was he had
a hangover, he couldn’t get up.
He was basically
being lazy. No, my son was
in jail. My son
was in jail. No, this was before
he had got locked up. I asked him twice. No, he was in jail ’cause I had the paper sent. This was before the lock up. I had the paper sent
to jail to have
the DNA testing.The one time that
I couldn’t go…
I was hungover.
I’m not gonna lie,
you know.
It wasn’t being lazy
or nothing. I really
was hungover.
But, all the other times
that we scheduled dates,
she was not present.
Nowhere to be found.
Probably off partying
or anything, Your Honor.
But I don’t know how
you lay up in the bed talking about
you hungover. When you have
a paternity issue at stake, and then you ultimately
end up being on the hook for child support
for a child that may
or may not be your biological child
because you couldn’t get up and show up
for a paternity test. Mr. Adams, how did you
even find out that you were deemed
to be the father,
by default? And you’d already
been placed on child support. How did you find this out?At the beginning
of this year,
I started receiving
telling me that I had
to make payments
of $99 per monthfor a child that I haven’t
even been tested for yet.
MISS ADAMS: She the one
who made the claims. They said she were
in default. She never appeared
and she left town. I’m not about to keep going through this with you.
I told you… I have papers right here,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Show me
the paperwork. WILLIAMS: Why wouldn’t
I wanna show up to my own DNA test
to get my son tested? Why wouldn’t I?
If I knew about it,
I would’ve showed up. So now, the total arrears
are over $1,000. Over 2,000 now. So this situation just keeps escalating
and escalating. Mr. Adams, you claim you already spent
time in jailfor failure to pay support.Yes, Your Honor.What happened?Basically, I was walking
to the store to get
some cigarettes,
police just ran our names…
Now, I didn’t even know
I had a warrant.So I gave them
my name proudly.
You know, I’m Lassidere Adams.
You know, I ain’t think
I had no warrant.
Come to find out.
He come back to me,
like, “Oh, Mr. Adams,
you got a warrant
for child support.”
I’m like, “What?”
And next thing you know,
he put me in the back
of the car in handcuffs.
JUDGE LAKE: And how much
time did you serve for this? MR. ADAMS:Like, 10 days.And so, all this
is going on because you didn’t
make it to a DNA test ’cause you were hungover? Yes. You know… If he just would’ve got up
and got the DNA test when I asked,
then we wouldn’t even
be going through this. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) If she would’ve known
who the father of her child was,
from jump having all that sex
with all them guys. Okay, I made a mistake. Yes, I did and I’m
gonna own up to it. Unprotected, including my son. Yes, I did. You wouldn’t be
going through this. It’s a possibility.
I had sex with
your son, not you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) MISS ADAMS: It don’t matter. If that child
is the child of my son, it would be my grandson. And I haven’t communicated
with the child. Right. So, don’t come at me like I don’t know my mistakes.
I know my mistakes and I own up. You don’t know
your mistakes. WILLIAMS: I was young,
but I’m grown up. I was a single mother. I… I have three jobs. Okay, and I’m
a single mother. And I’m a single mother.
I’m a single mother. I didn’t stop stripping to get no ADC. I sure did shake my butt,
yes, I did. I had three jobs
and didn’t ask for nothing
from his father. And I took care of my son
at the end of the day. Okay, ladies… That’s all. I’m worried
about my kid. Ladies… I took care of my kid. JUDGE LAKE: Ladies,
I know… And I took care of mine with or without your son. I know this is emotional, but I think that
Miss Williams has
admitted that she knows she made some
pretty huge mistakes. And, Miss Adams,
I don’t think you can
make her feel any worse than she feels
about herself. You stand in court,
and don’t know who
your child’s father is, already had
one man tested, asked the next man
to get tested but he’s too hungover
to show up. Now, you got
a child support case
where, look. If he’s sitting up there
going to jail, over a child that’s not
even his, potentially, that’s his fault
’cause he didn’t show, but that’s not making her
feel any better because
the truth is, she’s trying to figure out
who her child’s father is. Not just for her. Not just for support,
but I’m sure these tears…
This is about your child. Am I correct? This is about my kid.
I don’t care about
how anybody feel. I just want
to get this over with. I don’t like when people
try to make me feel
bad about my mistakes, or whatever.
So what, I did it. But I still was trying
to take care of business
at the end of the day. It’s about my son.
Miss Williams, as you look
at little John,do you see Mr. Adams?WILLIAMS:Just a little bit.
But I mean, looks…
Like I said,
it’s a possibility.
Looks don’t mean
something, sometimes.
So, Miss Williams,
you submitted a picture of your child, baby John
and Mr. Adams about the same age. Do you see a resemblance? MISS ADAMS: No. I can’t see it, Your Honor.
To me, he favors his mother. Do you see it at all,
Miss Williams? Like I said, looks don’t
mean anything. Sometimes they do,
sometimes they don’t. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) We definitely have seen
that in this courtroom. That’s most certainly true. What part of Mr. Williams
do you see?The head.
Sometimes the facial
expressions my son make…
WILLIAMS: I don’t know.
Maybe… Mr. Adams, when you look at baby John,
do you see yourself?I mean, honestly,
no, Your Honor,
’cause, you know,
I spent time… I spent
time around this child.
You know,
I think I would feel…
If he was really my son,
you know, I think
we’d have had that bond,
that connection.
You know, I just really
ain’t feel that, no.
JUDGE LAKE:You felt nothing?MR. ADAMS:Honestly, no.So, if you are
baby John’s
biological father, you understand that
you are responsible
for this support. This is your
responsibility.Yes, Your Honor,
I understand,
but see, everybody trying
to make me out
to be the bad guy
just ’cause I was hungover
one time and missed
the DNA test.
JUDGE LAKE: I’m not trying
to make you the bad guy. Didn’t even hear
Miss Williams try to make
you a bad guy. What you are is in a bad situation
because of bad decisions. JUDGE LAKE: And… What I want you to learn
from this lesson is, when the court calls,
you got to answer.And let me really
keep it real.
Because of your
irresponsibility, you’ve
created a situation
where you might
go to jail,
if this child turns
out to be yours.
Jerome, I think we’re ready
for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. “In the case of
Adams v. Williams,
“pertaining to whether
Mr. Adams is the father “of three-year-old,
John Jones, “it has been determined
that Mr. Adams…” “In the case of
Adams v. Williams,
“pertaining to whether
Mr. Adams is the father “of three-year-old,
John Jones, “it has been determined “that Mr. Adams “is not the father.”Ha! Take me off
child support, baby.
Mr. Adams, you done come
to the wrong
courtroom clowning. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)This is not a joke!It’s nothing to dance about,
it’s nothing to laugh about. Your future was on
the line because of
your bad decisions. Now, you should be
ashamed of yourself. Not sit around dancing. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) What I wanna see
you do is understand that you
don’t play with the law
on any level.You’re a young man
and you can have
a very bright future
if you choose to.Miss Adams? MISS ADAMS: Yes? I know this has been
difficult and you’ve been
worried about your child, so now you have at least
this piece of information that you can take back
to your home state and hopefully
approach the court
system there and begin to work
things through and help your son and I’m hoping that
this lesson that he’s learning here
will help him in his future. To, as I said,
to make better choices. Yes. And most importantly,
to show up when the court calls. Now, with that said,
court is adjourned. Miss Williams, let me
see you for a minute. What you had to
stand up here and say wasn’t the best
information that a woman wants to
give about herself. You’re not the only girl
in the world that’s
made some mistakes, but the truth is,
you gotta put
yourself aside and your emotions aside
and think about your child. All right? Okay. And we’ll be rooting
for you and him.

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