Man Claims Woman’s Sugar Daddy Is the Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Nickels v. Young.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Nickels, you’ve dragged
the defendant, Mr. Young, to court today
because you say he denies he’s the father of your 13-month-old
daughter Sanee. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You say it’s time
for him to step up
and take responsibility. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Young, you say
you refuse to accept Sanee because you claim that
Ms. Nickels
was already pregnant when you began
your relationship. And you refuse
to allow her to trap you with other man’s baby. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Young,
so why do you believe she’s trying to pin
a child on you? Well, she’s, doesn’t like
the fact that I have moved on and I have a new relationship, and she’s all about
getting money out of me. She knows that
I was treating her good. She’s been lying since
the first time I met her. Just making
my life miserable. Have you been making his life
miserable, Ms. Nickels? NICKELS: No, Your Honor,
I have not. He started denying
my daughter before his new relationship. He actually started
denying her when I moved out of his house
because he was cheating. JUDGE LAKE: Really? I’ve known Mr. Young
for 19 years. We met when we were
15 years old. And when I met him again
on Facebook, you know, we automatically
moved in together, you know… That’s a lie.
We didn’t automatic move in. She hit me up on Facebook it’s all because she’d been
trying to find me, and she really
wanted to see me, and as soon she came over
she was telling the same thing she was when I first met her. Trying to get back into bed
when we were… Like always. Wow. So there was no instant
connection like she said,
Mr. Young? I mean, no, there was no
instant connection like that. I mean, I was getting out
of a relationship, Your Honor… and then she hit me up,
like, “Hey, I wanna come over. “I ain’t seen you
in a long time.” “Can we hang out?” So we hanged out
and then… Your Honor,
I was living with a roommate that was moving to Georgia. And I didn’t know where I was
gonna go, so Mr. Young… I didn’t know a sugar daddy
could be a roommate Mr. Young
and his family member that he was living with
at that time said, “Well, Tasha, come on,
stay with us.” From October 13th
until October 15th we lived together. One year. An entire year? An entire year. And during that time
you all were having a sexual relationship as well? Only that. Yes. You said, “Only that.” Yeah. ‘Cause there was nothing more.
That’s all she wanted to do. You know, there’s plenty of
statuses on my Facebook were us together. He even had a changed
relationship status. Facebook? So, where we were
in a relationship. JUDGE LAKE: Really? Yes, ma’am. He told me that he loved the
first night that I was there. That’s why I never left. That’s a lie.
That’s a lie. She would… She had
nowhere to go ’cause she was been evicted and the guy she was
staying with at that time was her sugar daddy… I was not. No, was not
my sugar daddy and I was not
being evicted, I could not afford
that apartment by myself. She was telling this man
that I was her cousin. And I was not homeless ’cause
I have family members… She was telling this
sugar daddy man that I was… One at a time. She was telling this man
that she was living with, that I was her cousin. He would be bringing… Yes, I did. Well, he was bringing her over
to my house or drop her off and she telling me that
he’s just a friend
of the family. Come to find out,
he was the man that she
was sleeping with. No, Your Honor. Okay. Wait a minute. Who is this man? He’s a friend of mine. JUDGE LAKE: Do you
have sex with him? No, I do not. JUDGE LAKE: How old is he? 73. JUDGE LAKE: 73. Whoa! And he calls him
your sugar daddy, what does he do for you? Any and everything
I ask him to. Hmm. Right. Exactly. And… And, Your Honor,
since he wants to go there, he had no problem
with this man, when we were hungry
and I’d call him and he’d bring us
something to eat. You know, anything I’d call
and ask this man for, he would come. If I need a ride to work
’cause he couldn’t take me… He couldn’t provide me
with no bus money or anything. Hold on. So you
got a little sugar from the sugar daddy, too? NICKELS: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (CHUCKLES) Mr. Young, do you believe this sugar daddy
is Sanee’s father? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Is that what you’re
asserting today in court? Because
she’s the same color as him
and she looks like him. JUDGE LAKE:And so you asked
the court to order
a lie detector test
to determine if Ms. Nickels had slept with this
particular man. Yes, she told me
she had, Your Honor. She told me she used to… No, I didn’t. She told me she used to
sleep with him before she cut it off. NICKELS: No, I did not. That’s what she told me. ‘Cause there ain’t no man
going to be giving her no money without him not
get nothing in return. She said, “Oh, he’s just
a friend of the family.” I told him we had sexual
contact, never intercourse. “Sexual contact.”
What’s sexual contact? Never intercourse. What’s sexual contact? You don’t know the difference between sexual
contact and intercourse? That means
you sleeping with him. And she also had another
young fellow before that that she was messing with
before I got with her, too. So what it was…
It was before you. And you were still
messing with him until now. How was I messing
with him when
he was incarcerated? Still, his own momma said
you… He was incarcerated… Unless they give
conjugal visits without us being married then that’s the only reason that I could be
sleeping with this man. So you believe that’s why you’re not Sanee’s
biological father because she was intimate
with other people? Yes, ma’am.
Yes, Your Honor. But you told him, Ms. Nickels, you never
had intercourse with… Yes. JUDGE LAKE: …that, that man. And what about the other guy, were you sleeping
with him too? No, I had broke up
with that man two years before
he came along. She said she broke up
in a relation, don’t you… Don’t you
mess around with people? But I was… I was
broke up with him before I started messing
with you, Shawn. He was in jail. The man was in jail. I have not heard
from this man. Oh, I heard from him
constantly on Facebook telling me not to
believe nothin’ you say ’cause you’re always
sleeping around and you ain’t never gonna stop
messing with your sugar daddy. He himself told me that.
And your family members. His momma told me. Okay. Okay. Well yeah, yeah, yeah,
so much talking about my sugar daddy,
I haven’t… I haven’t lied
to either one of them about this man, okay? Yes, you did lie. You lied to the sugar
daddy about me. You lied to me at first. Yeah, I lied to… I lied to him about you but I did not lie to Shawn
about him. You said you lied to the
sugar daddy about Mr. Young? NICKELS: Yes, I did. What did you say? I told him that
he was my cousin. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, okay. Yeah. right. If there wasn’t anything
romantic going on, why say… He would cut my funds off. See? About money.
All about money. JUDGE LAKE: Well, she ans… I mean, we asked her
a question, she answered it. I mean, if it’s the truth,
it’s the truth. And it’s just like
he sitting here trying to make me
like I’m… I’m just a… A whore or thot or something
and I’m neither. When you got pregnant,
Ms. Nickels, you told him? NICKELS: He told me
I was pregnant. Really? We were just sitting around
and he just kept looking at me and I’m like, you know
“What are you looking at?” He was like,
“Well, you’re pregnant.” I’m, like, “Yeah, right.” You know, I didn’t believe
I was pregnant. A couple of days later
I went to the doctor and I was pregnant. Did you believe it was
your child then, Mr. Young? At first I did, but then
when I started looking at the dates when
the baby was born the dates don’t add up. The baby was due in August, she had her at the end at May,
so how can that be my baby? JUDGE LAKE: Hold on, let me
see if I can understand this. Ms. Nickels, do you remember the night
you believe you conceived? I’d say around
the middle of November, around the 15th,
give or take. JUDGE LAKE:And if you
calculate this conception date
your due date
would be approximately
August 12th 2015.NICKELS:That was
my exact due date.
And when was Sanee born? NICKELS: May 28th. YOUNG: Right. JUDGE LAKE:May 28th.NICKELS:She was 11 weeks
early, Your Honor.
JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Young,
this leads you to believe this is not
your biological child? It really just doesn’t
add up to me. ‘Cause you… You… The baby was dark and… And…
All my kids have a cleft. All my kids have a cleft and none of my kids
are dark skin. NICKELS: Like I told him
it’s genes. YOUNG:As she’s getting oldershe’s starting to look
like her sugar daddy.
She’s starting to
look like the man.
JUDGE LAKE: All right. I have administereda lie detector test,
Mr. Young, because
you believe Ms. Nickels
is not telling you the truth.
So she submitted to
a lie detector test
and I have those results. Ron. Ma’am. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Nickels, you met with a licensed
polygraph examiner. When we asked you
if once you began a sexual relationship
with Shawn, did you have sexual
intercourse with anyone else, you said… JUDGE LAKE: Yes. Yes. Wow! JUDGE LAKE: And the lie
detector determined you were being truthful. Mr. Young… You seemed surprised by that. No, I don’t, I’m saying,
because I already knew that, I knew that
she was messing around ’cause I told you… He didn’t know. The guy, mother of the young
person she was messing with told me and friends
of her family told me. All right, now when asked
if you had sexual contact with the man you refer to
as your sugar daddy, you said no. And the lie detector test
determined you were being deceptive. We have had
sexual contact before, never intercourse and it was
not while I was with Shawn. So does this further fuel
your doubt, Mr. Young? Oh, I’m on fire right now. I’m on fire,
because I knew this. All I wanted her to do
was to tell me the truth. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, okay. Has the man that Mr. Young
refers to as the sugar daddy done anything for Sanee? He does everything for her. I wonder why? I can’t call you… You know why
you can’t call me? ‘Cause you constantly
cussing me out. Calling me B’s and F’s
and… Stop acting like one. And everything
you could think of… Stop acting like one. I’m not gonna sit there and
let nobody be disrespecting… I don’t disrespect you,
you shouldn’t disrespect me. If it’s all about the child
when you call me about
the baby, keep it as that. Right, it should be
like that. Well, then, you need
to stop texting me and telling me
how much you miss me. How much… How much you
wanna marry me, and… YOUNG: Don’t go there… NICKELS: Yeah, I went there. YOUNG: Yeah, I’m gonna
marry you? NICKELS: I went there. Wait a minute.
Now I thought this was over and
he had moved on. We… We did move on and
he came back into our lives in the middle of May and we started
having sex again. The last time was
just three weeks ago. Girl, please. He was just at my house
five days ago but we didn’t have sex
because I had company. Mr. Young, are you still
going over her house? No, I’m not going over
her house, Your Honor. If I were going to her house,
no, never. Your Honor, I have
a text message from him. Ron, let me see that. Yes, ma’am. Thank you. This text message says,
“I would love to marry you“if you could respect me“and stop talking
to me the way you do.
“If you did that you would
and could never lose me.”
JUDGE LAKE: The date is 6/13. June 13th at 2:28 p.m. This is a text from you. This woman right here is been
known to change stuff around. How can… YOUNG: That right there,
that don’t mean nothing. I could have said that
months ago. NICKELS: The date
is right there. So I don’t believe
nothing she say. Okay, so now
let’s get to it. So did you say this? Let’s take away the date
and the time. Did you say this? No, I did not. JUDGE LAKE: At some point? No.Go ahead and tell the truth.YOUNG:I’m telling
you the truth.
I did not write that to her
on that date.
JUDGE LAKE: Not on that date.
I’m just asking, did you write this to her?
Period. Do you remember those words? I write her a lot
of stuffs before when we used to be together. When we used to be together. That’s right. That’s right. He even texted
me last night at my hotel. JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry,
Ms. Nickels? NICKELS: He text me last night
and asked me was I okay and what
hotel I was at. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Young… That’s a lie. When was the last time
you were intimate with Ms. Nickels? Months ago. Like three-four months ago. June 9th. Months ago. All right, I’d like to hear
from your witness. Ma’am, please stand. State your name
for the court. Laquita Strode. Ms. Strode, you are
Mr. Young’s… Girlfriend. Girlfriend. New girlfriend. Yes, ma’am. Do you believe Sanee is
his biological daughter? Actually, Your Honor,
all of the family is stating, “Oh, that’s not your baby.
That’s not your baby.” But I’m the only
out of everybody that’s given her the benefit
of the doubt in saying, “This
maybe your child.” JUDGE LAKE: Why do
you feel that way? STRODE: ‘Cause to me
some of her features
do resemble Shawn. And if there’s a chance
that this baby could be his, he needs to know, and just not listen to
what everybody else says because I’m not the one…
I’m not here to bash anybody, I’m just trying to
get the truth just like everybody else. JUDGE LAKE: She’s asserted
that he’s still trying to have a romantic relationship
with her. And if that’s the situation,
he can have her. I will say this,
Ms. Strode, because you speak
so eloquently. But from what
I witnessed today, your boyfriend
is still right along with it. That’s why I said what I said. I mean, he is right in the
thick of it with Ms. Nickels. JUDGE LAKE: They
don’t miss a beat. STRODE: Absolutely. JUDGE LAKE: And when he talks
about this sugar daddy, his body language,
he just gets enraged. Absolutely. YOUNG: Your Honor,
I’m not a bad person. I even offered for…
Try to get a DNA test when the baby
was first born. NICKELS: No, you didn’t! ‘Cause they could’ve… They
would’ve did it in a hospital and I would have been
glad to. She was upset because
she just had the baby and she was all upset… Shawn, you never mentioned
that in the hospital. Well, then, why did you
sign the birth certificate? YOUNG: I don’t recall signing
no birth certificate,
Your Honor. Boy, are you crazy? His name is on there. JUDGE LAKE: Let me see if
I have it in the court file. NICKELS:Look at there.YOUNG:I ain’t write that.JUDGE LAKE:Sanee
Annmarie Young.
Father’s name
Shawn Dale Young Sr.
That’s you? YOUNG: That’s me. They wouldn’t put it on there
if you didn’t sign it. They put it on it
because she told them. They would not
put your name on there if you did not sign it,
Mr. Young. Ms. Nickels. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So you say you didn’t sign
this birth certificate? YOUNG: I don’t recall
signing nothing, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And do you
remember him participating in this part of the process,
Ms. Nickels? Yes, ma’am. Did he go to the hospital? Yes, he was there. NICKELS:That’s him while
she was still in the hospital.
That’s a beautiful picture.
You don’t look like you have
doubt in that picture. Your Honor, her attitude
and the way she treats me is…is…is bogus. That’s why I wanna make sure that I’m taking care
of a child that’s mine. I think he’s a big coward that doesn’t want
anymore responsibility. I’m just not gonna take care
of a kid that’s not mine. JUDGE LAKE: Moving on. You all ready
for these results? ALL: Yes, ma’am. All right. JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows… JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Nickels v. Young…
When it comes to
13-month-old Sanee Young, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Young, you… …are her father. NICKELS: Surprise, surprise. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Look like you. I know. JUDGE LAKE: And I see tears
in your eyes because,
what are you feeling? Because, like, his dad
wasn’t in his life so he should know that
how I would feel how his mom felt… Break the cycle. JUDGE LAKE: Now we know this
is you biological daughter. YOUNG: Yes, ma’am.
That’s what I need… You can’t keep going
on the way you’re going. This little girl
is gonna grow up with all of this negative
energy surrounding her, and fighting and arguing
back and forth and she doesn’t deserve that. I want you all to start
talking about and figuring out how you do this together without ending up together. You know, I can tell
when somebody is done
with somebody. I am. Because… No, your body language,
your energy, everything about what
you’re doing does not… No. That’s not
what I’m talking about. Baby, I’ve practiced law
way too long and had too many people
on the stand, for you to think
you can stand here in this courtroom and tell
all these lies you done told, and I believe it? If you’re gonna co-parent
do that well. If you can’t be together
in a relationship, sexual or otherwise
without creating drama, cut it! I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL)

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