Man Claims He Cannot Father Children (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Cotton v Pendleton.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Cotton, you say
Mr. Pendleton’s meddling mother is the reason he’s denying
your 5-month-old daughter,
Love Cotton. You claim you are
100% positive
he’s the father, and plan to set
the record straight today. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Pendleton,
you are here today
with your mother and you both believe
that it’s impossible that you fathered
Ms. Cotton’s daughter, because you claim you are unable
to have children,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Cotton,
why do you believe
Mr. Pendleton’s mother is causing him
to doubt your daughter? First of all,
I just want to say his mother needs to
mind her business. At the end of the day,
Darren is a grown man. And I understand he’s
a mama’s boy or
however she treats him, ’cause that’s her child.
That’s fine and dandy. Your Honor. But he’s a grown man now
and he needs to stand up and take care
of his responsibilities. My daughter looks
exactly like him, and I really cannot figure out
how he denies her. Your Honor, she don’t
look nothing like me. She don’t got
none of my features. You know, my nose, my mouth,
my eyes, nothing. And in spite of that,
I’ve been in a relationship for 8 years prior to this. And I tried for six years
to have a baby and couldn’t,
so… Well, he thinks my daughter
looks like his father. So, what are you talking about? The child looks like you. AUDIENCE: Ooh… JUDGE LAKE: So, you say
he’s denying your baby. COTTON: Yes. And you say it’s his
mother, she’s meddling. COTTON: Yes. And she’s the one that is
putting this notion in his head that he is not Love’s
biological father. Yes. Well, she said she was with
another man at the same time. AUDIENCE: Ooh… JUDGE LAKE: Okay, we’re
going to get to that. First I want to understand
the relationship
between the two of you. What was the nature
of this relationship? Committed or what… We were together for a while
and then we separated, but
we were still having sex, so… So, how many years
were you together?
How long? PENDLETON: About 10 months. And then we separated
and then we were still
dealing with each other. But when she got pregnant,
she told me she was pregnant. And then, like, two weeks
later, she called me and said
it was a possibility you know, that the baby
might not be mine. So, if you call me
and tell me that, then how am I supposed to
believe you when you say
that the baby is 100% mine? I slept with
one person in April. Okay, so you slept
with somebody. PENDLETON: Right, but
how many times, though? Like, she told me
it was once, but… One time, in April. But how can I believe you… And we were not together. What I’m saying,
if you tell me that
you did it… At the end of the day,
I’m a grown woman. I can do whatever I want
with my body. So how are you 100% sure? JUDGE LAKE: But wait a minute,
if you slept… Hold on. If you slept with
somebody in April, the court records say
that your child was born
in December, right? COTTON: Yes. PENDLETON: Right. All right, so, December,
and you count back eight,
land at April, nine months. I carried her
38 weeks and 4 days. And so that means
that you believe
the timeline is off. From when you slept
with the other guy? Mmm-hmm. Yes. But you did have sex
with someone else. Was it protected
or unprotected? It was protected until
he took the condom off. JUDGE LAKE: And that
would be unprotected. But she’s 100% sure. So, how can you be
100% sure if the guy took the condom off,
you know what I’m saying? How can you be
100% sure Ms. Cotton? You can’t. I mean, that really is
the question of the day,
besides the paternity. PENDLETON: Because allegedly
she looks like me. But she’s a baby,
she ain’t got her
features yet, like… COTTON: How don’t she
have her features yet? PENDLETON: Don’t get me
wrong. She’s beautiful,
she’s gorgeous, but I can’t… You know, she a baby. Babies don’t
start developing… JUDGE LAKE: Oh,
she’s so precious. Thank you. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You just thanked me. You just thanked me like
that was your daughter. CHRISTINE: Your Honor. One, we’ll start with
the meddling that
she says I’m doing. The only thing I’ve done
is tell him, “Do not get attached to
this child until you find out
whether or not she’s yours.” I told him I didn’t want him
to bring the baby around me
for the same reason. COTTON: But I didn’t want
my baby around you, anyway. She has a whole family
that loves her. Unconditionally,
she don’t need you. But if she’s mine, she got a whole other family. I’ve been taking care
of my child, regardless of
what I go through. You don’t even know me. You don’t even know me. I knew you, though,
when you had your surgery, and you needed help
and I was helping you
and your son out. CHRISTINE: I was half dead
in the hospital. COTTON: And I was there
and I wasn’t even
his girlfriend. But y’all trying to make it
seem like I’m some type of
messed up person, like… We’re not saying,
I’m just saying, you’re saying that you’re
100% sure that she’s mine. And I have not been honest
about everything? JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. Hold on. I could’ve been like these
women that be out here
and does not say, “Oh, I slept with
somebody else,”or,
“I did something else.” I was always honest. So, at the end of the day,
don’t make it seem
like I was lying to you. So, be honest,
you’re not 100% sure. JUDGE LAKE: So, hold on. Yes, I know when I got
pregnant. I know my body. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Cotton,
when you got pregnant, did you immediately
tell Mr. Pendleton? Did you tell the other guy
you were sleeping with
during that time? What happened? I already thought
I was pregnant. And I told Darren, like,
my period was all off, that… Since March. So, I already thought
I was pregnant. But when I found out, and I actually took
the pregnancy test at home,
then I told him. Then when I went back
to the hospital and they gave me like,
you know, the eight weeks, I told him that as well,
and the way that… It was confusing how
they did with my ultrasound and they had my
due date all mixed up because of my missed period. PENDLETON: I’ve been confused
this whole time, like… So, I told him the truth. I don’t know what’s going on. JUDGE LAKE: But Ms. Cotton,
you’re saying that you
were even confused with your doctor’s appointment,
because your conception date
And the window got moved. And they were trying to
tell me that I wasn’t as far
as I knew I was. Like, they tried to make it
seem like I wasn’t,
you know, as far in my pregnancy, but I knew
I was farther than
what they were saying, so… JUDGE LAKE: So, you
basically knew more
than the doctors. It’s my body. JUDGE LAKE: Is this
your first baby? No, it’s not. Okay, so, first of all,
calm that neck down
when I’m asking you questions ’cause I’m trying to understand
what your point is, and your point
proves your case. So, bring it down a notch,
’cause I’m not Mr. Pendleton. His mother needs to
mind her business. Let’s just not displace
this anger, honey. I don’t have any anger,
’cause at the end of the day,
I take care of my daughter. So, you don’t have any anger? COTTON: I’m not angry… Okay, good. I’m glad. Because if you don’t have
any anger, then this is
gonna resolve itself. So, you realize and
you feel like, “You know what?
This doctor may be off. “I feel like I’m
further along than
what they say. “And if I am
the amount of weeks
I think I am, “Mr. Pendleton is my daughter’s
biological father,
without a doubt.” That’s what you
say to yourself. Mmm-hmm. Does the doctor ever verify
that the timeline that you
believe to be true, is true? Meaning, at some point,
does the ultrasound reflect
that you are further along… My due date was moved up, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So, your
due date was moved up. That’s the testimony
I was trying to get. So, now you’ve told
Mr. Pendleton that he is the biological
father, based upon
the due date, right? COTTON: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Did you
tell this other guy
that he was a possibility? He’s irrelevant. No, but did you tell him
he was a possibility? When I found out all the stuff
that was going on,
I was honest with him as well. Like… JUDGE LAKE: That’s my point. So, during that time
did the other guy try to step up? Did he try to
be involved in the pregnancy? There wasn’t no talking.
No, it wasn’t… JUDGE LAKE: So, you weren’t
even talking to this other guy? No. So, at that time was
Mr. Pendleton in your life, helping you along
with the pregnancy? He was in my life,
stringing me along. “Oh, if the baby yours,
we gonna be together.” He had a whole new girlfriend
that his mother just,
oh, fell in love with. Now, y’all best friends. Anytime I would say
something to him, it was,
“Oh, you’re being petty.” How am I being petty
when I’m carrying a baby
and all that I’m going through? I was in pain my entire
pregnancy, from the very
beginning to the very end. Now, it’s not even like that.
Through her whole pregnancy, if I didn’t do what she wanted,
she got mad and angry. Well, hold on, well… COTTON: He would pop up… So she called me one day,
wanted me to do something, I was like, “I can’t do it”
she’s like, “Well, I’m glad.
The baby’s not yours anyway.” This is in text messages on
Messenger and Facebook, like, she had my mom up,
telling her the same thing,
“The baby not yours, “I don’t want nothing,
from y’all. Leave me alone.” And then two weeks later,
or a couple of days,
she’ll hit me back, like, “Oh, the baby’s yours.” Now, make up your mind,
is it mine or not? So, Ms. Cotton,
were you doing
the back and forth because he was
making you angry? I told him
one time, yes, that
it probably wasn’t his, because he was
making me mad. Like I said, he had
a whole ‘nother girl. But you’re 100% sure. And you were really playing
games my entire pregnancy. I wasn’t playing games. How am I playing games? JUDGE LAKE: But you don’t… You still acting like,
if Love come back that
she’s yours, we’re going to be together.
Well, what about last night? I’m gonna be there with her. AUDIENCE: Oooh… Last night? What happened last night? What happened last night,
Mr. Pendleton? Ms. Cotton, I don’t know
what you talking about. Okay. You pleading the fifth? I ain’t pleading.
I don’t know what
she’s talking about. COTTON: Your mom do, too.
That’s why she mad. But, you know… Okay. Okay, well, listen… The point is, Your Honor,
she just wanted me
to be the father because she knows
I’m going to be
a great father. JUDGE LAKE: So,
in your court papers, you said it was impossible
for you to have children. PENDLETON: It is. I’ve never been tested for it,
but I’ve tried for
six years straight. But I got pregnant in October. October?
You just said March. Which one is it? I got pregnant in October
and had a miscarriage. Please don’t sit here and
try to play me like I didn’t
carry your baby the first time. I’ve been pregnant
by you twice. AUDIENCE: Ooh! This is what we’re
not gonna do. CHRISTINE: Well, how do we
know your miscarriage was his? Right. The whole paternity is
between me and him, but you’re subjecting
yourself into it. So, what are you saying? PENDLETON: I’m just saying… No, he asked me.
Thank you. COTTON: Mama’s boy. JUDGE LAKE: Listen,
listen, listen. You’ve never had a test? You’ve never had
any confirmation. PENDLETON: No. No. I’m only doubting this
because of what she told me. If she never told me
that she slept with
somebody else, then I would’ve been on board,
but because of that doubt, I can’t say,
“Yo, this my child.” So, Ms. Cotton? COTTON: Yes. You found out
you were pregnant.
He was, I guess, kind of there for you
during the pregnancy. BOTH: No. JUDGE LAKE: Not really? BOTH: No. JUDGE LAKE: At all? He would pop up, every three, four months
or whatever, you know,
like… JUDGE LAKE: Oh,
so no consistency? BOTH: No. Not at all. And so, when you had Love,
when you had the baby, was he there in the hospital? BOTH: No. And I called him and
was like, you know,
“I had the baby and…” He was like, “Well,
I’ll come up there and
we can get the DNA test.” And he never came. JUDGE LAKE: So, now
Love is five months old. What has Mr. Pendleton
done for her? Um, honestly… Spent a little bit of time,
like, he got her on a
couple of weekends, but I don’t really let him… CHRISTINE: A little
bit of time? Your Honor, I’d come
get her during the day, I’ve kept her over weekends,
I took her down to Philly. I don’t really like him getting
my daughter, but he has
got her a few times. PENDLETON: I take her,
and I have fun with her. JUDGE LAKE: Are you
supporting her financially? COTTON: No. No. PENDLETON: I do
what I can, when I can. It’s yes or no. It’s no. PENDLETON: All right.
Whatever. Not fully, but, come on… JUDGE LAKE: But Mr. Pendleton,
I have to say, in this photo that Ms. Cotton
submitted to the court, you look like a proud dad.
I mean, you look like,
“This is my baby.” PENDLETON: I wanna be,
but until I know, I’m not gonna spend
all this money
and she not mine. Your Honor,
she got a mouth on her. And when I don’t do
what she want, she starts going
belligerent and crazy. CHRISTINE: No filter. PENDLETON: No filter. So, if she mine,
from this point on, then I’m going to step up
and do what I got to do. But you’re not gonna
get me to do A, B and C ’cause you want me to do it
when you want. COTTON: But I don’t ask you
to do anything, do I? I asked you to spend time
with my child. And even then
we have a problem. That’s what I do.
I come do it all the time. And he has. But you’re the one
that’s telling him
not to be around her. No, she’s not. Yes, you are. She’s just telling me,
don’t look like a fool. But you were just buying
a whole pack of Grandmom bibs. Yes, I did. But you’re not
the Grandmom, right? We don’t know. I don’t know. That’s what we’re here for. So, you all are just basically
going through these motions, and you’re really just
walking a tightrope, trying not to fall
for the baby, because you don’t know
if it’s yours. I love her. COTTON: He wants it
to be his baby. I just don’t believe it. COTTON: My baby does not have
nothing to do with this drama. We have a lot of drama
in between us. And I really just want this
to come to an end, the whole denial part,
’cause it’s really,
like, a lot. Do you hope that he is
her biological father? I mean, at the end
of the day, if he’s not,
I wouldn’t be hurt. It would just be like, okay,
I’m gonna go on with my life.
But… So, when you say,
“If he isn’t,” that means you
are acknowledging that there is a possibility
that he isn’t. That’s the only reason why
I told him about
the other guy, like, I’m not a lying female at all,
like, I could’ve been like
these women, “Oh, it’s no possibility…” And I could be like these men
who get low and disappear
and never be in her life. You did disappear
the entire time. No, I didn’t. I was in the shelter starving
and everything. The baby doesn’t even
look like him. Wait, Ms. Pendleton,
you’re saying you don’t think
the baby looks like your son? CHRISTINE: I don’t. PENDLETON: The point is,
until I find out that she mine,
I don’t want to invest my whole life around it,
and then be crushed
when she not mine. I can tell from the way
you’re holding her
and looking at her when you have her,
that… PENDLETON: I’m happy, I’m… That you do.
You enjoy your time with her. I do. And there’s a part of you that you want to be
her biological father. I would like to be. I see that.
That comes through
in the pictures. I’m just trying to figure out
all of this noise you all make. I mean, it’s just
constant fussing. This is every conversation. JUDGE LAKE: Arguing. Ten times a day. All the time. CHRISTINE: She right out said that she would not
let me see that baby
if it was my grandchild. First of all,
I never once said that. Yes, you did. I would never ever
deny my child anything that could
prosper her life. You did. Like, if you are her family,
you can be around her. You said it to my face. But you would not
watch my child alone, and that is the
end of that story. Ms. Cotton, you just said
if, in fact,
your daughter, Love, is in fact, Mr. Pendleton’s
biological child, you will, in fact, allow
this family to be
a part of her life, because that’s what would
prosper your child. Yep. JUDGE LAKE: And as a mother,
that’s the right thing. COTTON: Yep. All right. It’s time to get the results.
Jerome? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) You ain’t gonna clap? JEROME: Here you go. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Cotton v. Pendleton,
when it comes to
5-month-old Love Cotton, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Pendleton, you are the father. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Yo. Congratulations. PENDLETON: Thank you. He is so fake.
(LAUGHING) Mr. Pendleton,
it really does look like
you have tears in your eyes. This meant something
to you, right? It did. (COTTON LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: I can tell…
Don’t clown him, Ms. Cotton,
don’t clown. Ms. Cotton, don’t clown.
Don’t clown him. Because I can really tell
that it did mean something
to him. Listen.
Don’t miss the moment. Sometimes we get so
caught up in our madness,
in our anger, to where we miss the moment. This is about your baby girl. Mmm-hmm. They’re now discovering
what you said to be true
all along. But now we’ve got to
figure out, how are we
gonna fill this space? With words of positivity,
with words of
honoring the child. Which means, Mr. Pendleton,
it’s time to step up 100%. PENDLETON: Will do. So, you’re not just
the drive-by dad. Right? Right. No. JUDGE LAKE: Right?
We’re not just coming
when it’s convenient. As her biological father,
it’s time for you to
be consistent in her life. And that’s financially
and emotionally. Now, you’ve thought for
many years that you
couldn’t even have children, so this child is not
just a blessing, she’s somewhat of a
miracle for you. You feeling it now? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: But it’s gonna
require some work between
the two of you all, and that’s co-parenting work.
And that’s setting
healthy boundaries. So, we have counseling
and resources for you. I want you to talk to Dr. Jeff and just figure out
how we can bring
this thing together because most importantly,
she has a chance
to have her entire life with her dad,
and she has a grandmother
on his side as well. You’ve got your family.
She has an entire village,
and that’s a good thing. So, I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING)


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