Man Claimed He “Accidentally” Paid Child Support (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

JUDGE LAKE: You may be seated. RON: Hello, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello. This case of
Kryger Lee v. Dittmer.
JUDGE LAKE: Thank you, Ron.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Kryger, you say that
your mother’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. Dittmer has denied
that you’re his daughter for much of the past 34 years, due to his anger
over paying child support. Now, you and your mother have
brought him here to prove that he is your biological
father, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Dittmer,
you say you accidentally agreed to pay child support
for Ms. Kryger and you claim that
you never believed she was your daughter, because her mother,
Ms. Lee cheated on you throughout
your 12-year relationship. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. I got duped into paying
child support, Your Honor. They sent certified mail
to my mother’s house, and I wasn’t there,
I was in Colorado. And when the
certified mail came, my stepdad signed it. So they held court without me, and found me in default
because I wasn’t there. Well, anyways, when I came back
from Colorado, it was something I was
running from the law from… I paid my bond
to get out of jail, and after I paid my bond
to get out of jail, they said,
you ain’t going nowhere, ’cause a friend of the court
has a hold on you. And so I had to pay three
more $100 to get out of jail, and when I went and talked
to the court clerk, the court clerk told me
that by paying the $300, that I admitted guilt. And I got stuck
paying child support for the rest
of Jamie’s life, yes. And you don’t believe
she’s your biological child? DITTMER: I do have my doubts. Your Honor,
I have pictures right here that will prove
without a doubt… Let me see that evidence,
please, Ron. Yes, ma’am. Thank you. These are pictures of… Jamie as a baby. Jamie as a little girl… Yes.The next picture is?LEE:Mr. Dittmer as a boy.Mr. Dittmer.And you believe
they look exactly alike?
LEE:Look at them, yeah.How can he deny her?Do you see the similarity? Not really, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Ms. Lee, were you intimate
with anyone else? Yes, I was. But at that time, I was not. I was very close
to his family, I met him when I was 14,
Your Honor. His family was my family. It’s okay, take your time. Everybody, when their
baby’s born, compare and say
how much they
look like me and my dad’s family also. So, how could
they look like me, if I have a different dad, and that’s from
my dad’s side of the family. Your Honor,
the older two children have blue eyes
and blonde hair, Jamie’s always had darker hair
with a hazel brown…And you never claim themor paid
child support on them, why?
Well, because you didn’t… Tag them and
you never had me… If you were a man
and responsible, you would have signed
the birth certificate. I didn’t want the children
in the first place. She was the one that wanted
marriage and babies, marriage and babies. Yeah, I did. She stop taking the pilland got pregnant,
Your Honor…
And had the first child.Yes, I did.I sure did. She tricked me. Again. She’s been tricking me
my whole life, I think. KRYGER: My mom’s parents
died when she was two, her grandma got sick
and passed away and that’s how
my older sister came along. She felt
she needed something… Closer to her, and so she admits
to tricking him but she was also very young. Very, very young. And I’ve been on my own,
since I was pregnant. (SNIFFS) How long did this
relationship go on? Twelve years, 13 years,
I don’t know. JUDGE LAKE:
You have two older children. LEE: Yes.But you’re denying Jamie,
Ms. Kryger?
She’s the one
that looks different than the older children. The older children
have blonde hair, blue eyes, Jamie has dark hair,
hazel brown eyes. The older children
are more athletic… JUDGE LAKE:Well, every child
is different.
Well, why would she trick me into paying child support
like that, Your Honor? I mean, I wasn’t even
at the hospital when Jamie was born. You most certainly were. No, I wasn’t. Oh, my God, really? No, I was not. That upsets you
Ms. Lee, you don’t… Because he doesn’t… He’s lying, Your Honor. No, I’m not. Is he
on her birth certificate? No, he’s not. He took me to the hospital. I don’t remember that,
Your Honor. You don’t remember? I don’t recall that. When I was younger,
I did do a lot of drinking, but I still don’t recall that. I don’t remember her. And why would she trick me
into paying child support? Why would she send
certified mail
to my mother’s house, when she knows
I’m in Colorado? I didn’t do it. The State did it. ‘Cause I had to get help
raising my three kids alone. Well, I just know it happened. Ms. Kryger,
when did you find out that Mr. Dittmer was denying
he was your biological father? Um… In 2007, I stayed with him for a month
before I got my place. At first,
it was just all of a suddenI was hearing all this,
how I wasn’t his kid
and I just
kind of backed off, but…I have always been raised
with him as my father. Before he moved to Monroe, he
used to occasionally come by and visit us outside, ’cause he wasn’t allowed
in the house… Because of my stepdad. DITTMER: No, Your Honor. I fought for two years to get visitation
to see these children, I went through referees, I went through mediators, she kept saying
that I would
kidnap the kids, that she’d never
see them again. It took me two years
to get visitation. And then
they gave me
supervised visitations… No. It was your drinking,
like you said earlier. Yeah. I wasn’t gonna let
my little children go with you drunk, and have you driving
with them drunk. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) So, Mr. Dittmer, if you didn’t think Ms. Kryger
was your biological child, why the visits? Well, Your Honor,
it was just doubts. Because her mother was messing around
with another fella about the time
that Jamie was conceived. I believe, a couple of fellas. No, I was not,
Your Honor. Yes, you were. I had been going to church,
Your Honor, with his mother, and I had given
my life to the Lord and that is how it happened, ’cause I went off the pill,
I said I’m not getting… I’m not having sex again
until I’m married. He knew this. He knew I was not
on protection. She’s acting like
a born again virgin
or something. That’s not true, Your Honor. No. Tell me what happened? You all were together, but… She’s always slept
with other people, Your Honor. There was a couple of people
that I know for sure, her best friend… You have as well. Her best friend’s
folks told me she was messing around
with this guy, about the time
that Jamie was conceived. So, yes,
she was messing around. That’s a lie. No, it’s not. JUDGE LAKE: Now, this is
unfortunate, Ms. Kryger, Jamie, that you have
to hear any of it. KRYGER: From what I hear, my mom’s admitted it was, but it was the sister
before me but he doesn’t deny her and he always gripes about how he had to pay
child support on me. JUDGE LAKE:
And that leads you to believe
that it’s about the money?
Yes, that why… DITTMER: Your Honor,
the child support’s been paid. I’ve got the final payment
right here, I’d like to present it
to the court… JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see that. I ended up talking
to the attorney for the friend of the court, and I settled with him. They said I owed
$13,000 at that time, and he said that only $3000
was owed in child support, that the rest of it
was administrative fees, interest… And surcharges. Yes. And we settled
for half of that and so I paid it off
to get it off my back, so they’d leave me alone. So you pay the amount
of $6500… Yes, ma’am. To settle your
child support debt… Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:Because you had
so many arrears,
a $3000 child support debt…Well, they kept
chasing me down, they want to throw me
in jail all the time, and they kept threatening me. Every time I’d get a job,
they’d want money, you know. They hounded me forever. As you can see,
that’s back in ’07 that I finished paying it off. So it’s been a while. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always treated
Jamie like my own,always treated her
as my daughter,
I go down there,
I cut her grass,
whatever she asks me to do.She came to me one time,
she wanted a car. I helped her buy a car. She said,
“Dad, I’ll pay you back.” She sold the car,
I never seen a dime. You know, I mean… JUDGE LAKE: So Ms. Kryger,
I see when you listen to this, you look emotional. Yeah, there has been
so many instances that… He’s helped me some, but he’s also
gripe the whole way though. He told my daughters
that I wasn’t his, and I had to hear about it,
which is pretty embarrassing. No, I never told her… JUDGE LAKE: What happened? He told my middle child’s dad. You guys were drinking, yes, but still… If you said it
then you feel it and you shouldn’t be
telling my people that are my friends and stuff. If it’s one thing to say
it to me. Say it to somebody else,
that’s just… Disrespecting, belittling
to me, makes me feel less welcome. I got in a bad car accident,
lost my job. I did a lot of struggling, he did help me
for a couple of years, when I had my middle child, I thought for Christmas,
maybe I’ll get $100, 20 bucks, like I usually get. I gave her money every year
for Christmas, Your Honor. She comes over… $20, she just said it. No, more than that. I got $25. JUDGE LAKE: Well, I mean
the fact that he’s
giving you something. I mean, let’s be honest. You all are accusing him
of being about the money, the fact that he had to pay
money for child support. I mean, he’s paid
the child support, he’s even paid it off. The fact that he’s even also giving you money
on top of that, seems to be… KRYGER: He didn’t, though,
right away. Like, when I was little,
I asked… I even gave her daughter
money for Christmas, to my granddaughter. But isn’t this about
more than money, really? I mean, how did you feel? Did you feel like
you were his biological child, or did you feel like
he treated you differently? KRYGER: I always… I mean, I always did
for the longest time, but then as I became an adult
then he’s telling all this. My mom cheated on him, probably his cousins. He’s telling me
this and that… Wait, he said you might be his
cousin’s child? Yeah, he told me that my mom cheated on him
with one of his cousins and he didn’t start
doing things for me for Christmas
till way later. Like I found out the gifts that I did receive
when I was a child, like, he did pay for it,
but it was my grandma, the moti… Was the
motivation driving force.He wouldn’t even
file his taxes,
’cause he didn’t want
my mom getting money.
He always was griping, he didn’t want her
having the money. So, beyond money, I feel like that’s all
we’re talking about today. Money, money. Your Honor… It’s because
her mother is greedy. I mean, when Jamie
lived with a lady on the next street,
behind her mother, the child support check
went to the next street over and her mother got upset. JUDGE LAKE: What I’m trying
to get at, Ms. Kryger, beyond the money, I mean, this has had
to affect you. And I see the tears
in your eyes. As if she had so much
in her heart to say, but she’s almost been like brainwashed, hypnotized,
programmed. Anything that comes out
of her mouth, was how much money? And this isn’t about money. A child has no clue
about money, and they shouldn’t. That’s not what you
should be concerned with. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) When you were younger, did you feel like
you were treated differently? He never denied
my other sisters, but he never paid
a dime on them. So that’s why it seems
like it’s kind of money. And then
when he did help me… He’d always be griping. “I don’t even know if I’m
yours but I just gave you $20 “to help you buys
some diapers and…” So, it got to the point where why ask him for help, I mean, he’s just got it
in the back of his mind, I’m not his kid. It makes me feel
worthless and like… It’s a lot of emotional abuse, and that’s what
sticks with you
and that’s what stays. That’s what I wanted you
to be able to say out loud. And you don’t have
to feel ashamed, to say to two adult people. And you’re an adult now. It’s embarrassing when… Somebody comes at the house, oh yeah, your dad said
he ain’t even your dad. Of course it is. I mean, I know he said
he’s had his doubts, but to go tell other people? And then,
my daughter’s dad at that. I mean, come on. And now I think
you’ve just had a moment to be able to verbalize how that’s affected you. When was the first time you
ever even got wind of this? Your Honor, that was my fault. I was drinking one time, and I was mad,
’cause I was paying support and I told Jamie
that she may not be my child. How old was she? I think it was around the time
he was settling child support, because I moved
by him in 2007. When he said he was drinking and he said he realizes
he shouldn’t have said that. But he says, “I’m not even your father.
I’m not…” What was your response? I was pretty shocked the first time I heard it. Did you ask your mom about it? I think the first person
I called, was my grandma. DITTMER: Which is my mother. She was my rock,
she meant a lot to me. You know, somebody asked me, “What if he wasn’t
your father?” My grandma was my
everything, you know. And you feel like if he’s not your biological father,
in a way, you lose
the connection you felt like you had
with your grandmother? Yes. A lot to deal with. It’s an emotional… Little roller coaster. This is very emotional. (KRYGER SNIFFLES) This is deep-seated. You’re 34 years old now. KRYGER: Yeah. You know, I’m so thankful that you had
the courage to come in here today. Because what you’ve spoken
about is not easy. This is your day in court. When people have
their day in court, it’s just time
to lay it on the line. So I think the only way that we can truly move forward
in this moment, is to get the results.
Are you ready? Yeah. Thank you. Ron, I’m ready for the result. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Kryger Lee v. Dittmer,
when it comes to… 34-year-old, Jamie Kryger, it has been determined
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Dittmer… You are her father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Oh… How do you feel now
that you know for sure, he’s your biological father? I never had any doubts. It’s just been
dealing with all this. And Mr. Dittmer, how do you feel? I feel kind of relieved,
Your Honor, I’m glad that she is, but her mother put such a
doubt on my mind back then, she was always messing around,
you know. I mean… No, I was not,
during conception. Oh, yes, you were. I was not. I was going to church
at the time. Yeah, I know,
a born again virgin. And dedicated
all three girls to Christ at that point. Okay, so I can see that
you all need some counseling. And that’s a fact. (SOBBING) I say it to people, “The truth is
our starting point, “it’s a seed planted “and you gotta water
with communication “and forgiveness,
love, respect.” I will give you this
Mr. Dittmer, I mean, I’ve been a family
attorney for many, many years. And… What a man goes through as he struggles
to pay child support, can be a very difficult road. And I should be clear,
not just men
pay child support, women do too. And to do all of that, without knowing for certain,
in your mind and heart, that this is
your biological child, because you were named
the father by default, is a very real burden
to carry. But, boy, she had to live with a lot of turmoil
because of this, for no reason,
’cause she is your daughter. So we have counseling
and resources for you all. We want you
to take advantage of it. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.


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