Man Cheated Because Woman Burned His Clothes (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is the case of
Golden v. Campbell.
JUDGE LAKE: Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Golden, you’re here to
prove to your ex-girlfriend that you are the father of her nine-month-old
daughter, Andrea. Yes, ma’am. You are not only suing
for a paternity test but also for $998.50
for clothing of yours that the defendant destroyed
in an argument. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Campbell, you
say once the DNA proves Mr. Golden
is not the father, you never want to
hear his name again. Yes, Your Honor. All right, so, Mr. Golden, why
do you think Ms. Campbell is denying that you’re
Andrea’s father? Because she hate me. Really? Explain. She hate me because
I slept with her best friend. You slept with
her best friend? Yes, ma’am, but I did
it to get back. You did? Why would
you do that? I did it to get back out of
spite, ’cause she used to do crazy stuff to me
as far as burning clothes and stalking and… What kind of
relationship was this? We’ve been together
four years going on five
years, Your Honor. And she get crazier
every year. That’s how it is. Wow! Anytime I turn around, I can
go somewhere, she poppin’ up. JUDGE LAKE: Were you popping
up places, Ms. Campbell? No I was not, Your Honor. No, I was not. So, wait a minute, was this a relationship?
Were you all dating? Were you committed
or were you just… It was supposed to
be a relationship, but I guess he didn’t look
at it as a relationship. I guess he looked
at it as a game. GOLDEN: Na, it weren’t
no game. So why are you sleeping with
her best friend and why are
you popping up places? What is going on? She crazy! Your Honor, the reason why
I burnt his clothes is because he told me he
was going to walk
to the store, right, but usually it’s me and him
walking to the store. Yes? He’s walking with a girl. Like close. Side by
side, close. Oh. So, I walks up to
him, I’m like, “Whatcha doin’?
Who, who is she?” He turned around,
started running. Ran away from me. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) All about going to the store?
Now, so, Mr. Golden, you knew you had a plan then
when you were leaving out and
you didn’t take her to the store. Were you cheating? No, no. No, Your Honor, I was just
walking to the store to go get
some cigarettes, Your Honor. And how did the
other girl appear? Girls everywhere, I can’t
stop no girl from walking
behind me or walkin’ on the side of me or
even talkin’ to me, you know
what I’m saying? All right, and then
what happens? Well, I ran. (AUDIENCE SNICKERS) Then later that night… Is this the night
you burned the clothes up? CAMPBELL: Yes it is. GOLDEN: She burned my clothes. When he ran… So, when he starts running,
you decided, “I’m gonna
burn his clothes.” Yeah. So, now you’re so angry… I get so angry that I went to
his mom’s house and went in the closet and got
his clothes out and put his clothes right there
on the ground, picked up a shirt,
set it on fire, threw it on top of
all his clothes
and all of them… And so, Mr. Golden, this
is the basis of your suit? Yes, ma’am. Does anybody have any evidence
as to what type of property
this was? Jerome, would you
hand me that, please? What are these pictures of,
Mr. Golden? The clothing that,
that was burned? Yes, ma’am. Shirts, pants, jacket.The price of this jacket,
one jacket, $244…
Designer basketball jerseys.CAMPBELL:Who clothes
they were?
Miss… Ms. Campbell, you
admit you burned clothes. When you look at the monitor, the value of these
clothes is estimated
at $998.50… More like $9.99. I’m looking at… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: And you’ve
admit you burned them? Yes, Your Honor. All right. Let’s move on. Mr. Golden, now you say
because this relationship
is so messy, and it is, you believe
that’s why she’s saying you’re not her child’s father
because the truth is she’s really just getting back
at you and she doesn’t want
you to be her child’s father? Yes, Your Honor. So, that’s what
you think it is? Because you truly
believe that you are. Yes, ma’am. Are you trying to
get back at him? CAMPBELL: I feel like he’s not
even the father type. If he don’t even respect me, how can he
respect my child? Did you have sex with him? Yes, I did… Without protection? Yes, but it wasn’t around
the time when my baby was conceived. When she was… JUDGE LAKE: It wasn’t.
So, Mr. Golden, did she tell you she was
pregnant or you…
How did you find out? Her mom. Her mom told you? Did she say, “Jasmine’s
pregnant and you’re
the father?” She asked me when the last
time that we had had sex. And I tell her that, it was round about
Christmas time. JUDGE LAKE:All right, so,
Ms. Campbell, you say you’re
adamant that he’s
not the father because you
hadn’t slept with him during
the window of conception. Your mother says, she
specifically asked him… Your Honor, can I tell you
the story on that day? Please, do. Um, okay, I’m over at
my boyfriend’s house. My mom had called me. She was
like, um, “Can you come braid
the back of my hair up?” I went over there, whatever. Braided her hair up.
He comes up there. And he come in there and he
rubbing on my leg like, “You
miss me. I know you miss me.” Like, you know, trying to
convince me or whatever. I’m not gonna tell a story.
I was weak. So, yeah, I was weak. JUDGE LAKE: So you slept
with him that day? Yes, I did. Did you use protection? No, ma’am. No. So, you were sleeping
with your boyfriend and also, basically sleeping
with Mr. Golden around the
same time? Um, it… Yeah. So, Mr. Golden, did you know she
had a boyfriend? I have never seen this man.
Her mom have never
seen this man, so… So wait. You don’t
think he exists? She makin’ it up. Sound like
she had a ghost boyfriend. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) Why would she do this?
You feel like she doesn’t
want you in her life? Your Honor, she was
goin’ crazy like I said,
she was going crazy. She was… So, you think it’s
to get back at you? Yeah. Yeah. Once you slept with
the best friend? So, you brought
a witness, sir.
I’d like to hear from her. Please stand, ma’am. And state your name
for the court. Demetra Jones. Ms. Jones, you are… Jasmine’s mother. Ms. Campbell’s mother. JONES: Yes, ma’am. Standing with Mr. Golden. Interesting. Uh, ma’am, did you
know anything about this other boyfriend that
she says she has? No, ma’am. I did not. You’ve never seen this guy? No, ma’am, I did not see him. So, you believe Mr. Golden is? I believe he is the father
of my grandbaby. You do? Yes. Yes, ma’am. Why do you think your daughter
would make up that she has
another boyfriend? ‘Cause she hates him. You just think your daughter
just does… She dislikes him because of the… She hates him. CAMPBELL: I dislike him
because he’s disrespectful, he always cheatin’… JUDGE LAKE: But, but… That’s what I’m not under…
Really, as you stand here,
I feel like you just don’t like him at all and
yet you sleepin’ with him! GOLDEN: She crazy. I had sex with him.
I don’t currently have
sex with him. She… She hates him. I mean, she won’t let him…
When she got ready to
have the babyat the hospital. She wouldn’t
let him come to the hospital.
Why? If that’s not his baby. And he was trying
to come visit? Yes, he was. Yes. He was trying to come
to the hospital when the baby was born? Yes, ma’am. Told security, and
my nurses… “Don’t let him in…” No, gave them his full name,
“Don’t let him in.” Your Honor, the birth
certificate don’t have no name on, Your Honor. Pass that to me
please, Jerome. What did you say, Mr. Golden?
Speak louder. Her birth certificate doesn’t
have any name on it. Listed under father’s
name, nobody. JONES: No daddy. JUDGE LAKE:Now, you saying,
Ms. Campbell, that you know
who the child’s father is
and it was your boyfriend and
you know it’s definitely not
Mr. Golden,
why isn’t your boyfriend’s
name on this birth
I want to be the
father, so why would… Why… Why… CAMPBELL: You wanna bebut you’re not.JONES:He is.GOLDEN:Why having no name…JONES:He is.On your baby’s
birth certificate instead of having
a name on it? She has a name and
it’s my name on there. That’s all she need. JUDGE LAKE: Does this…
Does this man have any relationship
with Andrea now? No, he still… No, he does not. I still have
not seen him yet. CAMPBELL:
You’ve seen pictures. Pictures doesn’t
mean anything. You’ve seen pictures. JUDGE LAKE: So…
So, wait. You heard his voice. How is it possible
that you had a boyfriend… Your, uh… A boyfriend and your mother… JONES: Yeah, her
mama has never seen. Your mother knows nothing
about him, has never seen him. Your Honor, you know, there’s
different types of people in
your life. So, he was like one of those
types of people that
did not come by day… He was a trucker. JONES: My grandbaby
needs a father. And here he is. He’s not the father of…
He, he, don’t… He can’t
play that role. JONES: If he knew
it was his baby… He never had a job. He don’t know how to provide. But you kinda telling
him he’s not. He don’t know how to… He’s not. So, what is he supposed to do? I’m telling you. It’s not his baby.
He can’t provide.You ain’t never
brought no money.
JONES: Never? He never brought no t-shirt,
he never brought some wipes, he never brought a sock. The only thing that he
ever brought my child… Maybe because
you’re not there. When I was there, was a bag of cheese puffs. 50 cent. Not even
the dollar bag. Your Honor, he has
brought money… The 50 cent bag. Over to my house for the baby. Not even the dollar bag. They’ve been having
sex for years. They probably still
having sex. And then he just almost
giggles so I know that’s true. JONES: True. CAMPBELL: No,
that’s not true. JONES: True. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) It’s not true, Your Honor. Both of y’all red. Okay, so, what
I don’t understand… This is what I don’t get. If you admit you got weak that day and you
slept with him, CAMPBELL: Mm-hmm. and even if this boyfriend
is a… Real person, and you also had
this boyfriend, Hmm. you do understand that
he could potentially be
your child’s father? Don’t you? No. No, he’s not. I know
for a fact, he’s not. Because we didn’t even,
we didn’t even have sex around the time that she was
supposed to be conceived. So… Okay so, It doesn’t even add up. for you, the window
of conceptiondoesn’t add up.
You were not intimate
CAMPBELL:Right.with him around that time. Right. Well, Mom, I gotta
ask you because he testified earlier,
Mr. Golden, that when you found out that
Ms. Campbell was pregnant
you came to him and asked him, “Around what time were
you all having sex?” Because, what, you were trying
to identify who the child’s father was… The timeframe. And then once he told you
did you believe that, that worked in the timeframe? Yes, ma’am. JONES:He was living with me.And she was sneaking
to wherever she was and I had already heard
earlier that she was comin’ over there
when I was at work. So, you knew she was
at your house sleeping
with Mr. Golden? Uh, yes. All right. She even stopped
talking to people if people say I’m the
baby father. She just stop talking to them.
She won’t say nothing to ’em, maybe a month or two. Do you stop… Do you get mad
at people when they say that Mr. Golden is your child’s
father, Ms. Campbell? No, I get mad at him because he’s telling people
that he is my child’s father. Why do you believe so strongly
that he is, Ms. Jones? Because he was there. And I know they
was having sex. Like I said, they
probably still are. I know they were ’cause
I worked overnight till 4:00
in the morning. And when I come home, he’s not
where he supposed to be and her door is locked
so he’s in there. GOLDEN: Your Honor? Yes, sir? My mom’s sick and she,
she really want to know if this her grandbaby. Like before she
leave this world. You’re saying
your mother is ill? Yes. And she really needs
the answer to this. She wants to know if this
is her grandchild. Yeah. And that means a lot to you
to be able to provide that
answer for her. Absolutely. I understand that. I want to rule on your
lawsuit and then we
will go to the results. Um, Mr. Golden, you came into
court suing for $998.50, for items of clothing
that you say Ms. Campbell
burned and destroyed after an argument. Ms. Campbell, you’ve admitted that after an argument you
went to his mother’s house, got his clothes
and burned them. You cannot destroy
someone’s property. You cannot take and destroy
someone’s property. But it’s okay for him to
destroy my heart though? I had to get back at him. Listen, while, as a woman I wish
we could put a value on that and give you
an award for that, you are right. Even when someone destroys
your heart you can’t destroy their property. So, how was I supposed
to get back at him? How? Honey, I can see
that you so upset. ‘Cause I can see, when you’ve lived a life like I have for a while
and you’ve loved and
you’ve lost and you’ve been through relationships. I knew from the
beginning of this, I didn’t know if you were
ever gonna admit it but you can’t hate or dislike somebody
that strongly unless you once loved them. And usually that hate is really
just a disguise that you still do love him. And that’s okay. We’ve all been through that. Mm-hmm. I knew when you went to get
the clothes and burn the
clothes, trust me, I’ve never burned
anybody’s clothes but I’ve thought about it. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) (STAMMERS) You, uh, women,
all the women know. Mm-hmm. And I knew he had
broken your heart. But you can’t destroy
someone’s clothes. You can’t destroy
their property. Mm-hmm. Even when they destroy your heart. For that reason I have to rule
for the plaintiff for $998.50 on his suit for the
value of the clothing. Now, as for your heart… I always tell women, the
best revenge is success. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) So, as we go to the results, I wanna ask you again, do you truly believe
he’s not the father or are you saying he’s not
the dad because you wanted
to get back at him? CAMPBELL:No.Because he broke your heart.Uh-uh, he just not the father.JUDGE LAKE:Okay.I think it’s time for
the results. Jerome? JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Golden v. Campbell,
pertaining to nine-month-old
Andrea Campbell… It has been determined
by this court… Mr. Golden, you are not the father. CAMPBELL: Hah. Thank you. (AUDIENCE GROANING) JONES: (SOFTLY) It’s okay. JEROME: Sir? Mr. Golden? (INDISTINCT TALKING) WOMAN: I need you to come out.
It’s okay. JUDGE LAKE: Come on
back in, Mr. Golden. JEROME: Let the
Judge talk to ya. You can have a seat
if you need to. It’s okay. I don’t never
wanna talk to her. (SHUSHES) It’s okay. I just wanna go. JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry, Mr. Golden, come sit down.
It’s gonna be okay, babe. I know you’re upset. I wanna go. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Golden? I can tell this was not the
result you expected and I commend you for bein’ such a standup guy
and coming here to get the answers you needed,
and your family. And I know it wasn’t
the answer you wanted but I had to give
you the truth. Ms. Campbell,
you’ve maintained Yeah. Yes, Your Honor. that he was not
the child’s father. And you’re positive that
this other person that
they’ve never met is in fact Andrea’s father? Yes, Your Honor. I think you can see that
even though you say
he broke your heart, that… That he really
cared about my baby. JUDGE LAKE: He did. (GOLDEN CRYING) JUDGE LAKE: And you. Before I adjourn court today, Ms. Campbell, is there
anything you’d like to
say to Mr. Golden? Thank you for trying to be
a part of my baby’s life. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) We have resources and
counseling for you. I hope you take
advantage of them. And you have a
beautiful little girl. CAMPBELL: Thank you. I wish you the very best
of luck with her. All right. Court is adjourned.

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