Man Believes Girlfriend’s Friend Is Child’s Father After Argument (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Brooks v. Page.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Brooks,
you state that, after getting out of
a nine-year relationship you met and fell in
love with Mr. Page, a younger man
who you say swept
you off your feet. You claim, both
you and Mr. Page, planned to have a child
together, but since giving
birth to your son, I’veon, Mr. Page is now
denying the child you so desperately
wanted to have with him. Is that correct? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Page, you state
you know the child
isn’t yours because Ms. Brooks was having
an ongoing affair with another man by the
name of Tony Wilson. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You say
Mr. Wilson, who
is also here today, claims to be the
father of her son, and has even posted
pictures on social media
to that effect. Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Brooks,
describe the nature
of your relationship with the defendant. Right now,
our relationship
is on the rocks. We really have
no relationship. All we do is
fuss and fight. He’s denying
our baby. So you don’t think
it’s your baby,
Mr. Page? No, it ain’t mine. JUDGE LAKE: Why do
you think that? Because, she… She… Every time I come
home from work,
she out with Mr. Wilson. So, I don’t know
what she’s doing
at work. When I’m at work,
she calls me. When I’m at work,
I call her. But when I’m
getting off, she’ll don’t pick up,
don’t nothing. I call everybody that
she hangs around with.
They won’t pick up. So, to me I think
she tells them
not to pick up the phone, when everything
is going on.
When I come home, he might have
my child,
holding him. Whatever.
I don’t know. You’re the one that
disappears every day. You’re the one with
the gambling problem. Going to work isn’t disappearing. He goes to work, every day,
yes, he does. And when he gets paid,
the next day
he is broke. He goes to the casino, and spends all his
money, and may bring
$30 inside of the home, and then expect me to
take care of him for
two weeks after that, until he gets paid again. This is a routine
that Mr. Page does. So, this relationship is in
trouble not just because
of the paternity issue, but other
issues as well. It stimulates from
the paternity issues because at first, when we
first got together,
it was lovely. When we first…
When I first was pregnant,
he did everything. He was there.
He was good, like,
during the pregnancy. And then everything changed. So, I think it has
a lot to do with… No, everything ain’t
changed, Your Honor. What changed is her
not being at home when
I come home at night, with her, and
my son being around
Mr. Wilson, her friend. That’s where it
comes from. This man, Mr. Wilson, was
he the ex you were in a
nine year relationship with? The ex that I was in
a nine year relationship
with was a female. That means I had no
penetration whatsoever
in nine years. And she’s still talking
to her now. No possible way. Well, clearly she’s
not the father. PAGE: Right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) She’s not
a problem. She’s not a problem for her.
He don’t want me to
talk to anything, anybody. Anyone at all.
It’s only about him. I wanna understand
your doubt. About… Because you were
in a sexual relationship
with her during this time… Yes. So you feel like
she was cheating on you, sometime during the
window of conception. PAGE: Yes, ma’am. Tell me about
that doubt. BROOKS: How? What substantiates
your doubt about
the paternity? She knew Black longer
than she knew me, so, they’ve been messing
around or whatever
they’ve been doing. I know Black’s Facebook
page is dedicated just
to her and my son. And I have evidence
of him saying that. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Really? Let me see this
evidence. Jerome. That is just my friend.
We take pictures… Tell me if that… Please tell me if that
looks like a relationship
or a friendship. BROOKS: We go out,
Your Honor. He helps… PAGE: There’s no
space in between the
bodies, Your Honor. They wind up, they wanted
to turn around and
kiss they could kiss. BROOKS: We are just
that close like… JUDGE LAKE: So, this is
a picture of Mr. Wilson. This is his
profile picture. And that’s you,
Ms. Brooks, and Mr. Wilson? BROOKS: Yes, that’s
me and Mr. Wilson. Um… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) PAGE: (STAMMERING) That… Picture is just
a picture, like… Right, that’s the
next one that I’ve got
right here, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
These are all
photos of you, PAGE: All dedicated
to Mr. Wilson… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Wilson. JUDGE LAKE: That’s the
baby, in there? PAGE: Yes. BROOKS: But that’s just a
picture of me and the baby. But they’re always
with each other. JUDGE LAKE: But it’s on his… It’s one of his
profile pictures? BROOKS: Yes, I’m the
best thing that… PAGE: I mean,
look at that. JUDGE LAKE: And then
that’s Mr. Wilson
with I’veon. BROOKS: Yes, and he
has been there like,
he has really… How has he
been there? He’s been there
because you’re not. I’ve been there… I buy milk, I buy
what I gotta buy. Okay, but… When you’re not
there, he is there. Mr. Page does do
things, but he does
the bare minimum. I do the bare minimum,
but I buy the milk
whenever she needs it. I’m the first person
she calls when she
needs something. Mr. Wilson isn’t the
first person they call. When she needed Mr. Wilson,
Mr. Wilson’s not there. He’s over, wherever
he’s at getting drunk,
or whatever he’s doing. She doesn’t help me out.
She calls me and
tells me what to do. And I have to find
a way to do it. What am I helping
you out for? I’m
not your father. PAGE: Right,
you the baby mother.
So, this would be 50-50. I should help, and you
should help. You don’t help me
do anything. Wait, if I just
come out of a high
risk pregnancy, and the baby’s only
eight months old, what did you
expect me to do? That’s when you were
supposed to stand up
and be there… Um, the pregnancy
was eight months ago. When I had the baby
in the hospital, he didn’t, he
wasn’t even there. He, he was there
for the birth… PAGE: Oh, hold on.
That’s a lie. I was there.
I waited till he
was born and I left. I had to go to work.
I can’t call out two,
three days in a row, thinking I’m still
gonna have a job. They don’t care
about that, so
I had to go to work. I’m afraid to
ask this, but after Mr. Page left, did
Mr. Wilson make an appearance? PAGE: Yes. Yes, he made
an appearance,
but way later. BROOKS: ‘Cause I’m made… He didn’t come to the
next day. But when
I come to the place, I got my sun rays,
walk out the door, there’s some lady, like,
“Oh, that’s not your son.” I’m seeing some
other guy holding him. JUDGE LAKE: Really? PAGE: Yes! When Mr. Wilson walks
around, he does not
let it be known that, he’s not the father,
he does not let it be known
that he’s the godfather… But how is
that my fault? They think he’s his father.
‘Cause you’re
right with him. What you talking about? How is that
my fault? I’m not talking to you. You know how
I feel about… I’m talking to
Ms. Lauren Lake. And I’m talking to you. PAGE: Um. And he’s walking… BROOKS: Your Honor,
right now… …around telling them
that they’re having sex. And all this… JUDGE LAKE: He’s saying what? That they’re having sex. Who’s he telling this to? He’s… Mr. Wilson does
go around lying
to people, and saying that he had
sex with me. I did not know that
at first. I recently found out
me and him had a problem… PAGE: I heard it from her. PAGE: I heard it from her. BROOKS: Of course,
I told him this, because I’m upset about this. And they’re still
best friends. Because, no, but we were… But they never had
sex, Your Honor, but they’re still
best friends. We were in the house,
your, Honor. Me and Tony just now
became friends again, because I was
mad at him,
because I didn’t know this. I ran into a female
that lives in
his same building, and she told me
that “he told me that
they had sex together”. I explained to her that
that wasn’t the case. BROOKS: So, I went off. I was going to go
fight her, and I was
ready to fight Mr. Wilson. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Because, I know
what’s going on, around and down
in this area. How can she, try to tell me what’s
going on in my area? PAGE: But every time… BROOKS: I felt as though both of them should
stay out of the dirt. PAGE: How do you
know what’s going
on in your area? But every time we
argue, you telling me
I’m not the father or somebody else
is taking care
of my son. Or somebody else
can, or you can
get somebody to. JUDGE LAKE: You’re
having an argument… (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Every time we argue she tells me
I’m not the father. BROOKS: That’s because
he’s not the father,
Your Honor. We live in
the same house. I often have to
tell young women
this, and look, everybody’s had an
argument where they
said something they regret or they
shouldn’t say or say
something to hurt someone, or just trying to make
someone hurt as much
as they made them hurt. But, when we say things
like that, you can’t
un-ring that bell. Once your ring it… It’s rung. JUDGE LAKE: Yes! Jerome, I think it’s
time we meet Mr. Wilson. JEROME: You got it. Please escort him
into the courtroom. I have you go up to
the witness stand
right next to the judge. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Wilson,
thank you for joining us. You’re welcome,
Your Honor. Uh, please describe
for the court your
relationship with Ms. Brooks. Well, we’re
still best friends. That’s like, one of
the fellas, you know. That’s my homie,
except for she a female. JUDGE LAKE: So, you’re
best friends? WILSON: Yes. What is your relationship
like with her son, I’veon? WILSON: Well, I’veon,
that’s my godson. You know, I treat him
like my son. I love him. Uh, on my lunch breaks,
I spend time with him,
take him to the park. PAGE:That’s a lie,
Your Honor.
WILSON:How would that
be a lie? You never there.
You too busy playing
games with your
homeboys and friends. Why do you
say he’s lying? I’m from Glen Burnie,
Your Honor.
We live in Baltimore. I don’t have no
homeboys and friends. When I get off,
I go to work, get off work. I might play the video game,
but you best believe my son
got a bottle in his mouth, or my potential son
has a bottle in his mouth. He’s lying there
about to go to sleep. Are you try to
complete the next level, to get to the next
level to play on
your video game? Is that when
you do all this? Are we serious right now? He does the bare minimum,
Your Honor. It’s like… Like I said, it’s
like being a single parent,
in a home with somebody. Everytime I ask him to
do anything for us, I’veon, he has a problem with it. And at the end of the day,
I don’t… My son doesn’t have
another side of the family. Have you told people,
Mr. Wilson, that you’re
I’veon’s father? Your Honor, yes.
See what happened was… It was this girl I was
dealing with, and she was mad at me
and was jealous, because she had issue
with Ms. Brooks,
because her hair was long, and she would wear tracks,
and Ms. Brooks has
long fingernails. She has on press-ons,
I was just making her
to be jealous. But due to her… Due to social media…
Social media’s
something else. Let me tell you. She put all my
business up. I think Santa Claus
even know
about the situation. But the only person
I spoke with this about was that particular
female I was dealing
with, which was my ex. That’s not the only
person you told that to. And he got too many…
He’s a thot. He got too many
baby mammas already. He don’t… They don’t
even call him his
name where we live at. They call him,
“Baby Father”. That’s his name. That’s his name,
and the females that
he deal with in me is two different
type of females. That’s why, I would never
date Mr. Wilson. Plus, he’s
not my type. Look. Date? But he lied on you.
Why are you still best
friends with him? He don’t have no choice
but to lie on me.
Look at his girls! PAGE: Why you
best friends with him? Because he’s done
a lot of stuff… Mr. Wilson, are you
in love with Ms. Brooks? Yeah, I am
in love with her. But I would never step between
what them two have together,
as far as Mr. Page. But, if it came to a chance
down the line, yeah, I would,
if she would.
I would but, I don’t step on that boundary,
I’d rather just keep it
as a friendship. My perspective is,
if somebody lying on me telling him I had
sex with them,
and that’s a whole lie, I’d never be friends
with him again. Listen, his issue is, you’re just so close
to this man, right? And then when
he’s lying, you say this
is not the truth. You were not sleeping
with him,
never slept with him? No, not at all. But he’s telling
people you have. BROOKS: Right. He’s telling people he’s
your child’s father, and you’re telling Mr. Page
he’s not the child’s father. JUDGE LAKE: That’s
where his doubt… BROOKS: But, Your Honor… Every time
I go to work, her and my son go
over to his house. Every day. One night… That’s right. One night, I was
calling him from
my job, from my job, she’d been calling…
We were talking to her
at the job. But once I get off,
I can’t get a hold of him. When I get to the house,
my son is not there,
she’s not there. Nobody’s picking up
the phone.
I’m walking all around… So what about when
you disappear for
days at a time? PAGE: I don’t disappear. BROOKS: Yes, you do! You disappear for
days at a time. I don’t disappear. Every day when you
leave out there,
your phone not even on. You don’t even call
while you’re at work! If you call while
you was at work, then you would know
where your son was at. You don’t know.
You just find out at
the end of the day. I just told you
where my son was at. BROOKS: Not every day! Every time I’m at work,
she thinks I’m over there
messing with some woman. She don’t call me. BROOKS: Because you are. I be, “Hello?”. I have proof he was
messing with someone. She not even trying to talk.
She want to listen to what’s
going on in the background. And sometimes she’ll call,
my pocket might pick it up. She’ll be on the
phone for a whole hour. Sitting there,
listening. He was talking to…
There’s so much
conversation going around. His phone pocket dials me. She swears I’m
doing someone. And guess what, I do
listen, because I
wanna hear what’s going on. He say “Why you listening
to my conversatio
n for 25 minutes?” ‘Cause you were
talking for 25 minutes! So that’s why
I listened. Ms. Brooks, I have
to ask you before
we go to the results. JUDGE LAKE:
This triangle… PAGE: Is sick. Has been in effect
for a while. BROOKS: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: And the only
way we’re going to be
able to move forward, is to get the
results. But, Ms. Brooks,
I have to ask you, when I open
these results, I’m not going to
get any surprises. You say you have not
cheated on Mr. Page. No. Never. I was like a virgin.
I’m like a
born-again virgin. I didn’t have sex… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) For nine whole years! Nine whole years! It’s no possible way. And, like, he’s like
my first all over again. You know, I care
about him in that way. I cared about him
in that way. If it wasn’t for his actions
during all this, I would still
love him just the same. But all this has
broken me, like, only person I care about
right now, is my son, because that’s who
is affected right now. Him, having a father,
I never had one, he never had one,
now he’s trying to take away
from him, everyone, and he’s just crazy
if you ask me. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Page, you say… I ain’t crazy.
I’ve been there. Whatever they want
to lie about right now, I live in the house.
The milk they’ve got
and she has, comes out of my pocket. But if it’s
you are not, do you still want to be in a
relationship with Ms. Brooks? No. No. Done, done. You don’t got no
money, anyway. PAGE: Okay. All right, it’s time
for the results. Jerome. Just two weeks ago,
I gave you $100. BROOKS: I just
couldn’t say no. PAGE: I gave you $100. Just keep making them
bottles of milk. Do we want to
hear the results? BROOKS: Yes, Your Honor. Or do we want to keep
running our mouths? BROOKS: Results, please. These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Brooks v. Page,
as it pertains to
eight-month old I’veon Page, as to whether
Mr. Page or Mr. Wilson is the biological father, it has been
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Wilson, you… Are not the father. BROOKS: Told you.
Told you. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Page, you… Are the father. BROOKS: Told you.
Told you. Told you,
now roll me my money. It don’t made no sense
that I had
to go through all of this
just to prove that. All of this. It made no sense that you
with somebody who keep lying. That don’t
made no sense. Mr. Page, you finally
know the truth.
Does it feel good? Yeah, it do feel good. JUDGE LAKE: I can see
the emotion
in your eyes. Thank you. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You’re happy? JUDGE LAKE: To know
for certain. For sure. JUDGE LAKE: That I’veon
is your son. Yes. And, Ms. Brooks… BROOKS: Yes? You’ve been vindicated. JUDGE LAKE: You said
in fact it was his child. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: It is.
Now it’s time to
focus on the future, and what’s most
important. PAGE: My son. If you… Yes! He’s most
important, I’veon. And you all laugh, and joke
and talk about one another, and all this rumor and, you gotta figure out
how you manage
your best friend, that lies on you. There’s a lot
going on here. Yeah, some things
I might have to let go. Well, isn’t
that a word? Sometimes, you just have
to let certain things go, to gain certain things
you really need. This child needs his family, needs his parents
to get along. He needs you
guys to learn how
to work together. I know you can do this. I wish you all the
very best of luck. BROOKS: Thank you. Congratulations to you both. PAGE: Thank you very much. Court is adjourned.


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