Maddow: Robert Mueller Acknowledged Criminal Conduct By Trump Camp | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. what hearing have you watched?….muppet show????? Maddow you are a disgrace to the american people…….but it will just take a short time…and MSMBC is going to be history……reflected as one of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA

  2. My opinion. A lot of people don't think Russia didn't do anything. Wake up! BLEEP Russia ! They gave us trump, Oh Ya, Russia is a communist country, one big social mass with not much FREEDOM . America need to deport the Russians, Just because we (Americans) didn't get fired upon doesn't make Russia an allies. They don't like Democracy and what it stands for. They do have the best hookers though, according to trump and his coneys. Trump needs to go back to Russia where he came from. I,m a Vietnam Vet, F U Russia

  3. I can’t help but feel bad for these two women. Both very bright. But both hypnotized by their corporate paycheck……that paycheck which is more evil than they believe.

    Trump might be a jerk.

    But a Russian agent? Cmon

  4. When Trump announced a run for the presidency, oppo research was initiated by conservative/libertarian newspaper, "The Washington Free Beacon." Neither Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, nor the dossier were part of that effort.

    When Trump won the nomination, despite Republican Never Trumpers best efforts, the Beacon passed on their work to the DNC and Clinton campaign.

    The Clinton campaign then hired prestigious law firm Perkins Coie, who then hired Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele.

    The Clinton campaign was trying to hide their involvement in the same way criminals try to hide financial crimes through the use of shell companies. Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS were acting in the same capacity for the the Clinton campaign, which then funneled $12 million to the Russians and purchased from them the infamous "dossier."

    Clinton, through her actions, is the only one who conspired with the Russians to help them inject Russian disinformation into our political system, because she thought it would help her. She's the one who conspired with the Russians to influence the election. Good thing she was/is too incompetent to pull it off!

    Oddly enough, Mueller did not investigate the origins of the single piece of "evidence" on which the whole "Muh Russia collusion" house of cards is built. Without the dossier, i.e., Russian disinformation, there's no FISA warrant.

  5. Rachel Maddow suffers from a acute case of self-inflicted & incurable TDDS & possibly Madcow disease TDDS Trump Dissonance & Derangement Syndrome. You do NOT do yourself, the Democrats or the nation a favor by your crazed frothing-at-mouth rabid hatred for anything Trump. You DO ensure Trump's reelection however. God Bless All


    MUELLER, MUELLER, MUELLER!!!!!! Aahahhahhahahhhahha😂

    Rachel Maddow wouldn’t know the truth if it sat on his face.

  7. And… Now I’m done listening. It is the reporters job to let us know what the senators are doing. And for Rachel at the end of this interview to say that she’s not gonna mention the senators name because she doesn’t want to embarrass him is ridiculous. And it makes me not want to trust or listen to her. Her job is to give us the facts and part of the facts is that person’s name. Then they wonder why no one trusts or wants to listen to anything the press has to say.

  8. For All the Brainwashed Progs..Lets pretend were in an Alternate Universe where Trump Obstructed Justice…..Explain with your Tiny Brains if you can hiw The President is Guilty of Obstructing an Obama led Coup d’etat?..Come on..Explain it?…I realize that the Anti Americans that listen to Comrade Rachel each day to know what their opinion will be for the coming day Believe Any act is Acceptable in the Name of the Cause……Its Called Treason!..And Obozo and his minions should receive the prescribed punishment…Being Hung by the neck until DEAD!..And little miss Rachel is Guilty of Sedition…Punishable by Life in Federal Prison without Parole…Chew on that simpletons!

  9. Rachel Maddow is the only person in the media that thought Muellers testimony was damning.

    It was. Expect indictments against the investigators and those who committed these fraudulent claims against the President of the Unites States of America Donald Trump.

    Trump 2020 …

  10. Criminal conduct…. laughable. I can't wait for the left to witness America rejecting them again in 2020. Never blue!

  11. Hope you've got the next 5 years of BS sorted out already – gonna be a long ride for you and your team of dummies. When you go home at night, I bet you quietly wished you worked at Fox – it'd be so much happier and fulfilling for you. OR you could simply turn around and say "Good Job, Mr. President – thanks for doing such an awesome job despite my interference.

  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what a complete waste of time .Mueller didn't even Wright the report. Inside Anti Trump staff wrote it .Democrats needs to stop wasting everyone's time and tax payers money on a report of made up nonsense.

  13. This is insanity…the leftist media is in serious denial. It would be hard to watch if it wasn't so funny. 🤣

  14. Guys, Keep the Russian Collusion story going guys, or make up another one, do what your known n good at, the Russian Collusion story, it was fun, two years you’ve been saying Collusion, Collision, Collusion, your facial expression was hilarious, almost believable, so keep it going, its entertaining,
    Russian collusion, or make up another Collusion story like, it was the Chinese, it was the Kim Chon Un, it was the Aliens ha ha ha..

  15. Democrats tried to slander Judge Kavanagh
    Democrats tried to slander President Trump
    Democrats tried to slander Bill Barr……. this is what they do to get their way
    No policies, just innuendo and slander , anything to get POWER .

  16. Why is this mental midget still on any outlet now……soon.,…You will all be fired one by one, one after another……sling as much manure as you can while you have the chance…..liars , looneys and morons.

  17. Aww look, bless your little minds and hearts, you have a little group left to cling onto your sick and pathetic narrative. Better get ready……it’s officially the republicans turn to investigate into your gods at cnn msnbc and the like……….Barr tab Needs to be paid in full. Puke spewing mental midgets.

  18. I don't think anything will come of this, so just saying to the Dems: nominate somebody who can win the battleground states in the upcoming election. It's the most important thing. So NOT Sanders, Harris or Warren. Or Trump will win again.

  19. HHAAAAAHAAAAHAHAAHAHAAA!!!! And President Trump is STILL gonna win in 2020 and remain in the White House!! 🙂

    No WONDER you guys are angry!!!! All of THIS for… for….. NOTHING??!??!???!!!??!?!??

    I have decided to actually kinda sorta feel sorry for you guys…

  20. Snowflakes are funny af to me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✌

  21. MSNBC has been lying to us and has taken the ability for its viewers to make fact based opinions! That is called brainwashing! The proof of the awaking of MSNBC viewers is that not even MSNBC can fool all the viewers all the time. The smartest of the viewers have deserted MSNBC and CNN leaving only the brainwashed still viewing these networks. The rating prove this is a fact. Viewers now know they have been led down a path that has divided our nation and has been based on democrats propaganda! No news no facts no credibility. Shame on Rachel Maddow for the role she played in this hate filled garbage she has spouted. No evidence just bias propaganda. She should start her show by stating “this program is a paid political announcement on behalf of the democrat party”

  22. Is Rachel Maddow the person that suggested the Russians were going to cut the power to the US when it got cold, so that we would all freeze to death?

  23. But the Mueller report said they could not rule out that it was Seth Rich who leaked the DNC e-mails to Wikileaks rather than the Russians, right? Wonder why that question was not asked about.

  24. Trump needs to show the public his tax returns…..prove to the people that he is fine outstanding president.

  25. The real problem in America is that there are so many morons defending the indefensible. Just goes to show that there are so many dishonest people there.

  26. People like me, who support the President listen up.! These people here who are against the President are not worth bantering with. They’re Americans, yes, but they’re just not intelligent enough to follow the facts and timeline of events, or the source of the claims. The country faces grave danger with the Democratic party and their influential mouthpiece, the Liberal Media. These Anti-Trump people are not critical thinkers. Sad to say, but they are brainwashed and just don’t have the mental capacity to question how they are being used by the Democrats. The Leadership of the Democratic party views them as easy marks, patsy’s. They’ll promise them health care, college tuition, child care, affirmative action, jobs and equality, but Never do anything to deliver on any of these promises. These promises are like a narcotic to the Left. So, what do I suggest. Ignore them. Focus your energy and devotion to campaigning and supporting our President in the upcoming election. Work the polls, donate to the campaign, or we could actually lose the country we love to these clones.

  27. Really? This is like always extreme vague. Maddow keep calling there's a criminal conduct (Muellers words) but here's my problem: I never ever seen a real criminal conduct, not even a single one..only I guess saying some one is a criminal this is for msnbc also the proof…wicked…bet ya, judge will laugh his pants of…

  28. Mueller did not know who Fusion GPS is and he wrote this report? Do you zombies out there in CNN land have any idea what that means? Furthermore when Mueller was questioned and asked if his investigation was impeded or hindered in ANY WAY he responded "NO IT WAS NOT". So please CNN and you zombies out there, PLEASE tell me when it will be MUELLER TIME?!

  29. Mueller said there is no more investigation and no NEW INDICTMENTS, what is wrong with you people?! JESUS CHRIST! LIKE WTF?!

  30. Madcow has lost her grip on reality, she has a little brain and she take out to play with.
    She must be lonely life living in that small space between her ears.

  31. "Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony this week was revealing, but not for what it told us about the Trump campaign’s associations with Russia. In the hours and days after Mr. Mueller gave his opening statement before the House Judiciary Committee, it became clear how tenaciously many liberals and progressives are clinging to fantasy — not just that President Trump will eventually find himself impeached and removed, but also that they can advance their values by means of legal machination rather than political vision. And at a moment of intense polarization in American politics, this fantasy is especially shortsighted."
    —–The New York Times

  32. You have to be a sick, twisted, mf'er to watch this network, vote democrat, or remotely believe ANY of this garbage.

  33. Why was the guy who started this Joseph Mifsud was not indicted for lying 3 times , he wasn't a Russian spy, he work for western intelligence, yet according to the FBI he was a Russian agent. I find that MSNBC report is bias.

  34. All of the democrats need to start working for the American people and stop this witch hunt! if the democrats actually had anything on Trump it would have been leaked years ago! Anyone with half a brain knows Muellers team would have leaked it a long time ago! Rachel and all these other idiots keep you fools watching her and believing this nonsense! Trump has done more in 3 years than Obama did in 8! TRUMP 2020! Mueller is just a washed up old man and looked so confused. He obviously didnt write the report and yet all you morons believe him?

  35. Mr. Mueller correct his statement, he said the President was not charged with any crime not because he was President but because he did not find any crime to charge him. Democrats are changing Mueller statement already ??? 😂😂😂🙈

  36. MUELLER: He had….huh….he…..huh…huh… "I don't want to get into that." "I don't want to get into that."

  37. This is BS, watch the hearing read the report and you'll see this is spun lies spread by deceitful media

  38. And, I acknowledge criminal activity by Rachel & MSNBC!!!!

    So, that means what?????????
    Come on assholes!.3 years now.
    Talk, talk, talk, just hoping to get to the next election & still be talking bad about Trump!


  39. Mueller is exhausted. We would be as well having to deal with subjects concerning Trump and his cohorts. And yes he's older, just as the rest of us. Sure he was a little slow while testifying, during the first half of his testimony. But felt he was at his best on the most important matters.

  40. Cancer in society this media has to go we need gods chosen people destroying America from within with there media pushing one race against another while they sneak in the back door rob the country blame other people ,,,,,,,,,,,,just ask yourself who can't you criticise in society that's who has been holding America back Donald trump has shown how quickly things changed for the better under his administration …..Jaws has to go

  41. It's stunning how democrats behave after this hearing. Did Mueller wrote this report which bear his name. Was there any evidence of collusion or obstruction. Exonaration of what ? Mueller was not on top of it.Even the viewer at home had acknowledge it. This lamenting on the President of the US is getting absurd.

  42. What a bunch of BS…lol…One truly must be a braindead zombie…to keep buying this CRAP after 2.5 years:( You're being PLAYED folks!! All part of the RESISTANCE…which started on day ONE of Trump!! This former long time dem says…Trump 2020!!!!

  43. And denial ain't just a river in Egypt. First, Mueller chose not prosecute, but left the decision to AG Barr. It was never his job to find anyone innocent, since only God can do that. And if some vague statute was all that stood in his way, why didn't he say that in the report? FYI, Ken Starr did recommend indicting Clinton, so there was clearly precedent. And your delusion gets even better. Even you admit Mr. Mueller was propbably non compos mentis, so why do you claim he has any credibility? No popel like you are just a bunch of clueless political hacks.

  44. Did you get the GOP Rep when he asked Mueller , did you notify Trump he was being investigated ? and what evidence did you have to investigate ? Mueller looked at him as if to say " You Don't Notify People Who are being Investigated " daa , and " That's Why We Are Doing the Investigation , to find any Evidence " daa , and these GOPs are Congressmen running our country ? ? ? , and some are Former Procecutors ? ? ? daaa, I guess they didn't know what questions to ask bc they didn't want to hear the Wrong Answers ,

  45. Rachel your done it’s about time… best thing you can do is pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow you lost.. and everyone knows it your ratings are done you are done lmao stfu go crawl in a hole somewhere then go to a trump rally cause he’s a winner your a loser and it’s so funny

  46. How come there is no reporting on the Mueller Inquisition and how the Nazis withheld exculpatory information and forged summaries to fool the courts in order to frame Trump?

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