Lifetime 2871 Rocking Glider 4′ Bench Assembly

In this Instructional video we’ll assemble
the base of a high-density Polyethylene Glider Bench by Lifetime Products Slide the cross
supports over the legs and secure the cross boards to the legs using the screws and cap
nuts. Do not over-tighten the cap-nuts. Repeat this step for the right side. Now orient the
bearing arms so they angle away from the legs when attached. Connect the bearing arms using
the hardware shown and complete for both legs. Secure the back cross-support to the right
and left arms and connect the seat cross support to the right and left arms. In this instructional
video we’ll assemble the back and seat of the polyethylene glider bench by Lifetime
Products. Connect the back to the frame using five screws. Now connect the seat to the frame
using four screws. Using at least two adults carefully lift the upper bench assembly and
set it on the leg assembly. Connect the bearing arms to the left and right leg assembly’s
using cap-nuts, do not Over-tighten.

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