Lie Witness News – Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Edition


  1. I swear these people should not be allowed to vote. It's scary to know that there are many people out there with voting rights and no brain.

  2. Maybe no one watches the news because you give them junk like this! Or they have better things to do.
    And really is it all that hard to go out on the street talk to 20 people and then edit out those who say your wrong, are not funny or simply walk away.

  3. The truly amazing aspect of this exercise is that these people would sign releases and allow their idiocy to be shown and mocked on national tv. Now, that's SAD!!!

  4. KIMMEL TEAM would you kindly make a video with the actual statistics of these, im curious how many people you had to ask to get such hilarious idiots to answer in such a fantastic way ( the redhead… such passion for someone who knows so little)

  5. I used to think these people were idiots until a guy came up to me with a camera man and asked me a question… the words were just coming out of my mouth before I can even think about what I was actually saying -_-

  6. A trump supporter talking about the kardashians having no brains? Not a fan of them but even they've got their priorities straight. Also the way she described rob is the same for trump.

  7. Interviewer: "The reality industry should not be in politics?"
    Lady: "yes and I support Trump".
    Are you serious!?

  8. I share a country with these people. I can't believe their parents never considered Abortion. They would have done a public service.

  9. These people can't seriously be this stupid? they surely had to be paid to act stupid? i mean no one can be this retarded.

  10. I know most americans are ignorant to what goes on around the world, but how can they be so clueless about what is going on in their own country?

  11. This joke fell flat by using the same name over and over again. They should have said that his next Supreme Court nominee was Carrot Top, Paulie Shore, Gary Busey et. al.

  12. Californians, useless idiots??? Sounds about accurate. Waiting patiently for the day Cali breaks off from the US and floats into the North Pacific with all the mindless progressive Liberal sheep that occupy it.

  13. omg! are even these people real? I can't believe there are such clueless people in this world! omfg! for god sake smh why? lord

  14. You know you're taking about Trump! I don't think anything would surprise most people… coming from him. But it's unbelievable that people claim that they already saw that in the news lol

  15. It shows the Intelligence level of people from Los Angeles. How willing these people where willing to lie about watching it on tv.

  16. They're asking people questions that are being dubbed over to make it seem like they're answering the questions you're in fact hearing. That's why we don't see the lady holding the microphones mouth as she asks the questions lol clever

  17. These idiots will get us all killed one day. Could you imagine if these people made important decisions in our government. America would be the next Rome

  18. “I’m actually a Trump supporter”

    Well no wonder you’re a Trump supporter. You’re just as stupid as he is.

  19. The obsession to act smart even when you have no clue whatsoever, is the most insulting facepalm a person would absolutely regret. Why should they speak when they don't know what they are even talking about.

  20. I don't think these people consider themselves as lying. I think they are just considered to be stupid.

  21. Cant believe all these people believed such a heinous lie. Not the Trump thing but when somebody in their past told them they were smart. _ smh

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