Let Me See Your Call Log! Phone Records Indicate Cheating | Couples Court

This is
Couples Court With the Cutlers. This is the case of
Vargas v.s McManus.
You all have been together
for four years and are living together.
Is that correct? That’s correct. Right. Ms. Vargas, you’ve come
to court today with some very specific
allegations. Tell us why you’re here. Well, I’m here to find out
to see if my future husband is sleeping
with my sister-in-law. Or anybody else. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) JUDGE KEITH:
With you sister-in-law,
or anybody else? Correct. There’s one thing
if it’s a woman, but your future
sister-in-law, his sister-in-law.
That has a whole
other level to it. It’s hard to deal with.
It makes me feel crazy. It is a very big problem. Yeah. I don’t have any desire
to be with my sister-in-law. I only have eyes for one woman,
and that woman is standing
to the right side of me. So, Mr. McManus,
what do you hope
to prove today? I hope to prove that
I’m not lying to her and that we get our future
going together
back where we need to go. I want to get married to her
and I want to be with her
the rest of my life. (ALL APPLAUDING) Does it make a difference
whether it’s another woman
or a sister-in-law? Well, let’s just
break this down. Break it down. Break it down. Break it down
so it’ll be broke forever. There you go. If it’s another woman, she’s gonna be outta
your life if you get
past this, but your sister-in-law
is family. That’s a whole
different animal. And I can tell this has put
a strain between the two
Yes, ma’am, it has. I’ll leave the house,
sometime go for a walk
down to the lake or something, and of course she says
I’m going down there
to meet somebody else. It breaks my heart.
It tears me apart that
she just won’t listen to me and believe that
I’m telling her the truth. Well, it wasn’t always
like that, I’m sure. JULIE VARGAS: No. McMANUS: No. So, how did
you two meet? At my job. She’s a stripper.
Was a stripper at the time. Oh! (McMANUS LAUGHS) All right, tell me
about that. I just got out of
a relationship and I decided
I wanted to go check out another woman, or women,
or have some fun. Let loose a little bit. JUDGE DANA:
So you set yourself free, and you were gonna go and see
what freedom tasted like. McMANUS: Pretty much. That’s one way to do it.
So Ms. Vargas, what did
you do to actually come in contact
with him? Well, I… Well, wait now, that… I know exactly
what I’m asking, Mr. Cutler. Let this lady
answer the question. You sure? Go ahead, Ms. Vargas. He was really different from
all the other guys
that were there. I’ve never sat with somebody
who was real gentle,
didn’t touch me like, wasn’t grabby, didn’t,
you know… He was really different. He was very smart.
He’s like an encyclopedia. You got all this while
interacting at
the strip club? Yeah. ‘Cause I’ve seen strip clubs
on television. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Good answer, Mr. Cutler. And there really isn’t
a lot of dialogue about
world events going on. How you know that? I’ve seen strip clubs
on television. Okay. I’ve seen them
in the movies… I’m just verifying. But there really isn’t
a lot of discussion about
world events and all that. How did you
make this connection? When I called him, we met
at a restaurant. It was
an official date. We got drunk, and… We went to the hotel
and I ravaged him. He doesn’t remember.
I drove him to the hotel. By anybody’s standard,
that’s a good date. Come on, you gotta… Mr. Cutler, I’m not
going there with you. That’s a good date.
Come on. Let’s hear
from Mr. McManus. Was it a good date
for you? It was, absolutely. What did you like
about her? One thing, she’s
drop dead gorgeous. I mean… MAN: Yeah. I wake up and I feel proud
to wake up next to her
every morning and look at her. She looks gorgeous
when she rolls
out of bed. All right. Why do you believe
he’s cheating with
his sister-in-law? When she comes around,
I mean, nothing stops
for her. He goes and gets her things.
We’ll be playing dice,
and they’ll have a conversation for 10 minutes
and I’ll just be there in the background,
just looking at them. You cut yourself
out of that conversation. How do I cut myself out if you
guys are looking at each other
and not looking at me? Is it true that you’re
attentive to your
sister-in-law? I’m attentive to any guest
that comes to my house. I understand that.
I’m asking you
something different. Are you attentive to your
sister-in-law? Like any normal guest
that comes to my house. “Attentive”? But there’s two flirtatious
personalities getting together and it creates a bomb
sometimes, I think. Okay, so that would be
innocent, right? I would think so,
but it goes over… You’re supposed to stare
at a person for like
so many seconds? Well, it goes over and beyond. And your gut is saying… It’s screaming. Your gut is screaming that
this is not just like
“Ha-ha-ha.” There’s another
level to it. Is this one of those
women’s intuition things? It is. It’s not always right. JUDGE DANA: Wait a minute.
Don’t say it like that either. I mean, anybody looking at that
would think they’re just
naturally flirtatious. And she’s saying something
that “I’m just getting
this feeling,” so that’s why I’m asking
if it’s woman’s intuition. Okay. There’s more
to the story. Watch this. Have yo ever caught them
communicating with each other? Yes. Uh-huh?
Wait, wait, wait. What have you caught? I would think it was her,
but on the phone together, but when I asked her,
she told me no.
She denied it. Okay, but how do you know
that were talking? I’ve seen records on the phone. Our phones are linked,
’cause of the plan
we’re on. So, she downloaded an app
that’s supposed to
read files. I go in there
and look at it when she’s accusing me,
and I say, “That’s your phone
number making the calls.” No. That’s your phone number
making the text. And it wasn’t just
from my number.
My number was there, but his number was there also. And so what you’ve seen
on that tracking is that his number
and her number are
talking to each other? But what about when she uses
my phone to call
my sister-in-law? Why would I do that
if I have my own phone? Your phone’s dead. True that. Yeah. JUDGE KEITH: They’re family,
so they’re talking. No, no, no! But you remember
when you went
“women’s intuition thing,” and I said that there’s more
to it than that, and she said
they’re communicating and the sister-in-law
is denying this communication. Which ramps up your belief. Yes. Mmm-hmm. What else do you have? In the bathroom,
I had noticed I was putting up
clothes and I could hear… (MIMICS WHISPERING) So I opened up the clothes
and I listened more, and he’s like, “It’s okay,
honey, all right, okay.” And then he’s telling me… I’m like, “Who are you
talking to?” And he’s like, “Nobody,
I’m talking to myself.” I’m like, “Why are you cutting
yourself off in mid-sentence?” I do talk to myself. But do you
call yourself “honey”? No, and I… She thinks she has this
super-sonic hearing
that she’s developed, and… It’s a really thin wall,
I mean, you can
hear everything. When I’m taking care
of my personal business
in there, I’m not gonna
talk on the phone. JUDGE KEITH: The question is,
Mr. McManus, when she’s
in another room why you talking on the phone
in such a way it’s like… McMANUS: I’m not. But she’s getting
that impression. I don’t know
where she gets that from. All right. Going back
to the woman’s intuition, ’cause I’m stuck there,
Mr. Cutler. Have you seen any
behavioral changes? Absolutely. Okay,
tell me about that. Moreover, tell
Mr. Cutler about that. Well, in the bedroom
we like to watch porn, you know,
to get motors running,
get it started… JUDGE DANA:
Get the party started. And I started noticing
the different kinds of
porn that was coming up. Okay. You know, the BBW. Big beautiful women. Big beautiful women. I started noticing. And that was just recently. JUDGE DANA:
So what that it’s gone
up to BBW? Well, it’s just something is
different. I’m not used to it. Ms. Vargas,
let me ask you
a question. Is your sister-in-law
full figured? Yes, she is. She’s beautiful. JUDGE DANA: Ah! That’s the connection. That’s the connection. See, Mr. Cutler, there’s
the three step push to her gut screaming.
There it is. That’s all part of… The women’s intuition. Now, would you agree that
your sister-in-law’s
full figured? Um, not in my eyes. JUDGE KEITH:
And has there been
a switch in your watching, viewing tastes? McMANUS: No. Inconsistent? Inconsistent. Well, there’s her side,
there’s his side, and there’s
the sister-in-law’s side. And we have
the sister-in-law
here today. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Fine. That’s great. JUDGE DANA:
We gonna find out. JUDGE KEITH:
Have a seat, please. JENNIFER McMANUS: Yes, sir. Thank you.
Would you state your name
for the court, please? Jennifer McManus. And Ms. McManus,
how are you familiar with
our litigates? Daniel is my brother-in-law, and Janine is my friend
and my soon to be
sister-in-law. And, do you understand
why you are here? I believe I do. JUDGE DANA: All right. All right,
can you tell me why Ms. Vargas believes
that you are in fact sexually active
with her fiance? Well, I believe that Ms. Vargas
has a low self-esteem from
past relationships that she’s been in. I’m sorry that
I’m a voluptuous, good-looking
woman and every man wants me. What can I say?
I’m proud of myself. I just wish everyone was
as confident as I. Well, Ms. McManus, Ms. Vargas has indicated that
there’s a special connection
that you have with Mr. McManus. The way you all talk,
the way you interact. What is that
special connection? Well, I’ve never really
thought of it as
a special connection, because I treat him
just like I treat every man. With kindness, compassion,
love, I like to have
a good time, laugh, joke, carry on, tell a few dirty jokes. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Uh, you know… And I just draw people
into me. Ms. Vargas has said
she has testified today that she’s asked you
do you talk to Mr. McManus on the phone,
and she said you denied it. And then she finds old
phone records that you have
in fact talked to him. Do you talk to him
on the phone? No, I do not talk to him. For one reason
he will not talk to me
because I guess she gives him
attitude about whoever he’s talking to. Maybe no one, because I really
don’t believe that he is
talking to anyone. I think that it’s in her mind
that she’s convinced
her own self that there’s
something going on
and there’s not. JUDGE DANA: All right.
I’m just gonna ask you
point blank. Are you in a relationship
with your brother-in-law? No, Your Honor.
I am not. Are you in
a sexual relationship
with your brother-in-law? No, Your Honor. I am not.
I’m sexually happy
right where I’m at. With his brother? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. McManus,
I notice in your court papers
that you left for two weeks? She left for two weeks. She left for two weeks. Yeah, there were
several times I left. All because you believe
he’s cheating with
your sister-in-law? Yeah, if it’s not her,
then it has to be
somebody else. Something’s going on
with somebody. JUDGE DANA: And you are
convinced of that? Yeah. So when you came back
after leaving for
two weeks, what happened? I came back and I saw some
hand soap that only comes from
the shop that she works at. It was a brand-new bar of soap
and I didn’t put it there. JUDGE DANA:
So that was proof to you that your sister-in-law
had been in the home while you were gone? Correct. Yeah Your Honor,
we carried that bar of soap
probably two years ago. So, if they had
that bar of soap,
they’ve had it for two years. (ALL LAUGHING) But it wasn’t because
you had been at the house
for the entire period? So is that
woman’s intuition when
you leave and come back and you notice something
that was already there? I don’t know what that is.
I can’t speak to that, but, clearly, Ms. Vargas… She thinks it was. Ms. Vargas believes that
that was proof she was there, or that the relationship
is continuing. And you say
that if you find out he is in fact having
a relationship
outside of yours, this relationship is done. It is done. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. McManus,
it’s not looking good. No it’s not, but,
I’m not lying to this woman. Like I said, I’m ready to go
the distance with her. Here’s the evidence
that we’ve seen so far. That you’ve given
your sister-in-law
extra attention. You all have this special
connection that you have. You’re on the phone
in a secretive manner where she hears you
whispering. Ms. Vargas
leaves for two weeks, comes back, there is
soap and other products
in your bathroom that come from
the same place where
your sister-in-law works. They were
already there before. This court has done a full
and complete investigation
to determine, is Mr. McManus cheating with his sister-in-law? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) With anyone. At this time, the court
would like to call licensed and certified
polygraph examiner,
Tommy Platt into the courtroom. Ron, would you please
escort him in. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
Hello, Mr Platt. TOMMY PLATT: Morning. Welcome. Could you please state
your credentials
for the court record? I have 30 years experience
in the United States Military
and law enforcement. I have been a licensed
polygraph examiner
for 10 years, and I’ve conducted
nearly 3,000 polygraph
examinations. JUDGE DANA: So little bit of
experience under your belt? Little bit. You performed a polygraph
on Mr. McManus.
Is that correct? Yes, ma’am. You asked Mr. McManus, “During your four year
relationship with
Ms. Vargas, “have you ever had
sexual intercourse
with your sister-in-law?” That’s correct. JUDGE DANA: Have you ever had
sexual intercourse
with your sister-in-law? What was his response? He stated no. What did
the polygraph reveal? PLATT:
The polygraph determined that he was being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE DANA:
Now I see the tears of…
Is that happiness? Yeah. Yes. Is that relief? What’s going through
your mind? (SIGHS DEEPLY) I’m just happy
you’re telling the truth. Both of y’all. JUDGE KEITH: But we do have
one more question. Mr. McManus was asked, “During your four year
relationship with Ms. Vargas, “have you had
sexual intercourse with
any other woman?” What was his response
to that question? PLATT: He stated no. JUDGE KEITH: What did
the polygraph determine? The polygraph determined that he was being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Ms. Vargas, you came here
for the truth, you’ve gotten it. Mr. McManus, I am so glad.
I see the tears in your eyes. Tell me about that. I’m so happy. Now we can move
past this, and… There’s one thing I’d like
to say though,
before we adjourn from this. Ms. Julie Janine Vargas, would you do me the honor
and privilege of letting me…
Letting your stars
guide me of our relationship
to a final destination so we can
end this ride together? Aw! Thank you.
I’m so sorry, honey. It’s okay.
I love you. I love you, too. Congratulations
to both of you. It’s a great first step. It’s a great first step. JUDGE KEITH: Here’s the thing.
In a number of situations
where there’s another woman, you can just get rid
of the other woman. This is a sister-in-law.
She’s not going anywhere, so y’all have
got to co-exist.This isCouples Court
With the Cutlers. This is the case
ofLittle v. Clayton.You all have been married
for five years. You’re here in court
because allegations
of cheating are threatening
your relationship. Ms. Little, tell us
why you’re here. Well, Judge, I am here
because I feel like
my husband has been meeting
women online… ERIC CLAYTON: That’s not true. …and having sex with them. No, that is not gonna happen. And I need to find out what is really the truth. No. What does that feel like
in your gut? KASHUNA LITTLE:
What it feels like? It feels like there is
something wrong. It feels like there’s
something bad
about to happen. There’s a hurricane comin’, and no one has
talked about it
on the news. And it’s gonna be…
It’s destructive? Oh, it’s destructive.
But guess what? I bring more
destruction than that. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Oh, so… So she’s talking
Category 4, Category 5 action. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, seven, seven. ‘Cause seven is
the perfect number. That’s not even
a real category. Okay. So you’re gonna
find out today. You’re making
stuff up already. You’re gonna find out. You’re already
making stuff up. Okay, all right. Mr. Clayton,
why are you here? What do you want
to show today? CLAYTON: I don’t even know
why I’m here. That’s what I’m trying to say. I don’t know. ‘Cause, everything
that I’m hearing about is all made up.
It’s not true. There’s nothing that’s… So, you’re saying
that none of her gut feelings is true. You are not cheating. I’m not cheating. There’s nothing
happening here. I’ve caught him… There’s nothing
happening there, there’s nothing
happening anywhere. Oh, you’re Dr. Seuss now. Yeah. Oh, okay. All right. (ALL LAUGHING) How did you meet? LITTLE: Okay, we met online. I was living on the West Coast, he was living in the Midwest. And one of my
family members said, “I want you to come home
for the holiday.” So I said, “Let me get online
and see what’s going on.” I wasn’t looking
for a relationship. I thought, “I’ll go there, “I’ll have me a little
holiday boo that can
wine me and dine me. “I don’t have to get into
a commitment. “We will just be the perfect
girlfriend and boyfriend “for those two weeks
while I’m there. “Then when I’m gone, see ya! “Back to my life,
back on my grind.” But Mr. Clayton was
pretty slick, and he wrang… He, you know,
he wrangled me in. JUDGE DANA: All right.
How did he win you over? He won me over
because he was very chivalrous. And then what really got me
was, I was at the mall
with my family members, and it started to snow,
and the next thing I know, he comes in with the largest
umbrella I’ve ever seen. JUDGE DANA:
Oh, look at you,
Mr. Clayton! What was it about her that made
you want to bring an umbrella
to the mall? Oh, okay, well, you can see
she’s a very lovely lady. LITTLE: Mmm-hmm. Very beautiful. And she has a larger-than-life
personality that you can
see already. You know? Sometimes that gets
a little too large… LITTLE: Oh, uh-uh. But it’s okay.
What I’m saying is,
I wanted to settle down, and I wanted to have
a nice mother
for my children, and she just
fit the bill perfectly, and I just said,
“I have to pursue
this woman.” And he quit two jobs and left his
brand-new truck
at home, and got married to me
last-minute and flew
to the West Coast. So, Ms. Little, you thought
you had found
the perfect man. Oh, I thought. JUDGE DANA:
You got married… Mmm-hmm. JUDGE DANA: But now
you believe you need
that umbrella that he brought to you
for the perfect storm
that’s comin’. LITTLE: Oh, yeah. Is that right? Oh, yes. Oh, yes. All right, tell me about that. Okay, so I’m going through,
sorting my clothes, right? JUDGE DANA: Okay. And then, whoop!
of paper falls out. So, I open up the paper
ever-so carefully, and guess what it is? A very popular restaurant that I’ve been
wanting to go to
for a long time. And on that restaurant, there wasn’t any food, okay? There were just drinks. Five drinks, okay? Two margaritas and, I think,
three beers. This man don’t be drinking
no fruity drinks like that! (AUDIENCE GASPS) Come on, so… I don’t know
what this receipt is. What? This ain’t my receipt. This ain’t my receipt.
I never seen it. Oh! You already know… JUDGE KEITH:
So, he have five drinks? JUDGE DANA:
No, no, no, no. Cutler, this is two drinks
for one person… LITTLE: Uh-huh. …and three drinks… You don’t mix and match Come on, Judge! JUDGE DANA:
Wait, wait, wait. JUDGE DANA:
Let’s break it down. Come on! Come on, come on, come on. I don’t see a whole
lot of men drinking
strawberry margaritas. Mmm-hmm. But two strawberries,
that looks like a man
and a woman. LITTLE: Right. Can I look at the prices
real quick? JUDGE DANA: Yeah. Eight dollars. CLAYTON:
I’m the type of…
I’m a practical man. I’m gonna get
a whole case for $8. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I’m gonna pre-game before I go. I’d rather have the case. I’m gonna pre-game.
I’m gonna go there before. JUDGE KEITH: Okay, then,
Mr. Clayton… Wait, wait. JUDGE KEITH:
I can understand that. He say he gonna pre-game. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Clayton,
here’s my question for you. Go ahead. Okay. Forget about the prices
for a minute. CLAYTON: All right. Mmm-hmm. The receipt was in your pants. She didn’t say that
they came from the pants. She said that
as she was unfolding, it fell. So, therefore, it might not
even have been in the pants. Oh, it was in the pants,
all right. All right, what else do you
have that supports your belief
that he’s cheating? Okay, so… I was house-sitting
for a friend… JUDGE DANA: Okay. …and, um, he was at home, and while I was house-sitting
for those two weeks, I kept trying to call him, I kept trying to text him, I tried to instant message him
on social media… He was not responding. I’d tell him,
“We need to
wash clothes,” because I was gonna
be coming back home, and I like to go to
the laundromat and be able
to use the big boards and put… Yeah, yeah. So we’re sitting there
as the clothes are washing, his phone rings. So, he picked it up, he didn’t look at it. I guess he forgot. You know,
“Oh, I’m gonna
pick up a phone.” I hear a little
sweet voice say, “Hello?” He hung the phone up
and powered the phone off. I said, “Why you power
the phone off?” “No, no, no, no,
my battery went dead.” Your battery went dead
in three seconds? I said, “Give me the phone.”
He wouldn’t give me the phone. If you don’t have
anything to hide, let me see the phone. JUDGE KEITH: And he
wouldn’t let you see it. This man turned
seven shades of gray. Okay? He didn’t… He would not
give me that phone. I’ve heard of
Fifty Shades of Grey,
but I haven’t heard of
seven shades of gray. Okay. LITTLE: Okay, you know what? I said, “You forget I’m the one
with the password
to the account.” Just so happened that
our carrier, the store, was right next door
to the laundromat. So I said… CLAYTON:
Ooh, that’s some
bad luck right there. Yeah. I said, “I got you.” I walked over to the
phone company, and I said, “How y’all doing?” I said, “You know, I need
to check on some usage
on my phone.” I pull it up, that’s when I see all these…
It’s the same number. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, you submitted
that evidence to the court. The list. LITTLE: Yes, I did. All right, would you like
to step up to the monitor? I sure would like
to step right on over here. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Uh-oh. JUDGE DANA:
She did step over there, y’all. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) As you can see,
Your Honor, all these in red, you see
the same number here? JUDGE DANA: Yeah. Six-one-eight. JUDGE DANA: Uh-huh. That is not a
California number. I don’t recognize this, okay? Okay. So, you see here 618. Minutes, 190 minutes! That’s a lot of talkin’. LITTLE: One-ninety. Ninety-nine, 92, 102, 223, 174,
164, 27, and 92. What the hell
was y’all talkin’ about? (AUDIENCE WHOOPS) JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Clayton. Yes. It looks bad. Yeah! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) CLAYTON: But it’s not. She just willy-nilly just
gonna go and house-sit
for this friend, I didn’t know
anything about it. So, I’m at home… LITTLE: Liar. …without any information. I get bored. I go on an app… Mmm-hmm. CLAYTON:
…to talk to somebody. I like to talk about
comic books sometimes. This is an anonymous app. It doesn’t say whether
it’s a woman or a man. I was in the group chat. All right. Wait a minute,
wait a minute. CLAYTON: And I’m not even on… She doesn’t think you… CLAYTON: I like to… I like to talk on the phone. I don’t like the…
All that stuff. I can misspell it… JUDGE KEITH:
Hold on, hold on, hold on. Mr. Clayton,
she don’t think
you Spider-Man, she thinks you
Sneaky-Man right now. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That’s what she think, but I’m telling you
it’s all in her head. (ALL SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Oh, Lord. JUDGE KEITH:
Ms. Little, Ms. Little, thank you. Would you step
back to the podium, please? All right, did you
ever find out who he was talking to? LITTLE: Yes, I did. Oh, really? I called the girl, and it was a girl, and she answered the phone,
and I said, “Hello?” She said, “Hello?”
I said, “Hello.” I said, um, “Who is this?” She told me her name.
I said, “This is Eric’s wife.” She said, “Wife?” She said, “Well, he told me
that he was divorced.” Now, you wanna tell…
You wanna say… Now, that’s not true. CLAYTON: I never mentioned
that I was married because it wasn’t
a part of the conversation. That cut me down. If you’re talking about
comic books, why you gotta say
you’re divorced, then? Is that a part of it? I never said
I was divorced. I never said I was married.
It’s none of her business. Okay, she told me… She told me that
he said that he
was divorced and that he had been
making plans to visit her. She was very…
You know, I’m ready
to go off on her, so… CLAYTON: We gonna meet up
for Comic-Con. …’cause she knew that he… I’m saying this
all makes sense. LITTLE: If she knew that he was married or not… Comic-Con is in
a different location …she was very apologetic. So, we didn’t
have no arguments
since then because the girl
was very apologetic. And I said, “You know what?” She even seemed
like she was hurt. And I said, “You know what?
I want to apologize “on behalf of my husband
for leading you on.” ‘Cause not only
is he hurting me, you’re hurting
her as well. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) It’s not true. I’m just gonna
ask you, Mr. Clayton, are you cheating? I am not cheating. Did you cheat with this woman
who you were talking to
at 1:00 in the morning? I did not cheat with her. But you were making plans
to meet her at Comic-Con. Oh, yeah. Definitely. If you talkin’
about Comic-Con,
let me know! Why would I trip about that? I mean, I know I’m
passionate and spirited today, but if he had said,
“This is what I got
goin’ on,” I would’ve got dressed up
and gone to Comic-Con, too. What are you hiding? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I wanna be sure,
Mr. Clayton, ’cause like you said,
it smells bad,
it looks bad. It does smell bad and look bad, but I have never
cheated on my wife. JUDGE DANA: You have
never cheated. I have never done it. JUDGE KEITH:
In the five years
you’ve been married, you’ve never cheated
on your wife. In five years. I have been
with this woman,
and this woman only. JUDGE DANA:
All right, so,
here’s what we have. JUDGE KEITH: All right. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Cutler. She believes he’s cheating
for a couple reasons. One, while she was
doing the laundry, out comes a receipt, with drinks on it, it looks like for two people, and it really looks
like a woman and a man. And then, on top of that, she finds out that he has
been spending hours… Hours. JUDGE DANA: …on the
phone, with someone Mmm-hmm. …and discovers it’s a woman. Yeah. And then that young lady
shares with her that he, Mr. Clayton,
has told her “I’m divorced,” and they making plans
to hang out together. LITTLE: Mmm-hmm. Based on all of that,
she believes that
he is cheating. Everything is on the line
with this case. Everything. JUDGE KEITH:
Well, this court has done a full and complete
investigation. Particularly because
of these allegations
of online activity, we need some help. So at this time,
the court would like to call digital forensic consultant
Patrick Siewert
to determine is he cheating? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Go ahead and go over
to the witness stand, please. How are you doing today? Hello, Your Honors. All right, it’s good
to see you. PATRICK SIEWERT:
Good to see you. The court ordered Mr. Clayton
to submit his phone
for examination. Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
And you examined his phone. I did. JUDGE KEITH:
Did you uncover anything interesting
in Mr. Clayton’s messages? SIEWERT: Yes, there were
a total of 205 messages between Mr. Clayton
and another party discussing female genitalia. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE DANA: Hmm. Is that in a comic book
that I’ve not seen? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) No. JUDGE DANA:
Okay. All right. Did you find anything else
on his phone?
Mr. Clayton’s phone? Unfortunately, I did. Uh, just about a week ago,
the defendant took this
provocative picture of himself. JUDGE DANA: Oh, boy. Ah. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLES) Okay, this is a very,
very close-up picture
of your genitalia. Is it? Well, there wasn’t
much to see. (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: Ms. Little,
did you ever receive
a picture? LITTLE: Nope. You’ve not seen
this picture? I have not received
those types of pictures since we’ve been married. And you said this
was a week ago,
Mr. Siewert? Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
Who did you send it to? I didn’t send it to nobody. You just took the picture
just to have it in
your phone? There’s a lot of pictures
in my phone. Of your junk? No, no, sir. No, sir. JUDGE DANA:
All right. To further
investigate this matter, at this time, the court
would like to call licensed private investigator
and polygraph examiner
Kendall Shull. Ron, would you please
escort him in? RON: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) So, you conducted
a polygraph examination
of Mr. Clayton? I did, Your Honor. All right. You asked Mr. Clayton, “Since you’ve been married, have you had intimate
or sexual online relationships
with women?” What was his response? He said no. What did the
lie detector determine? The lie detector
he was being deceptive. All right, Mr. Clayton. Now’s your time
to tell the truth. CLAYTON: I’ve talked
to women online. I’ve done it. And I knew I had crossed
the line in that. I take that,
full responsibility. I apologize that
I ever would do
something like that to you. What you don’t
understand is
if you are online talking with other women, having whatever
internet sex with them, that’s taking away time
that you should be
giving to me. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Okay, we wanna see
if this online activity, this online flirting, has turned into something
physical in person. You asked Mr. Clayton, “Since you’ve been
married to your wife, “have you had
sexual intercourse
with anyone “other than your wife?” What was his response
to that question? Your Honor, he said no. JUDGE KEITH:
What did the lie
detector determine? SHULL: The lie detector
determined that he was being… truthful, Your Honor. You know, it’s very
interesting, love… How couples
don’t understand or don’t plan about this social media thing. Because, you know,
when we got started,
it wasn’t there. In the olden days. In the “olden days.” Yeah, there was
no social media. There was
no social media, so we didn’t have
to have a conversation about what’s appropriate,
what’s inappropriate. JUDGE KEITH: So, now
that you all have figured out
what’s going on, you know what lines he crossed,
what lines he didn’t cross. You came here to get answers. You have those
answers now. Where is this
relationship going? Well, I’ve tried to get him
to go to therapy, and he will not go. I love him with
everything that is within me, but if we don’t do that,
I cannot see us
having longevity. Mr. Clayton, it sounds like
your wife has done everything
to try to save your marriage. What are you gonna do? Man, I wanna do…
I wanna do
whatever it takes in order to save this marriage, because I love this woman. So you’ll go
to counseling? So, that’s, um, well…
You’ll go to counseling. I… I’ll consider
counseling. I’ll consider therapy. Whoo! Okay. Hold up. Let me help. You got this? I got this. Mr. Clayton, I’mma just
take over and say I am ordering you
to go to therapy if you plan to
stay with her. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So you go, and you’re
gonna go with a smile. And it’s gonna start when
you walk out of here. We have counseling
available in this
courtroom, so you gonna start here,
you gonna finish
in California. And as we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself out of
an opportunity to have a happy,
trust-filled relationship. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGING)

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