Law Students Play Never Have I Ever

mr. sides of the life my name is Becky I’m Ramsey hi I’m Jelena hi I’m Rachel and we’re playing never have I ever law school edition never have I ever cheated on a test in law school I have not I’ve thought about it it’s impossible during those 2 to 4 hour exams you have at least three people walking around looking so it’s not and they wait for you outside of the bathroom until yeah I’m like a real gonna go yes I gotta leave by the time I got to law school I was like I can miss not as I can do Padova’s same I did cheat on an exam once in junior high Oh high school in hell never have I ever thought about or actually rage quit law school I don’t think I not rage credit it’s been like no very meditative yeah I feel like I’ve thought yeah what do i do not know rage but no I have been so angry that I have considered walking out of law school and had it not cost so much money I might have I did too but then I realized that I didn’t have scholarships so I needed to be there yeah yeah normal that’s normal never have I ever come to school under the influence that is that is a big now our school wise a kind of conservative Christian dry campus you wouldn’t show up to law school under the influence and certainly not certainly not at the school that we went to does bar prep count drinks are cheaper during the week as a law student you’re a law student you are broke so you go out took advantage of those happy hours oh my God my first hangover during bar prep and came and still kinda drunk throwing up on the basement in the bathroom of the basement of a Korean church never have I ever dated another lawyer person in law all my boyfriend’s I thought I would ever do because around them all the time yeah it kind of comes incestuous I think it resulted in like more arguments of animals yeah think about they take different yaks on whatever say amendment what’s your definition of dated I have had relations with a lawyer who did go to law school at the same time as us okay more than one now that well never hurt nobody yeah and then when it’s all done exercise of the like never have I ever fallen asleep in class not during law school I know sometimes those professors get up there and just like today we’re going to talk about a silver procedure in this lake everything’s exciting yeah if you I mean the thing that scared me was not that’s not an option your entire grade is that one exam at the end of the semester so there’s no other like things to hold you love and it’s something okay make up extra credit like the mo there is none of that they’re like you’re gonna take this class again and they’re gonna get put on academic probation yeah or usually just ask you to leave school never have I ever thought I made the wrong decision about going into law school I have thought that I made the wrong decision by going to law school and some days I still think that I mean I think I am until you how you haven’t my dad was an attorney so when I was younger you know I used to watch him go with this briefcase and he looked very important growing up I did like acting a little so I kind of thought it would be like in the courtroom yeah you know yeah ladies and gentlemen of the jury type things so I think once I made my decision I I stuck with it um law school itself is very hard it involves a lot of Tears like decision at least once a week yeah being lawyers very hard it still involves a lot of Tears so yeah I definitely sometimes wonder how different my life would be if I couldn’t go never I’ve ever had to pull an all-nighter are you much every class every class yeah I used to I was on the new cork team and I had friends on Law Review in law journal and so I used to collect keys to the offices near campus so I could sleep on on campus I had spent I would take nights off of law school like there were nights where I’m like oh you know I’m just not gonna do the reading tonight because I need to go out holding all my different study yeah what I had those two nights of going out that was like okay I’m a little behind now maybe I should like ketchup and much my judgment I would spend all night reading and catching up never have I ever thought I was going to fail after 1l which is first year I have not after 1l during after our first semester I went home to Arizona and I was getting my hair done and my hair girl found bald patches from stress they went to the bar I worked at and asked my old manager if I could have my job back in case I failed out but then after those grades came in and after second semesters grades came in my GPA was at a point that I knew it would be more difficult to fail out than not once you get through the first year you pretty much like know how to do law school after that I was like every time we got any great back it’s on a curve right so it’s a constant competition every time final sudden gonna be yeah I guess it’s like a worry yeah every time finals and rolls around never have I ever gone out drinking with friends after we all thought we failed an important exam dance and karaoke okay something anything to forget about the misery I like after an exam okay so your minimum exam is two hours and they can be up to four hours straight I was always so genuinely emotionally and physically exhausted that even if I wanted to like I just wanted to go home and sleep opposite I’m glad we were able to share our experiences you don’t have to eighth law school to get a job everyone has their own experience with law school it’s different in every state it’s different for every person it’s different by school and you should never feel pressured to do with someone else’s way [Music] [Music]


  1. How to con people

    1) I have a dig bick
    2)You red that wrong
    3)And that
    4)You read that wrong too
    6)You just looked back
    7)But what you should have looked at that I missed 5
    8)I’m done now
    9) Thanks for looking
    10) I wasted your time

  2. hey u guys are the best hope u get more subs like 100mil or way more lol but ya ture u guys should have 1000000000000000mil

  3. Is it me ….or the two girls keep say yeahhh mhmmm yeahhjh like seriously im over here counting everytime the girl with the blonde hair say yeah😂

  4. Lmaoooo lies @ the cheating & not coming to class under the influence—everyone is on either weed, adderall, or cocaine 💀

  5. You NEED to love law stuff (and all things related to) in order to jump sleeping in every class… or being a total law nerd. My sleep has more value than anything school related hehe.

  6. Now I am thinking as business administration student I don't think that we have any interesting questions like medical &law student's have !
    Don't you think so ….or I am wrong….it's like everything is just boring I guess we don't have courtroom or any emergency cases …okay I love studying business but is there more interesting things about studying business
    Sorry if there any mistake I am still learning English

  7. Hey Buzzfeed. Your thumbnail is inaccurate. Bekki said that she had not cheated on a test, while you're thumbnail indicates that she did. Youre making her look bad. Please fix it.

  8. That blonde chick is annoying af. The alumni, zelda beta college girl, lawyer is in her blood, high school cheerleader. Blah ..

  9. As someone who just graduated law school where the majority if exams let you take you books and handwritten/printed outlines to exams I dont know how you can cheat?

  10. Lol I day drank at lunch before coming back to my last class of the day at law school. Everybody was doing it. I would prefer not to date other lawyers. And all nighters are not for me. I need to function.

  11. This is boring i feel like the Burnett is just copying the blonde girl and waiting to see what she says. They all are like super boring and have the same answers expect the guy lol love him

  12. So I personally know Rameses and he is about the funniest gay i know all the things he stated i can personally attest to. Now would i ever thought he would have been a lawyer but hey maybe that saying the world is you oyster is true.

  13. Imagine living in a world where getting bald spots from stress and fear of failing is an acceptable part of university because it decided what you can and can't do/afford in the rest of your life. Oh yes, we do that.

  14. I’m currently in law school so I won’t answer any incriminating questions. Character and fitness 😂😂. I’m jk. But I’m surprised nobody has fallen asleep in class. I have at least once in civ pro. I didn’t even know I fell asleep. It was a quick doze though 😂

    Btw I make law school vlogs!

  15. three people guarding the xm hall in law school??? in my HSC exam we had 6-8 people guarding the hall… and it was just high school….

  16. 5:42 when the guy gives her the craziest look bc she never went out drinking after an exam 😂😭😂😂 i’m ready asf

  17. I'm sorry but I don't feel bad about cheating on tests. I'm beating the system, but I'm obviously not extreme about it

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