Law & Order: SVU – Courtroom Strip Down! (Episode Highlight)

– Were you soliciting sex on the night
you met the defendant? – Not exactly soliciting. I was at a bar,
having a few drinks and he–
the defendant– started flirting with me. It felt good.
[chuckles] I like when men notice me. You know, I’m so used
to being an athlete. It’s nice to be noticed
just as a woman. But what I’m trying
to say is… I like the attention. We got a room.
– Okay. Did you tell him that he had to
pay you to have sex with you? – No. He just assumed
that was the deal. And I went along with it. – So you got a room. – What happened next? – We started having sex. Then he started getting rough. He started hitting me. I told him no,
that I wanted him to stop. And that made him
more aggressive. And then he started to do,
um, other things. – Other things like what? – I, um– I told him I didn’t want
to have… anal sex. And he, uh–
he started laughing and then he–he–he– he did it anyway. – So you told him you absolutely
did not want to have anal sex, but he did it anyway.
– Yes. And when he was done,
he threw money at me. I didn’t take it.
I was–I was hurt. And I was–
I was bleeding, it’s– I just ran out of the room. Eventually,
the police picked me up and took me to the ER. And then the SVU detectives–
I–I told them what happened. And, um– I’m ashamed about
what I did, but I’m not ashamed
that I was raped. And I want everyone
to hear my story so this man can never hurt
another woman again. – Thank you. – You didn’t make it to Rio. Is it fair to say you were virtually unknown
to the public before you falsely accused
my client of this crime? – Objection, relevance. – I’m getting to it, Your Honor.
– Get there quicker, Mr. Varma. – Happy to. This is all just an elaborate
publicity stunt, isn’t it? Once my client outed you
as a prostitute, your career was over. So you accused him of rape. And now you are hoping
to capitalize on your newfound
and sordid celebrity status. – No, I would never want
this kind of publicity. – Everybody is talking
about you. Everybody is looking at you.
Looking at your body. You just said, you like being
seen “as a woman.” You enjoy the attention.
– Yes, I do. – And yet,
despite all your hard work, you didn’t qualify
for the team. – My jump was disqualified
on a technicality. It was unfair. I’ll be back,
four years from now in Tokyo. – Four years from now,
when you’re what, 30? If you do qualify–
if the governing body doesn’t ban you
for being a prostitute. But I suppose my real point
here is: your body
is never gonna look as good as it does right now.
– Objection. – I–I would actually
like to answer that. My body will look great
four years from now. Better.
Because I work hard. Harder than you can imagine.
– Oh, for a change, I believe you there. I believe it is
incredibly hard work. That’s why you wanted
to show it off on the night that you met
Michael Wheeler. – Objection.
Badgering. – I’m following a line of
defense here, Your Honor. – Overruled.
Witness may answer. – Yes, I wanted to–
to–to show off– – And then he rejected you. He wasn’t as impressed
by your body as you wanted him to be. He said that you were
too muscular, too masculine. And that’s when you cried rape,
to get back at him. – Objection.
– How dare you use– How dare you–who do you
think you are? He said that he loved my body. Everyone tells me
that they love my body. I am 5’9, 112 pounds. I bench press 150 pounds.
– Your Honor, I need a recess. – I squat 225, ten reps.
I mean, my body is perfect. – Ms. Miller, what are you–
– It looks perfect! [overlapping chatter] Ms. Miller, what are you–
[stammering] Cover yourself! – Your Honor!
– Bailiff! – We’re adjourned for the day. – Screw you and your
son of a bitch client. My body is perfect.
I’m perfect. I’m perfect.
– Come on.


  1. I got a great idea because men have had it really good for too long of a Time and they don't hate themselves enough.
    Let's have the courthouse be a big woman's advocacy agency with a victims unit made up of man hating women. Let's nail these guys to the cross and chop off their penis so that women can finally feel equal.
    Maybe we could have even more men that are homeless despondent and on opiates to show everybody what a mess they are.
    Let's take their sperm, have children, divorce them, take the kids to really show them that women are better than men.
    Little boys are the future but once they hit puberty they're disgusting violent perverts.
    Now everybody get out of my way cuz I got to go to church and talk about how Jesus, love and think the best of your neighbor.

  2. This sounds disgusting all men who commit this should be locked away forever but she stated he raped her through Anal idk how she had the strength to stand up or walk 😶 it hurts soooo much never done it

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