Law of Attraction The Secret to SUPERCHARGING Your Vibration & HARMONIZING With What You Want!


  1. Recommended Video: How to Consciously CREATE YOUR REALITY With The Law of Attraction!

  2. I am so grateful even for the dirt on the bottom of my shoes. because that means I can walk and I had shoes. for my family and friends. I am just grateful for everything.🙌

  3. Into the looking glass – My people parish for a lack of knowledge – so a river runs threw it . If you listen you can see the connecting points in all the stories of great success (vision + the holy spirit) = success in any direction good or bad. You've been doing it your hole life. The holy spirit is the remembrance, and with the remembrance comes the knowing, and in the knowing you remember the feeling of when it happened. Because it already has happened, so you go to the end of what you want and it will be done on to you. If you have empathy you have the holy spirit, if you can remember the feeling of joy or sadness it is in you. THIS LANGUAGE IS ONE OF MANY STORIES THAT SAY THE SAME THING IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BIBLICAL SOUNDING TERMS YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE WITH OTHER WORDS MORE TO YOUR LIKING, BUT I MUST TELL YOU THIS. IN THE END YOU WILL SEE THE RIVER. —— BELIEVE IN EyE – EyE = THE VISION. So believe in the vision and know it will come to pass, plus you must have the holy spirit with you. Because GOD is in his holy temple and the temple is your body, but your body is not you. Take what I have said into the abstract, the point in the sleepy state where you start to drift off into sleep, you will feel it so just relax.—— You will never know death, so how do you know your alive! The same with dreaming, when your deep dreaming you do not know it, so how do you know your awake??? So you must dream the dream and dream into the next dream. This is how you travel in the multiverse / Heaven's.

    -PLEASE TRY TO PROVE ME WRONG. so EyE can see you again my friend.

    – I know I know nothing, but I also know that nothing never existed. 1 comes before zero not the other way around. In the dark you can see the light , the one create's the contrast so the you can understand.

  4. Its indeed so inspiring! Thank you so much. Gratitude creates abundance,Complaining creates lack.Your energy is the fuel regardless of what you are choosing to fuel.very beautiful lines.

  5. I AM thankful for the new life i am living and for the people that surround me that I KNOW have the same vibrational freedom like me ..I AM thankfull for the oportunitys that come mi way..thank u universe.

  6. I did this every single day for four months. While in the shower I would say everything that I am grateful for, and do my affirmations during the day, and have index cards everywhere with positivity on them. And not letting negative things come into my mind. And not one little change. Not even the smallest step up. Actually things declined. I don't understand. Now I am back to the same hopeless, despondent feelings I had before. And now I feel that basically whatever happens is going to happen. Or maybe God or the universe doesn't acknowledge my existence. I have lost all hope.

  7. I am grateful that I have eyes so that I can see these videos …I am grateful that I have ears that I can hear aswell while watching this video …I am grateful that u know so much about law of attraction … I am grateful for the love of my life and my family ❤

  8. I AM So Happy & Grateful for everything in my life. And for everything making its way toward me. Thank you for reminding me that I need a new journal to update my life.

  9. Yesterday, I meditated, and spend 10 minutes afterwards telling the Universe what I was grateful for, and importantly really FEELING it. Thought the day, everything just…flowed easily, people smiled at me, my boss even said I looked " different…..happier.", and throughout the day I had SO MANY syncronicities it was ridiculous. That made me even happier. I've also started a gratitude journal.

  10. Your Universe your videos are pure truth , light & wonderful instruction for all. Thank you so much for all you do for the universe . I am grateful for the law of attraction, faith & I am grateful that we are true creators

  11. I am grateful that I see this video today,very powerful and good. I am grateful that I have this wonderful planet every day to look and enjoy,the nature,animals,plants.❤️❤️🌺🌸🌹🌟🌟🌍🌎

  12. I am veryyyy greatful for having a grand ambition and a brilliant mind along with very healthy body. I am also so greatful for aiming to clear my preliminary examination and to fill up my DAF for next stage. I am greatful to have set plans to clear next stages of examination also. I am sooo greatful to be given this chance to take my examination. I promise once I clear the whole process of this, I would definitely help many others in dire need of guidance. Please God! help me succeed. My success would be the only inner peace and joy for my ailing heart and my whole family. 🙏

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