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Latif’s counsel requests tribunal for ‘fair opportunity’ Khalid Latif’s counsel, Bader Alam, has filed three fresh petitions with the three-member tribunal, requesting for a ‘fair opportunity’ during the forthcoming enquiry pertaining to his supposed involvement in the PSL corruption case. After missing several hearings, Latif’s advocate appeared before the tribunal on July 11. Earlier, the duo had opined that the panel comprised members related to the board, which in turn acted as a hindrance in conducting a fair trial. On the other hand, PCB wrapped up its side of arguments by sharing evidences and witnesses. As a result, Latif’s counsel couldn’t get the opportunity to cross examine. The tribunal is expected to pronounce its final judgment on the case soon. “It was the tribunal that had cross examination in our absence and that strengthens the PCB and weakens our stance,” Alam stated. “Although we have given the written statements, we want the video recording of the proceedings [to see] whether the transcription is accurate or not. So we have written to the tribunal to allow us the opportunity to cross examine all five witnesses involved We have also asked the tribunal if the statements recorded were after a proper oath or otherwise. With all our applications, we have urged the tribunal to set a date allowing us a fair chance to present our case.” Khalid Latif has been charged with six breaches of corruption under PCB’s anti-corruption code related to PSL 2017. Thanks for watching
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