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Hello, I’m Salai Arjun. If someone asks about me, I usually introduce myself as a short- tempered guy. Because I lose my temper so quickly. And normally for such person, there wouldn’t be a big circle of friends but in my case it’s just the opposite. I have always had a big circle of friends throughout my school college days and even today. I would always be surrounded by lot of friends, no matter where. Even for a movie, I would take a lot of people with me. But I lose my temper so quickly, which is contradictory. During the period of my high school, I was angry even on myself that my anger dominated me in whatever I do and wherever I am like home, school and even when playing cricket in the playground. So, I started to analyze myself to find out what makes me angry. I was shocked to realize the only thing that made me angry was just a negative talk that people around me brought to me. For example, if someone one said that something would be difficult or could not be done that would make me lose my temper. Not just this. Even such talk from a friend or a student sitting beside me got me angrier. I would argue how he could say something was impossible without even trying to do it. For an instance, when we were watching a cricket match where India was trying to score the target, my father told that it was not possible for India to win the match, which made me very angry. Many such little instances, though insignificant, made me out of control. After I graduated high school, I had a thought that I cannot take this anger to my college, which would make it difficult to maintain my friends circle. Even my family was too concerned about me. So, I decided to fix this. I had two choices. One is, when I face such negative talks, to stay away from them. Or the second is to prove them false. With that decision, I joined my engineering college in Chennai. I was cautious not to let anger dominate again and to stay away from anything that triggers my anger. Engineering students know about the Math papers M1, M2 and M3 in first three semesters respectively. Even the high performing students would struggle to clear those papers. My first encounter with a negative talk in college was that clearing M1 paper was very tough which triggered my anger again. I decided to take free classes for my friends to prove it was possible for them clear the paper. And I proved that with some extra effort, they could clear the M1 paper. Similarly, I took free classes for M2 and M3 papers also in next semesters and all my friends cleared them in the first attempt. Then it was established across the whole college that Arjun could be approached for any doubt with Math. Life was going very happy. My anger had reduced a lot. Because I started proving the negative talks false and four years rolled by. I completed my degree and joined a software company and was working there for around 10 months. Things were going smooth in life without any targets. Then, there was a twist. The company I was working told me that I should go and work in California for 3 years. One decision that I took as soon as I joined the engineering college was not to go abroad at any cost. Not because of patriotism, but just I didn’t want to leave my family. Having completed working just for 10 months I was very reluctant to go and was convincing my HR for long. At one stage, I was getting cornered. This was in 2010 and I decided to resign and move out of IT field. I didn’t discuss with anyone, even with family and returned to Chennai again. My sudden decision was a shock to my family who were hoping my life had got settled and things were going fine for me. I had no idea of what to do for the next ten months as all my ideas were around Computer Science and nothing couldn’t be materialized. With a feeling of being incapable of doing anything worthwhile there was a sudden change in my thinking. Why don’t I go for teaching Math, which had always been my favourite thing in my school and college life. I returned to my hometown Trichy and joined as a Math teacher in a training institute for IIT & JEE. The first month, I was overjoyed with my work there though the earning was just one tenth of the salary of my previous job. I would go to work at 5’o clock in the morning and return only by 8’o clock. But, the work satisfaction was much better than what I had in my previous job in a software company. Everything was going well for two months without any trouble. One fine day, one of my senior faculties asked me to go for taking class for school students. I was very happy as it was a big project and normally freshers wouldn’t get that opportunity. Having earned such recognition, I decided to give my best and prepared well. There were two sections A,B. The faculty introduced me to section A. I took class for them for around 1.5 hrs. It was so exciting. The topic was logarithm. Even the students were so excited. During the break, I was waiting to enter section B and the faculty approached me. He told me not to take the proofs for the properties of logarithm, which we feel important. And we used to take all 16 properties of logarithm in our IIT/JEE classes. he told it would be a waste of time as the students of B section wouldn’t be able to understand it. His talk brought me the anger that I had controlled for 6 years which was the very thing I myself was trying to stay away from. I couldn’t digest the thought of me supporting that something was impossible. I couldn’t control my emotion and I entered section B and started taking the proofs also just like I took them for section A students, without skipping anything. Later I came to know that the students of B section approached the other faculty and raised a concern that what I taught them was vast and they couldn’t understand anything and requested him to re-take those topics. Then the faculty approached me and justified what he told about the students of section B was right and I should have avoided taking those proofs. I felt bad. How the same topic that was exciting to one section of the students could be so boring and difficult to understand at all to students of another section. There I faced the moment of uncontrollable anger again. I decided I should find a solution to that problem or should resign my job. I started reading a lot and gathered materials which would make it easier for the students of B section to understand the proofs of the logarithm. I wanted to prove any Math topic could be understood by any student and started analyzing more to find what was difficult for the section B students. During my classes every day, I started to talk things that are beyond the topics but are related to them. My classes started becoming popular and students liked them and were excited to be in my classes. I got a name for me. If you brought me a poor performing student, I would explain things simply and make him understand. Or for a high performing student, I could teach the advanced things that he needs. But in a classroom of 40 people, what we have is a mix of both poor performing students and high performing students. The question that kept arising in my mind was how to make it easier for the students at different levels. Even an average student should be able to learn everything and should perform better. So, we started a company named “FIRST BENCH”. Most of the institutes concentrate only on the toppers and work to help them clear tough competitive exams like NEET or IIT. Our target was the poor/average performing students for whom it was a dream to clear such tough competitive exams. With that target, our journey started. Even the faculties we recruited so far, we made sure, they had similar motivation. We have trained more than ten thousand students in the past five years in TN. Our success is, anyone should be able to crack the competitive exams. Why an average student can’t crack those exams and only a topper can. First, an average student doesn’t understand what he studies. He just learns things by rote. We should understand what we learn. By knowing the origin, for example, for a formula, we should learn how it was derived, it would make the subject interesting to learn. A topper student likes the subjects. An average student doesn’t even like it then he doesn’t give a thought to understand it. If we just make them like the subject, then they wouldn’t find it difficult any more. The next thing is consistency. To achieve anything in any field, consistency is the key. We start things with high energy levels and as we move on we lose the consistency and focus. Once we understand the importance of these two things that we should understand what we learn, and we should be consistent and regular in efforts, we can succeed. We treat both topper and average students equal and we hope anyone can perform well and we give them the best training. Everyone questioned about our company name “First Bench” that if it means we will train only the first bench students. No. it doesn’t mean so. Usually, we give attention to the first bench students. But we want to give equal attention even to the last bench students. That’s why we named it as “First Bench” Anyone with self-confidence is a first bench student. Anyone, irrespective of being a topper or average, can study well. Self-confidence is the key. We are travelling towards it. Thank you. Claps.


  1. @13.47 thanks for the motivating tips. Very interesting success story throughout the video on travel towards change in education system. All the best for your success.

  2. Hello Josh talk …! You doing great job. You are pick out the people who from 0 to hero. You find lot of people. Actually I am not that kind of person to easly motivated or get inspired. But actually I am addicted to watch the speech of billionaire's. First time I got excited when I hear his story if you have free schedule please invite him below I gave a link to his LinkedIn profile conduct him.
    He is a international teacher his story is differ from Arjun sir.

  3. as a wedding photographer I do take photos, meeting clients, editing photos some days sleepless days… honestly after I am watching daily #Josh_Talks oh man its a stress free medicine for me ….. huge love from Toronto canada

  4. First I thank josh talk , which youtube channel gives us more motivational videos to improve our skills. one day this channel will be so papular,
    Then I would like to appreciate the maths teacher Babu for his good speed as well as his teaching with explanation.sir you have understood studenten mentality I think .now you can make them understand anything whatever you teach

  5. கோபம் அடக்க முடியாதனு சொல்ரது எனக்கு பிடிக்காது 👿👿.. முடியாது என்று எதுவும் இல்லை..🤗🤗 என்னால் முடியும் உன்னால் முடியாதா..😃🤔

  6. அறிவுப் பூர்வமான அருமைப் பேச்சு…..நல்ல விசயங்களுக்காக கோபம் கொள்வது தவறு ஒன்றும் இல்லை!உங்களுக்கு வந்தது பாரதியாரின் பாணியில் சொன்னால் ரௌத்திரம்….

  7. Really superb sir……iam also hating maths (whenever I attend that class test my score was under 50/100) during my school in 10 but my fnd teaching maths to me so I got 91 in board exam.but when I got 91 I really interested to maths further +1 ;;+2;; but my score was under 400 my management didn't gave that ….so I felt that was first failure in my life so forward science…………….really happy to hear ur vedio ( Arjun
    sir ) becoz we put. a confidence in our children's ………. Every one can reach the good score through…..experince…..every students are capable to receive or reach their unfavourable to understandable………..

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