JUSTICE LEAGUE – Superman v. The Justice League RESCORED with Junkie XL/Hans Zimmer Music

He’s back. (What’s wrong with me, mom?) (Leave me alone!) (Clark…) Are you listening, Clark? He’s not all right… (What’s wrong with him, anyway?) (He’s such a freak!) He’s scanning us. What? Arthur, you need to relax. Your adrenaline is spiking. Because he’s not all right! (Clark!) Victor? Victor, stop! – Shit!
– What are you doing?! – Victor!
– It’s my armor’s defense system!
– No! It’s stronger since the interface! I can’t control it! – Victor, no!
– Victor! – I can’t control it!
– Just shut it off!
– Just think happy thoughts, Victor. Go to a happier place. Kal-El, no! He’s confused! He doesn’t know who he is. Pet Sematary. Arthur, we need to restrain him. I got him! Kal-El! The last son of Krypton… (That’s my name?) Remember who you are! Tell me who you – Clark! I know you… Please don’t make me do this… Alfred, I need the big guns! You did this! I had to! You won’t let me live… You won’t let me die… The world needs you! But does it need you? Tell me… …Do you bleed? Clark! Clark… …Please… Please… Please… Just go… Yeah? Let’s go…


  1. DC and WB should just ignore BvS, Justice League and Suicide Squad. Just keep Man of Steel, Wonder Woman ans Aquaman. They can all fix the issue by just rebuilding it with just those 3 and make individual movies for The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Batman.

  2. This is the film called "How overpowered Superman can be", right? So much injustice here that these minutes are almost utter trash…

  3. Really? 2 gods, one of the seven seas, one of the Amazons/daughter of Zeus can't beat Superman? Besides, this scene looks like fanmade video…
    Please, just let James Wan do whatever he wants to do. Aquaman is a big success and I hope DC will continue like that in the future.

  4. in my opinion, Gal Gadot doesn't suit the wonder women role in anyway the look, accent, and body is nowhere near what wonder women should be, but people like her cause she is attractive.

  5. This film could have been so much better if they took their time & do the solo movies first. Like they doing now & killing it with Wonder Woman & Aquaman

  6. To, just realizing Lois said Superman’s government name in front of the cop. Identity revealed morons

  7. I really really hate Diana's armor(costume/breastplate) it's so loose, like her armor will always fall whenever she moves. It could've be more fitted to her or just use leather like stuffs for her costume, then the eagle logo would've made out of metal then

  8. I do wonder considering the batman theyve built and all the oossibilities he thought about leading up to this point why would he not have gotten the spear and turned into a weapon and had it with him in the event this happened… His planning for the bvs battle was suppose to tracked a battle to a single empty building but this battle he didn't even bring anything to protect himself or the team… What if the lois thing didnt work? Their dead.

    They should have had the resurrection with a contingency plan would have made everyone calmer and batmans 2 back ups (kryptonite since that's the only thing he knows can penetrate him based on experience and lois and empathetic approach) should have been what he banked on but to go in with such a flimsy plan was reckless.

  9. I really hate that "do you bleed line?". I also hate how Superman just tossed Batman like that. Makes wonder how it would have played out in the Snyder cut.

  10. I would have preferred to have just have the thumbnail posted in the movie for 5 minutes then the actual fight scene.

  11. What happens when you take a human like Lois Lane into sky (by superman) with the speed of Mach 20+ ?

    You get a puddle of blood, ripped skin and bones at the end …. !! 😂😂

  12. When you think about it this movie was supposed to be about a bunch of Loners, Outcasts and Freaks coming together to save the world and in the process finding a Group to belong too or as Barry puts it "Friends". Not a Bad theme if you ask me.

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