Justice League Girls vs Wonder Woman | Justice League Unlimited

Looks like we’re in this together If you call me girlfriend I’m gonna dropkick you into the next county Now don’t go all sentimental on me No, no, no little bird [Canary cry] No, no, no little bird [hoarse whisper] Watchtower What? Lemme give you the short version I don’t want to hurt you Shayera But I wanna hurt you Just when we were starting to get along Huh? I don’t think I wanna know We’re all in a cage match fighting to the death Yeah, see? That all you got? Oh no. I’ve saved the very best for last Yes that’s really Wonder Woman, ladies and gentlemen. It is on! Can even these four beautiful bruisers stand up to the Amazon powerhouse herself ? Anybody got a plan? Yeah try to stay alive Anybody got a good plan? We’re getting creamed here Let me try, cover your ears [Canary cry] [Glass cracking] [Glass breaking] [Audience jeers and boos] [Audience screams] Keep her busy so I can take her from behind Oh nice move That’s all I got


  1. This was before all of Hollywood went woke and decided that ideology was more important than a good story, cool fights and likeable characters. It's sad because this is just an awesome episode, today it would be full of leftist propaganda, girls who are immediately best friends and who love the science. Just like they ruined the third season of Young justice with new characters that no one cares about because ma diversity, because somehow the old characters that are established and that everyone like are not diverse enough.

  2. Black Canary didn't use her scream on Wonder Woman. I had to watch this 16 times because Vixen has me, um, distracted and took me from behind.

  3. Has Vixen ever summoned the strength of a whale? I think if she used her powers more creatively she would be way more formidable.

  4. I hope Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in wonder woman 1984 is as powerful as this wonder woman. Justice League Unlimited wonder woman goes toe to toe with superman and in her comic new 52, she went toe to toe with zod and flora in the new 52 superman-wonder woman comic

  5. So we have Hawkgirl, Vixen, Black Canary and Huntress but they choose to make a movie about a female Thor. A character only little of people know about. We were ahead of the times before all this crazy feminst shit even was a thing.

  6. Normally I dont like submissing, roleplaying etc but seeing Huntress and WW make me wanna go down on my knees and worship them.

  7. 10 years later and this fight choreography still has me HNNNNNG! JLU really showed out with DC's ladies. Really opened my eyes to Canary and Vixen

  8. I think this episode helped me through puberty …..
    …yup it was this one . Lmao when wonder woman came out I pretty much knew they were fucked but shout out to black canary for being about that action

  9. All I can say is they are all lucky Hawkgirl was there because the rest would be dead if she wasn’t tanking. Hawkgirl took the most damage and delivered it . If she had armor on I can only imagine how long that fight would be

  10. I dont remember justice league having such good choreographed fight scenes with actual skills rendered into animations, i thought it was just random bob weave punch dodge kick sorta stuff. But then again, most of my childhood i watched the OG justice league and while the time unlimited came out i was already a grown up. Guess i gotta watch these dc shows again, and kudos to dc for making such good animated fight scenes, marvel doesnt stand a chance at that.

  11. In these cartoons Black Canary’s powers always confused me. She has the Canary Cry, which is a meta human ability, and she is a very skilled fighter, but very inconsistently throughout the series sometimes they make it seem she has superhuman strength and other times that she is just a regular woman.

  12. The fact that Hawkgirl got hit many times, even more than the other fighters, makes me think how tough she can be in a battle.

  13. I liked this until I saw how accentuated the drawings of their privates are. I find that distasteful and hopefully children aren't watching

  14. 2:29 I know it has a strap but it’s pretty impressive how hawkgirl maintains a grip on her mace at all times. WW even uses it against her.

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