Justice League Comic Con Trailer Reaction

Happy DC Christmas everyone, we got a surprise gift! This is amazing!


  1. I LIKE IT!! I just love the end! With the little smirk, and I love the music, for once it looks fun!

  2. It's a shame they don't have Felicity Smoak in the movie. She's and her dad are the top hackers in the DC universe and they want to do the Justice League without her? It's pathetic, hopefully the movie does bad like Batman v Superman because they have no clue what their audience wants and they want Gustin Grant as Flash, the Arrow in it as well as Felicity.

  3. I think he did change by adding more humor to it I love this flash he's like the spider man to the DC universe 😂 I'm so exited for this movie 😲

  4. Actually Znyder has changed a lot. His past few DC films have been dull and this one feels vibrant with subtle touches of humor. So clearly he heard movie fans and listened. I'm excited.

  5. "He hasn't changed anything bitches"… this is totally different, this is so much lighter looks like marvel! I guess he learned his lesson.

  6. i just hope to christ that they dont reveal the villan like bvs and i hope they story and the assembling of the team is interesting…..dont gotta worry abt the action cuz if there is one thing i know abt these films is tht the action is always lit

  7. im sorry but it should be obvious they changed the tone and added so humor in various ways. Along with not having the flash be a dark character. it seemed he might be with the long hair and kind if cocky look he gave in bvs when he disarmed the robber. he also have facial hair im pretty sure, now hes a clan cut nerd type. i like it but i think its too appeal to the complaints.

  8. So excited for this movie, Flash's suit looks amazing, Cyborg also looks amazing. Thanks very much for the review, greetings from Paraguay as well!

  9. My favorite part was where you see an episode of Rick and Morty on the TV in the background when Batman is talking to the Flash.

    I was a little concerned that in the wake of Batman V. Superman, they would try to force Zach Snyder to change things up too much. Personally, I liked Batman V. Superman. Though you can definitely tell some changes have been made. It's clear that they're taking a much lighter, less serious tone with Justice League Part 1 than they did with Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman.

  10. Thanks to WB/DC for not being such dicks as Marvel (Spidey/Guardians) and sharing these with us.
    Sure they could've shown it later, like week or two so people at SDCC get to see these earlier yet decided to share.

  11. I love DC but, Zack snyder is going to destroy the DC universe, this is a déjà vu for me, it's the same way everyone reacted to BvS trailer, then the movie came out, and it was a shit show for lots of people, the trailer looks much fun and better then BvS, but that is not a prove, if snyder fucks up again, he better kill himself cause every DC fan is going to do to him what he did to DC.

  12. where is green lantern and martian manhunter, hawkman, shazam. where are they. they should be in the movie

  13. Hey Beyond.. Do you think the studios will make Snyder cut 30 minutes from the movie this time? or did they learn how stupid that was?

  14. DC was better dark. Ya'll Marvel ass lickers wanted DC to go the bright side. I hope the humour here is well thought out. I already loved MoS and BvS. Darkness is always a part of life, you guys just wanted a more cheezy yitty playful movie with the cliché superheroes. DC all the way and I hope this movie doesn't get ruined from the BvS critics (Marvel-influenced DC fans). You guys can't handle the darkness? 😉

  15. First; i am a DC geek(!) and a Marvel fan…

    2. Ben has 'barely' won me over as Batman-including the DD flashbacks here and there…
    3. DC? PLEASE do not show WW clanking her bracelets together again-ruins the impact on movie-goers. And, I do not recall her using such a move-but hey, I haven't read EVERY WW comic…
    4. The Flash-except the dark hair-good choice. AquaMan-TBD-but great start, so far. Excluding, my love for the REAL Art Curry type…
    5. Cyborg… I hope that suit CHANGES-as it did in the comics-as the movie goes on. it looks more crystalized than robotic-or 'mother box' like…

    3 and 1/2 stars.
    Always room too impress OR disappoint….

  16. He changed a lot I though. Tone, comedic timing, group work. Zack Snyder is known for having his heroes deconstructed in his films and you can certainly tell he's giving that up for this one. Nobody liked that about BvS and I think it's what Justice League needs. Can't wait to see how the team members play off one another

  17. i guess everyone has their opinions but everyone keep saying how different this JL is from BvS but it should be. Listen, you meet people for the first time, you won't be all buddy with them right? so BvS Bats and Supes met for the first time so it had to be dark, like you guys always say DUH. You could critique the sequence of the movie but the tone had to be that way. Two guys can't be going to war and sitting drinking tea and having laughs, c'mom.

  18. Snyder hasnt changed a thing because 1) The script for this film was completed before BVS was released and 2) The last thing he should do is pander to haters and critcs who dont understand that not every superhero movie has to be like Marvel.

  19. Ben Affleck is the Tony Stark of DC…umm no!!! Tony Stark/Iron Man is a mentally dis-balanced comedian posing as a superhero…Ben Affleck is Batman!!! Stark's not even worth a comparison!!!

  20. I like Marvel and DC… but tbh DC with suicide squad looking amazingly perfect and JL looking great as well and I'm reading more DC comics… I'm starting to like DC more

  21. Is it normal that i don't care about the trailer what i'm staring from start to the end is Grace wonderful/gorgeous smile?

  22. Yeah let's take the iron man spider man scene from Captain America and make it a bat man flash scene.

  23. I loved this trailer the first time I saw it, and I still do. The biggest difference between this trailer and the BVS is, this movie seems to have a sense of humor.

  24. I liked BvS but they too much, this looks great, like the gritty tones, hope they space out the stories more.

  25. That's Bruce's real voice. He has three sides, Mr. Wayne (Billionaire Playboy). Batman (The Dark Knight)…and Bruce (Which is somewhere in between both personas, his real self).

  26. Love your content one of the only reviewers who opinions fall in line with my own for the most part. Keep up the great work.

  27. Flash is a total douche and Wonder Woman's accent is somehow thicker and more Israeli than ever. Looks okay though.

  28. Zack did nothing wrong in the BvS! Marvel mis judged its audience! They assumed that due to the popularity of the BvS comics that a movie would be just as popular! I said when I first heard about the movie that it would fall on its face after about 2 weeks! The reason is clear, it is because the vast majority of super hero fans do not read comics! The vast majority of fans do not want to see their heroes going at each other! So as a result after the die hard fans saw the movie it died as the regular fans were MUCH less interested in such a story line! The movie was fine, the acting was fine, the directing was fine, the story just did not have broad appeal beyond avid comic fans!

  29. Doctor Strange Trailer yikes..identity crisis..
    Justice League Trailer ahhhhhhhh!!!
    Just like almost everyone else, smh.

  30. BRUCE: Allen makes four. Four oughtta do it, don't ya think?
    BRUCE: You think we need one more?
    BRUCE: You think we need one more.
    BRUCE: Alright, we'll get one more.

  31. I am a new subscriber.  I just love your reactions, reviews and knowledge of the trailers you react to.  Keep doing what you are doing.  I'm a big fan!

  32. Awesome reaction as far as your answer to bruce wayne batman voice it makes total sense he would seeing when he threw the batrang at barry revealing his true identity to him

  33. I love how in the scene with the Flash and Batman, the face on Ezra Miller when the Batarang comes at him just screams, "WTF IT'S BATMAN!!!"

  34. they couldve added aquaman controlling water or that huge water splash scene after the bat smirk. and ezras delivery of the oversimplification line couldve been stronger or funnier. or he couldve had a sad reaction to someone thinking that its all he can do. either way thetrailer was a beauty

  35. I didn't know Tony Stark was in this movie? Oh wait! Thats Affleck trying to be a copy of Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark/Iron man.

  36. The trailer was great, but they should stop using Barry Allen as The Flash when they DC keeps writing Wally's personality for him. Barry Allen in comic books pretty much sucked ass and Wally West was the fan favorite, just do Wally West.

  37. This movie isn't going to be a good movie… Thanks DC you fucked it up… Only possible for DC to fuck movies before they even come out.

  38. FFS this showed up in my suggested videos and I thought they already put out the new trailer but it's from last year 🙁

  39. It's a good thing Barry WAS the Flash. Otherwise he'd have a batarang in the middle of his forehead. "So, you're fast." Bruce thew that thang not knowing Barry's abilities. Good gag reel material: start scene when Bruce turns and throws, but its V. Stone standing there and hits in the face. "So, you're slow."

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