Justice Holiday Heroes Ep 5 – Courtney Creates 💗 Ft. Jessalyn Grace – JUSTICE

– [Jessalyn] Hi, everybody,
I’m Jessalyn Grace, and I’m traveling around the country to visit with girls at heart who are challenging themselves and you to put their superpowers toward the Nationwide Children’s Hospital and become a Holiday Hero in the making. – So right now, we just messaged a ton of wardrobe designers. We are also going to be
messaging some special guests to see who’s going to be able to come, and I’ve also messaged some of my friends who will be able to model the clothes. It’s really starting to come together, and I’m super excited. When they gave me the challenge, I was super excited because
I thought that it was such a great idea to go ahead and
fundraise in our own hometown. And so, I originally came up with the idea to have a fashion show. So right now, I’m
writing down some e-mails so that we can e-mail some people to kind of show up at the event. Oh, okay, alright, thank you. Alright, so guys, it actually looks like they do not do events here. I’ve actually been to events here, but they say that they
no longer do events, so I guess we could go
ahead and check this one off our list, I guess it’s
just back to the drawing board, and we are going to go
ahead and try to find some new venue ideas and yeah. Hey guys, so right now, we
are going to be checking out another venue, so yeah,
let’s just go ahead and see what’s inside. – [Woman] They did not
have the date available. – Yeah.
– Which is totally okay. – Mhm.
– We’re still going. If we don’t do the fashion show, I mean, it could just
be a very basic plan of. Like just making t-shirts
and selling them. – Yeah. So as you guys know, we are
trying to plan a fashion show for the fundraiser for NCH, but recently, we have been throwing around some ideas. And we’re not actually
quite sure if we’re going to be able to pull this
fashion show off actually. I was, I’m not going to lie, I was nervous that I maybe wasn’t going
to be able to complete it almost in like the deadline. – Mom, I just don’t
know what to do anymore. I can’t find the venue. Can’t find pretty much anything. It’s just, I feel like the
fashion show is not going to work. – Well, I mean, I know
you’re frustrated with it. I know you’ve been
working really hard on it, but what is your vision for this? Like what, how are we
going to make it happen? What do we say when
we’re like running around and trying to get to a million places, and we don’t think we’re
going to be able to do it? – [Both] We’ll make it happen. – Right?
– Mhm. – I believe in you, I know you can do it. I know you’re very creative. I know you will come up with a plan, and I know it’s going
to come all together. Like that, in the end,
that’s the big picture. It’s all going to come together. Maybe it’s not going to
go for the fashion show, and we’re going to have to
come up with another idea of how to fundraise, but I guarantee you, you will figure it out.
♪ On five ♪ – Hey guys, it’s Jessalyn! I am back home in California, and right now, we are
down here in Los Angeles to visit Courtney. We’re at her house right now, and we’re going to see how
she’s challenging herself for Nationwide Children’s
Hospital, let’s go. So what are you doing for your challenge? – So it’s been really hard because we started out actually
with a fashion show idea. – Yeah.
– And I thought that it’d be really cool and
doing something like that, but we couldn’t find what
the girls could model and a venue, that was a big thing. You know, getting a
venue so that the girls could have a stage to model on. – Yeah.
– So then, that was kind of out. – Well.
– So. – Did you come up with any other ideas besides the fashion show?
– Hm, no, actually. I’m not quite sure what
I’m going to do yet. – You have a lot of friends
that are willing to help you, and maybe we can come up
with something that can work and that people can see
and would want to donate for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. – Yeah, I think that’d
definitely be a good idea to still get them involved. It’s just we have to try to figure out like how we’re going to pull it off in such a short amount of time. – We were brainstorming and brainstorming and brainstorming, and
then, we finally got the perfect idea. I got it.
– Okay, what? – What if we did a challenge
on your YouTube channel ’cause everyone loves challenges. – And then, I love doing acting, and we have friends that can help! Okay, we have to write
this down on our board. – Yeah, but what challenge would we do? – [Both] Hey, it’s Cailee! – Hi! – [Both] Hi! – So what’s going on, what
have you guys been doing? – We thought of this amazing idea that we are both super excited about. – It just clicked because
we high-fived each other, and then, we realized that
we can do the Machine Game. – So the game that we
played in the improv class was actually called the Machine Game. So you’d have one person go out, and they just do a random
noise and a random movement, and then, the next person would add on. And then, so on and so forth. – Like we’re also challenging
like a bunch of people too, like all of the Holiday Heroes, and we’re challenging
people that are watching too to do a Machine Challenge themselves. – And go out with their friends and go ahead and participate in it, and we’re super excited because
we think it’s going to be a ton of fun.
– That’s so fun! I absolutely love that,
I think that’s so cool ’cause like I said, it’s fun,
it includes other people. And also, you’re raising the money in a really light-hearted, fun way, which I think is really the point of it. So I really love that,
I’m so proud of you guys! – Thank you.
– Thank you. Okay, so we got our idea, but
what are the things we need? – We need friends.
– We’ll make the calls. – We need a camera.
– Check, got it. – We need a hashtag. – How about #NCHMachineChallenge? – And we’ll need a tripod.
– Great. We’ll get one of those too.
– And we need people to see it.
– Challenge me, and we’ll post it on my channel. ♪ On five ♪ – Hey, are you still available
to help with my fundraiser? – Hey, are you free to help
for Courtney’s fundraiser? – Hey, can you help with
my fundraiser still? – Hi, are you still available to help with Courtney’s fundraiser? – Hey, are you still available
to help with my fundraiser? – Hey, can you help? ♪ On five ♪ – I sure hope my friends show up. – They will. – Well, the Nationwide Children’s Hospital inspired us to make a challenge because we saw how they worked together, and it almost resembled the
Machine Game that we played. And we thought it’d be cool to
go ahead and raise awareness for the hospital in this fun challenge. – The internet loves three things. Cats, challenges, and silliness. So the Machine was actually
a perfect idea for us, and plus, it’s a great
way to spread out the word and tell everyone to go donate for the Nationwide Children’s
Hospital for a good cause. – Alright, girls, so you ready? Hey, internet, I’m Courtney!
– And I’m Jessalyn Grace. – And today, we are going to be creating our own
internet challenge to fundraise for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. – It’s really fun and super simple. First, gather up some friends. – And then, make a machine. Everyone has their own parts. It kind of looks like this. Alright, Jessalyn, why don’t you start? – Okay. – All those girls were so happy getting to help in my challenge,
and I was just so thankful that they were able to help because without them, it
wouldn’t be able to be a machine. You have to have a lot
of parts to be a machine, and even though, there’s
might be simple parts, if there’s one part missing,
it’s still not the full machine working together, my
best part of my challenge was definitely, even though
I had some struggles, it was definitely getting
over that little roadblock and being able to come up with a good idea that I think will do very well and people will have a lot of fun doing. Throughout all this, I managed
to keep a positive attitude ’cause if not, then you’re just going to constantly be thinking, oh,
well, I’m not going to think of something, I’m never
going to think of something. And if you think like that,
then you won’t ever get anywhere so I was just like, “You know what? “Yes, I’m having a little
bit of trouble right, “but I’ll get through it. “And then, I’ll find an even
better challenge to do.” – That is pretty much it. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. – It was so much fun, and
don’t forget to join in on the NCH Machine Challenge and don’t forget to
donate at gofundme.com– – /JusticeHolidayHero. – [Both] Bye!

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