Hi guys, my name is Angelic, and we’re at the Justice
Holiday 2017 Fashion Show. One, two, three, Team Justice. So, is it your first time modeling here? Yes.
Third. Oh, wow. So, what are you guys going
to wear for the fashion show? Mackenzie Ziegler line. Yes. Nice. You’re bold You’re strong You’re shining like the stars They’re singing in on Mars When you play your song Be wild, be free Be who you want to be Live out your wildest dreams Show me who you are Don’t stop You can do it yourself You’re worth it all ‘Cause this is your world Your world My girls Yeah, we’ll be taking over our world It’s your world Your world So let’s do it Justice Yeah, we’ll be taking over Yeah, we’ll be taking over Yeah, we’ll be taking over Alright. So, we’ll kick off the
show with Style Studio. A collection made of unicorn magic, sweaters softer than cotton candy, puffy coats and critters, and the most giftable leggings. Hi guys, I’m here with the
BalletMet for the Nutcracker. I’m here with… Isabel. Elena. Molly. Lauren. What does it feel being in the nutcracker? It’s a super magical show, super fun, there’s a lot of tricks that
go on behind the scenes, and it’s also a great
opportunity for us dancers to perform in it. Yeah, it’s exciting to be
rehearsing with the company, and then on stage it’s so perfect. It’s an honor to be
working with such a nice, like a high-level professional company, and it’s just a rush to get on stage, it’s so special. It’s just really exciting, just a fun experience, making friends, getting to know people. It’s my first year playing Clara, and it’s just a really
exciting opportunity to be chosen as this part. And it’s one of the main
roles, am I correct? It is the main role, yeah. Next, it’s all about active. You’ll see our exclusive collection with Mackenzie Ziegler, a colorful rainbow of hoodies and joggers, and sports for every girls. One, two, three, Team Justice. Now, we’ll show you Holiday Fun and all the sorts of kitchy cuteness. Get wish-list ready with outfits that pair perfectly with hot cocoa, a sleepover shop and our favorite themes in matching sets that get
the whole family involved. Hi, I’m here with… Olivia Vicary. And how old are you? I’m 12 years old. I heard you’re a Girl with Heart, right? Yeah, I am a Girls with Heart, and I love to sing, that’s my passion. What is it to be a Girl with Heart? Well, I just think it’s when you live creatively and passionately, and just to be yourself, and to inspire other girls to do things just like this, to be happy, and just do what they want. Hi, what’s your name? Chloe. I heard you are Girls with Heart? Yes, I am. So, what is it that you do? Pretty much what I do, I have my own non-profit
organization called Chloe Cares, and I make bags and then pass
them out to homeless woman. Aw, that’s so sweet. Yeah, it’s amazing. You help out the community, right? Yeah, so what is it like
being a Girl with Heart? It’s fun, it’s amazing, I get to make new friends, like almost everywhere I go. These are your friends, right? Yes, those are my two other friends. What do you do? We make videos and meet other girls. Aw. Hug time, come on. So, how old are you? I’m 12. What is your name? Laylani. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Laylani. Nice to meet you too. Is this your first time doing the Fashion Show for Justice? Yes, it is. Oh my God, are you excited? I’m so excited. What are you going to be wearing? I’m going to be wearing emojis that… You can see here. Oh, that’s so cute! Like reindeers and elves
and all that stuff. So, I’m really excited. What’s your name? Morgan. What are you doing? I’m doing my math homework. So, what is this from, what collection? PJs, I’m thinking. I’m pretty sure you’re from
the holiday collection, right? Yeah. Do you guys play any sports? Yeah I play soccer, I’ve been playing since first grade. I do dancing core since
I was in fourth grade. I do soccer, lacrosse, and I’ve been dancing since I was two. I do swimming, soccer and ballet. What do you guys like
to do in your free time? Goof around. Hanging out. I like drawing and doing crafts, and I love hanging out with my friends. I like… I like annoying my parents. You guys are going to do the Justice Fashion Show, am I right? We are, this is our first time, so we’re super excited. How old are you? Seven. What are you guys wearing? We’re wearing the Oh Deer
collection for the holidays. Oh Deer, and it’s really cool, it comes with the antlers, you know, it’s pretty cool pajamas. I was actually looking
for pockets and I’m like, it’s got the pouch so, it’s
a win-win for everyone. It reminds me of a kangaroo
pouch, I don’t know. Exactly, yeah. This is my Joey. Don’t you guys think that was awesome? Give them a round of applause. Alright. So, I think we should see
all the outfits again. Coming out, girls. Thank you to our special guests, The BalletMet Dancers, and Nationwide Children’s
Hospital Patient Champions, our Girls with Hearts ambassadors, thank you so much for coming. That’s a wrap. Bye. I’ll see you later. That was the Justice Fashion Show The biggest… bye.

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