JUST MERCY Official Trailer

♪♪♪ Tell me everything
that happened.The first time
I visited death row…
I wasn’t expecting to meet
somebody the same age as me.
From a neighborhood
just like ours.
Could’ve been me, Mama.But what you’re doing is gonna
make a lot of people upset.You always taught me to
fight for the people
who need the help the most.Your life is still meaningful… and I’m gonna do
everything possible to keep them from taking it. You don’t know what you into
down here in Alabama. When you’re guilty
from the moment you born. -Guard.
-Mr. McMillian… We done here! Mr. McMillian, please. I was just about to give up… when I got a call
from a Harvard lawyer… looking to start a legal center for inmates on death row.I was in before you even
offered me the job.
-You the lawyer?
-Yes, ma’am. Thank you so much for driving
all the way out here. Most lawyers barely
make time to call. I can’t believe you talked
to all my people and said you
gonna fight for me. I did. That mean a lot. If you go digging
in those wounds… you’re gonna be making
a lot of people very unhappy. When people care about
a thing that much, they’ll do anything to get
what they want. When I first learned
about all of this… it was like looking at a river
full of drowning people… and not having any way
of helping them. You ain’t quitting, is you? No, sir.Each of us is more
than the worst thing
that we’ve ever done.I know what it’s like
to be in the shadows. ♪♪♪ This is my dad.
He ain’t do nothing wrong.It’s never too late for justice.You’re the only one who cared
enough to fight for me.If we can look at
ourselves closely…
we can change this world
for the better.
We all need grace.We all need mercy. I got my truth back.
You gave that to me.And ain’t nobody gonna
take that from us.


  1. Maybe the whole reason to make the movie is for that reason.
    Another Warner Brothers movie made to make black people feel more suppressed.
    It's bullshit.

  2. Mike man this movie is not going to do well at the box office. I think I understand what you are trying to do. This day and time people are so divided these movies promotion social media will not allow this movie to gain any buzz. I really hope it doesn't slow your career down. Please be careful with the role you pick. I hope the movie at least bring back the budget.

  3. I think they are afraid of our greatness, our potential, our will to survive and our humanity. How else can you explain the chains they put us in? We are people just like you, people who are just trying to figure out why we were put on this earth. Not all of us are bad, just like not all of you are good.

  4. MBJ is becoming the new denzel washington every movie he is in now lol.

    Did i heard it right, MBJ character and jaime foxx character is of the same age? Lol

    Why is brie in this movie? it is not that i hate her or anything but if they have someone with more gravetas, this trailer could have been more emotional.

  5. Movie looks great! but the leading lady on this movie is that racists Marvel superhero. Will still watch it though since its Jamie Foxx movie 😛

  6. The book is so inspirational and well written! Highly recommend reading it before the movie comes out. This adaptation looks amazing!


  8. Here is something inventive and interesting, something that happens to be lacking in Hollywood these days.

  9. When I was accused of something I didn’t do three years ago this book changed my life. I’m so excited to see it in screen, with Michael B. Jordan I know the truth about southern “justice” will be told.

  10. Just Mercy – another "they were mean to black people movie" How many films are they going to make like this? When you can't come up with something creative, new and refreshing you go for the heartstrings and rally for an Oscar. Boring and predictable as hell !!!

  11. Man I’m so freaking tired of these fake ass Marvel fanboys who know nothing about except the movies and that’s it never read a comic in their life and now they’re on here talking about Captain Marvel blah blah Electro blah blah team up it’s so stuff these people are actors and majority of their work is way more than what they did in Marvel but for some dumb ass reason all these little fans can talk about is Captain Marvel, Killmonger, Electro blah blah like dude go watch something else other than MCU movies and stop trying to incorporate every other movie with Marvel just because an “ACTOR!” Is portraying a different role in a movie that is not their marvel character like what even is the point of it just to make a generic ass dumb comment well congratulations you’ve won and what do get nothing but a congratulations you played yourself smh

  12. This looks so amazing- I haven't been to a theater in more than a year, but this, this is worth it. Can't wait to hear the Oscar nominees.

  13. About time people put some respect on MBJ name. He’s a phenomenal actor & I think this movie will definitely show what he is capable of.

  14. For a comedy this did not look that funny. Obviously they don’t want to show all the funniest bits in the trailer but a few teasers would have been appreciated.

  15. I've seen this movie a hundred times but I love Jamie Foxx and will give it a chance. Oh wait Brie Larson in it? Shit forget it

  16. The left and msm always rushing to defend the wrong. What about the true innocents on death row: 50, 000,000 + aborted babies

  17. See: Super Soul Sunday episode w/ Bryan Stevenson and the podcast In the Dark, which covers the case of another wrongful conviction/death row sentence in the south.

  18. Another lily white Becky savior/evil white male narrative. No thanks. They are just as complicit in white supremacy as their men and I'm tired of black men acting like they aren't

  19. I’m looking forward to watching the joker but I looking forward to watching this one more mainly because it’s actually shows actual people being treated this unfairly, in our corrupt society

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