Judicial & Silk Appointments – How to Prepare Your Application

if you’re thinking about sitting or developign your judicial career
this video gives you advice on how to make a strong online
application. actually there are no secrets to judicial appointment success. The JAC website is very clear about what
you’re looking for and is all about their competency
framework They have six headline competencies, for some the most senior full time posts they will also look at
leadership and management. Your mission should you wish to acceptit is to provide
evidence that you can demonstrate excellence
across the JAC’s competency framework So for whatever post you’re considering start with looking at that role’s competency framework.This is your plum
line and you must ensure that when drafting your application you have a copy besides you at all times.
Now let’s look for example at Communicating Effectively: I suggest you
turn the subheadings into questions. For
example: give an example when and how you have tailored your language and
style of communication to suit individual’s needs and
circumstances? Don’t try and draft yet keep trying to think examples. I f you don’t end up using them in your application they may well come in
useful on your selection day. To produce a strong application takes
time. I suggest you look in bite-size chunks and do draft offline. Be prepared to
invest around 16 hours up your time The JAC and others recommend STAR or SOAR this can be useful and help structure your
examples. But in reality there’s so little space and so many things you need evidence
that is more important that you remain flexible and keep your examples punchy. However, do bear in mind our need to use real
communication the challenge in these applications is to appeal and connect with the
judges, lay members and JAC staff who will be looking hundreds of applications. Discard any, what I call, “cut and paste answers”: These are examples that other
candidates could also give. For example: “I regularly
work with vulnerable clients”. Don’t use truisms or simply restate a competency. “I always use strategies to maintain
control and diffuse tension”, Give an example that evidences the competency. Turn your examples into stories. Include emotions make them interesting and engaging. You need to write in the style of a Sun rather than aTimes journalist! By now
youwill have realised that the real secret is to give specific examples. Stories
that demonstrate your skills, your abilities and your experiences. Do give examples away from the law if they can demonstrate a competency. And my golden rule: is always be honest and be yourself.
Check your spelling and basic grammar but note form is fine. Don’t be
long-winded never exceed the word limit and remember use space – as white space sells. Do ask others to critisise your drafts and when you think is ready ask someone, you
aren’t too close to but trust to read it and give you final feedback.
Thank you watching. I’ve tiedy to keep this brief but please feel
free to have a poke around my website and get a flavour of how I work with candidates and my take on the recent JAC
developments. I’d welcome any feedback on this video and or try to answer any questions you may have. All rise!

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