Judge Faith – My Grandbaby or Car (Season 1: Episode #132)


  1. The plaintiff is a bloody dirty mother to sue her son whose life you ruined because of drugs! Lying bitch! 😠🐽💩😝😠

  2. Sugar water is used for infants in hospitals to keep them in a calm state but it is given in drops of the mouth. Why in the world would she give that baby a bottle of it?!

  3. She reminds me of my grandmother: Fucking petty and vindictive, tries SO hard to guilt trip.

    Never fall for that shit.

  4. Mexicans [or whatever she is ] are very dismissive of rules and regulations. Like don't do drugs, drive only with a license, no smoking around baby, no sugar water. HE SHOULD JUST LEAVE THE STATE WITH HIS LITTLE FAMILY.

  5. I keep sticking on that 'three month year old' phrase. It's such a little thing, but it sounds just a little bit wrong out loud lol

  6. Erica is a good person she and Enrique are so Mature it's Norma that is being a bit childish😀

  7. Two young dummies!! LoL. Little wanna be grown asses!! Judge just make him sound good!! Cut them off and leave them to it!! 3 children!! No jobs!! Pay the lady!!

  8. I'm sorry but suger water isn't gonna hurt a baby, people use whisky to rub on there tooth when they are teething. That's stupid, the other stuff yes but not that. U don't want to give them to much sugar water though..

  9. Young adults in there early 20s, with bunch of kids, jobless and broke. While I work hard at 32 with no kids to pay HUGE taxes that would be used to enrich the Rich and make Poor jobless people more LAZY …WOW🤬

  10. This damn "mother". I would have cut her fucking line a long ass time ago. The fact that she won't even shut up speaks volumes, always has to make snide little remarks, then acts like she won an argument just because someone says "I'm not even gonna argue with you."

    By the way, that last part? That's how fucking stupid some of you sound during arguments.

  11. Although the defendant's were irresponsible for having children they can't afford, my heart goes out to them.
    Poor guy, he seems to be a good man, with a beautful, strong, well spoken young lady by his side.
    I hope they succeed in life.

  12. I dont blame the new mom. She is very mature and keeping her son safe. Although i hope they will consider supervised visits.

  13. This lady is crazy. You want to control you son and it’s not gonna work. It’s their child not yours and I dnt hear anything wrong with them asking you not to smoke around their child or go driving with their kids wen you dnt have a license. This is why the older daughter doesn’t want her around her children

  14. she said 3 month year old baby lol calm dwn girl shes real upset i understand boundaries but im sure giving your son away especially a former mamas boy is hard but u gotta respect boundaries hes a grown man with kids now he has to be a alpha male of his family now moms just respect that!

  15. I’m not going to bash this couple. I understand that LIFE exists so to come on here and watch 12 mins and dissect their life I won’t do. Shit I’m 31 and pregnant and I’m just now starting to get my head on straight. Y’all need to stop being so judgmental. I’m sure they will conquer way more but they love their kids and I can tell they’ll be alright … pray for them don’t dissect their life.

  16. That mother is such a viper. She has a critical remark for anything he says, always putting him down. It's a miracle he's functional at all.

  17. They’re always “looking for a job” but somehow go an entire lifetime without finding it. They don’t want to work

  18. The plaintiff is still very messed in the head from all those drugs she used to do. I think she needs another few years in rehab to get her brain working properly

  19. No, the Diabetes ain't contagious. The way you eat and what you feed the baby cause it. So your lifestyle is contagious, sis. Leave them kids alone. Toxic, miserable ass broad.

  20. How are they keeping their apartment with no jobs? I’m glad that they are able to for the sake of the children but I’m curious how they made that possible.

  21. The ppl in tne crowd is extra like white dude on front laughing so hard but it's so fake you only getting a second on tv… Lame judge wasnt even asking about what they there for more about they family business..i aint taken up for the grandmother but im sure they used her now playing the victim the girl friend seem sneaky and playing like she sweet but im sure she tells the bf what todo he said his self she changed him sooo this another case should of been dismissed.

  22. Let them have their kids and move on…they will need some help sooner or later both of them are lazy and unemployed…just wait on it. Furthermore they are acting like they are so responsible but I bet they are living on State assistance and public housing.

  23. They need to stop having babies. And he needs to get a damn job. Out here procreating and can’t even keep a consistent job.

  24. She low-key seems like she may have a problem with his girl being black and doesn't like the fact that he's on his girl's side.

  25. I don't think the car money was really a loan. I think she bought him the car to get him closer to her. He did admit he was a mama's boy pryor to meeting his girlfriend. With that being said, he needs to get his ass a job. And she needs to stop having kids. When the judge asked if he was looking for a job and his response came out slowly, it gave me the impression he didn't have a job before, and he's not actually looking for one now either. They don't look like bad people but I do hope they both put their adult undies on and do what they need to do as responsible adults abd parents

  26. I don't think the mother has been clean and sober for 8 years. She seriously is jealous, best for the Enrique and Ericka would be to get a Job first and stop making babies. and move out of that neighborhood and get away as far as possible from that old Mother. There's a lot of things Enrique has to do, if he can't feed himself and his wife then there is no way he can feed those babies. Forget about the old mother and move on with life, and to move on with life he has to get a job first. 22 years old and can't find a job, I don't think so. He isn't putting enough effort to get a job. By Enrique's demeanor I can say that he is absolutely laid off and lazy staying at home and having sex all the time. If he doesn't follow the right path now, then he is never going to find a proper life for himself and his family. This is how good wives land up divorcing to find a better life. Ericka has to play equally, she's an adult and have to be mature enough to kick his husband and send him to find a job instead of making love all day long. WTF is wrong with the world.

  27. It’s always junkie absent mothers who then sue their kids for money they loan them. My parents would never sue me for money. But junkies are selfish and even tho they put their kids through hell by being a bad parent they want to sue for some little bit of money. U need to take that loss it’s literally the least u can do

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