Judge Faith – I’m No Loan Shark; Rental Retaliation (Season 1: Episode #113)


  1. Second Case: I’m pretty sure the landlord is a “hover parent”. She needs to know EVERYTHING that’s going on at ALL times!

  2. This wonderful man in the first case has a good heart and the idiot of a defendant walked all over the plaintiff and his wife. The defendant is a con artist in every way possible, I believe he committed the robbery. I'd like to slap that smile off the defendant's face.

  3. In the first case..the defendant was trying to say she was on section 8 and so what, just because someone is getting supplemental help does not mean you have the right to mistreat, speak down or keep their money, there is something call wear and tear from every day living in an apt, but shame on you for talking about her getting help …since you're so on top of your game why didn't you have your stuff together to prove your case…learn how to treat folks!

  4. He done saved how much money by living rent free. Pay the man. He could have had a very important relationship if he would wake up and stop being a bum.

  5. People always want to bash people that are on section eight. They treat them like they are just mooching off the system. I love when people that act all high and mighty, end up in a situation that leaves them standing in line asking for some assistance. Anything can happen and when you live in a country that has two classes, you're rich or poor, it's not hard to find your rich ass down with the rest of us. All it takes is a simple layoff with no call back. Once your unemployment runs out, good luck trying to find another decent job -pay check to pay check.

    She tried making the plantiff look bad. Do these people not understand that these cases are determined by evidence,not shade?

  6. 1st case: The defendant should b ASHAME of himself! That man n wife helping yo sorry ass and you DO THIS TO THEM! PATHETIC!

  7. the black dude looked evil…he kept glaring and smirking – he's just gonna find someone else the leech off.

    A broken aircon unit does not cause asthma – she was just uncomfortable and used her kids for sympathy.
    She's not taking care of the place as agreed and is having questionable people do stuff on the house without permission…and she's not keeping up with her rent agreement – of course the landlord is going to keep coming by to keep an eye on things because it's still her property.

  8. First case: Individuums like this ungratefull little git are the reason, why people help each others out less and less.
    Mr. Shark still believes in him and hopes to get him on the right track by teaching him a lesson, and he is grinning and says, that he should not be paying anything. I hope that Mr Shark stops caring for him, if there are any more issues. And next time he helps someone i really wish, that this person pays him back double. Because that is what you do, as a grateful honest person. If someone helps you out, you ask them, what you can do for them, and not abusing their kindnes by taking and taking and asking for more.

  9. First case, dude is just ignorant, ungrateful, and pathetic, I wish someone would let me live rent free and trying to help your dumb as own the home smdh 🤦. Mr Shark has a good heart and it's niggas like that bum make the rest look ignorant. How do you fuck up an opportunity like that. Grow the fuck up lame.

  10. The defendant is a bloody ungrateful dog to use the plaintiff's like that! He should kiss their feet every morning! 😠💩🐕🐽😠

  11. First case…dude is an idiot, criminal and possibly a narcissist. Will lie at any cost not worried about the consequences and stick with the lie no matter how ridiculous it is. Try to get over on any and everyone, thinks he can out smart people and is clearly self centered. Smh

  12. Wow, in the first case you had an older white man helping a younger black man like that and letting him stay in his home. That isn’t something that happens all of the time. Dude had to act like stereotypical lowlife black guy. Makes all of us look bad.

  13. The first case dude is dumb smh he had two people willingly helping him out & basically handing him their old home & he screwed them over smh this why they say “ You can’t help someone that doesn’t wanna help themselves” 🤦🏽‍♀️💯

  14. 1st case:
    This is why I'm not generous anymore. Because of leeches like the defendant. He needs to be taught a lesson. He claims he knew nothing about the robbery, I call BULLSHIT. He's involved in some way shape or form.

  15. God bless you Mr. Shark. 🙌🏾❤️ .
    Dude , you're a fool and and ingrate. you need to stop with the ungrateful, lying and user crap. You're blocking your blessings. Grow up & stop bringing more kids to these world with your ungrateful broke d**k😡

  16. I low key got emotional from the first case like how dare you be so ungrateful to people going over and above to be good to you he should be on his knees thanking god that he has been blessed with such people on his life 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. That worthless piece-of-shit is lucky to have found two very weak people. He deserves to be thrown out,but they will let him keep abusing and using them.And…. the useless shit will expect them to pay for his kids.And they will.I really don't understand them.

  18. Wow this couple is helping the defendant in ways most ppl can’t/wouldn’t. Ppl who burn their bridges are FOOLS!

  19. Only when the first defendant finally becomes an adult will he understand the mistake he made with the plaintiff and his wife and the opportunity he missed. 😔

  20. Wonder was she irresponsible (4 children) and now needing section 8? Some people make a mess of their lives and expect others to pick up the tab. Must be nice to pay $9 a month for rent.

  21. I'm so confused someone stole the truck and dumped the stolen items at his house with the truck wth…. I'm still confused

  22. I'm getting really good at looking at peoples micro Expressions when they lie. Blk dude in first case , told on himself if u just look at his face

  23. I loved the plaintiffs in the first case, they are very kind hearted people.
    Now the defendent in the second case has me wanting to curse her out. Some stuff you just don't say about people especially when you are accepting her hard earned Section 8 voucher!

  24. Housing people usually have horrible attitudes, begging for a place to live, then tear the shit up, move away, and complain about their deposits…i say clean the place up spotless, take photos, THEN complain…

  25. Lesson to be learnt, landlords never lease or rent your house to section 8 people, you will definitely end up with problems.

  26. Mr. Shark reminds me of Mr Lou, and old school Italian man I worked for out of high school, and meat cutting V.O.T.E.C the man was a saint. Treated like his son. I never wanted or needed, for anything. And neither did Mr. Lou. Mr. Shark you are a good man, and Mr. Lou, Rest In Peace. I am 50 years old. You passed 20 years ago. And I still miss you and Ma.

  27. I don’t find the second ruling fair. The plaintiff lied about the child’s asthma. You’d think the AC should actually be off because the kid has asthma. Secondly, the defendant made sense with the electric problem scenario. If there should’ve been a fire, all she’s get from the plaintiff is a sorry (an apology) and it’s still her debt. Besides calling on Monday EVENING and getting someone out there by Wednesday is a good time frame. Plaintiff got “her brother” to fix it next day. The fact that she even wants the fridge makes me want to pull those ears 😆. How stupid does she think the defendant is? 😆

  28. That 1st defendant needs a continual slapping until he gets it through his useless head that you don't use people like that. He's a friking user, and too broke to be an entitled ass. I wish I had a male figure in my life like Mr. Shark. He's given him so many opportunities to better his life and all that loser does is take take take like it's a friking joke.

  29. case #1)  el stupiddo  …..when his stupid az starts to shell out rent on a monthly basis he will quickly realize the error of his ways. when anybody from the kindness of their hearts opens their home to you rent free and all you have to do is repairs and general stuff. by god you better make sure they don't have to ask you twice !  this ungrateful trifling sorry excuse of a human being …..and the sad part is they were still trying to give him a chance to realize how stupid he was. damn fool with two mouths to feed and he wants to trip with the people who helping his trifling azz. he must of been knocked in the head fifty times with the stupid stick….

  30. In the first case, this man needs to grow up . These people is trying to help his ungrateful behind, he don't even care,This man wife is sick as you can see and he is an older man. If these people were my parent old buddy would be having a problem with me right now. In the second case the landlord tried to get over.

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