JL is attacking Darkseid | Justice League: War

[PEOPLE SCREAM] – Okay, remember, I’ll distract–
– Darkseid. What the…? [GROANING] Get him out of there.
His showboating is gonna ruin the entire plan. Oh, great, now I’m Batman. [GRUNTING] What’s the big deal? I had him. Dude, you had squat. We had a plan. VICTOR:
Heads up, guys. – You are a warrior, not a child. Act like it.
– Yes, ma’am. Now, follow me to victory! She digs me. WONDER WOMAN:
Hey, Darkseid, eat this. Huh?


  1. When are we gonna see this on the big screen, especially Superman vs Darkseid, been waiting a long time.

  2. The INSTANT Wonder Woman punched me there would've been TWO fights going on because I wouldn't stand for that….

  3. I don't get why Hal didn't contact the Corps…. get even a couple more Lanterns in, fight would change drastically.

  4. These dc shows are pretty damn good. The only problem is, and its a problem with every one of these shows. They just punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch forever. Is anyone hurt? Are the badguys hurt? Are the good guys hurt?

  5. i think at that point when ww said you are a warrior not a child, none of the jl members knew shazam was a transformation and not actually his real form

  6. Captain Marvel is so useless here, but his strength should be on par with Sups.

    (I won't call him Shazam, it's tedious)

  7. Really nice. Here Justice League is actually the force to be reckon with, yes, without Superman they were weaker, but they still managed to fight off Darkseid, and when Superman came it did felt like he helped a lot, but they defeated him as a team.

    That's one of the main problems of live action JL I think, we were shown how the league itself couldn't do shit not even to Darkseid, but to Steppenwolf, and then Superman came and just singlehandedly solved all the problems and kicked Step's ass. That gives the wrong message I think. The whole movie they told us that "The team is what we need! Togethere we are stronger!" And in the end they just showed us that the team actually doesn't worth anything, Superman does.

  8. Justice League War >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Justice League (2017)

  9. Wonder Woman: “You’re a warrior not a child, act like it”

    Shazam: “ Well ya see that’s not entirely true”.

  10. So these lasers knocked out superman but the others could take them and continued to fight without problems? Seems legit

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