Jim Jordan: Ukraine scandal is just Dems out to get Trump


  1. Joe Biden is guilty of pro quo America has been the video of him bragging trump has every right to go after the Democrats a d Biden family INVESTIGATION IS APPROPRIATE IN TO DEMOCRATS AND BIDEN FAMILY!!!!!

  2. So many lies the favor had nothing to do with biden. I hope everyone reads the transcript and compares it to so-called reporters and how they ask their questions. Now more people will open their eyes to how bad the fake news is.

  3. Hunter Biden was thrown out the navy for frequent cocaine abuse, slept with his deceased brothers widow, was given 1.5 billion USD from China from a Government associated company for a hedge fund, 50k USD per month for several years from a Ukranian energy company having zero experience in the country or that business sector. All after trips to these countries with his Dad. It all just beggars believe that this is not the story with CNN, MSNBC & the rest of the lefty media.

  4. Republicans really need to get somebody other than Jim Jordan to represent them on these talk shows. All he does is go down his list of talking points and never gives a straight answer. Also, he thinks he looks cool 'cause he doesn't wear a coat.
    I'm not saying he's a RINO, he's just not a good front man.

  5. Trump has committed so many act of Treason for personal gain and Jordan gets on Fox Lie Station and lies to our country like this. Trump and Jordan are a disease to the USA. What really hurts is so call christians and preachers are defending these Dictator want to be. Jordan, Trump and GOP resign and give us back our country. People who isn't stupid doesn't fall for your little boys lies. We know your ripping our county off.

  6. Joe Biden's son gets a job with the help of Joe Biden the Vice President at the time. Trump looks in to this under table crap, and the Democrats want a fast impeachment now with no facts.

  7. Schiff is the whistle blower…he knew too much. We the People need to march on Congress and tell them We’re sick and tired of this BS, and we’re not taking it anymore. If they can’t do We the Peoples work, then We the People need to shut Congress down.

  8. Does anyone remember obama spending our taxpayer dollars to interfere in the Israeli election to try and keep Bibi from being re-elected?
    That alone should have been investigated….

  9. How did this guy ever get elected to anything, now a lobbyist for Trump, cant see the evidence? Paid to embarrass himself instead of Trump, REDICULIOUS- Biden argument debunked years ago, sad way to make a living.

  10. And what about Trump's children? What about Ivanka's deals with China when daddy dear was slapping massive trade sanctions on that country.
    The orange menace broke the law in his interaction with the Ukrainian president, plain and simple.

  11. Jim Jordan is a big-mouth blowhard dishonest piece of crap. He keeps on about the whistleblower complaint being only "hearsay". If Jordan knows anything about law, then he must know that the ban on hearsay is a rule of law for giving testimony in a Court of law. The material in the whistleblower complaint, is "information" acquired from "informants". Information (what Jim calls hearsay) features in most investigations on a daily basis. For example, a detective will hear from an informant and based on that information commence an investigation. Similarly, the whistleblower complaint and the informant material within it has now sparked an (impeachment) investigation by Congress. However, the "transcript" has uncannily confirmed that the whistleblower's information,, from the whistleblower's informants, is almost 100% if not 100% accurate. This makes Jim Jordan's bleating on about hearsay and "second hand material" pretty foolish. Jim is only trying to confuse Americans about the facts. That's bad behavior for a peoples' representative.

  12. We have the worst Democrat Congress in 200 years. They are so corrupt and totally unaccountable. TERM LIMITS, CANCEL CONGRESSIONAL PENSIONS, ONE TERM ONLY, REDUCE SALARIES BY 50%

  13. Let's face it anyone with a IQ above 100 knows democrats are lying low life Anti Amrocan scum.


  15. Why is it acceptable that our intelligence office should have the right to get back at anyone? Is that their job? Is it what we pay them for?
    This is evidence Obama's corruption infiltrated every office of our Countey.Imagine people what chance we the people stand against this corruption should we face these offices.

  16. This is how stupid we are. "Treason" can only occur during time of war. We havent declared war since WW2. But more so, they are accusing our BRAVE President of the thing he CAUGHT Biden doing. They so blatantly ignore what Biden admitted doing on TV. Not to mention his son, getting a position with no experience or ties to anything to do with the position he got or the area he got it in. But this would tarnish the angelic Obama legacy which is actually so full of corruption, the leftist media avoids it, the leftist schools avoid teaching it, the leftists flat out ignore it and leftist voters are so focused on wanting to be right, even when they are wrong, they CANT see it. Proof that scientists are on to something with the study showing our IQ's dropping fast.

    But hey, I want free health care and basic income for not working, etc. etc. Sure sounds good for someone with no ambition, talent, work ethic or awareness.

  17. So what are you actually doing about it Jordan ? I dont mean more and more talking … What are you physically doing to end this stupidity ?


  19. Brett Beir is just another MSM FAKE NEWS commentator and like all the rest of FAKE NEWS MSM they have no idea of how to investigate or be truthful and honest! Very few commentators are truthful today on MSM and they are All on FOX, Brett didnt make the cut!

  20. But what is the freaking bottom line?! They talk and say nothing!! And what’s this costing the American taxpayers?! ENOUGH!!!

  21. Seems that even if all of these accusations against Trump were proven true and tattoed on Trump's fan forehead so they could read it every time they look in the mirror they still would not believe it. Always try to justify crooked behavior.

  22. The dems Must keep the ball in the air, because it prohibits Trump from exposing their crimes without being charged with Obstructing Their "Investigations".

  23. It smells overreach….. let’s hope they Attempt it…. send it to Senate, start the trial, and let Trump Issue the witness list…….. it will open a 50 gallon drum of worms. Quite a few corrupt Dems will be committing Arkancide and the Republicans Senate will then have subpoena power. It’s about to get really good

  24. That was shifty schiff's prepared fake copy of the phone call he wrote his self.l He admitted later It was a parody. A

    shifty & pp what a duo.
    God bless our President Trump, his family & keep them safe.

  25. Jim Jordan is a pedophile apologist and a traitor to the Constitution as are all those who continue to excuse the conduct of Trump. Hannity, Ingraham, and Carlson are disgusting, America hating, propagandists of the highest order.

  26. Whistleblower Law requires individual to report incidents directly to internal operations. Instead a CIA operative LEAKED the Ukraine conversation to another person (outside their department) instead of filing a report. This action makes him/her a criminal…NOT A WHISTLEBLOWER.

  27. You can guarantee that if they impeach our President they would ensure civil war in America and just maybe the people against this out of control Corrupt self-serving Government

  28. Jim Jordan allowed sexual misconduct when he was a coach, of course he'll support lawless conduct by his party's president.

  29. As the saying goes, “ you catch the fish by its mouth.” We catch a big fish Biden by his mouth … by his own arrogant pronouncements!! LOL!!!

  30. Biden is on camera holding 1 billion in aid as ransom in order to fire shokin, who was investigating Burisma….this is all fact….he is also under oath, asserting that he was fired, 6 hours after Biden threatened…

  31. Replace Joe Biden, in this story, with Mike Pence….I bet the msm would go nuts….yet, with obama and biden, the story is not covered…

  32. It is sad to see how corrupt the democrats are. Just because they wanna be back in power. Those are qualities of satan.

  33. This is like a really bad soap opera that should have been cancelled two, almost three years ago. Proof positive evil exists and is pervasive in the Democrat party.

  34. The Dems cannot win the Presidency for 2020 so they cheat, lie and what ever. They will rot in hell for their dirty deeds!

  35. I hope when the repubs are back in power in the House they gather up their balls-ladies included and run the committees in the same roughshod manner the dems have the last two years. It is past time for the repubs to take the gloves off and adopt the phrase that Obama used "when they bring a knife we bring a gun."

  36. LOL, smallwell, if you ask someone to do a favor, what, it becomes a blood oath? You can say no if someone asks you to reciprocate a favor if it's against your own interest, especially when you've only asked to investigate possible criminal activity. If you're against an ally potentially asking you to investigate crime in your country… ugh, maybe you're not a good ally to them?

  37. Can someone PLEASE refer to the legal obligation to discuss any potential criminal activity with Ukraine president signed in 1999 treaty??

  38. This sucks. It’s all talk. Create a model and use that as standard for all presentations. It will explain it better. Biden should step down. Best defense is good offense. time for TV address from Potus to American people setting the record right. They think they have him backing off if even Hillary slithers out. Attack and set the scope and framework. Be objective.

  39. Joe Biden never had a chance with Donald Trump in the presidency in fact he could not get a nomination to run for president in my opinion

  40. I really, REALLY don’t like that Jim Jordan guy, why does he have a podium ? They give credibility to nonsense.
    Hè should be treated like they treated spies, in the good ol’ days when they we’re smart…

  41. Where we're you when Obama was in the whitehouse. Looks like the good times are over and those rats don't like it. All the lies they told about Trump old Max with her Impeach 45 Impeach 45 impeach 44

  42. Actually, there is an elegant case with substance growing faster than a time-lapsed malignant tumor. The "there out to get us" plea for pity and validation did not work the first time. Better to not go on TV at all than to go with a feeble defense. Much more so when the accusations are what they are this time. You might have to fight this tsunami, but you can avoid the next one by surrendering now. Trump's appeal is that he is genuine for who he is. But his legacy will be his genuine lust for power. This is why his circle has shrunk and those not in the circle are on the fringe. The polarity is what divides us. I believe he loves pushing the envelope because it makes him feel powerful to emerge from the controversies he creates and then to see his congregation of zealots huddle even closer around him. The con-man playing the victim acting as president in a true crime reality show.

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