Jason Momoa Has Seen The Snyder Cut Of Justice League

Justice League may have been released almost
two years ago back in November 2017, but there’s still plenty of mystique surrounding the film. Director Zack Snyder suddenly left Justice
League in May 2017 as post-production was about to start, deciding to stay home and
support his family after the death of his daughter, Autumn. Into the void stepped Avengers director Joss
Whedon to complete the film. But according to those who worked on the movie,
he didn’t exactly pick up where Snyder left off, making drastic changes to the final product. The theatrical version of Justice League resulted
in mixed reviews, but then came hope for DC fans in the form of the newsflash that Snyder,
despite his departure from the film before completion, still has his version of Justice
League. That juicy little tidbit has had DC fans’
tongues wagging, eager to see what has been dubbed “the Snyder Cut.” It’s been a long time waiting for an update
on that cut, and while it seems increasingly unlikely the cut will ever be released to
the public, there are some in higher circles who have been lucky enough to lay eyes on
it. Jason Momoa, who starred in Justice League
as the underwater superhero Aquaman, is one of that very elite group. To Momoa’s Instagram followers, this is old
news, because the Aquaman star revealed back in August that the “Snyder Cut” was, quote,
“ssssiiicccckkkkkk.” Earlier this month, Momoa was speaking to
MTV News’ Josh Horowitz when he revealed maybe a bit more than Warner Bros. executives will
be pleased with. When Horowitz brought up a past comment Momoa
made about the Snyder Cut of Justice League that being… “F—- yeah, I need to see that.” Momoa dropped this bombshell: “Yeah, absolutely. But I have seen it, so…” “You’ve seen —” “I’ve seen the Snyder Cut.” Though Snyder left Justice League before post-production
started, Momoa seemed to hint that Snyder may in fact have completed his original vision
for the film effects and all. After Momoa revealed he’s already seen the
Snyder Cut, Horowitz posed the question: So what does that mean? Because the effects aren’t done. You’ve seen his assemblage of footage and
alternate takes?” Only for Momoa to quip back: “Oh, you think he — Zack couldn’t finish
it?” The actor didn’t let too much slip though,
following with a quick “next question!” when Horowitz tried to get confirmation about whether
the Snyder Cut is fully edited. Despite the secrecy surrounding the cut, Momoa
does feel that it’s worth making it available to the public. Momoa’s also hoping his statements don’t get
him fired from Aquaman 2, the sequel to his surprise smash-hit standalone from December
2018. Let’s recap: The final cut of Justice League
that was ultimately released to the public in November 2017 wasn’t very well received,
with fans saying they could clearly see where one director’s vision ended and the other’s
began. According to The Wrap, the incomplete look
of Justice League spurred an insider to give it the unfortunate description of “a Frankenstein”
film. Sources with knowledge of the production have
also revealed that approximately 30 minutes of the released film was actually directed
by Whedon, replacing 30 minutes of filming done by Snyder the first time around. That doesn’t include footage shot by Snyder
that Whedon edited into a completely different context for the final product. Whedon, who is known for his work in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe, managed to disappoint DC fans as he tried to incorporate misplaced
humor into an altogether darker universe. Followers of the franchise are thrilled there’s
another version of Justice League, and have been calling desperately for it to be released. The hashtag “ReleaseTheSnyderCut” has been
doing the rounds on social media with a petition started as early as the film’s release in
November 2017, and efforts only amped up after Momoa confirmed its existence in October 2018. Momoa’s recent remarks to MTV News only add
fuel to this ever-burning fire… a fire which has also been stoked by the likes of Justice
League cinematographer Fabian Wagner and Jesse Eisenberg and Ray Fisher, the actors who portrayed
Lex Luthor and Cyborg respectively. All three have stated that they’d like to
see the Snyder Cut released to the public. Though Warner Bros. is remaining tight-lipped
at this stage about the Snyder Cut of Justice League, the excitement surrounding it sure
isn’t dying down. With little details being leaked here and
there, the studio might one day be persuaded to let the heroes loose as they were originally
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  1. They should just showed the Snider cut. =)

    Are you kidding all the crap that could Marvel's coming out with people would flock to see this movie.

  2. They could release the movie in theaters as the Synder Cut and make money all over again. I think people who wear ties often have their brain circulation cut off.

  3. Let go of this it a waste of time, make solo films first invest each character than a team-up movie forget this Snyder cut it not going to please anyone
    it going to attract the lowest fanbase and that fanbase is Snyder fans

  4. This is silly. The bottom line is, if there's money to be made, Warner Brothers will release it. If they don't release it, it's because it doesn't exist or is not completed enough to be profitable.

  5. Look at all the idiots. Everyone was saying the Snyder cut is mythical. It doesn't exist. Now those same losers are saying it exists. What a bunch of hypocrites

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jason Mamoa can say Aliens Donkeys exist for all i care.

    I believe it when I see it.

  7. Warner bros is missing a big opportunity here in making even more money off this film. I'm i would buy the Snyder cut of the film in a heart beat.

  8. Ares Vs Darkseid….
    Atom working with Silas at STAR LABS ….
    Flash Time traveling to prevent Cyborg and Superman from failing and dying…
    Cyborg been brainwashing by Darkseid from inside the mother box…
    Steppenwolfe death by Diana and League encountering Darkseid….
    Batman using Parademons canon …

  9. I would have preferred if Snyder was able to complete his 5 film arc but ill take his compromised Snydercut over the EXTRA comprised and ruined Josstice league we got.

  10. And the cut is still as crappy as the one we got Zach was horrible good thing he’s gone BVS was a joke and Man of steel was okay at best and then justice league was also horrible

  11. Theatrical cut was pretty bad. How much worse could Snyder Cut of the movie be? I'd watch it… even if it is even worse.

  12. Even w Snyder cut movie will still be meh! to most people…I do want to know whose idea it was for Flash to run like that.

  13. So I guess the hold up is royalties to be paid out or some other kind of legal crap? Why not release it? So many would buy the movie.

  14. It’s a shame that we got what we got. A movie of this scale should have been truly epic. Along the lines of an Avengers movie at least.

  15. Why do people want to see the Snyder Cut so bad? We've seen what he did with Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice. It's probably gonna be more of Batman murdering people and Superman being sad all the time. Jason Momoa is a bro, to him pretty much everything is sick. The whole thing was just bad. Let the Snyder Cut be forgotten, wait for the new Batman, Superman and hopefully Flash sink in and hopefully the DCEU can get back on its feet. So far they've done a good job with Aquaman and Shazam. Joker is on a universe of its own and Birds of Prey…I don't trust it yet. Idk why Harley Queen is with the Birds of Prey, it's weird but whatever.

  16. I give zero fuck of actors oppinions on movies. Everything the are in or its from people the know its always "the best movie ever"

  17. The Snyder Cut, full of unfinished scenes, with no CGI, no score, no editing, and no polish. Yeah… I’m sure it’s a f-ing masterpiece. This thing. Does. Not. Exist. It’s a bunch of bs. The cut is unfinished dailies and celebs talking out of their butts. Let it die already.

  18. I prefer another directors cut of a justice league, to do it some justice. Although seeing Snyder's cut might not be a bad thing if it's better then what was released. Although maybe it could be worse then the released version and wouldn't be necessary to be released in the first place. Either way I would watch it if they release it on HBO or something I'll see for myself which version is truly better, because no matter what WB does, if it's released most people are still not going to think it's the justice league movie we all really truly want! I don't think Zack Snyder is capable of doing a great JL, but I do believe his version of the film is probably just as good or a little better then the theatrical version they released…

  19. i dont care if its better or worse than joss whedons. i just wanna see Zack Snyders original vision because i love Man of Steel and Batman v Superman with all of my heart.

  20. It would be stupid for DC (financially) not to release the Snyder Cut. There is too much money on the table for them and releasing the new version in theaters would help recoup whatever they lost from the original.

  21. Momoa is loud about it because it sits behind the massive commercial success of Aquaman supporting the director of the massively commercially successful BVS. It is naive to claim that WB would even remotely consider firing Momoa. Even with recent amazing success of Joker , they are not that many WB films that make close to a billion to afford to mess with them. WB also have always being fan based, they know Snyder have a loyal follow so it is highly unlikely that they want to make their fans unhappy. On the other hand Momoa is highly unlikely that he speaks without permission from WB. WB is using Momoa to generate hype to see whether it is worth investing in finishing the Snyder cut, it may not be a new movie per se but even an unfinished cuts needs a ton of money to get made. So it is understandable if it takes long for the cut to get released.

  22. Lol like it will make that shit movie any better ! Zac is good but need to put his hand on the right things not just what ever comes

  23. Warner Bros & DC wanted to play catch up and rushed their team up movie. A solo batman movie and Wonderwoman (2017) should have been released before BVS: Dawn of Justice, followed by a solo one for Flash and Aquaman (2018). It would have set up for a much better Justice League movie, perhaps released in 2020 or 2021.

  24. I just don’t understand because everyone hates in man of steel and bvs, but then they hate on justice league because it wasn’t as dark as the other’s. To add to that everyone loves aqua man and Shazam because of their lighter tone. Wtf……..?

  25. Jason have a little brain damage from protesting the TMT on the island of Hawaii I am born and raised here on the island of Hawaii and Jason and a lot of the protesters are looking very stupid

  26. Man of steel wasn't great. Batman v superman sucked.i went to see on the second week and me and my girl was there alone. Watchmen wasn't good, 300 was his best work. So 1 for 4.and they like to blame Joss Whedon for trying to fix his hot mess

  27. Honestly I stopped caring. I’ve grown wise to the DCEU failure and took off my glasses. I’ve been repeatedly burned by it. I saw BvS and was told that the good stuff was cut out but then saw the ultimate cut that did nothing. I saw suicide squad only to hear that the movie was reshot a ton and cut out all of the joker’s good scenes. Extended cut did nothing. WonderWoman was painfully average. Justice league was atrocious and I hear the movie was basically redone and cut out 45 minutes of the OG director’s vision. Aqua Man was horrible and that was the finished product and Shazam was so forgettable that I was able to combine my thoughts in the same sentence with AquaMan. Sorry I really don’t give a fuck anymore.

  28. I'm going to get a lot of hate for this comment. I'm sure of it. But read my comment carefully before jumping to conclusions.
    What people need to understand is that, in the grand scheme of things, there are very few of us who want the SC released. Most of the movie-going audience couldn't care less about it. Let's say that there are 2,000,000 people who want the SC released and who would definitely go to the theater to see it. The net profit would only be around $15,000,000 for the studio. It's just not worth it for them. Film studios are all about the money. Bean-counters probably figure it would cost more to release it theatrically because of the additional marketing and distribution outlay. I worked in management in the movie theater business for almost a decade. You get a general sense of what the audience will go for and won't they won't when you've worked in the business for that long. Now, I have no idea what it would cost to release a Blu-Ray version or place it on a streaming service.
    That said, if it were released, I'd probably be one of the first people in line to see it.

  29. Oh c'mon WB/DC are not gonna fire Jason Momoa he's too valuable to them for AQUAMAN 2 and the fan's would revolt if they even tried!

  30. It'd be interesting to see Snyders version, and have two. Everyone could then decide which version they liked best or which they Think is the one in the films.

  31. The only way the Snyder cut can get released and make any sense with the current DC timeline and character changes is through a Flashpoint event.

  32. Holy shit the green screen and CGI is just terrible, lol… Especially the scene with Flash running through the city.

  33. “A clearly darker universe” calls for the Zach Snyder cut to be seen by the public of the film is to be properly criticized. Joss Whedon’s tv and cinematic history clearly shows him to be a more pop heavy, teeny-bopper director than Snyder.

  34. Absolutely, one part of the movie has a serious Man of steel tone and other parts of the movie has a Disney dick Tracy tone, Josh Whedon movies suck ass, I'm glad they changed him when it came to infinity war

  35. I was very disappointed with the JL movie and the worldwide box office gross seems to reflect public opinion! If fans are demanding to see the Snyder cut, what does WB have to lose? If anything, it would give the movie much needed publicity and an income boost!

  36. It would’ve been nice if Justice league was looking to work with Batman instead of him putting the team together. A Batman who only likes to work alone but puts his differences aside to work with the team. Like the animated series

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