Is Law School Worth It?


  1. I am from four generations of successful attorneys. I graduated with my bachelors degree two years ago and nothing is making me happy I feel in my bones that I need to be an attorney thanks for this video to give me that step of courage and leap of faith

  2. im a sophmore in college with the possibility of going to law school. I'm not 100% sure that i want to be an attorney however my parents are fully on board and will pay for me. I'm not the best at tests but with enough drive and modivation i can do it. thoughts and advice?

  3. My sis got a 4 yr full paid scholarship. She is going to be a lawyer and is also going for foreign relations. She is one of the smartest ppl in the USA.

  4. Hi, I came across your video and found it very informative. Is it to late for me to consider law school? I finished my bachelor's in Computer Science and been working as a programmer for about a year and change now but I am not feeling satisfied in my work. I did think about being a lawyer when I was younger but I scratched the idea because of job security. Would I be able to do law school even though I don't have a degree that typically leads into Law School?

  5. Old video I know, but I am curious. What sort of education do Law Librarians need aside from an MLIS degree? Are most law librarians also certified attorneys?

  6. Prior to starting law school, I was so sure that I wanted to be a lawyer and couldn't see myself in any other profession. I'm now 6 weeks into law school and I feel I've made a horrible decision. I dont want to do this for the rest of my life. I feel so lost. I need advice.

  7. Hello,

    I am almost done with my CPA exams and currently work with taxation of estates, trusts and gift tax. Do you think its worth it to go to law school to gain an advantage in this area of work. I have a masters degree in taxation as well but feel like this area of practice is dominated by attorneys and think my background of being a CPA and attorney will give me a huge advantage.


  8. Here in Greece law school is FREE as 99% of schools…I'm attending the Law School of Athens and the only thing you have to pay is a household and other personal expenses.

  9. I have worked 2 years at a law office and I have acquired a real estate license and a notary license. Will I be able to sell homes as a part time real estate agent and still be in law school or should I save up as much money as I can to afford going to law school? I am a graduate from UCLA and I intend to practice law.

  10. You should do a video of scholarship vs. prestige of school. In other words is a top ranked school with no scholarship equivalent to a lower ranked school with full scholarship. Curious on your opinion.

  11. I can say this. I came from a working class family and had very little connections in the field. I excelled in law school, was published in outside journals, was on law review, graduated with above a 3.0 and received several awards. I spent about 180,000 dollars on my education. I excelled in my internships and stopped two foreclosures and uncovered dozens of due process violations. What I did notice is that people that had doctors or lawyers for parents all got jobs right out of school. People mind you who had achieved far less than me. I spent 13 months looking for work as a licensed attorney, I networked with many lawyers including famous civil rights attorneys. I got nowhere. Luckily while going to law school I taught myself to hack computers. I now make more than my fellow graduates and work less hours using a skill I taught myself for practically free. It wasn't even the money, I loved hacking but I also would have taken a job at legal aid or another non profit in an instance In short don't go to law school, hack computers instead. The degree I spent $180,000 on didn't get me a job. The skill set I taught myself did.

  12. It's not worth it if you're a politically conservative Christian because the leftist Character and Fitness Board will never approve you for the bar.

  13. I’m 8 months from finishing my undergraduate. I’ve been contemplating law school after recently finishing a business law class and discovering my fascination with the legal system. I love learning about law and politics. This video was exactly what I needed! I think I’ll apply for a scholarship and if I can’t get a generous amount covered I think I’m gonna take a different path. Even if I don’t go to law school, I will continue to watch Legal Eagle! I love this channel! Keep up the great content!

  14. It seems like every white collar job is having these issues.

    1. School costs for [insert white collar job] is getting more expensive very quickly
    2. A sizable amount of people with a degree in the field of [insert white collar job] don't even work in that field
    3. For a good paying job in [insert white collar job] you have to live in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.
    4. Even finding any position for [insert white collar job] can take a long time; the job market for [insert white collar job] is saturated.

  15. Expensive? The law program is a 5 years masters where I am from. I just checked and the semester fee was just under 65 USD pr semester.

  16. Objection! I have a 10th grade education and a GED, I also make $200,000 a year. 🙂 Median household income in my city is $55,000.

  17. Objection: Please do more of this old style videos. They are so clear and sincere, it could be nice to have one from time to time

  18. One of my biggest regrets of my life, and time I wont get back. Luckily I decided to not do it anymore, there are growing pains in that also but there is a sense of freedom once I decided against it.

  19. Most law schools offer generous scholarship. And i really mean A LOT, when i say "generous". That being said, law schools is tremendously worth it if you're going with near full scholarship. And it is pretty easy to get scholarship because of the low number of aspiring law students compared to the demands of law schools. You would be an idiot to go to law school with 300k debt unless it's a top 14 law school or you're rich enough. Going to law school is not about making 200k/yr. It's literally about learning the law, and you choose your own path later. So don't be surprised to see law graduates who are waitress, police officer, contract attorney, banking, you name it.

  20. Short answer in Italy: no! (If you don't consider the really important personal culture that you build studying law, obviously!) – From a Law student 😂

  21. I went from an Architecture major to a Civil Engineer major and now I am considering Law school. To be honest, lawyer is the second option on my list.. And I always tell people I'm interested in law, but somehow I ended up wasting 3 semesters of uni not accomplishing anything with Archi and Engi. So now I think maybe this is my true calling. Hopefully, everything works out for me. What some undergrad majors do you reccomend for "pre-law"?

  22. I was in law school ten years ago. Already had a career in IT. So many things are spot on, but @5:41 you got it. I knew I didn't want to practice the law, I wanted to learn it. Saved myself $80,000. Also, really dig your videos. More bird law please.

  23. I got my law degree from a top 25 school for $20,000 total. I got a scholarship to cover 50%, worked full time throughout, and I had a job that gave me a $5000 tuition reimbursement every year.

    Not sure who in their right mind would spend $300,000 on a degree unless they were well off.

  24. That’s why I’m going into tax law. Still crap hours. But at least the LLM gives you a little more value, makes you less dispensable. Plus no one wants to do tax cuz it’s boring! So win win!

  25. I felt deep down that I should be a lawyer and its 2019 i got in law school – first year and i am the best student in class with the best results in exams its stressful but i love it

  26. I'm not from the US, I'm from the EU, but I must say, being a lawyer was never easy, neither here, nor elsewhere. Law degree seems cool to have, but it generally limits your possibilities in many ways. If you are a doctor, wherever you go, people will pay for your knowledge, however a law degree will always bound you to the jurisdictional system you learned. This, compared to the thousands of hours you (and me) spent with learning, seems like a bad deal. You can also possibly make tons of money as a lawyer, mainly by working at an international law firm, but these companies will steal your life for the money they pay. You will work during nights, weekends, holidays, etc. Or you can try it by yourself, but finding and keeping the right clients who can also pay you for your work is even harder. Not to mention the responsibility you constantly have, even with the smallest cases, even with the "cheapest" contracts. It is very hard to build a legal career that provide you with generous income, challenges instead of burdens, and free time to live a life. Law degree by itself will not provide you any of that, you will have to FIGHT for that every fkin day. If you can do that, go to law school. If you want easy money, look elsewhere.

  27. Why is it so that big firms only hire from top Universities and among those students, only the top students?
    Is it really an objective measurement of an individual's abilities and knowledge to practice?
    I would argue it isn't the best way to measure someone's capability to be…to be honest, any career would apply in this example, but Law is one of the biggest offenders in this.

    Really liked the "you have to 100% be confident and sure you don't want any other job but to be a lawyer, if you are on the fence, don't."

  28. I got a BA in Economics, went to Wall Street, and now I make 180k a year, 2 years after college… no more further education or any tests.

    Go into Business if you want a job that pays well.

  29. Objection: some states allow people to become lawyers as long as they pass the bar and apprentice. These states don't require lawschool.

    California is one of them

  30. Law school is extremely expensive. I went to a middle-tier school that was reasonable in cost and it still was $1000 a credit hour alone and you needed 86 credits to graduate. That's not including all of the fees, costs, and expenses during law school. That doesn't even begin to encompass the cost to apply and get into law schools or the cost to apply to the bar, the bar exam, studying, or fees to practice. Becoming an attorney is extremely expensive! I was fortunate I started at my firm during my 1L year and was offered a position as an attorney before I graduated. However, even though I had a 70%+ scholarship, I still have law school debt. Seriously consider whether the cost is worth it, I have numerous friends who dropped out halfway or regretted it afterwards.

  31. Can you make a video on going to a lower ranked law school w/ a higher scholarship vs going to a higher ranked law school that will put you in more debt?

  32. Public interest law student here! Most top schools have good public interest loan repayment programs where they will pay a lot of your loans for you, and wherever you go you can do the federal government's public service loan forgiveness, where you go into income based repayment (10-15 % of your income over 18000) for ten years in qualifying employment and are forgiven (as long as you follow the requirements carefully). The debt is scary but can be manageable if you really want to be a lawyer and do public service work!

  33. Here in my country, all tertiary education including law degrees are completely free with full and accommodation as long as we perform well in high schools and government sends the lawyers to do LLM in big universities in the States, Canada or Australia.

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